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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Nick was desperate to hear from Victoria, but Victor told him to be patient. Victor said that what Ashland had done to Victoria was traumatizing, and it’d take her time to get over it. Nikki thought it was important to give Victoria time to sort through her feelings. Nikki had hoped she’d hear from Victoria’s assistant by now though. Nick wasn’t sure Victoria would go to work. Nikki was convinced she would, since Victoria was like Victor, and work had gotten her though many heartbreaks in the past. Nick wasn’t sure Victoria could use work as a distraction, thanks to Ashland who was co-owner and co-CEO. Victor said that wouldn’t last long – they were going to cut that bastard out of their lives and family business. Nikki clarified that they would do it in a way that protected Victoria’s dignity and privacy, and Victor said of course. Victor was dismayed when his security team let him know Ashland and Victoria were together at Crimson Lights. Nick and Victor were ready to run over there, but Nikki said Victoria was in a public space, so she wasn’t in danger, and Victor’s security team had an eye on things. Nick was concerned Victoria would be vulnerable to Ashland’s manipulations. Nikki said that if they went in there like the cavalry, Victoria would resent it, and Ashland would exploit that resentment. Victor sent Nick to check on things. Nick said he wouldn’t hit Ashland, even though he wanted to.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Victoria he was relieved he found her. He was hoping she would come home last night so they could talk. She asked why, noting that he said he wasn’t going to try to save their marriage anymore. He regretted saying that, and he’d already sent her texts to that effect. She read them. He assumed she didn’t respond because she believed what her family was saying. She asked what he was supposed to believe, when he never gave her an explanation. He said he chose not to dignify Victoria’s family’s insulting accusations; however, he gave her something to believe in when he told her how much he loved and needed her. He was sure she could see that came straight from the hear. Billy watched Victoria and Ashland from a distance.

Victoria heard everything Ashland said yesterday, but she said the look in his eyes told a different story. She saw fear and desperation in his eyes, and she asked where that was coming from. He asked if they could go home to discuss this in private. She told him to answer the question. She said she’d never seen him run scared of her family before. He said he wasn’t running scared. He stated that her family was poisoning her against him, and there was nothing he could do to fight it until he found out who was setting him up. Victoria was skeptical of the story that Ashland was being framed. Ashland said he’d made a lot of enemies, but he couldn’t stand up to her family and friends until he had the facts to defend himself. He claimed he left because it wouldn’t be right to isolate her from the people who cared about her the most. She didn’t buy the claim that he did this for her sake. Their voices raised, and Billy could hear the dispute. Ashland said his instinct was to protect her, like always. He said he looked desperate because he’d been scared he was going to lose the woman who stood by him and fought for him, even when he thought he had nothing to fight for. He said he couldn’t ask her to go to war with her entire family. “So you’re saying that I’m the problem because of my lack of faith in you,” she replied. He said he didn’t blame her for being influenced by her family’s doubts. She countered that this had nothing to do with her being influenced, and he apologized for the poor choice of words. He knew better than anyone what a strong-willed independent person she was, but he said this so called evidence against him would be too much for anyone to ignore. He was determined to find out who set him up and to show her he was still the man who loved her with all her heart and soul. “If you lied to me about being sick, then you don’t really love me,” she quietly replied with tears in her eyes. He noted that she said “if.” He asked if there was still some part of her that loved him enough to know he’d never do that to her. From the patio, Billy noticed Victoria softening, and he willed her not to let Ashland get away with this.

Back inside, Victoria and Ashland got coffee. He thanked her for giving him this time. He was sure she’d rather be running the company. She knew she could trust her mom to handle the business. He asked if she stayed at the ranch last night. She shook her head and said she needed time to think.

Nick entered through the patio and was about to barge into Victoria and Ashland’s conversation when Billy stopped him and told him not to interrupt. Billy hoped Victoria was going to throw the hot coffee in Ashland’s face. Nick asked how much Billy knew, and he said Victoria told him everything. Billy was furious Ashland screwed Victoria over, but he wasn’t surprised. Billy figured Nick wasn’t surprised either, since they both had Ashland’s number from the beginning. Nick hoped that wasn’t what Billy said to Victoria. Billy said it was close. Nick assumed that didn’t go over well. Billy stated that Victoria admitted he and Nick were right, and she was mad at herself. Nick thought Victoria should be mad at Ashland. “She is, believe me she is, or she was,” Billy replied. Billy had assumed Victoria would smack Ashland, but then Ashland started giving her that pained sincere look he’d perfected. Billy had thought Victoria would see through it by now.

Back inside, Ashland told Victoria he’d been up all night thinking of the terrible mistake he made. He would understand if she couldn’t get past her doubts and he’d respect her wishes. He said if there was the slightest chance she could wait for him to clear his name, that would be a miracle. She thought everything was going to work out. He looked hopeful. She said she had to deal with her family. He wanted to go too, but she said no – she told him they’d meet later at Society. they hugged, and Nick and Billy were not happy about what they were witnessing.

Meanwhile, at Newman Media, Nikki told Victor she had to go in to work to cover for Victoria and Ashland. Victor told Nikki that she had to keep what happened last night quiet until Ashland was out of the company. Nikki said when Victoria was ready, they’d all sit down and hammer out a strategy. Victor thought Nikki was more worried about Victoria than she was letting on. Nikki said of course she was – Ashland lied to Victoria before, but nothing like this. Nikki said they saw how devastated Victoria was. Victor thought that once the shock wore off, she’d want to get rid of the loser as much as the rest of them did. Nikki said it would take awhile – this marriage was Victoria’s dream – he’d let her think he adored her and told her everything she’d longed to hear, and now that had been shattered, along with Victoria’s sense of judgment. Nikki thought this was worse than how things ended with Billy. Nick contacted Victor about the hug. Victor and Nikki were upset, and Victor decided to go to Crimson Lights and put an end to Ashland manipulating Victoria.

Back at Crimson Lights, Ashland asked Victoria if she was sure he didn’t want him to go with her, so they could face her family together. She said if he was asking her to trust him, he had to trust her too. He said she was always right. He knew she’d been handling her family a long time, and she knew best, but his instinct was to look out for her. She said if he was there, it would just make things more tense. He said he wasn’t going to stop until he had proof. She smiled and said she knew he was relentless. He was happy to see her smiling, because he’d wondered if he’d ever see that again. He kissed her and wished her luck, then he left. Victoria’s smile faded.

Billy and Nick rushed to Victoria. “What was that?,” Billy asked. She asked if they’d been spying on her, and she asked if Billy called Nick. He said no. He explained that he was still here when Ashland came in, and he stayed to make sure Victoria would be okay. Nick confronted Victoria about hugging and kissing Ashland, and she said she didn’t have to explain herself. He hoped she wasn’t going to forgive that lying creep. Victoria asked why Nick couldn’t just trust her for once. She thanked Billy for listening to her earlier, then she left.

Nick asked Billy what Victoria said before Ashland showed up. Billy told Nick to go talk to Victoria. Nick didn’t want to push Victoria more, because that could backfire. He asked if Victoria made excuses for Ashland earlier. Billy said Victoria told him that Ashland lied about everything, and she didn’t make excuses. Nick was glad to hear that. Billy said he and Victoria also talked about Ashland being potentially dangerous. Billy didn’t understand how Victoria had been affectionate with Ashland after she’d said that. Nick said Ashland had all this leverage on Victoria, because he was co-owner and co-CEO of Newman Locke, so maybe it wasn’t her best move to go off on him. Victor showed up looking for Victoria. Victor wanted to talk to Nick in private. Billy said Victoria told him everything. He felt that Victor should’ve teamed up with him to top Ashland in his tracks.

Victoria went to her office, and she saw her portrait, the wedding gift from Ashland. She called Nikki to her office. Nikki arrived, and Victoria asked how the staff meeting went. It was fine. Nikki just told everyone that Victoria and Ashland couldn’t make it. Nikki noticed Victoria looked tired. Victoria said she didn’t sleep well. She was sorry she didn’t respond to Nikki’s texts last night – she’d turned the phone off because she needed some time to herself. Victoria asked where Victor was. Nikki said he went looking for Victoria. Victoria knew he was having her followed. She was pretty sure she saw someone from his security team outside her hotel, and she noted that Nick showed up at Crimson Lights when she was there. Nikki said they just wanted to make sure Victoria was alright. Victoria thought they also wanted to know she wasn’t with Ashland. Nikki said they didn’t want Ashland harassing Victoria. Victoria mentioned Ashland’s dramatic announcement that he was walking away from the marriage. “Oh, none of us put much stock in that,” Nikki said. “Well, you were right,” Victoria replied. Nikki asked if Ashland admitted he lied about being sick. Victoria said no such luck.

Victoria asked Nikki to call Victor and Nick, so she could talk to all of them together.

Back at Crimson Lights, Victor wasn’t interested in Billy’s opinion. Billy said if Victor had been interested in Tuscany, Victoria wouldn’t be in this position. Nick didn’t think they should fight, since they all wanted the same thing – to get Victoria out of this disaster of a marriage. Victor asked what Victoria was doing in Locke’s arms. Nick didn’t know. He repeated what little Victoria said to him. Billy said he talked to Victoria earlier, and she’d been furious with Ashland. Nikki called Victor and gave him Victoria’s message. Victor and Nick started to leave, and Billy tried to go too. Victor said it was a family matter. Billy stated that his kids were part of the family, and he was going to protect their interests.

Victoria and Nikki discussed the staff meeting that Victoria missed. Nikki smiled because she knew work would be the thing that brought Victoria back. However, she said they shouldn’t pretend a major upheaval hadn’t taken place. Victoria said she wasn’t pretending, she was compartmentalizing – it was her strong suit. Nikki said no one was questioning Victoria’s strength, and she didn’t have to prove herself to anyone. Nikki said Victoria was deceived – they all were, and Ashland was the only one to blame. Nikki said the family would stand by Victoria. Victoria thought they might have different ideas about what that looked like.

Victor and Nick showed up, and Victor told Victoria they’d been worried. She admitted she gave them reason to after she ran off like that. She was sorry about that. She wanted to reassure them that she wasn’t falling apart. Victor was stunned Victoria was doing as well as she was – the last few days must’ve been horrendously difficult. Victoria ordered Victoria to stop. Nikki asked Victoria to hear Victor out. Victor thought Victoria was in shock over what Ashland did. Victoria told Victor not to patronize her. – she knew what she was doing. Nick stated that Victoria said the same thing to him after he saw her kiss Ashland. Nikki was shocked about the kiss. Victoria was only going to say this once – she was handling this as she saw fit, and they didn’t have to like it. Victor asked what Victoria was going to do. Victoria was going to meet Ashland and tell him that nothing had to change between them, and that she still loved him. Victoria’s family looked appalled.

Billy ran into Ashland at Society. billy asked how Ashland was. Ashland said everything was fantastic, and he asked how Billy was. Billy said the job at Chancellor was the best he’d ever had, and he bet that annoyed Ashland, since he tried to ruin Billy’s career. Ashland had just hoped Billy would learn a lesson and back off, and it worked. Billy said Ashland cheated and stole his way into his accomplishments in life, including his name. Billy said none of Ashland’s misdeeds stuck before, but that wouldn’t continue.

Ashland asked if Billy knew something Ashland didn’t. Billy thought Ashland’s downfall was inevitable, since you could only roll the dice so many times, before it came up snake eyes. “Said the man with the gambling problem,” Ashland replied. Billy said Ashland made a mistake marrying someone so savvy as Victoria. Ashland thought it was the smartest thing he’d ever done. Billy trusted that sooner or later, Victoria would see through Ashland.

Chance made Dominic laugh in the living room, and Abby came in and offered to make them a snack. Chance agreed and went back to playing with the baby, which made Abby smile. While Abby was in the kitchen, Chance made a block tower and knocked it down to amuse the baby. The sound of the crumbling tower triggered a flashback to the explosion in Spain. He remembered telling the therapist about being surrounded by the bodies of his team. He’d wondered why he survived and they didn’t. Abby came back and saw Chance struggling. She announced that it was snack time, and he jumped up and pretended everything was fine. He told Dom how great his mom was. She sensed that he wanted something, and she said all he had to do was ask.

Chance said he was still getting panic attacks, nightmares and disturbing thoughts. Abby said she saw him fighting through one a moment ago. He promised that these things were happening less often. She assumed he was sharing this with his therapist. He said he had, and the therapy was helping. The therapist recommended something, and he’d need Abby’s support to follow through. She offered her full support, but he had a feeling she wasn’t going to like this.

Chance’s therapist thought he should go back to work. Abby wasn’t expecting that. She asked if the therapist knew what happened when Chance was on the stakeout with Rey. Chance and the therapist talked it out and agreed that, at the time, Chance was expecting too much of himself, and now he could approach it differently. It was hard for Abby to fathom Dr. Huffman thinking Chance should put that kind of pressure on himself when he wasn’t ready. He said the doctor thought he was ready. She thought it was clear he hadn’t healed from the trauma of spain. The doctor thought that if Chance built up his confidence in certain situations, it would help him heal. He said he wouldn’t do it if she was uncomfortable with it.

Abby wanted Chance to go to work, eventually, but she didn’t understand why the doctor thought Chance should go now. Chance said he was in a better place now. Going on the stakeout with Rey was impulsive. He said there were certain pressures that had faded since the stakeout – at the time, Dominic was sick, and they didn’t know why, and they weren’t sure how sharing custody would go. He was certain Dr. Huffman knew what he was talking about. He said you ddin’t get stronger by waiting to get better, you had to do it a little at a time, like building a muscle. He knew he’d have setbacks, but he was more equipped to handle it now. He said failure was inevitable sometimes, and people made mistakes, but it didn’t have to define you. She saw that he put a lot of thought into this, and she didn’t want to be the one standing in his way. He said that wasn’t what she was doing. He knew she was concerned out of love, but he was confident this was the step he should take. “Then, so am I,” she replied. He thanked her for being the most supportive partner, and they kissed.

Things started heating up with Chance and Abby, but she pulled away because she had to go to Society and get some work done. before Abby left she heard Chance calling Rey.

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