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Tony talks to Allie at the Bakery in the town square and asks where Chanel is. Allie says it’s just her today and mentions having to choose between peach or cherry pie. Allie then notes that Chanel has an important choice of her own to make and she hopes that she makes the right choice. Johnny interrupts and says Chanel is going to choose him.

Chanel paces at home, wondering why it’s so hard to choose between Johnny or Allie. Paulina walks in and questions her still not making a choice. Chanel says she told them that she would decide by today, but she doesn’t know what to do. Paulina tells her that she’s here and she’s on the case.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad is on the phone, leaving a message for Rafe, complaining that he found out in The Intruder that Sarah was brought in for questioning as apparently she was in the DiMera Mansion on the night of Abigail’s murder. Chad angrily asks Rafe to call him back because he’d really like to know what the hell is going on and why his wife’s murderer isn’t behind bars yet. EJ walks in and wonders if Chad is going to join Abigail’s murderer behind bars. EJ tells Chad that he needs an answer to if he’s going to give him his shares or is he going to send Chad to prison.

Kayla informs Ava that Jake is dead, which shocks her. Ava argues that Kayla is wrong like what happened with Tripp. Kayla calls it a miracle that Tripp is alive but assures that is not the case with Jake and that he’s gone.

Kate goes to the DiMera office and warns Gabi that she has a target on her back because EJ is gunning for her job. Gabi says that’s nothing new. Kate reveals that EJ now has the ammunition to do it because she has signed over her shares to him and she believes Chad is about to do the same.

Chad tells EJ that his latest power play hasn’t been one of his biggest concerns since his wife was murdered and now it turns out that Sarah Horton might have had something to do with it or at least know who did. EJ feels he’s given Chad enough sympathy for his loss but that’s over. EJ argues that Chad and Kate sent him to prison for a crime he did not commit. EJ tells Chad that it’s time to pay the piper and he will accept two forms of repayment for his treachery as discussed. EJ asks if Chad is going to continue grieving in this house or be locked up for his crimes.

Tony questions Chanel having to make a choice. Allie says may the best twin win. Johnny says he will and he’s sure Tony is on his side. Tony wants to remain impartial as he’s very fond of Chanel and it’s her choice alone. Tony wishes them both the best of luck. Allie and Johnny ask which pie he prefers. Tony instead walks away.

Paulina is glad Chanel finally realized she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Chanel knows she has to choose one, but the problem is that she loves them both. Paulina tells her to ask herself what she prefers, penis or vagina? Chanel says it’s not about that for her. Paulina states that sex is very important in a healthy relationship. Chanel figures it’s not the most healthy thing to discuss with her mother. Chanel then admits that sex isn’t a problem with either of them and to her, it’s about the individual person. Paulina suggests breaking it down in pros and cons, then maybe the choice will become clear.

EJ informs Chad that Kate has already chosen to surrender her shares to him, so Chad would do best to do the same. Chad tells EJ that he can have the shares and since he’s in such a hurry to consolidate power to feed his bruised ego, he’ll go upstairs and get the certificates right now. EJ then tells Chad to start packing his belongings too because he wants him out of the house.

Kayla brings Ava to see Jake’s body and tells her to take all the time she needs. Ava sits at Jake’s side and then imagines Jake appearing beside her.

Chanel doesn’t want to do cons because she wants to keep this positive. Paulina agrees that’s the right attitude and asks who to start with. Chanel decides to start with Johnny but says not to read in to it and it’s just that her relationship with Johnny is a lot less complicated so it will be easier to do him first. Paulina asks what she finds appealing about Johnny and what makes them compatible. Chanel talks about Johnny being funny, handsome, and very smart. Paulina adds that he’s also rich. Chanel states that Johnny is persistent and doesn’t give up. Chanel talks about Johnny taking chances and tells a story of Johnny singing karaoke in Italy, winning over her and the crowd. Paulina notes Johnny being fearless and romantic. Paulina comments that Johnny sounds like a keeper to her which Chanel agrees with.

Johnny and Allie compete over pie samples. Allie accuses him of taking credit for her work since she baked the pies. Steve interrupts and asks them what’s good today.

Chad tells EJ that he can’t be serious about him moving out. EJ remarks that Chad doesn’t deserve to live in Stefano’s house since he allowed it to fall in to Gabi’s hands. EJ says if he wasn’t around to get back the deed and title, it may not have been restored to it’s legacy. Chad argues that he’s as much a part of the legacy as he is. EJ calls him a traitor to the legacy and to the family which is why he’s banishing him. Tony walks in with cookies from the bakery but says he’ll come back later. Chad informs Tony that EJ is trying to kick him out of the house. EJ says that’s because Chad is a duplicitous snake.

Gabi tells Kate that she’s proven time and again that she’s the best person to run the company. Kate guesses she has it all figured out. Gabi knows Kate doesn’t have a job right now, but says she is gainfully employed and running a multi-national corporation. Gabi tells Kate to get going. Gabi then gets a call from Rafe. Gabi starts to tell him that she’s busy but Rafe then informs her of Jake’s death. Gabi hangs up in shock and reveals the news to Kate.

Ava slaps her imagination of Jake and tells him that he lied to her about them having a future together and that he’d never leave or that he loved her. Jake says that he did love her. Ava argues that she didn’t want to get hurt again and she didn’t want to lose him. Ava calls herself stupid for believing Jake was going to stay but now he left and she’s alone which is her fault.

Gabi explains to Kate that Rafe said Jake was shot and rushed to the hospital, but he didn’t make it. Gabi states that Jake is gone.

EJ reminds Tony that Chad was willing to let him rot in prison for a crime he did not commit. Tony understands that miscarriage of justice and that EJ has every right to be upset at being wronged, but he doesn’t believe it’s the time to be seeking retribution. Tony brings up that Chad just lost his wife. EJ says he did too. Chad argues that he can’t compare the two when Abigail was stabbed to death while EJ’s wife just walked out on him and he’s sure Sami’s crazy ass will come walking back. EJ warns Chad that he’s in no position to be throwing stones about crazy wives. EJ tells Chad that he did not take Abigail away from him and that what happened was awful and tragic, but it had nothing to do with him. EJ declares that what happened to him on the other hand had everything to do with Chad.

Chanel decides this is too much and she needs to take a break. Chanel says no matter what she chooses, she has to hurt someone that she really cares about and she might break apart a life long friendship between twins. Chanel feels she can’t take that away from them. Paulina argues that the heart wants what the heart wants, so whatever choice she makes, they will recover. Paulina states that Johnny and Allie are both young and resourceful, so she should just take care of herself. Chanel agrees to try. Paulina sees how much she is struggling and suggests putting this on hold but Chanel feels she owes it to them to finish this as she’s kept it up for too long. Paulina decides to move along then to asking what she loves about Allie. Chanel responds that they have this rich past friendship and they are truly best friends, who have known each other for what feels like forever but they still surprise each other. Chanel loves Allie’s laugh, smile, and even her sadness. Chanel says Johnny takes everything in stride while Allie feels the world’s joy and it’s pain. Chanel brings up going for a walk in the town square with Allie the other day and talks about how Allie is an empath. Chanel talks about Allie helping an old man find his wallet and says she’s so connected to everyone in the world, so how could she not want to be connected to her. Paulina gets it and can see why she’s struggling as she can hear in her voice how much she loves them both. Paulina says they are very lucky to have her in their lives. Chanel declares that now she has to choose just one.

Johnny and Allie each try to convince Steve to try their pies. Steve decides to skip the pies and go inside for some cookies. Allie and Johnny argue as Allie then smashes her cherry pie in Johnny’s face. Johnny responds by smashing his peach pie in Allie’s face.

Paulina tells Chanel that she’s sorry but she doesn’t think they are even close to an answer. Chanel thanks her for trying. Paulina doesn’t know who she should choose or who she’s going to choose, but whoever it is will be the luckiest person on the planet because there isn’t enough people in the world to write down all there is to love about her. Paulina hugs Chanel.

Ava’s imagination of Jake tells her that he didn’t mean for this to happen. Ava argues that Jake had to be the tough guy. Jake says he wasn’t going to let anyone take their moment away from them. Ava cries that they could’ve replaced the ring but she can’t replace him and now all she has is the ring and a memory. Ava asks what she’s going to do now. Jake encourages that she will figure it out and then she will be okay. Jake hugs her and says he’s sorry that he’s gone, but he didn’t leave her so he’s not like the others and what they had was really special even if it didn’t last very long and she will carry that with her for the rest of her life. Ava cries that she will.

Gabi cries about how she just left a horrible voicemail for Jake, screaming at him for not showing up to work and she feels so stupid. Kate encourages that there’s no way she could’ve known and she’s sorry for her loss. Kate knows Gabi moved on but that Jake meant a lot to her. Gabi acknowledges that he meant a lot to Kate too as they hug.

EJ states that he did not kill Abigail but he’s shocked he hasn’t been framed for that. EJ argues that he lost Sami because of Chad’s shameful disloyalty to him and the family and his malicious lies. Chad owns his part in coming between he and Sami, but EJ slept with Sami’s sister all on his own. EJ says that he and Belle are through. Chad guesses he has more free time now to blame him for all his problems. EJ says it’s none of his concern since Chad is moving out. Tony argues that this is their family abode, bringing up Chad’s children, Thomas and Charlotte, and how this is the only home they’ve ever known. EJ remarks that the children are welcome to stay. Chad says he would never leave his children with him, so they are coming with him because it’s clear there’s not enough room for anything in the mansion but EJ’s bruised ego, self pity, and paranoia. Chad then storms out as EJ shouts after him to not let the door hit him on the way out and to not forget to get his certificates to give him his shares.

Allie and Johnny argue over who Chanel is going to choose. Allie threatens him with another pie but Johnny gets a text so he calls for a truce. Johnny pulls out his phone and sees it’s from Chanel, saying she wants to see them. Allie guesses that Chanel is ready to choose.

Kate has a drink at the Bistro and thinks back to her relationship with Jake. Paulina enters and asks why Kate is drinking all alone and where her handsome boyfriend Roman is. Kate reveals that they broke up. Paulina says she’s sorry to hear that and asks if Kate is drowning her sorrows. Kate informs her that she actually just found out that someone she was close to has passed away.

Ava cries over Jake’s body until Gabi storms in and questions what Ava did to him, accusing her of pulling Jake back in to her mob nonsense. Ava tells Gabi that she has no idea what she’s talking about and explains they were mugged as someone tried to steal her ring. Gabi is surprised to find out that they were engaged, which Ava confirms. Gabi apologizes and says their breakup was really bad but he still always had her back and even voted his DiMera shares so EJ and Chad wouldn’t kick her to the curb.

Tony sees how much EJ is hurting. EJ responds that he’s not himself or maybe he is. EJ has a drink and says there’s not enough liquor in the world. Tony brings up that Chad is in pain too and says Stefano used to lash out like this too when he was hurting, but he put family first no matter their differences or how badly they hurt each other.

Chad goes to his room and retrieves the certificate of DiMera shares. He goes to leave but stops and looks back at the bed.

Chad goes back to the living room and gives them to EJ. EJ then stops Chad and says he doesn’t want him to go. Chad brings up that he hasn’t spent a single night in his room since Abigail died as he’s been sleeping in the guest room like a guest in his own home, but it doesn’t feel like that now. Chad declares this is not his home anymore without Abigail. Chad tells EJ that he will have Harold pack up the rest of his things as he then exits.

Johnny and Allie go to see Chanel. Chanel announces that she has decided which one of them she wants to be with.

Paulina tells Kate that she’s sorry about her loss as even the ones who break their hearts still keep a place there. Paulina and Kate toast to Jake.

Steve goes to the hospital, where Kayla informs him that there was nothing they could do for Jake. Steve feels bad for Ava.

Ava questions Gabi talking about voting shares when Jake’s body isn’t even cold yet. Gabi complains that EJ is coming after her and wants her job as some of them still work for a living. Ava remarks that some of them aren’t living at all. Ava complains that all Gabi can think about is what Jake’s death is going to cost her. Gabi argues that it’s not personal, it’s business, as if EJ gets his hands on Jake’s DiMera shares, then she has nothing and there’s no way she can stop it. Gabi then declares maybe there is because EJ wouldn’t get Jake’s shares if they went to Jake’s widow.

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