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Tripp goes to the Brady Pub where Roman asks him about proposing to Allie. Tripp informs him that it was a disaster.

Allie remains outside crying as Kate approaches. Allie mentions that she hoped it was Tripp. Kate asks her what’s wrong. Allie says everything as Kate hugs her.

Tony and Chad sit on the DiMera Jet. Chad worries that Ned was Abigail’s kidnapper and could have sent them on a wild goose chase. Tony assures that he convinced Ned to tell them the truth. Chad complains that it’s taking so long to get there. Tony insists that they now know where Abigail is. Chad points out that’s with Kristen. Chad prays that Abigail is safe and unharmed by the time they finally get there.

Abigail pounds on the door as Kristen has locked her in the bedroom where Sarah was held. Abigail says she was out of her mind to believe Kristen anyway. Sarah then enters the room. Abigail is excited to see her but Sarah is left confused.

Kristen has Steve and Kayla tied up with gags over the mouth as they are sat at a table. Kristen wheels in a food cart and wishes them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Kristen says she’s sorry about the gags but she couldn’t bear another lecture and says they’ve always been so pushy. Kristen flashes back to Steve and Kayla threatening her with flare guns. Kristen reveals that Sarah was the one that knocked Steve out from behind. Kristen then says she means Renee DuMonde.

Abigail tells Sarah that she’s so happy to see her as she’s the reason she came here. Sarah questions what Abigail is doing in her room and complains about having to sleep somewhere else last night. Sarah asks why everyone keeps calling her Sarah and tells Abigail that her name is Renee DuMonde. Abigail apologizes for upsetting her and says she knows everything that’s happened to her because Kristen told her. Sarah says it’s not her, it’s everyone else. Sarah claims that she knows who she is and asks if they are all crazy or something.

Kate asks Allie who she cheated on Tripp with. Allie admits that it was Chanel. Allie says Chanel is like her best friend she’s ever had and she couldn’t believe how happy she was to see her again when she moved here. Kate asks if Chanel came on to her. Allie assures that was not the case and they just had a couple of kisses. Kate asks if she considers that cheating. Allie says no and that Tripp was cool with that and didn’t judge her or anything. Allie adds that Chanel and Johnny got married and they put that all behind them. Kate doesn’t understand the problem then. Allie explains that after Johnny broke up with Chanel in front of everyone, Chanel was a wreck and asked her to stay over. Allie says they were laying in bed and it just happened. Kate asks if Allie told Tripp. Allie reveals that Johnny blurted it out. Kate questions why he would do something so cruel. Allie says that Johnny is not the same anymore. Allie adds that Chanel tried to say he was lying but Tripp didn’t buy it and asked her if it was true. Allie knew she had to be honest. Kate asks if Allie is feeling confused about her sexuality. Allie insists that she’s not and she loves Tripp. Kate wishes she could tear Johnny from limb to limb. Allie says after what Johnny did to her and Chanel, she hates him and told him that he’s not her brother anymore. Allie blames herself for screwing up and keeping it from Tripp for weeks then he found out anyway. Kate asks if there’s any hope. Allie doesn’t think so and she wouldn’t blame Tripp if he never wanted to see her again.

Roman informs Tripp that he did hear something happened between Allie and Chanel but he thought it was minor and over with. Tripp says that Allie told him about them kissing and he was surprised but she said it was over, so he made himself get past that. Tripp adds that after that, things were great between them and Allie knew that but then she went and slept with Chanel. Roman asks how long ago that was. Tripp informs him it was the night of Chanel and Johnny’s wedding party. Roman notes that was a month ago. Tripp feels he shouldn’t be telling Roman since Allie is his granddaughter. Roman says he loves Allie and she’s been through Hell but Tripp was the best thing to happen to her in a long time which is why he gave his blessing. Tripp adds that Roman also told him not to rush in to marriage unless he was sure that’s what Allie wanted and he was right.

Kristen laughs about Sarah knocking out Steve and how scared Kayla was. Kristen explains that she then held Kayla at gunpoint to get them down here. Kristen removes their gags, so they immediately ask what she’s done with Abigail. Kristen assures that she’s just fine except for her guilty conscience.

Abigail tells Sarah that she came hoping to find her, but Sarah found her. Abigail says she’ll try to explain everything. Abigail shows her Renee’s diary and admits she read it. Abigail calls it an unbelivable story that she knows is true, but it’s not Sarah’s story, it’s Renee’s. Sarah remarks that she doesn’t understand anything. Abigail asks if she trusts Kristen. Sarah calls Kristen her little sister. Abigail says that Kristen told her that she gave Sarah the diary after she got her and she was drugged and confused, thus when she read the diary, she became convinced it was her story. Abigail tells Sarah that she’s not Renee. Sarah questions how reading a diary could make her think that she’s someone she’s not. Abigail says it’s because of her.

Tony tells Chad that he understands his feelings about Kristen. Chad points out that Kristen wasn’t always this bad. Chad says when he came in to the family, Kristen treated him like an annoying kid brother but she seemed to like him. Tony points out that it all got worse for her when her relationship with Brady fell apart and she lost contact with her daughter. Tony thinks part of Kristen still thinks of Chad as her brother and remembers Jennifer as her friend, so he doesn’t think Kristen would harm Abigail. Chad worries that they have no idea what to expect when they land on the island. Chad talks about not even knowing this place existed. Tony reveals that he spent time there on a romantic getaway. Chad questions why he didn’t tell him that he and Anna had been there. Tony then reveals it was before Anna and before Chad was born, it was a woman that he was very in love with named Renee DuMonde.

Sarah questions how it could be Abigail’s fault when she doesn’t even know her. Abigail says it’s her fault that she got the drug that Kristen gave her which Sarah questions. Abigail reminds Sarah that she found a syringe with a mind altering drug and explains trying to give it to Gwen. Abigail talks about Sarah trying to defend herself against Kristen. Sarah argues that Kristen has always been good to her. Abigail tells her that Kristen drugged her and brought her here. Abigail says if she lets her tell the whole story, she can help her believe how this all happened and who she really is.

Kristen explains to Steve and Kayla that Abigail was planning on injecting Gwen to sweat a confession out of her. Steve points out that Abigail didn’t go through with her plan. Kayla accuses Kristen of injecting Sarah and giving her Renee’s diary. Kristen argues that she was forced to use the syringe but Abigail left it there to be found, so it’s all on her. Kayla refuses to believe her until she sees Abigail for herself to see she’s alright. Steve demands that Kristen take them to Abigail now. Kristen encourages them to eat the meal that she brought. Kristen points out that it’s not just Valentine’s Day, but their anniversary.

Kate tells Allie that she’s had a number of relationships turn bad so she shouldn’t ever give up hope. Allie argues that Kate wasn’t there. Kate thinks Tripp reacted how he did because he felt blindsided and once he calms down, he will realize what he’s throwing away. Kate asks if she’s tried to talk to him yet. Allie says no because he was so mad and hurt that she doesn’t think he could look at her. Kate refuses to leave Allie by herself and invites her to the Pub where she plans to have dinner with Roman. Allie points out that it’s Valentine’s Day so they should be alone. Kate argues that Allie shouldn’t be alone and they wouldn’t have a good time after what happened to her. Kate says Allie is her grandchild and she loves her. Kate asks Allie to come with her.

Tripp tells Roman that he just doesn’t get it as it’s not just that Allie cheated on him, but that it was with Chanel which makes him think maybe she’s not as in to men as she wants to be. Roman can’t answer that but tells him that he knows what it feels like to be cheated on by a woman that you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. Tripp mentions that Kayla told him about Roman and Marlena. Roman talks about Marlena swearing that she loved him but it turns out that she loved John in a different way which ended their marriage. Tripp thinks Allie loves him and says that’s the hard part. Tripp says that Allie is a good person so she wouldn’t just go behind his back for someone who meant nothing to her. Tripp wonders if Allie just loves Chanel in a different way, like Marlena and John. Roman points out that they had been married for a long time and had kids while Tripp and Allie aren’t there yet. Roman says this could be a phase. Roman notes that Tripp said he believes Allie still loves him and he loves her. Roman wonders if they could get past this.

Tony tells Chad about he and Renee falling in love and then finding out they were brother and sister but then discovering that it was never true and by then, Renee had already married David and Tony met Anna. Tony thought it was over for them but Renee felt different and wanted him back. Tony talks about Renee doing hideous things to Anna and it was all for nothing. Tony calls Anna the love of his life and Renee had to accept the fact that she couldn’t come between them. Tony says he never wished Renee any harm, but his life has become far less complicated now that she’s dead. Tony looks out the window and says he can see land and light which excites he and Chad.

Sarah goes over Abigail telling her about Kristen kidnapping her and locking her in a secret room, where she found the syringe that Kristen used on her. Sarah doesn’t believe any of it. Abigail understands that she doesn’t remember because the drug wiped her memory of it. Sarah argues that Kristen would never do that to her but Abigail assures that Kristen would do that to anyone who got in her way. Abigail admits that she doesn’t think Kristen knew what was in the syringe but it’s a very powerful drug that has made Sarah believe that she is someone that she is not. Abigail knows what the drug can do because Gwen gave it to her and it caused her to have hallucinations, leading to her going to a psychiatric hospital for months. Abigail adds that she could have lost everything she loved but she got treatment and got better. Abigail warns Sarah that if she doesn’t listen to her, she could go down the same hole that she did and she might never get out.

Kristen opens a bottle of champagne and talks about Valentine’s Day meaning a lot to Steve and Kayla. Kristen offers to untie them so they can eat. Kayla questions why she’s doing this. Steve doesn’t think they should touch the food. Kristen encourages them to enjoy the island because they aren’t going anywhere, so they can sit here tied up or they can enjoy the dinner. Kristen says it’s their choice. Steve says they will take the dinner. Kristen decides that she will untie them then.

Tripp tells Roman that Allie said she still wanted to marry him and what happened with Chanel was a mistake. Tripp admits he wanted to believe her. Roman asks if he still loves her. Tripp says he can’t just turn it off with a switch. Roman points out that they still love each other, so maybe Tripp could find it in his heart to forgive her. Kate and Allie then arrive at the Pub. Tripp asks what Allie is doing there. Kate explains that she came with her but they didn’t know Tripp would be here too. Tripp decides to leave but Kate asks him not to go. Kate says she brought Allie because she’s heartbroken and she didn’t want her to be alone. Kate adds that Allie just told her that she still loves Tripp and feels miserable about what happened. Kate knows Tripp is hurt as they had something so lovely together. Kate asks if Tripp can find it in his heart to forgive her. Tripp points out that Roman just asked him the same question. Roman asks what his answer is.

With Kristen gone, Kayla unties Steve. Steve tries to escape but finds the door is locked. Kayla asks about eating the food. Steve points out that they saw her open the champagne so it couldn’t have been poisoned. Steve adds that Kristen didn’t poison the salad that Kayla ate. Kayla notes that they do need to eat so they don’t pass out. Steve is tired of second-guessing Kristen and he does want to celebrate their anniversary. Steve decides they should go for it. Steve and Kayla wish each other a Happy Anniversary and drink their champagne glasses.

Abigail asks if Sarah is thinking about what she said. Abigail knows better than anyone what Sarah is going through. Abigail talks about how her mind was so messed up that she didn’t recognize her husband but he was Chad DiMera. Sarah reacts to the DiMera name. Abigail explains that her husband is Stefano’s youngest son. Sarah remarks that they are practically sisters then and she hugs Abigail.

Roman asks Tripp again what his answer is but Allie tells them not to do this to him in front of everyone. Allie and Tripp step to the side. Allie knows Tripp can barely stand to be in the same room as her and she doesn’t blame him. Allie cries that she hates herself for what she did to him when he stood by her through everything and forgave her for other stupid stuff she’s done. Allie brings up Henry loving him like a father. Allie thinks she couldn’t tell him about what happened with Chanel for the same reason that she couldn’t tell him that she loved him for so long. Allie cries that she felt like damaged goods and like she wasn’t good enough for him, so now she’s proven that. Allie adds that she will never stop hating how much she hurt him but she’ll never stop loving him either. Tripp says she says these things and it seems like she means it, but she’s also said a lot of other things that he thought she meant. Tripp feels like he’ll never be sure if it’s him that she wants and if they’re not together, he could never be sure of who she’s with or what she’s doing. Tripp declares that he’s sorry but he can’t live like that. Tripp walks out of the Pub and Allie breaks down crying. Kate apologizes to Allie for bringing her here. Allie tells Kate it’s not her fault but she just wants to go home. Roman asks Allie to stay with them for dinner but Allie says she can’t eat and just wants to go. Allie then hurries out of the Pub.

Steve and Kayla finish their meal. Kayla feels like they haven’t been poisoned. Steve says he feels okay too. Kayla recalls their first Valentine’s Day wedding at Julie’s Place when it was still Club TBD. Steve remembers getting back from trying to track Stefano down and getting married. Kayla calls it so special because Joey and Stephanie were there. Kayla thought that would be their forever wedding. Steve says it should’ve been because the guy who sent her divorce papers wasn’t really him. Steve adds that they are fine now. Steve declares that last Valentine’s Day was their forever wedding. Kayla calls it her only surprise wedding. Steve says he just couldn’t wait another day for them to be married. Steve remembers Kayla saying that she knew it would be their last wedding because she’d never let him go again. Kayla tells him that if he ever leaves her, she’s going with him. Steve assurse that he’s not going anywhere. They then get up and kiss each other.

Abigail tells Sarah that she is not her sister-in-law but her cousin. Sarah talks as though Chad is her long lost brother. Sarah recalls Renee thinking Tony was her half brother but then finding out Stefano wasn’t his father and it was too late. Abigail says they are talking about the Horton family. Sarah doesn’t want to hear about that and asks about Chad and Tony. Sarah asks if Tony misses her as much as she misses him.

Chad and Tony arrive at the house on the island. Tony recalls being here before. Chad notes the place is enormous. Tony says it has at least two wings so they should check every room for Abigail. They decide to split up. After they go in opposite directions, Kristen comes in and says she could’ve sworn that she heard the front door..

Abigail assures Sarah that she would never lie to her. Chad then comes in to the room. Abigail excitedly hugs him, saying she knew he would find her.

Allie returns home and finds a note from Nicole, saying she put Henry to bed and went to bed herself, adding that she would get up with Henry so Allie and Tripp could sleep in as late as they want, hoping they had the best, most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. Allie then breaks down crying again.

Tripp returns to the picnic set up where he proposed to Allie. Tripp sits down with the ring.

Steve and Kayla reminisce about their wedding and how John and Marlena couldn’t make it because they had food poisoning, then Abe happened to come to the Pub just in time while Tripp filled in as best man and Sarah happened to show up to be Kayla’s maid of honor. They say it feels like a lifetime ago. Kayla wonders what Tripp and Allie are doing tonight. Kristen returns and asks if they enjoyed the food. Kayla calls it average. Steve guesses Kristen didn’t poison it. Kristen reveals that she came back to tell them that she actually did lie.

Chad asks if Abigail is okay. Abigail says she is now. Sarah calls this so romantic and tells Chad that it’s nice to meet him. Chad asks what’s going on with her. Tony then enters. Sarah rushes up and hugs Tony, saying she can’t believe he’s here, leaving Tony confused.

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