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Belle has EJ make her another drink. EJ points out that she still hasn’t told him what happened. Belle is afraid if she tells him, she’ll start screaming, crying, and throwing things so she thinks she should stick to drinking instead. EJ mentions having an excellent scotch to lift her spirits. EJ finds the bottle but realizes that Clyde Weston drank the whole bottle. Belle questions why Clyde was even in his house.

Ben is at home with Baby Bo and Clyde. Clyde jokes about the baby being named for the other grandpa instead of him. Ben points out that the last name is Weston, so he’s named after both of them. Clyde jokes that since Bo’s dead, he’s the only grandpa anyways. Ben asks him not to say that in front of Ciara. Ben then allows Clyde to hold baby Bo. Clyde remarks that he looks a little bit like him.

Nancy walks through the town square, on the phone with Bonnie. Nancy informs her that she has plans tonight as she made reservations for her and Clyde at the Bistro. Nancy exclaims that it’s going to be a great night but then she runs in to Leo Stark and says she may have spoken too soon.

Eric goes to check on Sarah in the room above the Brady Pub. Sarah cries that she still can’t believe their daughter is gone and that Xander switched their child with Brady and Kristen’s. Sarah says she knows it’s been years. Eric hugs her as she cries and understands it’s new for her. Eric asks if there is anything he can do to help. Sarah thinks it will take time. Eric encourages her to eat and says he will wait for her downstairs as he exits the room. Sarah gets a call from Xander.

Rafe and Nicole go to the Brady Pub with Nicole’s daughter Holly. Eric comes over. Holly excitedly greets him and says she missed him as they hug. Holly then asks if Eric is going to get back together with Nicole.

Sarah declines Xander’s call.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks what Xander is doing there. Xander responds that he was hoping to see Sarah but Maggie said she hasn’t come back yet and he was hoping to see she’s alright. Sonny asks if something else happened. Xander informs Sonny that Sarah is a real wreck about it but it’s a long story.

Nancy tells Bonnie that she will call her tomorrow and hangs up. Leo says he couldn’t help but overhearing that she has a big date. Leo asks if she’s sure this one is straight. Nancy tells Leo to get out of her way. Leo asks if she has spoken to Craig. Nancy responds that she talks to him on a regular basis. Leo asks how Craig is doing since he doesn’t call him back. Nancy asks why he would since he broke his heart. Nancy tells Leo to just leave Craig alone.

EJ explains to Belle that Clyde showed up shortly after they got out of prison and he wanted to go in to business together. Belle asks if it was drugs. EJ confirms it was and assures that he didn’t go along with him. Belle can’t believe Clyde would think EJ would push drugs for him. EJ reveals that Clyde thought if he could get him to do something illegal, he wouldn’t be able to turn him in to the authorities. Belle questions EJ being able to turn him in and what Clyde did.

Nicole reminds Holly that Eric is a priest again and she is with Rafe now. Eric tells Holly that he’s just here for a short visit. Rafe thought he was going back to Africa tonight. Eric explains that he was but Sarah has a new situation so he wants to be here for her in any way he can help. Nicole acknowledges that Sarah has been through so much and none of it is her fault. Holly asks what that means. Rafe decides to take Holly to the kitchen. Holly guesses it’s so Eric and Nicole can talk, which they laugh about. Nicole tells Eric that she can’t believe Sarah thinks her baby is alive and says she told Xander to man up and tell her. Eric points out that Xander didn’t, so he had to. Nicole asks how she took it. Eric admits she was devastated for a second time. Nicole guesses she’s furious at Xander. Eric says that doesn’t even begin to touch it.

Xander explains to Sonny that in Sarah’s mind, she just found out her baby died shortly after it was born but she didn’t find out from him. Sonny guesses Sarah must really hate his guts right now. Xander feels that he just needs to talk to her and help her realize how she got through this before as she ended up realizing she still loved him. Xander notes that Sarah would’ve married him if not for Kristen. Sonny argues that Xander can’t just make her fall in love with him again. Xander says it’s just killing him to watch her go through this again. Sonny encourages him to give her time and maybe she’ll find another way to forgive him. Xander worries about if she doesn’t and then he could lose her for good this time.

Belle questions EJ having dirt on Clyde Weston that nobody knows about. EJ says he shouldn’t have said anything. Belle says she’s going to keep bugging him until he tells her and reminds him that he is her client so it will be confidential. EJ admits it’s been difficult trying to keep something like this to himself. Belle encourages that now he can share his burden with her. EJ warns her to think long and hard about whether she wants to shoulder this burden because it’s Clyde Weston and if he finds out that she knows what he knows, it could put her life in danger.

Clyde informs Ben that his lady friend is taking him out to dinner tonight. Ben asks if it’s getting serious. Clyde says he could say that. Ben asks about meeting her. Clyde says she’s picking him up tonight so he can meet her. Ben jokes with him and then apologizes for what he said before. Ben acknowledges that Clyde has a job, is seeing a very nice lady and has turned his whole life around. Ben declares that he’s proud of Clyde.

Leo argues that he cares about Craig and always will, so he just wants to know how he’s doing. Nancy argues that he didn’t care while lying to him, so it’s none of his business. Leo complains that she doesn’t have to be so hostile just because he left her for him. Nancy points out that Craig left him too and their affair didn’t last long because Craig is not stupid and he kicked his lying, young ass to the curb. Leo insists that his love for Craig was real. Nancy says if that was true, he would’ve been honest with him but he wasn’t because he never is. Nancy declares that now Leo has lost Craig forever. Leo insists that Craig will forgive him some day. Nancy laughs and says there’s no chance in Hell because Leo is going to spend the rest of his pathetic life all alone which is exactly what he deserves. Nancy starts to walk away but Leo calls her a miserable old hag and goes after her.

Sarah comes downstairs at the Pub. Nicole says she didn’t know that she was there. Sarah explains that Eric was just letting her hide in his room for awhile. Sarah apologizes to Nicole for this morning. Nicole says she understands. Sarah says that Xander just told her that she and Eric had the baby. Nicole can’t believe he did that. Sarah says she was confused. Nicole understands that Sarah thought she was lying and cheating on Eric with Rafe. Sarah tells Nicole that she and Rafe make such a good couple. Rafe comes back over with Holly. Sarah explains that she was just apologizing for earlier. Rafe understands and is glad she’s feeling better. Nicole asks if Holly is ready to go home. Holly hugs Eric goodbye. Nicole and Rafe say bye as they exit the Pub with Holly.

Xander tells Sonny that he can’t sit around hoping Sarah comes home as he has to find a way to get through to her. Xander bets she’s at Eric’s and wants to go but Sonny tells him to sit down because when he gets like this, he becomes a pushy ass. Xander remarks that he’s not taking love advice from the likes of Sonny when his husband doesn’t even live in the same state. Sonny says that’s only temporary. Xander calls it a huge mistake to give someone too much space because it’s out of sight, out of mind. Xander declares that Sonny should be reminding Will of how miserable he’d be without him, which is exactly what he’s going to do right now with Sarah. Xander then rushes out of the mansion. Sonny remarks that it won’t work.

Leo pulls Nancy’s wig off and they start fighting until Rafe and Nicole come around the corner. Rafe rushes up to break things up and tells Leo to give Nancy her wig back or else he will un him in. Leo then hands her wig back and remarks that he has more important things to deal with as he walks off. Rafe checks on Nancy, who says she’s fine. Rafe says to let him know if Leo comes near her again. Nicole greets Nancy, who comments on how beautiful Holly is. Nicole says she’ll see her later as she and Rafe walk on with Holly. Leo comes back by. Nancy reminds him that Rafe warned him to stay away from her. Leo says he forgot to tell her something as he wanted her to give Chloe a message. Nancy informs him that Chloe is visiting her son Parker and doesn’t want any messages from him. Leo tells her to just tell Chloe that she’s on his list. Nancy asks what list. Leo remarks that she will soon find out.

Belle tells EJ that Jan already has it in for her, so what’s one more target on her back. EJ assures that he’s serious as knowing what he knows has made him a threat to Clyde and they both know how Clyde deals with threats which is why he hasn’t told anyone about this. Belle insists that Clyde won’t find out that she knows as she can keep a secret. Belle says she’s just asking him to confide in her as his friend and lawyer since she has his back. EJ clarifies that he is talking to her as his attorney, not his former sister in law. Belle then asks what Clyde did. EJ reveals that he knows for a fact that Clyde is responsible for someone’s death. Belle asks who. EJ responds that it was his.

Xander returns to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny asks if he came back because he realized the wisdom of his words. Xander says no but there was a package for Sonny in the foyer and he also forgot his phone. Sonny says the package is from Will and Arianna, congratulating him on his new job as Titan CEO. Xander then exits as Sonny eats a cookie from the package.

Eric eats with Sarah in his room upstairs. Sarah thanks him for eating up here and says it was good to see Nicole and straighten everything out with her. Sarah cries that she’s not feeling like much of a people person which Eric says makes sense. Sarah comments on Eric being so kind. Sarah knows it’s not easy watching her relive it all. Eric is sorry that she’s in so much pain but he’s glad to be here for her. Eric encourages that there will always be a piece of him that grieves for Mickie too. Eric tells her to just give it time while Sarah cries that it feels like too much to bear. Eric hugs her as she cries.

Ciara comes out of the bedroom and greets Ben, who is with baby Bo. Ben asks if he and Clyde woke her up. Ciara says she just heard the baby and figured it was time to feed him. There’s a knock at the door which Ben says must be Clyde’s date. Ben answers the door and meets Nancy. Ben invites her in and introduces her to Ciara. Nancy mentions that Shawn went to school with her daughter. Ciara realizes she is Chloe’s mom. Nancy congratulates them on the new baby and talks about how Clyde was over the moon. Nancy mentions that she and Clyde were afraid Ben might lose her and that Ben might not be able to go on without her. Clyde comes in and says he’s glad Nancy got to meet them. Nancy compliments his beautiful family. Ben tells them to have a good time as Nancy and Clyde then exit together. Ciara comments that she seems really nice. Ben agrees and says Clyde seems to really like her.

Belle questions EJ saying Clyde shot him when everyone thought it was a mugger. EJ clarifies that Clyde didn’t pull the trigger but he lured him to the park and threatened him when things got heated, then his man shot him and they left him there to die. Belle questions why he would keep this secret. EJ responds that he had no memory of this meeting until they sent him to prison and he was put in the same cell as Clyde. EJ says it came to him and bits and pieces so it took him awhile to put the pieces together. Belle argues that Clyde is out on parole when he should be doing life in prison. Belle urges that EJ has to go to the police about this. EJ says he can’t do that because they had that meeting in the park since Clyde was running drugs for him. Belle can’t believe it. EJ says he was in a state of desperatoin and did something incredibly stupid, but if he reports Clyde then he will tell the police about him and he’s not going back to prison. Belle argues that there’s nothing that the cops want more than to put Clyde back behind bars, so she knows she could strike a deal where EJ won’t serve a day. EJ responds that is not what he’s worried about. EJ informs Belle that he confronted Clyde about what he remembered and Clyde said if he turned him in, he would take it out on his entire family. EJ adds that when Clyde was released, Orpheus let him know that the threat was real. Belle asks if they can send his kids and his mom in to hiding until they get Clyde behind bars. EJ explains that Clyde had a network on the outside the whole time in prison, so he’d just put the word out and Orpheus would back him up, so he’s not having his family live with that for years. Belle argues that he can’t let Clyde get away with this. EJ declares that he’s not going to but it might take time for his plan to be put in to action. EJ guarantees that when it is, Clyde Weston will never be able to hurt him or anyone he loves ever again. Belle asks if this plan involves killing Clyde? EJ then takes a drink. Belle advises EJ not to be an idiot and take the law in to his own hands. Belle tells EJ that she really cares about him and he’s been her brother in law for years. EJ says he never got the feeling she was fond of him. Belle admits she wasn’t but then got to know him better when she took his case and sees him differently now that he and Sami are done. Belle tells EJ to stop changing the subject as she thinks he’s going down the wrong path and if he tries dealing with Clyde on his own, things won’t work out well for him. EJ asks if he should just get over the fact that Clyde shot him in the back. Belle suggests letting her think of a legal way to bring Clyde to justice. EJ complains that it seems really time consuming. Belle says she has a lot of time on her hands now that her marriage is on the rocks. Belle suggests they get something to eat and brainstorm. Belle gets up from the couch but stumbles and admits she’s a bit tipsy. EJ decides he will have his driver take them as they exit the room.

Sonny records a video for Will and Arianna, saying he loved the cookies they sent and he’s already had two. Sonny says he loves them and misses them as he hangs up. Leo enters and greets him. Sonny questions how the hell he got in. Leo says that Henderson has a crush on him. Sonny tells him to say what he wants and then get out. Leo offers him a fruit basket as a peace offering. Sonny turns it down and threatens to have him thrown out.

Sarah hates that she’s doing this to Eric. Eric says he wants to be here for her as he knows how it feels when Kristen DiMera is after you. Eric tells Sarah that she will always be his friend and she can hide out here as long as she wants. Sarah thanks him and says she might take him up on that since Xander keeps calling and she’s sure that he’s staked out at the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander then knocks on the door, saying that they have to talk.

Sonny tells Leo that he doesn’t have time for his games. Leo claims he was just congratulating him on getting his old job back. Sonny brings up that last time he saw Leo, he vowed to ruin his life. Leo claims that was so yesterday. Sonny knows revenge is Leo’s favorite activity. Leo brings up his run in with Nancy that got unpleasant and claims it made him realize all his anger isn’t good. Sonny mocks him having a growing experience. Leo says this is him turning over a new leaf. Sonny asks if the fruit basket is poisoned. Leo says there’s only one way to find out and takes a bite.

Clyde and Nancy walk through the town square. Nancy tells him about her run in with Leo and says she doesn’t know what would’ve happened if Rafe didn’t show up. Clyde wants her to point Leo out if she sees him while they are together. Nancy calls it sweet of him to be so protective. Clyde calls her his woman. Nancy doesn’t want to talk about Leo anymore. Nancy mentions that it was so nice to meet Ben, Ciara, and their baby. Nancy talks about how good looking Ben is. Clyde jokes that good looks run in the family. Nancy then kisses him on the cheek.

Rafe and Nicole go home with Holly. Rafe surprises Holly with a present of a stuffed animal dog. Holly says she loves it and thanks Rafe with a hug.

Xander continues knocking on Eric’s door, saying he has to talk to Sarah. Eric asks if she wants him to get rid of him. Sarah says he’ll just keep coming back so she might as well get it over with. Eric answers the door. Xander asks to speak to Sarah alone. Sarah tells Eric to say and then tells Xander to say what he needs to say and then go. Xander tells Sarah that he’s just so sorry as he didn’t know how to tell her about Mickie and he lied which was wrong and it’s not the first time he’s mucked things up between them. Sarah cries that Xander played God with her life. Xander says he was not trying to hurt her. Sarah says everybody has tragedies and the only way to get over them is to get through it. Xander insists that he will change and learn if she can forgive him. Xander points out that she forgave him before. Sarah tells him that she’s not the same woman anymore. Xander argues that they were going to get married and they were so happy. Sarah doesn’t know what she was thinking then and declares that there is no way she could ever marry him now.

Clyde gives Nancy flowers. They then run into EJ and Belle in the town square. Clyde comments that it looks like he’s not the only one with a hot date tonight. Belle questions them dating which Nancy confirms. Nancy then asks if they are dating but Belle says it’s just a work thing. Clyde tells them to have a good time and pats EJ on the back as he and Nancy walk away. Belle and EJ wonder what that was about.

Sarah tells Xander that he said his piece and now he can go. Xander offers to drive her home since Maggie is worried sick about her. Sarah says she will call her but cries that she can’t go back to the house right now because there’s too many bad memories. Xander asks what she’s going to do then. Sarah responds that Eric said she could stay here as long as she wants. Xander questions if the Vatican is cool with that. Eric says he won’t dignify that with a response and reminds Xander that Sarah asked him to leave. Xander assures Sarah that he’s not giving up and he’s not going to lose her as he then exits.

Nicole puts Holly to bed with her stuffed animal. Rafe informs Nicole that he has a present for her too and surprises her with another Duke teddy bear. Rafe then has Nicole check the bear’s pocket where she is shocked to find a ring inside.

Leo tells Sonny that there’s nothing wrong with the fruit basket. Sonny then gets a text from Will, revealing that he did not send the cookies. Leo asks if something is wrong. Sonny realizes it was Leo and then collapses to the floor. Leo remarks that there was nothing wrong with the fruit but the cookies were clearly a health hazard.

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