Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 30, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Sally and Adam decide to spend New Year’s Eve watching Alfred Hitchcock movies but make it clear that they are just friends.

Chelsea tells Chloe that she still has feelings for Adam and she wants to put her family back together. Chloe lets it slip that Adam has plans to spend New Year’s Eve with Sally. Chelsea calls Adam and tells Adam they need to talk right away. Chelsea tells Adam she can’t live in the penthouse because of all the memories. Adam sees where Chelsea is going with this talk and once again tells Chelsea it’s not a good idea that they get back together.

Phyllis agrees to spend New Year’s Eve with Lauren and Michael even though she feels like she would be intruding on Lauren and Michael’s evening with Kevin and Chloe. Abby has a talk with Devon and wonders why he wants shared custody of Dominic. The discussion gets loud that the baby starts to cry. Devon leaves because he doesn’t want to continue to upset the baby.

Elena and Nate move her things into Mate’s house and they begin to share a home.

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