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Sonny is playing a video game in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion when Alex walks in, asking what shirt he should wear but Sonny remains focused on the game. Alex then gets in Sonny’s way, causing him to lose his game. Sonny argues that Alex is a grown adult and asks why he can’t dress himself. Alex responds that he’s having another date with Stephanie, so he doesn’t want any mistakes as he asks which shirt he should wear. Leo then walks in and says neither of them.

John and Marlena sit in the town square with Rachel. John asks Rachel about her Christmas list. Rachel says it’s not finished yet. John asks Marlena what she wants for Christmas. Marlena responds that her gift is already on the way in a new grandbaby. Marlena comments on being happy for Eric even though the situation is complicated, because he’s always wanted a child and when the baby arrives, he will be over the moon…

Eric goes to Jada’s and knocks on the door, asking if she’s there as he just wanted to see how she was doing. Eric says if she’s listening, he’s there for her if she needs anything at all. There’s no response, so Eric walks away.

Nicole sits at the Bistro, having a drink while holding back tears until EJ arrives and greets her.

Brady goes home to John and Marlena’s and is shocked to apparently see Susan inside. She comments that he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Brady asks if that’s what she is as he questions how this is possible after the car crash. “Susan” responds that reports of her death have been greatly exaggerated, leaving Brady confused.

Nicole tells EJ that she was going to call him as she’s so sorry about his mother. EJ appreciates that but guesses that’s not the reason why she is upset. EJ guesses it’s about Eric. Nicole asks what makes him say that. EJ informs her that he saw Rafe the other night. Nicole asks if Rafe told him the whole story. EJ responds that Rafe told him that she was leaving him for Eric, but that there might already be trouble in paradise. EJ adds that Rafe didn’t divulge what that trouble may be but he assumes that’s the reason she is upset. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. Nicole calls it a long story. EJ says he has nothing but time and offers to join her.

Eric heads downstairs at the Brady Pub, where a customer named Hank is at the bar, telling Eric that the bartender disappeared. Eric apologizes and gets him a scotch on the house. Hank tells him he appreciates it as he has no idea how much he needs it after the day he’s had. Eric remarks that he knows what he means as he looks at the bottle.

Leo jokes that if Alex really wants to impress someone, he should go shirtless with his chest. Alex questions who invited Leo. Sonny shrugs as he resumes playing his video game. Leo responds that he came on his own accord. Alex tells Leo that now he can leave. Leo says he has a proposition for him. Alex tells him no and tells him to go. Leo ignores him and brings out his laptop. Leo tells Alex that what he’s about to show him is going to blow his mind…

Chad and Stephanie work in Paulina’s office. Chad reads Stephanie the article he has typed up about Paulina resolving Chanel’s problems in time to be sworn in as Governor. Stephanie approves it and comments that they are finished up just in time for her to meet Alex. Chad questions her having another date. Stephanie then gets a call from Abe. Stephanie tells him that they are just about to send out the statement, but she’s shocked by what Abe informs her. Stephanie says she’s on it and hangs up. Stephanie then informs Chad that Paulina has been arrested.

Leo asks Alex what he thinks. Alex questions Leo wanting him to hire him as his executive assistant. Alex can’t believe Leo has the nerve to ask him for a job after how he tormented Sonny. Leo tells him that he and Sonny are buds now and put all that behind them. Sonny calls that a work in progress. Leo talks up how he left his position as Paulina’s executive assistant and claims he was instrumental in her winning the election. Alex responds that he already has an assistant and he would never hire Leo. Leo suggests he could be the guy to tell him what shirt to wear and he’d be available to him any time. Sonny jokes that then he could play his video game in peace so it’s a win-win. Alex tells Leo no and then says he has a date to get ready for, so he exits the room.

Eric cleans up at the Pub and stops to look at the bottles of alcohol. Eric looks around and thinks back to arguing with Nicole. Eric then pours a drink.

John tells Marlena that he’s happy for Eric too even though the situation is complicated. Marlena comments that having babies making complicated situations uncomplicated. Rachel finishes her Christmas list and shows John. John reads that Rachel wants a dreamhouse for Susan’s Marlena doll, a real pony, and at the end that Rachel wrote that she what she wants most for Christmas is for her mom and dad to get married.

Brady starts to call Marlena to tell her about Susan, but “Susan” then reveals that she is actually Kristen as she removes her glasses and wig. Brady questions what the hell is wrong with her.

Chad can’t believe Paulina got charged. Stephanie figured there wasn’t enough evidence. Stephanie can’t imagine what Paulina and Chanel are going through now. Chad calls it unfair. Stephanie says that Paulina was just trying to shield her daughter. Chad asks what she wants to do. Stephanie suggests scrapping their statement and starting all over.

Rachel tells John and Marlena that she’s going to be the flower girl when Brady and Kristen get married. Marlena tells her that weddings are not something that Santa Claus can deliver. Rachel questions why not, if Santa is giving Marlena a grandbaby. John tries to explain that when two people get married, it’s up to them, not Santa Claus. Rachel insists that it’s going to happen because Kristen told her that it’s very possible. Marlena doesn’t want Rachel to get disappointed since not all moms and dads get married. Rachel responds that she knows, but her mom and dad will be.

Brady questions Kristen pretending to be Susan. Kristen says she just wanted to see if she could still pull it off. Kristen adds that she was practicing before visiting EJ. Brady questions her planning to visit EJ as his recently deceased mother. Kristen explains that she and EJ are still on the outs since she sided with Gabi over him, so since she can’t console him as his sister, perhaps she could do so as his mother. Brady asks if she’s completely lost her mind.

Nicole informs EJ that Jada had an abortion and Eric blames her. EJ questions that happening over one conversation. Nicole explains that Eric believes she talked Jada in to it and she didn’t think that was her intention, but admits maybe deep down it’s what she really wanted so that Eric and Jada wouldn’t have a bond for the rest of their lives. EJ argues that it’s not like Nicole drove Jada to the clinic and forced her to get the procedure, so in the end, the decision was hers’. Nicole says Eric still thinks she shouldn’t have stuck her nose in ti. EJ argues that Eric has to know that Nicole is not one to keep her opinions to herself. Nicole suggests maybe she should have this time. Nicole calls it ironic since she thought things would be better between her and Eric if there was no baby, but now there’s no baby and things are much worse and she doesn’t think there is any coming back from it.

Eric looks at the drink he poured until Alex walks in and jokes that Eric is looking at the drink like he looks at women. Eric says it’s been awhile and adds that he’s not an alcoholic, he just doesn’t drink anymore. Alex offers to take the drink off his hands, so Eric gives it to him. Alex is glad they got a chance to talk and tells him that the Bella Magazine cover was a massive hit, so he already told Brady that he wants to do more. Alex asks how fast they can get Eric and Nicole back in the studio, but Eric says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Alex argues that Bella hasn’t gotten buzz like this in years. Alex wants to continue the momentum because the people are itching to see Eric and Nicole together again. Alex goes on and on about it and remarks that people are calling Eric and Nicole the perfect couple, until Eric then yells at him to shut the hell up.

Leo tells Sonny that he can’t believe Alex turned him down. Sonny encourages that he tried. Leo complains that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do now and guesses his only option is a job at Buddy’s Burger Barn. Sonny says a job is a job. Leo repeats it might be his only option and thanks Sonny for trying to cheer him up. Leo goes to leave but Sonny stops him and says he’s pretty much recovered now so he’s going back to being CEO at Titan and when he does, he will need an assistant. Leo asks what he’s saying. Sonny then asks how Leo feels about working for him at Titan.

Alex asks what Eric’s problem is. Eric tells Alex to get it in his head that he’s a photographer, not a model, so there will be no more covers of he and Nicole. Alex reminds him that he’s not the one who makes decisions. Alex argues that he can go over his head with this since Nicole and Brady are the ones in charge. Eric argues that Nicole would be just as opposed to this as he is and if not, he will quit if he’s forced to. Alex questions what is going on and if something happened between them or if they hooked up.

EJ tells Nicole that emotions are running high and he’s sure when Eric calms down, he will see that Jada’s decision was not Nicole’s fault. Nicole argues that this is no longer just about the baby, but lots of ugly things that were said that neither of them can come back from. Nicole says sometimes you cross a line and there is no going back. EJ says he can relate to that as he crossed a line and now his mom is dead.

Brady tells Kristen that she cannot go over to EJ’s dressed as his deceased mother. Brady says that EJ will see right through it and it would be really cruel. Kristen calls it an act of mercy since Tony said EJ blames himself for Susan’s death, so she could appear as a vision of Susan to ease his mind and assure him that her death wasn’t his fault. Brady didn’t know that was her plan. Brady can’t believe he’s saying this but admits it might be helpful to EJ. Brady calls it surprisingly compassionate of Kristen since EJ just fired her. Kristen points out that EJ is her brother. Brady brings up Kristen using three human lives as bargaining chips and forcing him to break up with Chloe which is only the tip of the iceberg of her criminal activity, so it’s still very surprising to him that she could be that selfless. Kristen admits that she hasn’t behaved honorably lately but she’s not completely evil and calls this a chance to balance the scales a little.

John tells Rachel that no matter what happens with Brady and Kristen, they love her very much. Rachel then puts her headphones on to watch her tablet. John then comments to Marlena about Kristen getting Rachel’s hopes up about something that’s never going to happen. Marlena asks if he’s sure about that. John questions what she’s talking about and argues that she can’t really think that’s on the table. Marlena says they both know how Kristen manipulates people and events, pointing out that she got Brady to break up with Chloe and invite her to live with them, so she questions if Kristen will manipulate Brady into marriage. John responds that if that’s the case, they have to figure out a way to stop her. Marlena agrees and asks how to do that.

Leo can’t believe Sonny would hire him back. Sonny assures he hasn’t forgotten that Leo falsely accused him of sexual harassment but he has forgiven. Leo praises Sonny and says he’s very touched and grateful for his offer. Sonny says he couldn’t care less what people think. Leo asks what about Will and Victor, pointing out that Victor would kill him. Sonny admits Victor would fire him and then they’d both be out of a job. Leo thanks him for the offer and says it means more than he knows that he would consider helping him. Sonny responds that maybe he can help. Sonny tells Leo to open his laptop back up and they will go through the wanted ads.

Chad and Stephanie resume working. Chad asks about Stephanie’s dinner with Alex. Stephanie says she still has some time. Chad guesses things must be going well for them. Stephanie confirms they are and adds that Alex even surprised her with a romantic Thanksgiving dinner that was very sweet. Chad guesses Alex isn’t that bad after all. Stephanie admits that Alex actually turned out to be a really great guy. Chad says he’s happy for her.

Alex guesses that something happened between Eric and Nicole. Eric says it’s none of his business. Alex argues that they are his shining stars. Eric says not anymore and repeats that there’s not going to be any more magazine covers. Eric warns Alex to let it go. Alex reluctantly agrees to do so, but remarks that for a former priest, Eric has some rage issues. Alex decides to go wait on his date on the other side of the Pub. Eric angrily goes back to work and pours another glass of alcohol.

EJ tells Nicole that he was so certain that he could get his mother back without having to pay the ransom, thinking it wouldn’t be hard to outsmart Ava. Nicole says the problem with playing games with Ava is that she’s out of her mind, so it’s impossible to anticipate her next move. EJ guesses Nicole will tell him this isn’t his fault like everyone else. Nicole says no and jokes that maybe it is his fault, just like it’s her fault that Jada got rid of Eric’s baby. EJ says it makes sense since they both have a history of being their own worst enemy with a tendency to self-destruct. Nicole guesses they still haven’t learned their lesson. EJ wonders how the hell they got so screwed up. Nicole calls that the million dollar question.

Brady stops Kristen and tells her that she can’t go see EJ as Susan. Kristen thought he understood. Brady says it seems like her heart is in the right place but warns that EJ will probably figure out it’s her, it will scar him forever, and then EJ will hate her forever so he thinks it’s a terrible idea. Kristen argues that she’d be easing EJ’s suffering and doing something kind. Kristen brings up how she treated Susan for all these years and now that she’s gone, she’ll never get to apologize and thank her for all she did for her. Kristen admits she’s really going to miss her. Brady says it’s okay. Kristen then hugs Brady right as John and Marlena come home with Rachel. John questions what’s going on here.

Chad and Stephanie continue working on putting out a statement. Stephanie says it’s getting there, but still needs work. Chad reminds her about her date with Alex. Stephanie then pulls out her phone and calls Alex, who asks if she’s on her way. Stephanie says she’s really sorry but a work crisis came up so she is stuck at the office. They agree to a rain check. Stephanie thanks him for understanding and says she’ll text him later. Alex wishes her luck as they hang up.

Eric sits on the stairs at the Pub, looking back at the alcohol. Eric then goes back, takes the glass, and drinks it. Eric then declares that he needs to get the hell out of here, so he exits the Pub.

EJ asks Nicole if they should get another round of drinks to wallow in their misery a little bit longer. Nicole says she would love to but she should get going because she needs a place to stay tonight which EJ questions. Nicole explains that she told Rafe that she was moving on with another man so it would have been awkward to stay under the same roof. Nicole admits she’s been staying in her office. EJ asks about Holly. Nicole tells him that she’s staying with Maggie until she finds a suitable place for them which she thought would be with Eric, but he knows how that turned out. EJ asks why she can’t stay with Maggie too. Nicole thinks not with Victor and jokes that someone would either be electrocuted or pushed out a window. Nicole suggests she will probably just check in to the Salem Inn. EJ then invites Nicole to come home with him.

Brady explains to Marlena and John that he and Kristen were just reminiscing about Susan. Rachel asks John to tell her a bedtime story and says she’ll see Kristen when she tucks her in. John and Brady then take Rachel to her bedroom. Kristen tells Marlena that she knows her look and guesses she’s going to bore her with one of her tedious lectures. Marlena says no lecture, but she does think it’s time they have a talk.

Sonny and Leo look through wanted ads. Sonny suggests a Christmas elf but Leo says he hates kids. Sonny asks about Chloe’s old job at Basic Black but Leo says they turned him down once, so he’s not crawling back to them. Sonny points out a book illustrator. Leo feels it’s out of left field. Sonny argues that it’s perfect since Leo loves art and is really good at it. Sonny remembers paintings that Leo showed him before and calls him really talented. Leo decides to put that down as a maybe then.

Stephanie and Chad continue working on a statement. Chad suggests they sleep on it but Stephanie says there’s no time as everyone will know about it by morning, so if they don’t get something out now then they will be behind the curve. Stephanie thinks they need to start over. Chad looks at his watch and says okay. Stephanie tells Chad that she can do this herself and suggests Chad go home and put the kids to bed as she’s got this. Chad says no and decides that Jack can handle the kids as this is too important. Stephanie says she really won’t mind but Chad insists that they’ll get it done in half the time if he stays. Chad says he’s not abandoning ship. Chad points out that Stephanie gave up her date with Alex, so they are in this together. Stephanie thanks Chad and calls him a Godsend as they hug. Alex then walks in with food, only to find Stephanie hugging Chad.

Brady sends Rachel to brush her teeth and says he’ll check for monsters under her bed. John confronts Brady in the hall and says he thinks he’s looking for monsters in the wrong place. John questions what the hell is going on between Brady and Kristen. Brady insists that there’s nothing going on as he was just consoling Kristen about Susan. Brady says he was just trying to be peaceful for Rachel’s sake. Brady promises that there’s no way in hell he’s going to fall for Kristen again as he walks away.

Marlena asks Kristen about her filling Rachel’s head with ideas about her and Brady getting married. Kristen asks what’s wrong with that. Marlena calls it manipulative and setting Rachel up for disappointment. Kristen remarks that she won’t be disappointed if she and Brady actually do get married. Marlena knows Kristen is used to her schemes blowing up in her own face but now she’s involving someone else who could get hurt, so she asks her to please stop. Kristen responds that she’ll take that under advisement. John then calls for Marlena to join him in reading Rachel a bedtime story. Kristen guesses they will have to finish this chat some other time as Marlena exits. Kristen remarks to herself that Marlena was wrong as sometimes her schemes actually do work, like tonight as she wasn’t actually going to visit EJ while dressed as Susan, she just needed to get Brady to see her in a different light and it worked like a charm.

Nicole says absolutely not to going home with EJ and insists that she’s not drunk. EJ says he wasn’t suggesting they do anything, he was just offering her one of their many guest bedrooms. Nicole asks if he’s sure. EJ asks what better use of the guest rooms and assures it’d be no trouble at all. EJ admits he could use the company. Nicole then accepts his offer and starts to get up but stumbles. EJ guesses she is more drunk than she thought. EJ gets up to help Nicole walk right as Eric arrives and sees them together.

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