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Recap written by Christine

Lily got Dominic a onesie that said Jazz Baby on it, and she gave it to Amanda at the penthouse. Lily asked how things were with the baby, and Amanda said they were still waiting on the test results. Lily asked how the law practice was going. Amanda said it was going well, but slow. That was why she was home today. At first, there were so many clients they had to turn people away, but that had ended. They’d need more clients if they were going to be able to pay for the office space. She wasn’t overly concerned yet, because Imani had a lot of connections, and they had friends and family who’d agreed to send business their way. Lily asked if Sutton’s cronies would want to work with the lawyer who helped bring him down. Amanda got defensive, because she thought it sounded like Lily was trying to make her have doubts about her firm. Lily just thought Amanda should cast a wider net. Amanda was open to that. Lily said she was looking for representation.

Amanda asked if there was an issue with Lily’s contract. Lily’s contract was fine; Jill gave her everything she asked for, and she supported Lily’s vision for the company, even though her method was less traditional. Amanda was glad, because that wasn’t always the case. Amanda’s partner in Madison was stuck in his ways, and it was frustrating. That was why Amanda was trying not to be rigid with Imani. Lily said that there were senior execs at Chancellor who were resistant to change. Someone resigned that Lily had hoped to promote to division head. They talked about Amanda working with Lily and Billy at ChancComm. Lily wanted Amanda to work with them again at Chancellor Corporate. Amanda was flattered, but the timing wasn’t right. Lily said she was asking Amanda to be her new chief counsel, in charge of all of Chancellor’s legal operations. Amanda was caught off guard because that was a senior level executive role. Lily thought Amanda was more than qualified after her work at ChancComm. Amanda said that was a small division of a larger corporation, and Chancellor was international.

Amanda didn’t understand why Lily didn’t promote one of the Chancellor lawyers with decades of experience. Lily said no one had decades of experience in the areas she wanted to focus on. Lily wanted to do things that didn’t exist five years ago, like the podcast project Billy and Devon were working on. Lily wanted to work with people who’d grown up with advanced technology. Lily felt that working at ChancComm was the perfect preparation for what she was doing now. ChanComm always did stories about business and tech and now she was in the position to make sure ChancComm didn’t miss out on that. She wanted a strong team behind her, with people like Amanda, who were smart, capable and forward looking.

Chance was at home. He got a phone call that he ignored. He flashed back to the stakeout in the alley. He’d had a panic attack that rendered him unable to back Rey up. Abby walked in, snapping Chance back to the present. He asked how Dom was, and she said he was still lethargic. She was thankful he was there for her to lean on and that this didn’t happen while he was away on his mission. She said when he held her, he made her feel that their baby would be okay. She wondered if they should wake the baby up and let him eat. He thought they should let Dom rest. He asked if she was having any second thoughts about not telling her family. She didn’t want to say anything until they had answers. She said she didn’t want to worry anyone unnecessarily. She had all the support she needed from him, but she said she wouldn’t be offended if he needed to reach out to someone else. She asked if he told Rey. He said he told Rey about taking Dom to the doctor. “And that’s why he understood that you had to leave [the stakeout] early?,” she asked. Thanks to a phone call, Chance didn’t have to answer Abby’s question.

Nate called to say that he and another doctor were coming over to personally explain the results. Chance was surprised by the house call. Abby said that if this was good news or something minor, they would’ve been told over the phone. She mentioned that they should call Devon. Chance put a positive spin on it and said they were going to get answers and get Dominic the help he needed.

Devon met Billy at Society. Billy asked about Dom and empathized with how hard it was to have a sick child. He brought up the time Delia had leukemia and needed a bone marrow donor. Devon said he’d have to cut this meeting short if Abby, Chance or the hospital called. They started the meeting, and Devon was very impressed with the caliber of Billy’s presentation. Billy said he put it together last night. Devon recalled that Billy had been up a lot lately, and he asked if Billy ever slept. He said he’d sleep when he was old. Devon was sure Lily wouldn’t want Billy running himself into the ground. Billy said it wasn’t a big deal, and he was getting his best work done at night. He was working from home, so he got to sneak in a nap every so often. He said he let Lily listen to some thoughts he recorded, and it sparked an interesting conversation about life. Devon thought this sounded like a midlife crisis without the crisis. Billy said he was happy with where he was, and he’d do everything he could to keep it that way. One of Billy’s favorite ideas was a Q&A feature. Devon liked the idea too. He’d found a lot of help on parenting blogs. Billy joked that he’d start his own midnight podcast. Devon actually thought that was a good idea and that it might help people have the sort of deep conversations that Billy’s recording caused him and Lily to have. Nate called Devon to the Chancellor mansion, so he left.

Devon called Amanda from the Chancellor place with an update. She asked if he wanted her to join him, and he said no because it wouldn’t take too long. Abby came downstairs and hugged Devon. He thought it was a good sign that the doctors were coming here instead of telling them to rush Dom to the hospital. Nate and Dr. Alston arrived. Dominic didn’t have leukemia, but he had a serious rare blood disorder that needed to be addressed now before his bone marrow failed. He needed a bone marrow transplant. In the best case scenario, the transplant would lead Dominic to start making healthy bone marrow and red blood cells. Abby assumed she and Devon were compatible, since they were the biological parents. Nate explained that it was rare for a family member other than a sibling to be fully compatible, but Abby and Devon should still get tested, since they’d at least be half matches, since Dominic got half his genetic material from both of them.

Dr. Alston said that some people had gotten donations from their half-match parents. Chance assumed there would be complications if a half match was used. The doctor confirmed it wasn’t ideal. Devon wanted to be tested as quickly as possible, and Nate said he and Dr. Alston would go set things up. Abby wanted to go too. Abby thanked the doctors for explaining things. Dr. Alston assured everyone that there was real hope for Dominic to live a happy and healthy life. The guests left. Chance wanted to drive Abby to the hospital, but she said she wanted to go by herself. She wanted Chance to be home in case Dominic woke up and wanted his dad. She implored him to say everything would be okay, and he comforted her.

After Abby left Rey visited Chance. Chance told him the news on Dom. Rey could relate because Lola and Faith both needed a transplant once. He knew how terrifying it was to wait for a match to be found. He said he and Sharon would pray for Dom. Rey would also tell Paul, so no one would expect Chance at work. Chance wanted to explain what happened at the stakeout, and Rey said it wasn’t necessary. Abby returned as Chance insisted on apologizing for letting Rey down. Rey gave Abby his support, and he left. Chance asked how things went at the hospital. She said she’d find out soon if she was a match. Abby overheard what Chance said to Rey. He said he was just apologizing for leaving the stakeout, because it was poor form. Abby asked if something specific happened to make him realize he wasn’t ready to be there. He said she was right – it was too soon for him to go back to work. He didn’t want her to worry about him, when she had more important things to worry about right now. Dr. Alston called. Abby was only a half match, as expected. She asked what about Devon.

Amanda was having a hard time waiting for news on Dom. Lily said they could talk about the job offer as a distraction. Amanda now understood how the persuasive Lily was able to convince Billy to be her second in command. At first, Amanda didn’t think Billy’s pride would allow him to do that, especially since Billy and Lily were on equal footing at ChancComm. Lily said he turned her down the first couple times, but she gave him space and let him find his own path. At first, he was focused on revenge, but he realized he was letting his ego get in the way of a great opportunity. She said she and Billy fought less now that there was a clear chain of command. When Billy brought Lily something and she wasn’t sold on it, he’d make revisions or let it go. He was excited about transforming Chancellor, and they were having a lot of fun. Amanda knew Billy and Lily would do amazing things together. Amanda was impressed Billy had grown so much he could embrace a supporting role, but the idea of giving up her new practice… Lily insisted that Amanda come with her before finishing that thought.

Lily and Amanda went to Lily’s place. Billy was excited because he thought Amanda was joining the team. Lily thought Amanda should hear from Billy because he was hesitant at first, but glad he took the job. Billy said the vibe at Chancellor was electrifying, and the entire team was ready to revitalize the business. Amanda thought it sounded like the ideal work environment. Billy said Amanda would have more autonomy, a bigger office and paycheck. Amanda said that she couldn’t just walk out on her sister. Lily said there was a place for Imani at Chancellor. Billy stated that Imani could do entertainment law, or corporate lobbying, or Amanda could be her mentor at Chancellor. Amanda said they were making it really hard to say no. Amanda went to talk to Imani.

Billy said that Amanda would be great for Chancellor, and she’d also be helpful if he was tempted to cross a line again. Lily laughed and said she hoped Billy’s days of doing that were behind him. Billy confirmed he was just kidding. She asked about his meeting with Devon, and he said it went well. She hoped everything was okay with Dom. Devon loved the baby so much, and if anything was seriously wrong… Billy noted that Dom’s cousin was a head honcho at Memorial, and his grandfather was Victor Newman, so he’d get the best care possible.

Lily saw the graphic Billy made for his pitch to Devon. She asked about the thing that said Midnight Musings. He said he and Devon were joking about Billy making his own podcast based on the late night ramblings. He’d put it on the graphic because he thought Lily would get a kick out of it. Lily actually loved the idea of Billy having a podcast. Billy said it was just a joke, but Devon liked the idea too. Devon had reasoned Billy wasn’t the only one up at night philosophizing with a scotch in his hand. She said that it’d be easy to get sponsorships from liquor companies. He wasn’t interested in pouring his heart out for people to hear and judge. She didn’t think he should be so quick to shoot it down. She said he could stay anonymous. He still didn’t want to do it.

Devon went home, and Amanda was there. She asked if he got her message. He did, but he didn’t call back because he had to go to the hospital. He brought her up to speed on Dominic’s blood disorder. If they couldn’t find a donor, or even if they did, and the transplant didn’t work, Dominic’s life would be a living hell. She thought Dom should have a good chance of finding a match, because he had so many relatives, but he explained that the best chance was a sibling. For a perfect match, they’d need an… “Identical twin. The only instance where two people share same DNA,” Amanda finished Devon’ sentence. Devon said that he and Abby were Dom’s best chance, and since they were likely only 50% matches, that wasn’t optimal, because they might not be able to save the baby. Amanda hugged Devon.

Amanda said they’d find out everything about this disease, and they’d search the globe for donors, if necessary. She promised Devon he wasn’t in this alone – he had her, Lily, Nate, Abby and Chance, and they’d get through this together. The hematologist called, and Devon was elated by what he heard. “I’m a 100% match for Dominic,” he told Amanda, and they hugged.

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