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Recap written by Christine

Abby and Chance were at home getting ready to go to Mariah and Tessa’s party. She noted that they hadn’t been to a party since his welcome home gathering, which she knew was a rough night for him. He said it wasn’t easy, but he was glad he had her to lean on. She’d need to lean on him tonight, because she expected that everyone was going to have comments and questions about the custody agreement. He promised to do what he could to handle it. Abby told Dom he’d have the best time with Louise while his Mommy and Daddy celebrated Aunts Mariah and Tessa. She said she’d read him a bedtime story if he was awake when she got home. Abby got concerned and called Chance over. She thought Dominic was breathing a bit too fast.

Later, the baby fell asleep, and he seemed fine to Chance, so he thought it’d be okay to leave him in Louise’s capable hands. Chance was proud of himself because it was the first time he’d gotten the baby to sleep.

Amanda finished a work call, then she and Devon held each other and swayed without music. She could feel the tension in his muscles, and she asked if he was having second thoughts about the party. He said he’d never Mariah and Tessa’s special night. He knew Abby and Chance would be there, and he hadn’t talked to them since they signed the custody papers. He hadn’t talked to a lot of people though, so he didn’t think it’d be awkward. She offered to field any questions people had, and she said she’d give them as much information as Devon wanted her to. He didn’t want to share any details at all, because he didn’t want to be in the spotlight on Mariah and Tessa’s night. Amanda thought thing would go smoothly. He said she was always looking out for him and the baby, and she said that was what an attorney was supposed to do. He thought it was more than that. He saw the way she looked at Dominic, and he noticed she got up and checked on him when she thought Devon was asleep. It surprised Devon. It surprised Amanda too. She’d never been that close to a baby before Dominic, and she thought he was a little miracle. She thought the baby liked her. Devon knew Dom liked Amanda. It was unlike anything Amanda ever experienced. She said he looked at you like you were the most amazing thing, and you wanted to be that amazing. She asked if that was what it felt like to be a parent. He thought so. It was new to him. She never had a parent when she was little, so it was new to her too, but she loved it. She kept imagining what Dominic would be like when she grew up. She asked if that was okay for her to say. He said it was more than okay.

Faith and Moses decorated Crimson Lights for the Tessa’s album launch party/engagement party for her and Mariah. Faith wanted to make sure everything was perfect for the guests of honor. Sharon came out of the backroom and told the teens that it was perfect. Noah showed up and admired the decorations, his gaze lingering on a large photo of Tessa with Mariah. Faith broke the trance by asking Noah’s artistic advice on the way she’d decorated it. He shared his opinion, which was positive. Nick came. Faith had a board with some of Tessa’s most romantic lyrics about Mariah, and the intention was for the guests to sign it and leave notes for the happy couple. She offered Noah first dibs at signing, but he said he didn’t know what to say. Moses suggested that Noah say he hoped Tessa and Mariah’s love lasted a thousand years. Nick told Noah he needed his help. Faith told Noah not to forget to write something. “I wish I could,” he muttered, then he went over to Nick.

Nick and Noah brought in a box, and Nick said they were copies of Tessa’s album, on vinyl, as God intended. They were party favors for the guests. Nick thought Noah did a great job on the album.

Rey came out of the back room. Moses let Faith know that the guests of honor were there. She briefly panicked because the other guests hadn’t arrived yet, but Moses said they could scatter and make the place look more full. Faith put a smile on her face and announced Mariah and Tessa’s arrival. Mariah and Tessa walked in from the patio with their hands over their eyes until Faith said it was okay to look. The fiancees thought the décor was beautiful, and they were moved by the fact that it was for them. Mariah said it was almost as beautiful as Tessa and they kissed.

There was a backdrop on the patio for photos, and Moses asked Noah to take the pictures. Noah declined, because he’d been drinking champagne. Nick offered, but Faith stepped in because he was bad at taking pictures. Mariah was relieved. Mariah and Tessa posed with silly props while Faith snapped he photos. Nick joked that if Mariah insulted him again, there would be no wedding gift. There was a large wrapped package from Kevin and Chloe, who’d broken the no-presents rule because they couldn’t make it to the party. The gift was a metal shield from Mariah and Kevin’s favorite series. Mariah thought it was the most Kevin gift ever. Tessa thought the gift was perfect, which made Mariah love her more.

Devon and Amanda arrived, and they wondered if she and Chance weren’t coming. Mariah and Tessa thought they’d be there. Mariah asked how the shared custody thing was going. Devon said they were just getting their feet wet. Mariah asked how Abby was doing. Devon said he was doing all he could to make it easy for Abby. Mariah shared that she and Tessa were hoping to adopt. Devon said adoption changed his life together. Amanda got emotional whenever she thought about a child finding a home. They both said Mariah and Tessa could come to them for questions about it. Mariah asked if anyone had heard from Chance and Abby. Rey said he talked to Chance about coming to work tomorrow.

Across the room, Faith told Noah that she might want to get a business degree. Abby and Chance arrived, and everyone said hello.

Devon, Mariah and Abby were together. Devon said he was afraid Abby and Chance weren’t coming, and Abby replied that it was hard to tear herself away from Dom. Mariah was happy Abby and Devon had made peace. Abby said this night was about Mariah and Tessa, not her and Devon. Devon agreed. Mariah continued that she couldn’t help but think of when they embarked on this adventure. She knew that things didn’t always go as planned, but she thought the bumps in the road made the Baby Chancellor crew’s bond stronger. She said they’d always be connected because of Devon and Abby’s child. Mariah said that Mariah would always be included in that. They all held hands, then Mariah said that they could get the party started now that the sappy stuff was out of he way. All the couples took pictures in front of he back drop. Afterward, Nick took pictures with Faith. He tried to get the solemn Noah to get int the photo, but he wouldn’t.

Sharon got Abby by herself and asked if Chance found a therapist. Abby said he declined therapy, but she noticed him connecting with Dom earlier, so she was optimistic.

Chance and Rey talked, and the partners teased each other. Afterward, Abby privately told Chance that he didn’t have to go to work tomorrow if he wasn’t ready, but he said he was.

Mariah ended up in a private talk with Noah. He said he knew Tessa told her some insanity about him having feelings for her. He wanted Mariah to know there was nothing to worry about, and he didn’t want her to hate him. She said she wasn’t upset with him, she was upset with herself. She hadn’t forgotten how she and Tessa got together in the first place. “The two of you were a couple,” she said to Noah. He told her that was a lifetime ago, and they’d moved on. She thanked him for forgiving her and for understanding. She loved him and couldn’t help hurting for him. Mariah couldn’t blame anyone for realizing Tessa was awesome. She just wanted him to be okay. He said he was, and he wanted her and Tessa to be ecstatically happy forever.

Nick asked how Abby was. He heard about the custody agreement, and it surprised him. She said it happened so fast, and she couldn’t handle interference from her family. She said Dominic would have more love in his life than he knew what to do with. Nick said if Abby was okay with it so was he. He was here if she needed anything. They hugged.

Sharon made a speech, saying they were here to celebrate the happy couple, and the music that was inspired by their love. Sharon called Tessa a musical genius. They played the album. Mariah said she heard music every time she kissed Tessa. The couples danced. Noah brooded in the background. People signed the lyric board. Abby wrote that she, Chance and Dominic, AKA Bowie, wished the fiancees a lifetime of love. Sharon said that Mariah and Tessa had been through so much, and they loved and supported each other through all of it, which made them an inspiration.

Noah wanted to make a speech, and Sharon suggested that he do it later, but he said he’d given this a lot of thought, and he knew what he wanted to say. Noah would never forget the first time he heard Tessa sing. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard, and that was when he realized how special she was. He was so glad she found someone just as special to spend her life with. He said that love like that didn’t come around every day – there was a beauty in its strength. He said they should all be so lucky to find a love like Tessa and Mariah’s one day – they were made for each other and proof that dreams came true. He raised a toast. Abby said they had to find Noah someone to love like that. Mariah thanked Noah, then everyone else for being there with them tonight. Tessa siad they wouldn’t be where they were today if not for the support of all of them. Mariah was honored to be part of this loving group. Tessa thanked Mariah’s family for making her feel like she belonged. She especially thanked Sharon for teaching her about love and motherhood. Mariah was so excited to walk down the aisle to Tessa. Tessa didn’t realize they were having an aisle. Mariah said there were details to work out, but there would be a wedding.

Chance and Abby said goodbye and left. Tessa told Mariah that it would be them one day – running home to their little one.

Tessa saw Noah drew a heart on the lyric board.

Amanda and Devon said their goodbyes and left.

Faith pulled Mariah aside and asked if it was time. Mariah said this was the perfect time. Faith put on the music, and Mariah and Tessa danced. Tessa felt like she was dancing on a cloud. Sharon and Nick watched Noah with concern, and she said maybe it was a bad idea to put Noah through this. Nick felt bad for him too, and he went over and suggested they got to a movie. Noah turned back and stared longingly at Tessa.

When Chance and Abby got home, Louise said Dominic slept the whole time and didn’t even wake up to take his bottle. Abby seemed surprised. She knelt down by the playpen and called Dominic several times. She asked Chance if he thought the baby looked pale.

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