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Johnny approaches Gabi at the Bistro and says he wanted to see her again. Gabi asks how he knew she was there. Johnny responds that when he wants something, he always finds a way to get it.

Allie goes to see Chanel and says they need to talk. Chanel is glad she’s here because she has something to tell her and it’s kind of a big deal. Allie notes that she looks upset and asks what’s going on. Chanel then reveals that Paulina saw them together in bed.

Paulina sits in her hospital room to get checked out as she thinks back to seeing Chanel and Allie kissing in bed. Paulina tells herself to stay out of it as it’s none of her damn business and doesn’t concern her at all. Tripp then walks in and jokes about her talking to herself.

Rafe is at home, finishing a phone call with Melinda, saying he wants an investigation to prove he’s been set up so they will find he has nothing to feel guilty about. Nicole then arrives at Rafe’s house.

“Sarah” and Abigail fight in the town square as Abigail says it’s all over as she has figured her out. Gwen then appears in the town square and questions what Abigail is doing. Abigail is shocked to see Gwen, who questions why Abigail is assaulting that woman.

Gabi complains about Johnny referring to her as a “something” that he wants. Johnny calls her a drop dead gorgeous woman and says he does whatever he can to continue the conversation. Johnny tells Gabi that he just loves talking to her and since Allie interrupted them, he decided to follow her here. Gabi guesses that she’s flattered which Johnny is very happy to hear. Johnny suggests they go somewhere more private.

Allie tries to come up with an explanation for them being in bed together but Chanel clarifies that Paulina saw them making love in bed. Allie says she doesn’t feel so good as Chanel explains that they didn’t see Paulina. Allie wants to talk to her but Chanel says that Paulina went to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Allie worries that Paulina could run in to Tripp.

Tripp apologizes to Paulina for the wait. Paulina says she didn’t think she was going to see him. Tripp asks about her ankle. Paulina tells him not so fast, so Tripp asks if there’s a problem. Paulina responds that there is as she wants another doctor.

Abigail is confused between “Sarah” and Gwen. Gwen remarks that she’s used to Abigail attacking her, but not a total stranger. “Sarah” tells Gwen that Abigail thought she was here. Gwen argues that they don’t look anything alike and then pretends to recognize her as Sarah from photographs. Gwen introduces herself as “Sarah” acknowledges her as Xander’s new girlfriend. “Sarah” tells her that she only came back to Salem to show everyone that she’s fine and that she assured Xander it’s over between them, so she’s welcome to him and she just wants the past to stay in the past. Gwen thanks her. “Sarah” remarks that Maggie and Xander knew who she was, so now she hopes Abigail knows that it’s really her and she’s not wearing a mask.

Rafe tells Nicole about how Melinda is not backing down. Nicole says she’s so sorry. Nicole brought a bottle of wine. Nicole can’t stop thinking about what Rafe said earlier and asks if he really thinks that Ava is the one who set him up. Rafe informs Nicole that Ava’s not home. Nicole questions Ava showing up at her office to demand she come over for dinner and then she’s not here. Nicole asks if Ava is playing games with them and where she is. Rafe says the fun part is he has no idea…

“Sarah” questions Abigail thinking she’s Gwen wearing a mask when Gwen is standing right there. Abigail gives up on her belief and apologizes. Abigail explains that Kristen tried to do the same thing to Kate. Gwen questions what Kristen has to do with this and asks if Abigail has lost her mind. “Sarah” suggests they all calm down but she has to go and she doesn’t want to leave with bad feelings between them. Abigail apologizes and agrees to let her go. “Sarah” advises her to get some help as she then walks away. Gwen asks if Abigail is satisfied. Abigail guesses she has to be as she then walks away. “Sarah” then returns and tells Gwen that was close. Gwen is thankful she pulled that out of her hat, revealing that Ava was now under the Sarah mask.

Allie worries about Paulina seeing Tripp but Chanel assures that she won’t say anything to anyone. Allie complains that it would kill Tripp if he found out. Chanel is glad that Allie figured that out. Allie talks about seeing Tripp earlier and he was worried about her. Allie laments that he’s such a good guy and she doesn’t deserve him. Chanel says that’s not true. Allie declares that she couldn’t hurt him, so Tripp can’t find out, because what happened between her and Chanel is never ever going to happen again.

Tripp questions why Paulina would want another doctor. Paulina says it’s nothing personal but Tripp feels it kind of is and asks if she had a problem with his treatment before. Paulina says he did a great job so Tripp asks why she would want to see someone else. Paulina decides she doesn’t and tells him to just go ahead and treat her while she will keep her big mouth shut.

Gabi doesn’t see why they can’t continue their conversation here. Johnny claims it’s kind of loud in here and he doesn’t want to miss a word. Johnny then admits he just wanted to be alone with her. Gabi feels that sounds provocative. Johnny brings up his block of DiMera shares that could be really useful to her. Gabi questions him wanting to be alone with her to talk business. Johnny doesn’t want to take the chance of someone else interrupting them like Allie did. Jake then arrives and asks if he means someone like him.

Abigail goes home to the DiMera Mansion, where Chad is pouring a drink. Chad comments that she’s better late than never and offers her a drink but she says she’s fine. Chad notes that she doesn’t sound fine. Abigail tells him that something happened. Chad asks if she’s alright. Abigail says she’s fine but something is really off. Abigail talks about being proven wrong and that Gwen was there and it wasn’t Kristen because she called her. Chad questions Kristen calling her and then her seeing Gwen. Chad thinks he’s missing something here. Abigail doesn’t even know what happened but says she found Sarah which Chad says is fantastic. Abigail explains that Sarah actually came to town on her own to tell Maggie not to worry about her. Chad thinks that’s great for Maggie. Abigail remains unsure because she talked to “Sarah” and she’s not really sure it’s her.

Gwen goes back to her hotel room with Ava, who removes her Sarah mask. Gwen asks how Abigail got the idea that it was her under the mask. Ava explains that she first thought she was Kristen because of her kidnapping Kate and breaking up with Jake, but then decided it was Gwen doing the same thing to Xander. Gwen notes that she got pretty close to the truth. Gwen asks how Abigail went from thinking it was Kristen to thinking it was her. Ava reveals that Kristen called in the middle of her tirade so it was clear that “Sarah” wasn’t Kristen. Ava says she tried to make Abigail believe she was being ridiculous but she concluded that Gwen was the one with the motive. Gwen thanks God that they switched places after she was “Sarah” with Xander, otherwise this could’ve been an absolute disaster.

Tripp tells Paulina that the swelling on her ankle has gone down but she can still ice it if it bothers her. Tripp adds that she won’t need the cane anymore which Paulina is thrilled about. Paulina jokes that they can at least make it from the living room to the kitchen which Chanel will be happy about. Tripp asks how Chanel is doing. Paulina says she was devastated at first with Johnny dumping her, but she’s doing a lot better thanks to Allie…

Chanel agrees with Allie that what happened between them will never happen again as she was just in really bad shape and Allie comforted her like a really good friend. Chanel feels bad that she made things weird for her and Tripp. Allie tells her it’s fine and not to worry about it. Chanel asks Allie why she came by in the first place. Allie informs her that she tried to talk to Johnny but it didn’t go so great. Chanel asks what he said. Allie says it’s not really what he said. Allie doesn’t know if she should tell her but Chanel says now she has to. Allie then reveals that she went to the DiMera Mansion, she walked in on Johnny kissing another woman.

Johnny tells Jake that he and Gabi were just discussing a potential alliance as he still thinks they could be quite useful to each other. Jake asks if he came up with any other ideas. Johnny says one or two but they got interrupted, so he came here to pick up where they left off at the mansion. Jake asks what exactly they were talking about at the mansion. Johnny and Gabi think back to Johnny kissing her. Jake asks if they are going to tell him. Johnny says sure but Gabi says to let her.

Tripp is glad that Allie was able to help Chanel. Paulina talks about how wonderful Allie was and claims that Allie got Chanel home and in bed, then left right away. Paulina goes on about how Allie is such a good friend and Chanel needs a good friend. Tripp notes that she seems a little nervous and he thinks he knows why.

Chanel complains that Johnny didn’t waste any time and asks who he was kissing. Allie says it doesn’t matter but Chanel insists, so Allie reveals it was Gabi Hernandez who lives with his uncle Jake. Chanel questions Johnny making moves on his uncle’s girlfriend. Allie knows it’s gross. Allie swears it’s like Johnny has hit some new personal low. Chanel remarks that her mother was right as always that Johnny was a jerk, who never loved her and lied to her. Allie calls Johnny bad news. Chanel asks why it hurts so much as Allie hugs her.

Gabi tells Jake that she and Johnny didn’t get to talk much because his sister interrupted them. Johnny explains that Allie is mad at him for divorcing her best friend. Jake jokes that Johnny gave it his best for a week or two. Gabi suggests Jake get them some drinks and then they can tell Johnny all of their ideas on how they can all work together, so Jake heads to the bar. Johnny points out that Gabi didn’t tell Jake that he kissed her so he guesses she wants to keep that their little secret and that she wouldn’t mind if it happened again.

Chad questions Abigail first thinking “Sarah” was Kristen and then Gwen. Abigail informs him that was until Kristen called her and then Gwen walked out of the Salem Inn. Chad guesses that means it was actually Sarah. Abigail knows it seems that way but she can’t stop thinking about how Kristen abducted Kate, wore a Kate mask and broke up with Jake which all feels similar to what’s happening with Sarah and Xander. Abigail calls it awkward and she just felt like she was in a bad play.

Ava knows she got upset when Gwen asked her to take over and put on the mask again, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They flash back to Gwen telling Ava that she couldn’t do it anymore after how bad she felt for fooling Maggie and Xander so Ava agreed to put the mask on. Gwen tells Ava that she knows how much she owes her. Ava tells Gwen that she needs to get going because Sarah needs to get to the airstrip. Gwen asks Ava to do it but Ava says she has to say no this time because she’s having dinner with Rafe and Nicole. Gwen questions Ava having dinner with them when she hates them. Ava points out that they know that, but Rafe and Nicole don’t yet.

Nicole complains about Ava insisting that she come to dinner and then she’s not there. Rafe encourages her to sit down and have some wine. Nicole points out that Rafe came to her, saying that he thought Ava was setting him up with the planted evidence and that he thought Ava cut Duke’s head off. Nicole adds that Ava came to her office twice to set up this dinner and now she’s not here. Rafe feels bad for getting her all worked up. Nicole says she already felt a little weird about Ava’s friendliness and how it seemed forced. Nicole adds that now that she thinks about it, it’s not just forced but calculated. Nicole wants Rafe to tell her that she’s overreacting and being paranoid but Rafe admits he doesn’t know if she is.

Gabi tells Johnny that she didn’t tell Jake that he kissed her because she didn’t want Jake to beat the crap out of him. Johnny advises her to rethink her relationship with Jake because that kind of behavior doesn’t indicate mutual trust. Gabi mocks him giving her relationship tips and asks how Chanel is these days. Jake returns with drinks and says for them to finally get down to business.

Chad asks if Abigail thinks she just wants this to be true. Abigail wants the person she talked with to actually be Sarah so that Sarah would be safe and making her own decisions. Abigail asks Chad what if it was Kate if she never got away from Kristen and how that would play out. Abigail says they would get periodic text messages saying not to worry and then her phone losses connection and they never hear from her ever again like what happened with Sarah and Maggie. Chad sees the parallels. Abigail worries that Sarah is still in trouble and this is all a big charade to get them to stop looking for her. Chad points out that Kristen is not here so it’s not her. Abigail adds that it wasn’t Gwen either. Abigail points out that she barely got off the phone with Kristen and then Gwen came out of the Salem Inn so it all felt staged. Abigail wonders if it was a fake call but says her head hurts trying to figure it out. Abigail is really scared for Sarah and says the person she talked to was on her way to the airstrip, so tonight is her last night to get to the bottom of this.

Gwen questions Ava hating Rafe and Nicole so much that she’s throwing them a dinner party. Ava explains that she can’t let them know she’s onto them yet. Gwen suggests calling and telling them that she’s running late because she can’t take the chance of anyone seeing her as “Sarah” because she won’t be able to pull it off, while Ava is so good at this. Gwen promises that she won’t ask her for anything ever again.

Nicole feels like she’s in Fatal Attraction. Rafe is sorry and suggests maybe they are just being paranoid. Rafe then gets a call from Ava. Rafe answers and asks if she’s alright. Ava says something has come up and tells them to go ahead and eat. Rafe says they will wait but Ava says she doesn’t know how long she’s going to be. Rafe asks what’s going on and if something is wrong but Ava hangs up. Nicole asks if Ava said where she was or when she’s coming back but Rafe says no. Nicole wonders if Ava left them here alone on purpose.

Chad acknowledges the weird parallels but points out that Maggie and Xander both talked to “Sarah” and didn’t express any doubts about her. Chad encourages Abigail to just relax. Chad says he’s going to read the kids a book and then they can have dinner. Chad says when he gets back, he’ll do everything in his power to take her mind off of Sarah.

Tripp tells Paulina that he knows there was a point in time that Allie and Chanel were a little more than friends because Allie doesn’t keep secrets from him, so he knows that they kissed a couple times in the past but that is over and Allie loves him. Tripp reiterates that Allie and Chanel are just really good friends. Paulina claims she’s so happy for him and gives back her cane as she exits the room.

Allie apologizes to Chanel for blurting that out but she thought she should know. Chanel is glad that she told her because she needed to know so it’s not her fault. Allie asks Chanel not to cry since Johnny is not worth it. Chanel says she didn’t listen when she’s been saying that from the start. Allie didn’t want to be right but says the brother that she grew up with is gone. Allie asks Chanel if she wants to talk about it. Chanel says not right now. Allie tells her to call if she needs anything as she then exits.

Jake tells Johnny if they pool their shares, they can work on getting a heavy hitter on the DiMera Board like Victor Kiriakis. Johnny calls Victor the competition. Jake says if they get Victor thinking they are interested in an alliance then bring him on board to sic him on Chad and EJ, then when they get rid of them, they get rid of Victor. Johnny likes the way he thinks but he’s not sure that’s the move. Jake thinks it could pay off big time while Johnny worries it could blow up in their faces. Johnny says he needs time to think about this. Johnny remarks that something, or someone, will really have to persuade him in to thinking this is a good idea as he then exits the Bistro. Jake then asks Gabi what she’s not telling him.

Rafe questions Nicole thinking that Ava planned this. Nicole suggests maybe she’s testing them or maybe she’s putting her money where her mouth is since she says she trusts them and this proves it. Rafe says maybe she’s playing a sick game so maybe nothing came up and she hoped on walking in and seeing this, as Rafe then grabs Nicole and kisses her.

Ava as “Sarah” heads to the airstrip and calls Gwen to let her know that she just got there and made sure a couple people saw her on the way and she’ll make sure the security camera has a good shot, then she will get out of range, take off the mask, and get home. Gwen says she can’t thank her enough. Ava reminds her that she owes her as they hang up. Abigail then appears and goes to tackle “Sarah”.

Gabi tells Jake about Johnny kissing her. Jake gets pissed and calls Johnny a snake. Gabi tells him to relax since she slapped Johnny across the face. Jake points out that it doesn’t seem to have put him off much. Gabi explains that she didn’t want it to as the more she pushes him away and put him down, he tells himself that she’s protesting too much so his inflated ego is in her hands. Jake doesn’t like it but Gabi says he’ll love it when he puts Victor on the board, which she knows he will. Jake is creeped out by Johnny. Gabi says now that Johnny is gone, she can just concentrate on Jake as they kiss.

Allie goes to the hospital to bring Tripp chowder from the Pub and a slice of Chanel’s pecan pie so he didn’t have to eat hospital food. Allie says she missed him as they hug.

Paulina goes home to Chanel and announces she no longer has her cane. Chanel says that’s really great but Paulina notices she’s upset and asks what’s wrong. Chanel says she’s been thinking about what Paulina said and she was right about Johnny. Chanel asks why Johnny should be living the high life while she has to wake up at the crack of dawn to make a living. Chanel decides that she is going after a divorce settlement and take Johnny for everything he’s worth. Paulina calls it always good to have goals in life.

Devil Johnny sits at home at the DiMera Mansion, remarking that Gabi thinks she’s so smart but she has no idea who she’s actually up against. Chad walks in and questions what he’s doing there. Johnny asks if he’s not thrilled to see him. Chad says that Abigail was just there and asks where she is. Johnny responds that Abigail was just leaving as he got there and that she drove off like a bat out of Hell…

Abigail successfully unmasks “Sarah” and says she knew it but is shocked to find out that it was Ava under the mask.

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