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“Sarah” walks through the town square with her bags packed. Abigail stops her and says they need to talk. “Sarah” says she’s sorry but she’s going to miss her flight if she doesn’t leave now. Abigail asks her to answer one question as she then asks if she’s not really Sarah. “Sarah” acts confused as Abigail then accuses her of being Kristen DiMera.

Kristen remains in the hotel room in Italy. Steve’s phone rings with a call from Kayla. Kristen ignores it and remarks that Steve can’t come to the phone right now.

Kayla leaves a message for Steve to meet her in the Mother Superior’s office because she thinks if they are going to find anything on Kristen, it’s going to take two of them.

Chloe is at Basic Black, calling her dad and leaving another message questioning why he hasn’t called her back. Chloe says her mom is there and she’s a wreck as she’s convinced he’s having an affair. Chloe says they need to fix this and tells him to call her back. As Chloe hangs up, her father Craig then arrives and asks why call when he can show up in person as they embrace.

Gabi tells Johnny that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about their conversation about having interests in common, so she wanted to talk to him about what their partnership might look like. Johnny responds that he’s been giving that a lot of thought and says he was thinking it might look something like this, as Johnny then grabs Gabi and kisses her. Gabi pushes Johnny off and slaps him.

Chanel goes home and asks Paulina how her ankle is. Paulina says nevermind that, they need to talk about the other night.

Johnny comments on Gabi’s slap making him bleed. Gabi asks if this is some kind of an act. Johnny claims he was reading her signals loud and clear. Gabi reminds him that she’s in a loving relationship with his uncle Jake. Johnny jokes that the family doesn’t think about him. Johnny asks what the big deal is since he used to have a wife but things change. Johnny pours himself a drink which Gabi questions. Gabi says he may have sabotaged his marriage but she’s in a loving relationship with Jake. Johnny remarks that it doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun on the side.

Craig tells Chloe that he got her message and took the first flight out. Chloe says she misses him and they have to set mom straight. Craig asks if she’s driving her crazy. Chloe talks about how Nancy thinks Craig has some woman on the side and she’s trying to tell her she’s being ridiculous but she won’t listen. Craig thanks her for her concern and is sorry that she dragged her into this. Chloe says it’s not his fault as she knows he’d never cheat on her. Craig talks about how Nancy gets when she gets these things in her head. Nancy then appears and questions that being what he wants Chloe to believe.

“Sarah” questions Abigail thinking that she’s Kristen and says she doesn’t have time for this. Abigail says it all makes sense that Kristen kidnapped Sarah, put her in a suitcase, then put on her Sarah mask to make all of Salem believe she left on her own free will. “Sarah” calls her delusional. Abigail talks about Kristen doing the same thing to Kate. Abigail gets a call from an unknown caller and tells “Sarah” not to move as she answers the call which turns out to be from Kristen DiMera, shocking Abigail.

Brady enters the Kiriakis Mansion where he finds Xander drinking in the living room. Brady says he’s here to pick Maggie up for an AA meeting. Xander says she’s upstairs so he figured she wouldn’t mind if he helped himself to some of Victor’s scotch. Brady hopes someone is giving him a ride home. Xander says he’ll take a taxi. Xander stops Brady to ask how he drowns his sorrows since he doesn’t drink. Brady responds that he just allows himself to experience his sorrows now and he talks to people he trusts about them then vows to make better choices to avoid more sorrow until eventually things get better. Xander says he’s just not as patient so for him, eventually isn’t soon enough. Brady says he’s going to find Maggie. Xander mentions that he admires Maggie for not drowning her sorrows either and facing them head on with courage. Brady stops and asks Xander what is wrong. Xander tells him to just treat him like he normally does and ignore him. Brady questions what he’s talking about. Xander brings up Sarah and says that he thought she was the love of his life, but she dumped him again.

Abigail asks Kristen who is really on the phone. Kristen assures that it’s her and tells her that she has a story for her. Abigail tells her to go on and asks what kind of scoop they are talking about. Kristen informs Abigail that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Philip and she would never frame Brady. Kristen declares that she’s an innocent woman and then hangs up. “Sarah” says she could hear that was Kristen and jokes that she needs to brush up on her reporter skills. “Sarah” says she has a plane to catch but Abigail stops her and says she’s not done with her yet.

Chanel tells Paulina how scared she was for her when she heard the chandelier almost fell on top of her and she could’ve died. Paulina points out that she didn’t and just turned her ankle while Lani took real good care of her. Paulina says it’s Chanel that she’s been worried about since she hasn’t talked to her since the reception. Chanel complains about Johnny making a fool of her in front of both of their families. Paulina declares that they will make him pay and says to just leave everything to her. Paulina reveals that she’s talking to one of the top divorce lawyers in the country because they are taking Johnny to the cleaners.

Johnny tells Gabi that he won’t tell if she won’t. Johnny calls Gabi a hot, beautiful, and smart woman. Johnny asks if she’s really ready to limit her sex life to Jake DiMera for the rest of her life. Gabi admits she never said she wasn’t attracted to him, but assures that her and Jake are committed to each other. Johnny brings up an open relationship. Gabi says that Jake is very traditional so that’s not for them. Johnny then grabs Gabi and kisses her again as Allie walks in and questions them. Gabi tries to explain as Johnny claims they were discussing DiMera marketing reports. Allie tells Gabi that it must’ve been hard to talk with Johnny’s tongue down her throat. Allie questions Johnny caring about the company. Johnny reveals that EJ signed his shares over to him which surprises Allie. Allie thought Johnny bragged about never turning corporate. Johnny claims he realized it was time to take his rightful place at DiMera. Allie asks if Gabi came to offer congratulations. Gabi decides to head out. Johnny tells her that they will continue this conversation some other time. Gabi asks Allie not to tell Jake what she saw. Allie assures that they are not on her list of priorities as Gabi then exits. Johnny asks what her problem is. Allie responds that he’s even more of a disgusting jerk than she thought.

Chanel doesn’t want Paulina to go after Johnny’s money. Paulina questions why not. Chanel says she’s a strong independent woman like her. Chanel tells her to forget about Johnny and his twisted family’s fortune. Paulina agrees for now. Chanel remarks that she should’ve listened to Allie when she tried to warn her about her brother then she wouldn’t be in this mess now. Paulina comments that she’s glad they are friends as she saw the way Allie ran after her when she left the reception. Chanel calls her the best. Paulina guesses that Allie made her feel better. Chanel confirms that she wouldn’t have been able to get through that night without her. Paulina responds that she already knew that. Paulina then reveals to Chanel that she saw her and Allie in bed.

Craig asks Nancy what he has to say to convince her that there is no other woman. Nancy asks him to tell her that he’s not having an affair and mean it, but guesses that he can’t. Chloe complains about the dysfunction. Craig can’t believe Nancy brought Chloe in to this. Nancy argues that Chloe has every right to know that her father is a lying, cheating womanizer. Craig declares that’s it and he gives up.

“Sarah” asks how she can be Kristen when Abigail just hung up with her. Abigail argues that it was a phone call, not a video chat. Abigail is sure Kristen could get a voice double like she did the mask. Abigail asks who else would have motive to come to town dressed as Sarah just to break up with Xander all over again.

Kayla tries to pick the lock to Mother Superior’s drawer and wonders why she would have to lock it. Kristen then walks in and tells Kayla that her search is over as she pulls a gun on her. Kristen mocks her and Steve. Kayla tells her to save it and admits she was helping Steve look for her because she wouldn’t let him come alone. Kayla mentions that Steve thought she would be here because it’s what she did before. Kristen states that Steve won’t be able to bring her in this time and remarks that curiosity killed the patch.

Xander complains to Brady about “Sarah” calling him a creep and making it very clear to him again that she’s absolutely done with him and wants nothing to do with him. Brady admits that sounds pretty brutal. Xander guesses he had it coming since he’s a terrible person, so he thinks maybe Sarah finally realized that. Brady knows how much Xander loved Sarah and how devoted Sarah was to him. Brady adds that Maggie would go on about it and was really rooting for them. Xander guesses they both think he got what he deserves. Brady reveals that in this case he doesn’t, because he thinks his feelings for Sarah were genuine. Xander complains about her jumping in to bed with Rex on his wedding day and then dumping Rex shortly after. Brady says he knows better than anyone what it’s like to have a relationship just blow up in spectacular fashion. Xander guesses he means his relationship with Kristen. Brady confirms he now has Steve trying to hunt her down.

Chanel tells Paulina that she was so messed up after what Johnny did that she didn’t want to be alone so Allie hung out with her until she fell asleep. Paulina reminds Chanel that she always told her to tell the truth. Chanel claims she is just telling the truth and that all they did was cuddle. Paulina stops her and reveals that she really saw them together.

Allie complains about Johnny dumping Chanel and now trying to come on to Gabi. Allie asks what Will would think about him trying to hook up with Arianna’s mom. Johnny doesn’t know why Will would care since he obviously wasn’t that in to her. Johnny says Allie on the other hand, but she tells him to shut his mouth. Johnny jokingly asks if she’s jealous. Allie questions Johnny drinking in the middle of the day. Johnny calls her a joke, while Allie calls him a jackass. Johnny acknowledges that he always will be to her and asks if she gets tired of judging everyone she meets. Allie thanks God that Chanel is through with him. Johnny says she warned her that he would hurt her and she was right, so that should make her day. Allie argues that she hoped for Chanel’s sake, that he would be different this time. Allie always knew he was a player but she realizes now that he’s also a soulless creep.

“Sarah” tells Abigail again that she came back because Xander was making Maggie worried about her. Abigail questions how she found out when no one could reach Sarah. “Sarah” claims she has her ways and says there’s no big story here. “Sarah” asks what she has to do to convince her. Abigail thinks back to arguing with Gwen about trying to find Sarah. Abigail then realizes she’s not Kristen and asks Gwen how she got her hands on the mask. “Sarah” guesses she won’t let this insanity go. Abigail says she can deny it all she wants but she’s onto her now. “Sarah” declares that she’s done with this. Abigail threatens to make a scene if she pushes past her and asks if she wants to risk that. Abigail asks who told her to stop looking for Sarah as it wasn’t Maggie or Xander, it was Gwen. Abigail says she ignored her and kept looking while now she’s on to her. Abigail declares that Gwen is so desperate to keep Xander that she will do anything.

Nancy complains about Craig covering up an affair. Nancy thanks him for turning a good marriage into a cliché. Craig tells Chloe that this is what he has to deal with. Chloe tells Nancy that she believes her father and she knows him better than anyone. Craig assures that Chloe knows he’s telling the truth. Craig tells Nancy how much she means to him and that there’s no other woman in the world for him as he hugs her.

Chanel tells Paulina that it just happened and she’s not ashamed. Paulina doesn’t want her to be ashamed. Paulina talks about Chanel going to bed with a brother and sister who are twins, so that’s a dicey situation. Chanel argues that Paulina messed around with Abe after she knew that he had been with Tamara. Paulina tells her not to get in to that business and argues that there were 30 years between her relationship with Abe and Tamara’s, while Chanel hopped in bed with Allie on the night her husband ended her marriage. Paulina asks how long this has been going on. Chanel insists that it hasn’t been since Allie is in love with Tripp. Paulina says they both know that is not the case. Paulina says Chanel and Allie had a strong connection way before she ever saw Johnny. Chanel insists that it never went beyond a couple of kisses. Paulina says that’s until it did. Paulina knows she believes it wasn’t planned, but suggests she take a step back, search her heart, and come to terms with how she feels about Johnny and Allie. Paulina tells her not to let the situation get completely out of hand.

Allie asks Johnny if he knows how much he hurt Chanel when she really loved him and thought he was the one. Johnny laughs at that and calls it ridiculous. Johnny remarks that they both know who has the key to Chanel’s heart and it ain’t him. Johnny mocks Allie’s life and says she enjoys being with Tripp because he’s safe. Johnny argues that him marrying Chanel didn’t stop her from lusting after her. Allie calls Johnny a pig. Johnny calls Allie a hypocrite and says he saw how she flew out of there to console Chanel. Johnny bets that Allie consoled her right out of her clothes and in to bed.

“Sarah” mocks Abigail’s journalism. Abigail tells her to insult her all she wants and says she’s still going to prove it’s Gwen under the Sarah mask. Gwen thinks back to Ava showing up at her door in the Sarah mask. “Sarah” tells Abigail that she’s done with this and tries to leave but Abigail grabs her and says she wants to take an up close look at that mask.

Chanel tells Paulina that she loves Allie as a friend and admits she is physically attracted to her, but cries that she was really in love with Johnny and she thought he loved her too. Paulina is sorry that Johnny treated her the way he did. Chanel doesn’t know that Johnny and talks about how her Johnny showed her around Rome. Chanel doesn’t understand what happened. Paulina encourages that she will get through this. Chanel wishes she had her faith. Paulina says she has enough for the both of them and hugs her as she cries. Paulina hates to leave her like this but says she has to go for a follow up appointment at the hospital. Chanel tells her to make sure her ankle is healing right, even if her broken heart never does.

Allie tells Johnny that she actually hates him. Allie clarifies she hates the things he does but mostly feels sorry for him and calls him just as delusional as most of the twisted members of EJ’s side of the family. Allie tells Johnny that she’s in love with Tripp while Chanel is her best friend. Allie thought she could come talk to the Johnny that she loved when they were kids and ask why he did what he did to Chanel. Allie says she was dumb enough to think that she could talk sense in to him and get him to go apologize to Chanel. Johnny declares that he will never apologize for what he is as that’s not the DiMera way. Allie tells him to be a good DiMera and make EJ and Stefano proud. Allie declares that he used to have a twin sister, but he does not anymore. Allie states that she has one brother and that’s Will. Allie tells Johnny that he’s on his own as she then storms out of the mansion. The Devil takes over Johnny and remarks that she doesn’t know the half of it.

Xander questions Brady hiring Steve to track down Kristen. Brady wants to bring her to justice. Xander hopes that he finds her. Xander brings up his own miserable headaches thanks to Kristen. Xander admits he suspected Kristen may have had a hand in Sarah’s disappearance. Brady understands why he would think that. Xander hoped she had been involved since it would be better for his ego, but it turns out Sarah left him on her own free will. Brady asks if Sarah is just leaving again. Xander confirms that she’s determined to get far away from Salem and him and there’s nothing he or anybody can do to stop her…

Kayla argues that Steve isn’t dead and that Kristen is just trying to throw her off. Kristen tells her that she’s been one step ahead of them this entire time and reveals that she was watching when they first arrived. Kristen then informs Kayla that while she was in this office, she was in her hotel room, taking care of Steve. Kayla asks what that means. Kristen remarks that she did what had to be done and reveals that she ignored her phone call an hour ago. Kayla is shocked and asks if Kristen killed Steve.

Allie goes to see Chanel and says they need to talk.

Gabi sits at the Bistro, leaving a message for Jake that she needs to talk about her meeting with Johnny as he’s apparently more of an operator than she thought. Johnny then appears behind her and asks if his ears should be burning.

Craig invites Nancy and Chloe out for dinner to celebrate. Chloe suggests the Bistro. Nancy wants to go back to her hotel to freshen up first so Craig says they will meet her there in an hour. Nancy tells him that she’s so happy as he kisses her. Nancy then exits. Chloe tells Craig that she knew he wouldn’t cheat on her but she had to hear it from him as they hug.

Kayla confronts Kristen for killing Steve and grabs her. They struggle over Kristen’s gun until the gun goes off.

“Sarah” and Abigail fight in the town square as Abigail says it’s all over as she has figured her out. “Gwen” then appears in the town square and questions what Abigail is doing, leaving Abigail confused in between “Sarah” and “Gwen”.

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