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Eli comes home to a candle light dinner that Lani has set up. Eli asks how she had the time. Lani says she got lucky with the twins going to sleep early. Eli then reveals that he first must make a confession that he lied to her.

Paulina receives roses at home and reads the card, assuming it’s from Abe, but finds out they are from T.R.

T.R. is in his hotel room, finishing a call to make sure his flowers were delivered. He remarks that he had a feeling that this film would change his life, but he had no idea just how much. TR declares that he owes Johnny.

Allie asks if Johnny is going to say anything like congratulations. Johnny claims that he is happy for her but he’s curious to find out if she told Tripp before accepting his proposal, that she slept with Chanel. Tripp asks what the hell he’s talking about. Johnny guesses she didn’t tell him and says “my bad”.

Craig doesn’t know what is holding up his boyfriend as he has no texts or messages. Chloe points out that it’s only been a few minutes. Craig decides to text him again, assuming there must be traffic. Brady agrees. Chloe points out that she doesn’t even know the guy’s name. Brady looks over and sees Leo Stark. Craig asks how he knew as Sonny’s ex, Leo, comes over wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day as he and Craig kiss, leaving Brady and Chloe in shock. Craig introduces Leo to Chloe, who reveals she already knows of him. Chloe says they haven’t officially met but she’s heard all about Leo from Brady. Craig questions how they know each other. Leo reveals they go way back and for a minute, they thought they were brothers. Leo mentions kissing Brady in the past. Craig had no idea they all knew each other and calls it a small world. Chloe questions Leo never mentioning that he once lived in Salem. Leo claims they just haven’t gotten around to sharing everything about their past yet and that his time in Salem was not that memorable. Brady remarks that Leo had so many adventures here which Craig questions.

Tripp says this is a new low for Johnny to be spreading rumors about his own sister. Johnny responds that it’s not a rumor but a fact. Tripp tells him to grow up and find something else to do besides making trouble. Johnny argues that Allie and Chanel have been lusting after each other for months and can barely keep their hands off each other. Tripp argues that they kissed twice a long time ago. Johnny reveals that recently, they did a lot more, since after he dumped Chanel, Allie went over to comfort her and ended up in her bed. Chanel declares that everything Johnny just said is a complete and total lie.

TR remarks that Johnny wasn’t lying that this town really is full of surprises. Paulina shows up at his door with the flowers he sent. Paulina walks in and drops the flowers to the floor, smashing the vase.

Leo apologizes to Craig for not telling him that he once lived in Salem and says he doesn’t like to talk about it because it has unpleasant memories for him. Brady adds that there’s also the people he terrorized which Leo questions. Brady is not too comfortable going in to this in front of Craig but Craig and Chloe tell him to go ahead. Brady informs Craig that Leo is responsible for making his family’s life a living hell. Leo argues that he’s exaggerating but Brady disagrees. Chloe agrees that Leo tried to bring down Brady’s family business with a bogus lawsuit. Craig questions if that’s true. Leo says it’s not the whole story and in the end, he was the victim. Brady brings up Leo listening in on his personal business calls to try and sell Titan secrets to Stefan DiMera. Brady informs Craig that his brother Paul did a deep dive in to Leo’s past and found out that Leo has been involved in scam after scam, so it looks like Craig is his latest mark.

Lani questions what Eli lied about. Eli informs Lani that he told her that he went to see Doug and Julie, but he went to see T.R. because he had to put him on notice that if he messed with Lani or Paulina, he would have to deal with him. Lani appreciates him looking out for her but says he didn’t have to. Eli feels it’s his job to protect her. Lani asks how T.R. took it. Eli responds that he seemed to get the message, so he thinks TR knows that from now on, he better treat them with respect.

Paulina tells T.R. that she wants him to stay away from her and her family. T.R. apologizes for showing up at Lani’s unannounced but says after realizing that she was his child, he couldn’t help himself. Paulina argues that what he did was unacceptable. TR admits it was the wrong approach which is why he sent the flowers, to apologize. Paulina points out that there was no apology on the card. TR feels it was implied. Paulina informs him that his apology is not accepted. TR doesn’t want to upset her. Paulina tells him to leave town then. TR reminds her that he can’t do that because he’s shooting a film and he wants to get to know his daughter. Paulina warns him about hurting Lani. TR remarks that he doesn’t think he could possibly hurt Lani any more than Paulina already has.

Tripp is confused, asking if Allie didn’t go to Chanel’s that night. Chanel confirms that she did as she was a wreck that night. Chanel claims that Allie comforted her, they talked, she put her to bed and left. Johnny remarks that it’s a much different story from what he overheard them talking about in the town square and how they got down and dirty in between the sheets. Johnny thinks Tripp has heard enough to know that he’s telling the truth. Johnny claims that he thought Tripp deserved to know before he married Allie. Johnny remarks that Allie accused him of being a player. Chanel pleads with Tripp, but he says he wants to talk to Allie alone.

Chloe tells Craig that she’s sorry but Brady is right that Leo is a con artist. Leo tells Craig not to listen to them. Chloe and Brady insist that Leo is using Craig. Leo argues that Craig is brilliant, charming, and funny. Craig calls this uncomfortable to take in. Leo tells Craig that only his opinion matters to him. Leo apologizes for not being more forthcoming as he didn’t want to scare him off but he insists he’s not like that anymore and that he wants to be a better person because of him. Leo asks if Craig believes him. Brady is afraid there’s a lot more for Craig to take in as he reveals that a couple months ago, Leo was involved in a major scam in Arizona where he double crossed the ISA to get his hands on a stolen gem stone. Leo admits that’s true but right after that, he met Craig, who cares for him more than anyone has in his life and that’s why everything has changed.

Lani asks Eli what he thought of TR and if he thinks he’s a changed man. Eli says it’s tough to tell as he was only with him for a few minutes. Eli understands Lani has a lot of complicated feelings but right now he thinks they should focus on them which Lani agrees with. Eli toasts to Lani working a full shift today, getting the kids down early, and still preparing a wonderful meal. Eli says he’s in awe of her as he wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Eli turns on music on his phone and asks Lani to dance.

Paulina reminds TR that the only reason she lied about being Lani’s mother was to protect her from him. Paulina says it kills her that she hurt Lani by keeping that a secret. TR reveals that he was talking about Price Town. Paulina questions how he knows about that. TR informs her that he did some research as he wanted to learn more about his daughter and he came across Paulina’s plan to bulldoze the Horton Town Square which is a tribute to Lani’s husband’s family. Paulina argues that she realized her huge mistake, called off the entire project, and apologized to each person she hurt. TR questions them all forgiving her which Paulina confirms. TR says that gives him hope that if Lani could forgive Paulina for such a huge betrayal, maybe she could do the same for him.

Chanel follows Johnny back to the town square and questions what is wrong with him and how he could do that to his sister. Johnny responds that all he did was tell the truth. Chanel argues that Johnny made it sound like they were having some torrid affair. Chanel cries that she was a mess that night because of what Johnny did to her and then she and Allie got caught up in the emotion. Johnny mocks that it was still cheating.

Tripp notes that Allie was quiet before and let Chanel do all the talking. Allie didn’t know what to say. Tripp thinks she owes him the truth. Allie turns away. Tripp tells her to just talk to him. Tripp asks if Johnny was lying. Tripp asks her to just be honest with him as he asks again if Johnny was lying. Allie turns back to Tripp and admits Johnny was not lying. Allie then reveals that she did sleep with Chanel. Tripp recalls calling Allie that night and she said she was going home. Allie says that she was but Chanel was a mess and she couldn’t leave her alone. Tripp questions if the only way to make her feel better was to have sex with her. Allie cries that they were lying in bed and it just happened. Tripp brings up the next morning, he called her again and she told him that she was home. Tripp recalls wanting to come see her but she said she was on her way out to go check on Chanel, but she was already with her. Allie admits that she spent the night but she woke up and felt so horrible and guilty. Allie hated lying to him and wanted to come clean. Tripp points out that she didn’t. Allie says she went to the hospital and was going to tell him but she didn’t want to hurt him. Tripp says she shouldn’t have slept with Chanel then. Allie argues that she loves him so much and it was a mistake. Allie adds that she wouldn’t have said yes to his proposal if she didn’t love him. Allie insists that he is the one that she wants to be with and marry. Tripp tells her that she can’t seriously think they are still getting married.

Chanel questions why Johnny didn’t say anything earlier if he knew that she and Allie hooked up. Chanel complains that instead of telling her what he overheard, he gave her this big speech about how they could still be friends. Chanel asks why he would do that. Johnny guesses he just got caught up in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Chanel argues that he pretended that he wanted to get along with her and then he just blows everything up. Johnny says that he saw Tripp about to make the biggest mistake of his life, so he had to do something. Johnny remarks that he does know what it’s like to suddenly realize you married the wrong person. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s going to take him for everything he’s worth. Chanel declares that by the time she’s finished with him, he will wish he had never been born.

Paulina argues that she had planned to tear down a beloved landmark while TR abused her, physically and emotionally, for years, so they are not the same and he can’t compare her betrayal to his. Paulina says he was a monster. TR agrees that what he did was reprehensible and he’s truly ashamed. TR blames the drugs and drinking for turning him in to somebody he didn’t recognize. TR says he was on a downward spiral and didn’t even know it. TR adds that after Paulina disappeared, it got worse as he ended up in prison for using his clients’ money to buy drugs. TR declares that once he got caught, his whole life fell apart. Paulina asks if she’s supposed to feel sorry for him. TR says no because that’s when he finally realized that he needed to turn his life around. TR adds that hitting rock bottom was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Leo says that after the stolen Peacock, his life took a nose dive as he was lonely, depressed, and forced to take a thankless job at medical conventions. Leo talks about how Craig happened to come to his booth when he was dressed as a chipmunk, handing out free nuts. Leo says they had a couple laughs and he felt an immediate strong connection, like he had finally found his soulmate. Craig admits the same. Leo says that Craig was honest from the get go that he had a wife but it was clear to them that his marriage was a lie and he was denying who he really was. Chloe accuses Leo of coercing Craig in to cheating on her mother. Craig says he just wanted them to meet but now he sees it wasn’t a good idea and it’s not working out, so he apologizes. Chloe tells Craig that it’s not his fault. Leo understands Chloe being skeptical of him, given his track record. Leo tells Chloe that she’s very fortunate to have a strong relationship with her father because his father was an abusive pig, who used to tell him that he was worthless and that he’d never mean anything to anyone. Leo says hearing that over and over again creates a hole in your heart, so he tried to fill that with fancy things to make the pain go away but it didn’t. Leo declares that nothing made it go away until he met Craig and then he was finally happy for the first time in his life. Leo adds that not a moment goes by that he doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is. Brady decides he’s had enough and warns Craig that Leo is a predator. Leo calls that an unfair and cruel accusation. Brady says it’s true and adds that he hasn’t even gotten in to what Leo did to Sonny. Leo tells them to go somewhere else since it’s Valentine’s Day and he and Craig want to celebrate alone, not hearing some angry, self-righteous people distort the truth and tell them why they shouldn’t be together. Brady tells Craig that he’s telling him because he cares about him. Craig thinks Leo is right that it’s time this conversation ends, they leave, and they will talk about this later. Chloe cries that they don’t want Craig to get hurt and questions how he can’t know that. Leo asks Craig not to listen to them as what he feels for him is real and this is not a scam. Leo insists he’s left all of that behind him because for the first time in his life, he’s honestly and truly happy because of Craig. Chloe argues that Leo is playing Craig and he needs to wake up and end this farce of a relationship.

Tripp questions Allie thinking that he would still marry her after she cheated on him. Allie argues that they can get through this and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. Tripp guesses she thinks he’s the world’s biggest chump and that she can just walk all over him. Tripp brings up that Ava warned him that Chanel was a threat but he just pushed aside all of his doubts and insecurities, to believe and trust in Allie and this is where it got him. Tripp remarks that he must have deserved to have Allie cheat on him. Allie argues that he did nothing wrong but Tripp says he must have because in the end, she chose Chanel over him.

Johnny tells Chanel that she’s not getting a dime out of him. Johnny reminds her that his family is loaded but he’s not. Chanel tells him to tell her lawyer. Johnny says he will and he’ll also tell him that she committed adultery with his sister. Johnny wishes her luck convincing a judge that she’s the victim. Chanel calls him a creep and can’t believe she ever loved him. Johnny asks if she did love him or if she was just enjoying the perks until she could get with his sister. Chanel calls him disgusting and walks away. Johnny calls out, asking if they are not hooking up tonight.

Paulina questions TR being glad that he was in prison. TR tells her that it saved his life because if he kept going as he was, there’s no doubt he would have overdosed but prison got him off that path. TR says he stopped using drugs and went to therapy. TR adds that it took a lot of hard work but he started at the bottom and climbed to the top. Paulina asks about him being a Hollywood big wig now. TR says he’s had a great deal of success but he’s never been able to enjoy it because he was always weighed down by the guilt that he feels over how he treated her. Paulina argues that he should feel guilty. Paulina declares that she’s moved on with her life and doesn’t need to listen to this. TR talks about there being so many times that he wanted to track her down to apologize but he never wanted to upend her life. TR declares that now, fate has brought him back to her and he finally has the chance to make things right, if she lets him.

Craig appreciates Chloe and Brady’s concern, but he thinks this conversation is over for the time being. Chloe asks if anything they said got through to him. Craig admits some of it is upsetting, but they all do things in their past that they aren’t proud of. Craig adds that he’s done something that he’s sure is very close to what Leo did. Chloe asks if he’s talking about the Mike Horton thing. Craig explains to Leo that years ago, he was desperate to be chief of staff so he manipulated a mentally unstable woman to file sexual harassment charges against Mike Horton. Craig says it ended in disaster and he deeply regrets it, as he’s sure that Leo regrets what he’s done. Leo says if he could turn back time, he would. Craig says it’s about now and they don’t have to focus on the past, just what they have together. Chloe rolls her eyes as Craig declares he’s committed to Leo. Craig is sorry that she doesn’t agree but this is his life and he’s never letting Leo go.

Paulina questions TR thinking it’s that easy after how he hurt her, to make it all better by sending flowers. Paulina then flashes back to when she sent Lani flowers and Lani rejected them. TR asks what it is. Paulina responds that she just realized that it’s possible that she might be a bit of a hypocrite. Paulina tells TR that true forgiveness has to be earned and that takes time. TR vows to put in whatever time it takes because no one as wonderful as her has ever come in to his life. TR admits that instead of honoring and treasuring her, he threw it all away. TR says that regret has stayed with him over all these years. TR then declares that he never got over Paulina and he doesn’t know if he ever will.

Eli and Lani get out of bed to have cake. Chanel then shows up at their door. Lani asks what she’s doing here. Chanel says she needed to talk to someone and can’t deal with her mom right now. Chanel remembers it’s Valentine’s Day and says she’ll go but Lani says it’s fine. Eli agrees and asks what happened. Chanel responds that it’s Johnny. Lani asks what he did now. Chanel reveals that it’s not what he did, but what she did with Allie.

Allie repeats that Tripp is the one she wants to be with and says she’ll keep saying it until he believes it because it’s the truth. Tripp argues that it’s a lie that she’s been telling him and herself because clearly the person she wants to be with is Chanel. Allie promises that sleeping with Chanel was a one time thing that will never happen again if he could just find it in his heart to forgive her. Tripp asks how he could ever trust her again, pointing out that he’d still be in the dark if Johnny hadn’t said something. Tripp declares there is no coming back from this. Tripp tells Allie that it’s over and they are done.

Devil Johnny returns home to the DiMera Mansion and remarks that he may not have gotten lucky tonight but screwing with those losers was almost as satisfying. Johnny tries to fight against the Devil with his voice from inside, saying he can’t do this and he needs to stop hurting the people that he loves. The Devil jokes that Johnny is awake. Johnny complains that he has to let Chanel know that he still loves her and he would never hurt her like this. The Devil asks how he plans on doing that. Johnny responds by getting rid of him. The Devil laughs that he would like to see him try as he then begins getting a stomach pain.

Chloe tells Craig that he’s making a huge mistake. Craig says that’s enough. Chloe argues that she’s trying to knock some sense in to him. Chloe asks if Craig wants Leo to break his heart like he broke Nancy’s. Chloe guesses that’s what he wants and declares that she’s done. Chloe and Brady then exit together.

TR tells Paulina that he knows he doesn’t have the right to ask, but he would love the chance to make it up to her and to get to know his daughter. TR says she doesn’t have to say anything but think about it. Paulina says she better go and apologizes for the mess. TR tells her that she never has to apologize for him. Paulina clarifies that she’s sorry to the house keeper. TR calls it his mess so it’s on him to clean it up. Paulina then exits.

Chanel informs Lani and Eli about her and Allie sleeping together. Eli asks what Tripp thought. Chanel says she hasn’t heard and worries that she screwed everything up for them. Chanel guesses they must think she’s a terrible person. Lani assures that they don’t and that Chanel didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Eli wonders what the hell is up with Johnny.

Johnny struggles with the Devil inside. The Devil says he’s wasting his time as he’s no match for him. Johnny cries that he’ll never give up as he won’t let the Devil keep hurting the people he loves. The Devil warns Johnny to stop fighting him or he’ll go upstairs and slaughter his little cousins in their sleep. The Devil declares that Johnny’s love for Chanel and Allie is much stronger than he anticipated but it’s too bad they will never find out just how much Johnny cares.

Allie tells Tripp that she loves him with her whole heart and asks him for another chance. Tripp instead asks for his ring back because it belonged to his great grandmother and he wants it back. Allie hands it back to him and apologizes. Tripp says he’s sorry too and walks away. Allie sits and breaks down crying.

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