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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Jack looked depressed as he paced around his living room. Phyllis showed up, and a stone-faced Jack told her that it wasn’t a good time. She talked her way inside, stating that they shouldn’t let something stupid ruin what they had. Phyllis apologized, even though she admitted saying sorry didn’t come easy to her. He asked her to be specific about what she was apologizing for. She was sorry for what she said and did and for the aftermath. She wanted to take full responsibility, but it was difficult because she couldn’t get Diane out of her head. She said she felt threatened by Diane. He thought that was absurd. She knew he was right, but her hatred for Diane was in her DNA. “You let your issues with Diane affect us,” he said. She admitted that she’d been immature and wrong. She also apologized for pushing him into something he wasn’t ready for. Phyllis explained that she’d felt like she needed to get Jack before Diane got her hooks into him.

Phyllis felt like all the progress she’d made went away after Diane returned. Jack agreed, and he couldn’t get over the fact that Phyllis backslid so quickly. Phyllis told Jack not to go to extremes. She felt that, since she’d owned up to what she’d done and apologized, he would be able to get past it. “Because I’ve gotten past it so many times in the past? That’s not exactly a selling point,” he grumbled. Jack said it wasn’t just that Phyllis reverted to her old ways, it was that she transformed from new Phyllis to old Phyllis in the blink of an eye. She reiterated that she apologized, and she promised to change for him. He snapped that he didn’t want her to change. He said he’d made it clear, months ago, when there was a hint that they might get back together, that he’d almost rather die than be hurt again. She contended that it was just one mistake, but he argued that it was so much more. He said they’d carefully, thoughtfully and lovingly been rebuilding their trust, and she threw it all away to get an edge on Diane. “You can’t change! And I can’t do this! I’m done,” he snapped.

Just after Jack broke things off with Phyllis, Diane, Summer and Kyle entered. The trio’s laughter was cut short as they walked in on the tense scene. Jack excused himself to make a phone call. Kyle pointed out to everyone that Jack’s phone was still on the coffee table. Diane stifled a smile. Summer asked if Phyllis was okay, and she claimed she was. Phyllis said she and Jack were supposed to go out for drinks and dancing, but he had other obligations. Diane noted that Jack looked upset before he left. Phyllis said he was fine. She left.

Kyle went to check on his dad. Summer asked Diane what was going on between Jack and Phyllis. Diane said she had no idea. Kyle returned with the news that Jack wanted to be alone. Summer went to go check on her mom. Kyle and Diane left too. Jack went back to the living room and ran into Traci, who asked what was wrong. He fired off a snippy comment, before apologizing to his sister. He asked if she wouldn’t judge him, and she pointed out that she never would. He admitted he knew she wouldn’t. She implored him to talk to her. He said it was Phyllis. He thought he was being so careful and that he and Phyllis were on the verge of something wonderful. They’d been doing this romantic dance for months now, he said. They had the attraction, the connection, the history, good and bad, to guide them. Just when things were almost perfect, Phyllis ruined it all. Traci was so sorry. Jack felt like he should’ve known Phyllis would never just focus on their relationship. He said she was pulled to wreak havoc and welcome chaos, and it was more important than their relationship. He said what he and Phyllis had was over before it even began. He couldn’t believe he was here again. He told Traci that he and Phyllis were through for good. Traci hugged Jack.

Jack said he knew the odds were against him and Phyllis. He guessed he should consider himself lucky that things didn’t get very far. He said he’d never put himself in this position again. Traci told Jack he didn’t have to put on a show for her. She knew he was a romantic who loved with his whole heart, and she knew how much it hurt when that love went wrong. She said tomorrow he could put a positive spin on things, but tonight, it was okay if he just wanted to feel bad. She was there for him. He took her hand.

Summer tracked Phyllis down at the hotel and offered a shoulder to lean on. Phyllis said Diane was poison. She told Summer to convince Kyle that Diane would shatter his heart in a million pieces and that she needed to leave town. Summer said she couldn’t do that without the facts. Phyllis thought Summer should just trust her mother on this. Summer asked what Diane did. Phyllis stated that Diane would ruin lives. Phyllis got up and walked away, even though Summer kept calling for her.

Phyllis grabbed a drink from the mini bar in her room. She was pleasantly surprised when her son, Daniel called. She told him he should call more often.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor had just told Victoria and Nikki that their troubles with Ashland would be over soon. Victoria asked her father what he’d done now. He acted as if he had no idea why she asked him that. She replied that she knew him well enough to know he did something. Victor mentioned that Ashland came to see him. Victoria couldn’t imagine Ashland would do that unless he’d been provoked. Nikki reminded Victoria that she’d said she didn’t want to talk about Ashland. Nikki began to gush about the trip to Switzerland, and while she was talking, Victoria got a text from Ashland that said he’d never stop loving her.

Victoria lied to her parents and told her that it was a work text. Victor suggested Victoria put that off until tomorrow and go home and rest. She admitted she was tired, and Victor invited her to spend the night at the ranch. She said she could handle a night alone in her own house. He invited her to Society, and she said she was going to take his advice and go rest. She left. Nikki and Victor didn’t believe a word Victoria just said.

Nikki and Victor went to Society. He asked if Victoria mentioned Locke in Switzerland. Nikki said Victoria didn’t mention him at all, but she’d been very quiet on vacation, and Nikki didn’t push her. Nikki mentioned that Victoria told her before the trip that she still had feelings for Ashland. Nikki didn’t think that changed – if anything, Victoria was more conflicted. Victor didn’t understand how Ashland still had a hold on Victoria.

Victor shared that he convinced Kyle and Summer to file a restraining order against Ashland on Harrison’s behalf. He hoped that would make Ashland realize there was nothing left for him here. Nikki hoped that worked, though she hated the idea of using Harrison as a pawn. Victor didn’t think they were using Harrison, but protecting him from Ashland. Victor was worried Victoria still had feelings for Ashland. He said they had to stop Victoria and Ashland from crossing paths. Nikki was dismayed to see Kyle and Diane come in together. She told Victor she wanted to leave before she had to slap Diane again. Victor didn’t realize Nikki slapped Diane. He wished he’d been there to see it. She promised to share the whole sordid story in the car. As the couple exited the restaurant, they said hello to Kyle only.

Kyle didn’t expect Nikki and Victor to be happy to see Diane, but he thought they could’ve at least acknowledged her. Diane said Nikki acknowledged her right across the face the last time they crossed paths. Kyle seemed appalled, but Diane said that Nikki held a grudge with good reason. Diane had given up trying to change certain people’s minds about her, Phyllis being at the top of the list. Kyle was sorry; he knew that must be hard, and he anticipated that Diane would be facing more battles. Diane asked if Kyle didn’t want her to stay. It wasn’t that he didn’t want her to stay – he just wanted to recognize that it came with a cost. She said she’d do whatever it took to be part of his life. He said they had a long way to go emotionally, but they were on the right track, as long as she didn’t do something that made him doubt her sincerity. She said that wouldn’t happen. Summer showed up wanting to talk to Kyle alone. Diane said she’d call Kyle tomorrow, and she left.

Summer said her mom was on the verge of a breakdown, apparently because of his mom. She didn’t know what happened, but her mom was a powder keg, his mom was the match. Summer thought she and Kyle needed to prevent an explosion. Kyle asked if Summer really thought it was that bad. Summer said yes, and she asked that he not defend Diane to her again. He knew that Diane and Phyllis’s distrust and dislike for each other went way back and it was hard to let go of. Summer thought she had a way to defuse her mom for awhile.

After Ashland sent his text, he began to pack his suitcase, then he called the lobby and checked out. “No, I have not enjoyed my time here in Genoa City,” he tersely replied to the person at the front desk. Victoria showed up and talked to Ashland in the hall. He thought she was still in Europe. She said the spa didn’t give her peace of mind. She saw his bags and commented that it was true about him leaving. He was sure she’d be relieved to hear he was getting out of this godforsaken town and never looking back.

Victoria invited herself into the suite and commented on Ashland’s intention to leave town without saying goodbye face to face. He reiterated that he thought she was in Europe. She asked why he was rushing to leave. He didn’t have the will to fight anymore. He said he lost, and the Newmans won. Victoria said the last she heard, Ashland was going to stay in town as long as Harrison was here. Ashland realized Victoria didn’t know what happened. He was relieved because he didn’t want to believe she’d have any part in this. She asked what happened. He pulled out the restraining order barring him from Harrison and said that her father convinced Summer and Kyle to file it. She was shocked, and she didn’t want to believe her father would use a child like that. Ashland said this had Victor’s name all over it. He said that he didn’t do anything illegal in regards to his son, and yet a judge signed off on the restraining order, with Michael Baldwin as the attorney. “I have no doubt that your father orchestrated this as a final move to get me to leave town. And it worked. He did the impossible. He got me to walk away from you,” Ashland said.

Ashland was grateful Victoria came, so he would get to say goodbye in person. He didn’t expect her to believe him, but he said she made him an infinitely better man. Even though he’d lost her, he’d be forever grateful for their happy times together. Besides Harrison, Victoria was the only bright spot in his life. His company didn’t bring him the joy that she did. He thought they both knew their love was real. She asked why she should believe him. He began to cry, and he admitted she shouldn’t believe him because he lied to her and betrayed her trust. He vowed to continue to try and make amends. He said he’d try and help people and he’d contribute to charities like her brother’s. He knew it wasn’t a lot. He said he’d give up everything for her. He added that he’d walk through fire for her, and she pointed out that he already had. He said yes, he pulled her out of a burning car so she could be set free, happy and fulfilled without him. He admitted her family was right to push him away from her. He hated to say it, but she was better without him. She cried, and he assured her that he’d be gone soon, so she wouldn’t have to cry over him again.

Victoria confessed that she was crying because she wanted Ashland to stay. Ashland said he’d wanted to believe Victoria still had these feelings for him, but he’d given up hope that she could get past his lies. She said she didn’t want to have feelings for him. She went to Europe to push the feelings aside. She didn’t want to act on the pull she felt to him. She came here tonight to say goodbye to him once and for all, but when he said goodbye to her, she realized she couldn’t bear it. She took stock of their entire relationship, and she felt that she couldn’t have misjudged him that much – it couldn’t have all been lies. He said it wasn’t. She brought up their love, their wedding vows, every intimate touch – it had to be real. He said it was real. Against her judgment, she believed him. She also really thought their love changed him. She tried, but she couldn’t erase the love they had. It was too powerful, and she said she’d never run away from it again.

Ashland wanted this reunion. Victoria said it wouldn’t be easy, since the whole town was against them, but they’d find a way. He tried to kiss her, and she recoiled. He apologized and said he misunderstood. She said she wanted to take this slow and be sure they were doing things for the right reason this time. He said they loved each other, and he couldn’t think of a better reason. She said she needed time so they could rebuild their trust. She wanted a healthy stable relationship with him, because that was the way to heal. She asked if he was willing to wait. He told her she was worth waiting for. She was glad he said that because she didn’t want to lose him ever again.

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