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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Adam was angry that Victoria gave Nikki the co-CEO position that he thought should’ve gone to him. Sally asked if Victor backed Victoria up. While Victoria said that it was a unilateral decision, Adam knew Victor had to have signed off on it. Adam felt like Victor was playing another mind game and leaving Adam out in the cold. Sally noted that Victoria let Ashland get his hooks into the company, and now she was going back to business like she didn’t cause all this chaos. Adam didn’t know why he wasted his time hoping his family would give him a chance. Sally said Adam didn’t need any of them. She suggested he cut ties with the Newmans and strike out on his own.

Adam said he’d done that more than once, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to do so again. He said that Victor had a blind acceptance of Victoria’s leadership, no matter how often she screwed up. He felt like if he walked away, he’d be letting Victoria win. Sally asked if that would be the worst thing. Adam said Victoria refused to acknowledge that he saved her by getting Locke out of the way. He didn’t see why he should give her what she wanted by quitting. Sally said Adam had done way too much to prove himself to his family, and it was never enough. He sarcastically thanked her for rubbing it in. Her point was that he shouldn’t stick around if the Newmans weren’t going to show him the respect he deserved. He asked if he’d really be okay with him quitting his job and leaving her here to deal with her family.

Sally hated hypotheticals. Adam still wanted an answer. Sally said she’d keep her job if he quit, and she’d try to win over his family. He asked why. She said she loved her job, and she had faith they’d be successful wherever they chose to be. She asked if he knew how rare it was to find someone who thought the way you did, who wanted what you want and made you laugh. She asked if he ever met anyone like that. He said yes – once. She smiled. For the first time, Sally felt like she was meeting someone on their level. She said she didn’t need him to be the good or bad version of himself, or what everyone else expected of him. She just wanted him – all of him. He said knowing she was willing to brave his family should make the decision to walk away easier, but it felt different this time. He was older and wiser, and he knew someone had his back. He felt like if he walked away, he’d be giving up. He suggested he might also be falling for his dad’s games and looking for his approval. He wasn’t sure if he could ignore the challenge Victoria threw down by hiring Nikki over him. Sally said if Adam chose to fight, she’d still be here, and if he walked away, she’d stand by him. He took her hand. He said the only thing he had to consider was what was best for himself. She said she’d continue to tell him he deserved better. She kissed him.

Diane had a nightmare that Jack and Kyle had her arrested for child abandonment. Jack accused Diane of leaving Kyle because she didn’t have the patience to raise him. Diane argued that she was a good person now. Jack said she turned her back on Kyle. Diane swore she walked away because it was what was best for Kyle. Diane struggled in the grip of the police officer and begged Kyle for a second chance. The cop told Diane that letting her son think she was dead was as low as it could get. He read her her rights. Kyle snarled that Diane was a liar. Diane begged and pleaded as she was dragged away. She woke up and grabbed her phone.

At the Abbott house, Jack said to Kyle that it wasn’t easy to raise your son to have opinions of his own, then watch him grow up and make decisions that made you a little nervous. Kyle smiled. He knew Harrison would get there, and he was already dreading it. Later, Kyle took one of Harrison’s cookies, and Jack teased him. Kyle said he wouldn’t tell, then he said didn’t want to keep things from his son. He liked to think he didn’t inherit his mother’s bad habits. Every time Kyle closed his eyes, he thought about the awful things Diane did. Kyle said the last time he saw Diane, as a child, before she’d changed his name and sent him away, she promised she was going to join him. Instead, she chose to vanish and let him think she died. Jack asked if Diane shared her reasoning. Kyle said her reasons sounded plausible and rehearsed, like she’d been waiting a long time to say them to him. Kyle wanted to know how Jack felt about this.

Jack had promised himself he wouldn’t interfere and try to influence Kyle. Kyle appreciated that Jack put his own feelings aside, but now Kyle needed to figure out whether he thought Diane really changed into a good person, or if the child in him just wished it was true. Kyle noted that Harrison said dads have all the answers. Jack told Kyle to cherish that. Jack had been puzzling over the same questions Kyle was asking himself. Jack said he’d asked for the benefit of the doubt more times than he could count. He’d tried to put himself in Diane’s shoes and asked himself why he’d leave his child. Kyle said Diane’s original plan, which she’d worked out with Adam, was to fake her own death and take Kyle with her. Jack said Diane claimed she changed her mind because she didn’t want Kyle to grow up living on the run. Jack said Diane knew he would never give up looking for her and Kyle. Kyle thought Diane should’ve come to him and told him that. Jack wasn’t sure Kyle would’ve understood, since he’d been so young. Jack asked if Kyle thought it would’ve been any easier to know that Diane was out there somewhere without him. Jack thought that if Kyle knew all along that Diane was alive and on the run, he would’ve spent his life asking questions, and he would’ve grown into a completely different person. Jack loved the person Kyle became. Jack said maybe, this one time, Diane made the right choice in leaving the way she did.

Jack didn’t condone any of the other things Diane did and he offered up no opinions on her as a person. He said she hurt a lot of people in a lot of ways. Jack wasn’t sure he’d have ever seen Kyle again, if Diane had stuck to her original plan and taken him with her. Jack couldn’t help thinking about his own mother. He’d been so angry at her for leaving him behind. When she returned, he’d wanted to slam the door in her face. It was a miracle that they reconciled, and he found forgiveness and understanding, and it was one of the greatest gifts of his life. Jack wanted that for Kyle. Jack wasn’t saying Diane changed, but he believed the decision to leave Kyle was the toughest one she ever made in her life. He knew that wasn’t the simple answer Kyle wanted from him, but there was nothing simple about this. Kyle said it would be cool if they could run a simulation of what a future with his mother would look like. Jack asked how they’d do that. Kyle said they’d put Diane through the full Abbott test.

Diane got a text from Kyle inviting her over to the house.

Billy met Lily at Society. She heard his podcast, which was called the Grinning Soul. He asked if he was in the doghouse. She said she was concerned. He said the numbers for the podcast were good, and he’d altered his voice and kept the names and locations anonymous. Lily said people close to the situation would know the podcast was about Ashland. “If the sociopathic shoe fits,” Billy replied.

Billy said the point of the podcast was to give him an outlet to discuss the things he shouldn’t publicly comment on. Lily wasn’t sold on the idea of two Billys being better than one. He said Billy 1 was her right hand man, while Billy 2 was an untamed rebel. Lily loved the idea of an anonymous podcast, but she noted that he had a confrontation with Ashland, then he immediately talked about it on his podcast. She was sure anyone could connect the dots. He was sure the average listener wouldn’t figure out that it was Ashland. Lily liked the message the podcast sent, but she told Billy not to be surprised if people, like Victoria, figured out he was the Grinning Soul.

Billy reminded Lily that she requested they not talk about Victoria. Lily asked how Victoria would look if people figured out the stories were about her. Billy thought people would see her as sympathetic – a loving partner deceived by the most heinous of men. He hoped Victoria would appreciate the fact that he wasn’t personally getting involved in her problems. Lily asked what if Ashland figured out Billy was behind the podcast. Billy hoped Ashland did figure it out. Billy wished he could see the look on Ashland’s face when he realized he was the monster under the bed and that everyone was recoiling at lies he perpetrated his entire life. Billy said Ashland needed to know actions had consequences.

Lily was angry that Ashland profited from lying about cancer, but she didn’t like the idea of Billy possibly losing his platform because he wasn’t being careful about how he was disseminating this information. He didn’t think the podcast would be a blip on Victoria’s radar, since she had other things on her mind. Jack called Billy and summoned him to the Abbott house. Billy suggested he was in the middle of something. Jack said nothing was more important than supporting Kyle. Traci, Ashley and Abby were already on their way. Billy said he’d be there as soon as he could. Billy told Lily about the family meeting. She reminded him that there was a Chancellor-Winters meeting. He asked if he could get a pass on it, but she said she needed her COO. He said he’d just meet his family later, since Lily and Chancellor-Winters were his top priority.

Adam and Sally rented a hotel suite and were headed upstairs when Adam saw Diane. He welcomed her to the resurrection club. She expected him to be more shocked to see her. He said that his father let him know. He noted that she’d left town in a way that implicated him in her death. He’d wanted to send her a Bite Me card, but he didn’t know the address to Hell. She said she regretted many things about that time. He asked how she could look at herself in the mirror. At the time, she’d justified her actions by telling herself that Adam was very resourceful, though she knew that wasn’t an excuse. He said half the people in the town wanted her dead back then, so it was impressive when they all thought she died. He said the rule of resurrection club was not to come back once you escaped. Sally silently took in all this information, with an intrigued look.

Sally walked up and introduced herself as Adam’s coworker. Diane assumed things had progressed beyond that since Adam and Sally were headed upstairs. Adam said Diane had nerve – coming to town and staying in Phyllis’s hotel. Diane said he was here for Kyle, not to cause trouble. Adam noted that he and Diane made a plan for her to start a new life with Kyle, but instead, she’d abandoned her son. Diane didn’t try to justify what she did. She wasn’t proud of her past actions, and she thought Adam could understand that. He said she wasn’t above taking potshots and her former co-conspirator. Diane wasn’t doing that – she’d kept up with things in Genoa City, and she knew he’d worked hard t turn over a new leaf. She just wanted what everyone gave him – a second chance. He hoped that was true. He didn’t have the same kind of beef with her that everyone else did. He wished her luck. She left.

Sally and Adam went upstairs to their room and kissed and disrobed. Later, they cuddled in bed, and he asked how she was so perfect. He didn’t mean her beautiful face or her body. He said that she didn’t bombard him with questions about Diane. She said she knew he’d tell her when the time was right. He asked if she was ready. She was more than ready – she’d been dying to know more from the moment she heard about Diane. He said Diane was driven and obsessed, and she’d stop at nothing to get what she wanted, but not in a good way, like Sally. He said he and Diane worked together to make it look like Victor was dead to drive down the price of Newman stock, and they made a sizable profit. He agreed to help her evade Jack and start a new life with her son. He did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of, but he thought that scheme was semi-noble. He was a wrok in progress. He was glad Sally was in his corner – it was nice being with someone who was meeitng him on his level. She asked what he was going to do about his family’s latest move. He wasn’t sure. She said she’d take this ride with him. They kissed.

Traci, Ashley and Abby arrived at the Abbott house. Kyle and Jack explained that Diane was on her way. Ashley couldn’t believe Diane would have the nerve to come to town, let alone to this house. Kyle said she’d already been here. It wasn’t his first time seeing his mother. Ashley vowed to make sure this was his last time seeing Diane. Abby never would’ve come if she’d known Diane was coming. That was why Jack didn’t tell her. Kyle explained that Diane claimed she changed and she wanted forgiveness. Ashley hoped Kyle knew that Diane was lying. Abby asked how Kyle felt about this. Ashley was sure Diane just wanted to use Kyle. Kyle wasn’t sure what to think. Abby suggested that Diane wanted to do the right thing. Jack said Diane had made a compelling case for herself. Ashley scoffed. Jack shared Ashley’s skepticism, but he noted that he and his sisters knew what it was like to be estranged from their mother. Ashley ordered Jack not to go there. “I know our mother was a piece of work but she’s nothing compared to Diane,” Ashley argued. Traci stepped in to keep the peace and apologized to Kyle. Abby said they all wanted to support Kyle, no matter what he chose. Ashley apologized and asked how Kyle was feeling. He didn’t know if Diane was lying, and that was why he called all of them here. It was one thing for Diane to feed Kyle a bunch of rehearsed lines, but it was another to have to face him and his family. Kyle wanted to see how Diane handled herself with the people who’d seen her at her worst and see if she’d sincerely changed.

Diane was running late, and Ashley hoped that meant she’d gotten kicked out of town. Jack told Ashley to be nice. Kyle added that he didn’t want them to bombard Diane with old grievances, because that wasn’t going to get them anywhere. Abby loathed Diane too, but she said athey were here to help Kyle discover the truth. Ashley said they’d help Kyle when he realized his mother was heartless. Ashley said Diane’s soul was a deep dark abyss, and she didn’t believe Diane transformed.

Diane arrived, and she was startled when she saw everyone waiting for her. “Welcome back, bitch” Ashley said. Diane took it in stride. Traci greeted Diane in a more neutral way. Kyle said that if he was going to let Diane back in his life, it was going to affect his entire family. Diane had no desire to cause any problems with the Abbotts. Kyle said that her presence affected all of them, and they’d have to decide whether they thought she was a different person now.

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