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Recap written by Christine

Nick was on Victoria’s doorstep. He knocked and called out to her. It was noisy out, due to high winds and barking dogs. Inside the house, Victoria asked Ashland what he meant when he said there was only one way for this to end. He was in a rage, and he took a step toward her, causing her to back away. Her eyes were filled with tears. Nick called, and Victoria said she needed to answer the phone, but Ashland said no. She glanced at the fireplace poker. Victoria said that it was her security detail, and if she didn’t answer within 15 minutes, they’d come inside. “Well then, we’re gonna have to make this quick,” Ashland replied.

Back outside, Nick saw the lights were on, but he thought Victoria might be asleep. He recorded a voice message asking her to call and let him know she was safe, then he left. Ashland didn’t buy Victoria’s bluff about the security detail calling her. He said she’d been lying to him for weeks, so he didn’t believe her now. He was sorry it had to end this way, but maybe it was inevitable. He said said that they were both unique powerhouses and driven, so maybe it was a mistake to think they could work this relationship out, because both of them couldn’t be on top – someone had to fall. She did not understand his ramblings, and she wanted him to leave. He pulled out the Loch family ring she gave him as a gift. He reminded her that she’d said it was supposed to represent their bright shiny future, but it only represented her lies and deception. He said he’d never wear it again, but he’d keep it as a reminder of how cruel people could be. “I’m cruel after everything that you’ve done?,” she shouted. He screamed that he loved her and she used that love against him. She began to point out that he started it, but he wouldn’t let her get a word in. He went on a tirade arguing that she was worst that he was, because he was willing to become a better person for her, and he walked through fire for her.

Victoria begged Ashland to calm down. He snarled that he risked his life pulling her from that burning car only to have her destroy his life. He wished that he’d left her to burn to death. “I should’ve let you die. Because maybe then I could still believe now that you loved me til the bitter end,” he said.

Victoria contended that Ashland only had himself to blame for how his life turned out. He advanced on her, ordering her to stop saying that because she sounded like Victor. She said even if she’d died in that crash, he wouldn’t have been loved because she’d fallen in love with who he pretended to be. “And who was that, Victoria? A stronger younger version of your dad?,” he asked. She said it wasn’t even close. She saw him for who he was now – he wasn’t the strong and powerful Ashalnd Locke, and he wasn’t anywhere near the man her father was, he wasn’t even poor pathetic Bobby DeFranco, who he’d left in New Jersey.

Victoria yelled at Ashland that he was pathetic, sad, ugly and disgusting, and no one could ever love him. Ashland grabbed Victoria by the upper arms and ordered her not to say that. She broke free and shoved him off, then she ran over and grabbed the fireplace poker. He approached again, but he backed up when she held the poker to his chest. “You bitch,” he snarled. Victoria ran toward the door, and Ashland followed, saying he wasn’t going to let her leave. Just then, Nick burst in and ordered Ashland to get back. Nick demanded to know what was going on. “Your sister and I are saying our final goodbyes,” Ashland said.

Nick got caught up to speed, and he positioned himself between Ashland and Victoria. Victoria said she’d repeatedly asked Ashland to leave. Ashland said he didn’t break the law since Victoria let him in. she pointed out that he’d been lurking outside. Nick told Victoria to call the police. Ashland said there was no need since Victoria said the security team was on the way, in spite of the fact that there was no intended malice on his part. Nick argued that everything Ashland did to the family had malice. Ashland groused about Nick breaking up a conversation between a husband and wife. Victoria pointed out that they weren’t married. Ashland rushed toward Victoria, screaming about their unbreakable bond, but Nick pushed him backward. “You keep your hands of me!,” Ashland ordered. Nick told Victoria to call the police, and she turned to get her phone from the kitchen, while Ashland demanded that she stay put. Nick told Ashland not to talk to Victoria like that.

Victoria stopped and stayed in the living room. She heard Ashland say he’d talk to her however he damn well pleased. Nick shoved Ashland and said if he didn’t leave, there was going to be a problem. Ashland maintained that he didn’t do anything wrong. Victoria countered that Ashland broke into her house, threatened her and grabbed her. Victoria went to get the phone. Nick snapped when he heard that Ashland had put his hands on Victoria. He punched Ashland in the face, and he fell and hit his head on the fireplace hearth.

Ashland was still. Nick didn’t believe Ashland was really knocked out, since he’d been faking since since day one. He kicked Ashland and ordered him to get up. Ashland remained motionless, and a concerned Nick knelt down by him. Victoria came running back in and asked what was wrong. Nick couldn’t feel a pulse. Victoria wrapped her hand around Ashland’s head to feel for a pulse too. She couldn’t find one either, and when she withdrew her hand, Nick saw that it was coated in blood. The siblings shared an alarmed look.

While Nick closed the patio doors, Victoria did CPR, then she told Nick Ashland was dead. Victoria never called 911, because she’d hoped Nick could get Ashland out without calling the authorities. Nick said to call them now, but Victoria wasn’t sure that was the right thing to do. She thought maybe they should call their father, but he said no. “I’m responsible. I hit him. We got to do the right thing. When has circumventing the law ever worked out for us?,” he said. Victoria brought up the consequences. Nick thought it was self defense – Ashland attacked Victoria, so Nick had to hit him, and he fell. Victoria wasn’t sure the district attorney would see it that way. Nick said to call Chance then, because he was family, and he could help. Victoria got on the phone while Nick went outside for air.

Chance was at Crimson Lights with Sharon. He wanted coffee because he figured it’d be a late night at work. He said when the weather got weird, things tended to happen. Sharon looked uncomfortable, and Chance apologized. She said it was okay. She acknowledged that Rey’s accident happened on a very foggy night, but the crash turned out to be unrelated to the weather. Chance didn’t want to bring up bad memories for Sharon. She said it was fine – she was thinking about Rey too. She asked how things were out there, and he said it was mostly fine, just some fallen trees. He hoped he was just being paranoid. Victoria called Chance and asked him to come by because Ashland got hurt.

Victoria went outside and stood with Nick. He told her how he’d been about to leave the house earlier, but something didn’t feel right, so he came in through the back door. He felt he needed to go over the night’s events to get his story straight for Chance. “He was coming after you again, so I hit him and then he fell down. I was just trying to stop him. Obviously, I didn’t want him to die,” Nick said. Victoria said it was an accident, simple as that. He didn’t think it felt that simple. He decided to go walk this off. He left.

Victoria followed Nick out into the woods. She told him he saved her life tonight. He wasn’t so sure. She said she could tell from the look in Ashland’s eyes that he was going to kill her. She repeated what Ashland said about last goodbyes and how he wished she died in the car accident. Nick thought that was sick. She said Nick did what he had to do to stop Ashland. Victoria was grateful. He was glad he was there for her, but he took a man’s life tonight and there was no changing that. She said he had her back, just like he’d always promised, and she’d do whatever she could for him. He knew. They hugged, and he said they had to get back to the house.

Victoria and Nick went back to the house. She asked what he was going to say to Chance. He said he’d just tell the truth. They noticed the patio doors rattling, and Nick thought he didn’t close them tightly enough. They soon noticed that Ashland was gone. There was just a small pool of blood on the floor and hearth where he’d fallen.

Nikki entered the Grand Phoenix. Victor called and relayed Adam’s warning that Ashland was out for blood. Victor wanted Nikki to be safe. She was more worried about Victoria. He reminded her that he had everything under control. The call ended, and Nikki met with Phyllis, who was hoping Nikki’s investigators came up with something on Diane. Nikki was disappointed to say that they hadn’t. Ashley texted that she couldn’t make it. She also told them not to worry about Diane using Allie, because Allie could hold her own. Phyllis didn’t have the same faith in Allie, because she was lovely and sweet, and Diane took advantage of people like that. Phyllis ranted about Diane, and Nikki asked what had her so riled up.

Phyllis was miffed because she met with Summer earlier, and Summer had acted like Diane deserved a medal for saving Harrison from Ashland. Nikki said that was ridiculous. Nikki was there at the park, and all Diane did was send a text to Michael. Phyllis said Diane probably did it so everyone would fall all over her. Nikki said you would’ve thought Diane saved Harrison from a burning building with the way Michael gushed over her. Phyllis wondered what was wrong with Michael. Nikki said Ashland gave Diane a look like she’d betrayed him. It made Nikki wonder if Ashland and Diane had an arrangement, and she double crossed him. Nikki said the worst part was Ashland got out of jail in a matter of hours, and now this situation made him even more furious.

Phyllis was sorry Ashland was pointing his anger toward the Newmans instead of someone who deserved it, like Diane. Nikki was sure Diane would walk away unscathed, since she inexplicably had a charmed life. Phyllis thought they should make it look like Diane was intentionally trying to sabotage Marchetti. Nikki really liked this idea. She said she knew she could count on Phyllis to think of something devious and underhanded. Phyllis said she was better at this than Nikki.

Phyllis said this would be tricky because they didn’t want to actually hurt the company or Summer. They also didn’t have anyone on the inside, because Ashley worked strictly at Jabot. Phyllis said that there were some people coming form Italy to work and some new hires. She said it was ironic because Summer offered her a job at Marchetti, and she turned it down. Nikki assumed Phyllis didn’t take the job because of Jack. Phyllis said she didn’t want to leave him. Nikki was sorry it didn’t work out. Phyllis alluded to the point that things had been going well between her and Jack until Diane’s arrival. That was why she was willing to do whatever it took to get that bitch out of their lives for good.

Phyllis thought it was too bad Chelsea didn’t take the job at Marchetti, because she could’ve helped them out, since she liked schemes. Nikki said they needed someone with an ax to grind toward Diane. Nikki thought Phyllis should tell Summer she wanted to work at Marchetti. Phyllis said that she couldn’t do that because she ran the hotel. Nikki thought the place could run itself. Phyllis had an idea.

The winds whipped around Diane on Jack’s doorstep, pelting her with leaves. Jack ushered her inside. He told her that when he was a kid they used to call summer wind that came out of nowhere wicked winds, and it was a bad omen. He said when wind like this kicked up, trouble was right around the corner. “And here you are,” he said, smiling. She was sorry to come unannounced, but she came to talk to Kyle. He said Kyle and Summer were gone. Jack thanked Diane for the situation at the park.

Diane modestly stated that she did what anyone would’ve done – she knew about the restraining order, so when Ashland showed up, she texted Michael. Jack said Diane still took a risk, and he knew Ashland was playing on her emotions. Diane said that Jack deserved some credit too because he warned her about Ashland. Jack thought Diane was brave to risk getting on the wrong side of Ashland. Diane didn’t think she was in danger. He didn’t know why she wasn’t just thanking him for the praise instead of arguing with him. She thanked him. He said Kyle was very pleased with the way she handled this. She said she’d do anything for Kyle. Diane had come to ask Kyle some work questions, but she wondered if Jack could help instead.

Jack said Marchetti was Kyle’s domain, so Diane should ask him. Diane said her questions were larger and not specific to Marchetti – things like protocol and early expectations vs. long term goals. Jack was sure those were rudimentary questions for Diane, who’d been in business the whole time they’d known each other. He was sure that pretending to be dead hadn’t taken away her ability to handle new situations. She said she might be rusty. He told her to fake it. He was sure she could bluff her way through this and hundreds of other situations. She asked if he was teasing or being mean. “I’ll never tell,” he replied. He offered her a drink, and she accepted. She accurately guessed the kind of drink he was going to make for himself, and he said she knew him well.

Diane was nervous about her job. Jack was surprised anything made her nervous. She said she didn’t let many people see that side of her. He was flattered. She saw no point in trying to fool him, given their history. She agreed with what he said earlier – she could fake her way through any scenario, but this job was different. She didn’t want to let Kyle down. He said Kyle would understand that she had to learn on the job. Diane said she also had to impress Summer and everyone else. Jack was sure Kyle would give Diane the benefit of the doubt every time, but Summer could be tougher. Diane said she couldn’t bluff or use her old bag of tricks with Summer. Jack asked if one of Diane’s tricks was showing up asking for Kyle when she actually only wanted Jack’s advice. “I’ll never tell,” she said, and they smiled.

Jack thought Diane should stop putting so much pressure on herself. She said she had a good thing going and she didn’t want to mess it up. He said that Kyle and Summer were intelligent, rational people who knew she wasn’t an expert in public relations. He thought all they expected was commitment and honesty. She thought being honest in PR was unusual, but he said not for companies under the Jabot umbrella. He guessed that was the hardest part for her. She hoped people would stop rubbing her history in her face. He said old habits died hard.

Diane didn’t take this job opportunity for granted. It meant a lot that she was going to work so closely with Kyle and Summer. She also appreciated Jack for not preventing them from hiring her. She was sure it was hard for him to see Kyle readily accept her. He said it proved something was missing in Kyle’s life, and her return filled a void. She was sure he must resent her for leaving him to raise Kyle alone. He said resentment was a waste of time and energy. She thanked him for his remarkable restraint. He wanted her to know it wasn’t for her benefit. She hoped that one day they could be friends. She’d made a bet with herself that she could pull that off. She asked what her odds were. “You don’t want to know,” he replied.

Later, Diane was pleased because she and Jack had gone upstairs and peeked in on the sleeping Harrison. Jack said their grandson could put a smile on your face. She loved hearing him say “our grandson.” She was so glad she decided to reclaim her life – even if it ended tomorrow, spending time with Harrison and Kyle made it worth it, even though Harrison didn’t know she was his grandmother. Jack said that was for Kyle to tell him. Diane decided to leave. The wind had let up, and Jack said maybe there was no trouble tonight after all.

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