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[ Knock on door ]

Sally: I am here on a mission. The latest video of billy abbott —

Adam: The one sent by an anonymous friend?

Sally: Yeah. I wanted to see what came of that.

Adam: Um, nothing…yet.

Sally: You know, I just have to say, you seem to know the guy pretty well. He showed up at the dive bar, just like you said he would, and he seemed very interested in the poker action.

Adam: Well, the way that billy’s been acting out and drinking, predicting his next move wasn’t that much of a feat. But you captured it all. Well done. You’re the best.

Sally: “Best,” yes. Yes, I know. I got the text after the video I sent you.

Adam: It was much appreciated.

Sally: Then maybe you wouldn’t mind telling me what you plan to do with the information that I’ve given you.

Adam: Shouldn’t the satisfaction of watching me turn the tables on adam be enough for you?

Victoria: Well, assuming that he buys this act of yours that you’re drinking and gambling again and spinning out of control.

Billy: Oh, he will. And when he does, he’s gonna use newman media to shame me. And that is when I threaten to sue him and his company into oblivion.

Victoria: If you didn’t think billy could pull this off, you wouldn’t be here making demands in exchange for your silence.

Victoria: Well, let’s just assume that everything goes according to plan and adam takes the bait and he goes scorched earth on you in the press.

Billy: You know him. He won’t be able to resist.

Victoria: I won’t tip off adam or my father if, and only if, you go through with this lawsuit. And I don’t mean just threaten him. I mean hit him hard. Demand a crushing amount of money.

Billy: This isn’t about money, victoria, and there’s no guarantee that newman media would have to pay out a dime.

Victoria: Yes, but the damage to the reputation would be devastating. It would be enough.

Billy: All I want is an admission from adam that he set me up. That would be vindication for me. And I think you know I deserve that.

Victoria: Vindication would mean public acknowledgement that the story that you published about ashland, about his criminal activities, was true.

Billy: It is true.

Victoria: It would require my husband to take a hit for things that he did in the distant past. Why would I go along with that, billy?

Billy: You want to use my lawsuit to scoop up newman media, the company your father snaked out from you when you were trying to acquire it.

Victoria: I’m simply giving you the terms for my silence.

Rey: Thank you.

Chelsea: Hey, there.

Rey: Hey. How’s it going?

Chelsea: It’s good. It’s good. Although I seem to have misplaced my gloves, so I was circling back to check the lost and found.

Rey: Well, when my waiter comes back with my takeout order, we can ask him.

Chelsea: Sounds good. So how was your christmas?

Rey: You know, it was really nice. All of sharon’s kids were there, so that was a lot of fun. How was yours?

Chelsea: It was wonderful to be with connor again. You know, he was just so thrilled to be able to spend time with both of his parents, even if it was just for a day.

Rey: Yeah, I’ll bet.

Chelsea: And thank you for the gift you sent him. Oh, my gosh! Chicago blackhawks jersey. Wow. I mean, he put it on as we’re opening gifts and he’s yet to take it off.

Rey: Well, I’m glad he liked it.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah. Connor’s really into hockey these days, so it was perfect. Very thoughtful. Thank you.

Rey: He’s a great kid.

Chelsea: He is. You know, connor worships the ground you walk on and he thinks you walk on water.

[ Chuckles ] As leery as I am about victor having, you know, as much access to him as he wants, it’s really comforting to me knowing that you live close by.

Rey: Well, he seems to be doing well. I saw him getting in some practice on the ice with noah the other day, and, you know, he may be new to the sport, but he’s definitely got some skills.

Chelsea: Oh. Says the guy from miami.

Rey: [ Laughs ] Right. Needless to say, I was super impressed.

Chelsea: Yeah. Listen, I’m just glad connor has a passion. It’s both fantastic and terrifying, given all of the blades and flying pucks, but I’m excited for him.

Rey: So how are you?

Mariah: So how soon after elena moves out, could we move in?

Sharon: Um, well, I want to just shampoo the rugs and steam-clean the upholstery, paint the place.

Tessa: I mean, I think it looks perfect the way it is.

Sharon: Okay, well, then I’ll keep it the same color. But, you know, there’s a process I go through any time I turn the place over for a new tenant, and I would do the same for you girls.

Mariah: You are not gonna win this one, tessa. She’s determined.

Sharon: I just want everything to be perfect for you.

Tessa: I mean, it is — perfect size, perfect location.

Mariah: Complete access to the best coffee in town and close to you.

Sharon: Sounds like you’re trying to butter up your landlady.

Mariah: We were thinking more like… grandma.

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Mariah: Tessa and I have always talked about raising a child together someday.

Tessa: I mean, we’ve both had separate conversations with you about that.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. So this is a ways off?

Mariah: It was.

Tessa: Not anymore.

Mariah: Yeah, we decided that we want to get the process started now instead of down the road.

Tessa: And by process, she means adoption.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] I see.

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, we just wanted to start seeing how it all works. I mean, what the legalities are, how long it’s gonna take.

Mariah: And when tess’s new album comes out, I mean, she’s gonna be on the road all the time.

Tessa: Yeah, not the best time to conceive.

Mariah: And the doctor said I should wait at least a year before getting pregnant, so, realistically, adoption made the most sense to us.

Sharon: Well, it sounds like you’ve given this a lot of careful thought, which I’m happy to hear.

Mariah: This is a decision that tessa and I made together. You know, we did not take this lightly. We had a lot of long, in-depth conversations about this, you know, what I went through, how it affected me, taking on the responsibility of bringing another life into this world.

Tessa: I mean, I never thought that this would be possible for me, until mariah, because of how big our love is. It’s big enough to fit a child into our little family. So that’s where this is coming from. It’s an expression of our love and commitment to each other.

Mariah: We wouldn’t be going into this if we both weren’t ready, genuinely sure. And now we are.

Adam: No decision has been made.

Sally: Meaning you’re not gonna use what I sent?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Would it really matter to you either way?

Sally: Honestly, I’m kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. Seeing him gamble, secretly spying on him, knowing that he’s an addict, it’s not exactly taking the high road.

Adam: Okay, well, let me just get one thing straight. I don’t take any pleasure about watching the man relapse. It’s not something that i wanted. It’s not something that i caused, as much as billy tries to proclaim that when he’s had a few too many. When he came after ashland, he pushed people that he knew would push back. He took a gamble, and he lost, and his career took a major hit.

Sally: Yeah, it sure seems that way.

Adam: And still, it’s not like billy’s out on the street. He’s a trust-fund baby that has lots of opportunities. He could jump on the executive team at jabot or chancellor if he wanted to. But unfortunately, he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like to cut his losses and walk away after he’s had a big loss.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that fits with everything I’ve observed.

Adam: Mm-hmm. More often than not, he’ll end up doing something even more reckless. I mean, he threatened me openly. And some people might write that off as his anger or his booze, but I think it would be a mistake not to be prepared.

Sally: So the information that I’ve been feeding you is basically protection in case billy comes after us somehow?

Billy: I think there’s a way for both of us to benefit here.

Victoria: How?

Billy: If or when you get newman media back, you let me run it.

Victoria: You?

[ Laughs ] Oh, please.

Billy: Why do you say it like that?

Victoria: Oh, billy, do i have to spell it out for you? I mean, you failed at running chanccomm. Do you think I’m gonna give you a shot at a repeat performance?

Billy: Victoria, I did not fail. I was a victim of a very carefully orchestrated plan by victor and adam to destroy me, when they insisted that the story about ashland wasn’t true, but we all know it is. Nonetheless, I never planned on publishing that story. Ashland’s lawsuit was enough to cripple us. So I swallowed every ounce of pride that I had, and I made a very public retraction, and i stepped down from chanccomm to not watch it be sold or dismantled right in front of me. Then I came up with this plan to force victor and adam to acknowledge what they did. This is about salvaging my reputation, my credibility, my name. Don’t take that away from me. You owe me this much.

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Victoria: Well, you make a very compelling case.

Billy: Do we have an agreement?

Victoria: I wasn’t expecting a counterproposal.

Billy: So what were you anticipating? That I was just gonna do whatever you said, as long as you agreed not to screw me over?

Victoria: I’m willing to look the other way while the game is afoot, providing that you follow through with your threat, file suit, go after real damages. Give me something to work with, billy.

Billy: Right, so you end up with newman media and chanccomm, and I’m out in the cold with victor and adam?

Lily: That’s a clever strategy.

Billy: It is, isn’t it?

Victoria: I haven’t said no to anything, have I?

Billy: No, but you haven’t said yes. It feels like you’re giving yourself a little wiggle room.

Victoria: Oh, I see. So now you’re critiquing my choice of words. That’s not really a good way to get me to go along with your plan.

Billy: Yeah, but see, the fact that I pay attention to words should prove that I’m able to run a media company.

Victoria: Oh, come on. You want to be ceo, not copy editor.

Billy: I believe you should be able to run every aspect of your company.

Victoria: I don’t disagree with that, but a good leader also shows good judgment, and you’ve given me plenty of reason to doubt you.

Billy: You know what this is, vick? A classic victor move. Or maybe this is about ashland, because he wishes he sold cyaxares to you to begin with.

Victoria: Don’t worry about my motivation. One word from me, and your plan is — it’s finished.

Billy: Let me ask you something. Are you enjoying my downfall? Are you enjoying your father strutting around talking about what a loser I am? Adam lapping it up, enjoying every minute of it?

Victoria: My personal feelings are beside the point.

Billy: That’s very convenient for you, because this is my life, this is my reputation. And we have worked very hard to make sure that our kids are not affected by this. You want them to find all this out? Because they will. Is that what you want? Look, you want to be the tough negotiator. That’s fine. Let me say this — me running newman media is good business. I can continue the good work that I did at chanccomm for both of your companies.

Lily: Billy, you’re losing sight of what this plan was about in the first place.

Billy: After everything that adam has done to me, after everything victor has done to me, everything that I’ve been through, I deserve this.

Victoria: I’ll take everything that you said under consideration.

Adam: This evidence of billy drinking and gambling, it’s nothing new. Given how many times it’s happened in the course of his life, it has lost its shock value.

Sally: That’s sad.

Adam: Yeah, it is. And I understand why you’re on the fence about exposing his behavior after seeing it up close. And while I am grateful that you captured on video for the good of the company, what happened doesn’t warrant a preemptive strike.

Sally: Well, I am really relieved to hear you say that, because I was not looking forward to a big war that could mess up the plans that we have for newman fashion.

Adam: No, that is the last thing that I want, so you have nothing to worry about. Just keep doing your job and coming up with great ideas. I expect 2022 is going to be a breakout year.

Sally: Yeah, I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a good one. How do you plan to ring it in? Do you have any plans for new year’s eve?

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] Actually, no. You?

Sally: No, I don’t have anything going on either.

Adam: Well — well, aren’t we exciting?

Sally: You know, here’s a thought. What if we did nothing together? Like as friends, of course, and work colleagues.

Adam: It’s very original.

Sally: Mm. Just like me.

Chelsea: I’m happy because my son is happy.

Rey: I asked about you. You can be honest with me, chelsea.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You’re one of the few people I feel I can tell the unvarnished truth to, which is saying a lot considering our history.

Rey: Mm. Well, I’ve seen you climb out of that dark place you were in, get your life back together, be the kind of mom that connor needs you to be. Says a lot about you.

Chelsea: I’m still finding my way. I don’t feel settled back into my life here yet.

Rey: That’s understandable. You just got back.

Chelsea: Not to mention, I’m living in a penthouse where there are all these memories of adam and I. I mean, we lived there together, and now I just signed a contract to start working at his company. I mean, this whole situation is just loaded with landmines.

Rey: Yeah, that’s — that’s not easy.

Chelsea: It’s worth it, though. For connor.

Rey: I can imagine he’d love to have his parents back together.

Chelsea: Adam and I have made it clear to him that won’t be happening.

Rey: I hope that’s true. I’d like for you to be able to look back on your life now, without adam, and see how much better you are without him.

Sharon: I’m happy for you both, that you want to embark on this together. But you have to understand that the adoption process can be long and difficult.

Mariah: We are aware.

Tessa: Which is why we wanted to start investigating it sooner rather than later.

Sharon: I think that’s very wise.

Mariah: And look, we know that it’s probably gonna be harder for us, considering we’re a same-sex couple, but you know what? We’re up for any obstacles they throw at us.

Noah: Hey, guys.

Sharon: Hey.

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: What’s going on?

Noah: Want some good news?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Noah: I have the final artwork for tessa’s album cover right here.

Tessa: Fantastic.

Sharon: That’s great.

Mariah: How did it turn out?

Noah: Brilliant.

Mariah: Oh, and you’re not biased at all?

Noah: No, no, of course not. You guys want to see it?

Tessa: Um, [Clears throat] Actually, we were just in the middle of something.

Mariah: No, no, no. Go for it. I’ll be there in a second.

Tessa: Are you sure?

Mariah: Absolutely. Go.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Alright. So tell me the truth. You’re worried about this, aren’t you? How did olay top expensive creams?

Lily: You know, from the beginning, I thought that your plan was outrageous.

Billy: Unorthodox.

Lily: But I was willing to go along with it, because I do believe that it’s justice for what adam and victor did to you. And I think you have a real shot at clearing your name. I mean, I was willing to play the aggrieved girlfriend because I love you and I believe in what you’re trying to do. But then victoria, she comes waltzing in here, she makes her demands. And your plan takes on a whole new dimension, and you don’t even discuss it with me.

Billy: Lily, she knows I’m lying. She holds the cards.

Lily: She wants you to keep putting on a public display of being a relapsing addict so that she can take control of newman media.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I’m trying to make this work for everyone.

Lily: No, no, you are at her mercy. Do you really think that she’s gonna give you control of a media company after you tried to stop her wedding? After what you tried to do to her husband? I mean, do you really think that you can trust her with anything?

Ashland: So billy has been faking the whole time.

Victoria: You don’t sound so surprised.

Ashland: I’m not. I mean, it’s exactly the kind of stunt he’d try to pull. Although I have to admit there’s a certain warped elegance to the whole thing.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Well, that’s one way to put it.

Ashland: Although now that you’ve uncovered the truth, the element of surprise is gone, right? The game is over.

Victoria: Unless I stay quiet, let it all play out. Let adam and newman media fall into the trap. A lot of things would have to go right for that to work.

Ashland: And even if it does, we have to admit that there’s a couple of things that might be quite damaging, including the fact that the article written about me is true.

Victoria: I think I might have found a way around that.

Ashland: Oh?

Victoria: Yes. I offered to keep quiet on one condition — when billy files suit against newman media, that he goes after them, making them ripe for takeover. Just like chanccomm.

Ashland: A takeover. By newman/locke.

Victoria: Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you read my mind?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Wanting to best adam, okay. But do you really think it’s wise to go up against your father?

Victoria: Well, I did it once before with cyaxares. Adam and my father, they won that round, but I don’t think my father ever liked the fact that I sold off our media division to chancellor industries. And I predict that once he gets over the initial shock of it all, I think he’ll admire me for it.

Ashland: Mm. With you manipulating billy to do it. And even if he wants to go forward with his plan, why would he want to hand newman media over to us?

Victoria: Billy wants us to put him in charge.

Ashland: Well, I hope you’re not considering that, after all that billy has tried to do to hurt us and discredit me, and he hates me for wanting to go along with victor and adam’s plan.

Victoria: I know, but listen to me. Nobody knows billy better than i do, and I promise you, he’s not gonna be a problem. And just think — think about what we’re gonna get out of it.

Ashland: So keep your enemies close, and take everything.

Victoria: Precisely.

Ashland: God, I love the way your mind works. I find it incredibly attractive.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, then I can’t wait till you to hear my ideas about improving corporate synergy.

Ashland: Mm, I love it when you say that. But before I get overwhelmed with my lustful thoughts, I have some good news of my own to share, some very good news.

Sharon: I’m behind your decision.

Mariah: But?

Sharon: It’s such a beautiful, hopeful thing to want to raise a child in a loving home. But the process of adoption —

Mariah: I know, it’s rough.

Sharon: It can be pretty daunting, put it that way. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and you’ve already experienced so much heartache.

Mariah: I am touched by your concern, truly. I know that you just want to protect me.

Sharon: Part of being a parent. That never goes away.

Mariah: Yeah, and I know things will be complicated and there are risks. But, I mean, that’s sort of life, isn’t it?

Sharon: It’s true.

Mariah: And as far as the obstacles, [Sighs] I mean, my motto is bring it on. That’s always been my way, and I’m really, really lucky to have a partner who is strong and independent and supportive, who is also just as scrappy as I am.

Sharon: Well, if you do decide to go through with this together, after you’ve done your research, you’re gonna need each other to lean on through all the waiting and the disappointments you’ll encounter, until you get to the other side.

Mariah: We’re ready.

Tessa: Wow, you weren’t kidding.

Noah: Oh, about being brilliant? No, no.

Tessa: Mm-hmm. I mean, I remember when you first told me about the idea. You described it to me and everything you envisioned. It’s all there.

Noah: Look what I had to work with. Everything you bring to the table — your passion, your fearlessness, how vulnerable you’re willing to be. And you put all that in your music. It’s one of the many reasons i adore you. As a friend, like a fanboy.

Mariah: Alright. The suspense is killing me. Let’s see this epic album cover.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Mariah: I don’t want to inflate your ego by telling you how talented and amazing you are.

Noah: But you’re going to anyway?

Mariah: Noah, this is truly incredible. You have done something so special, especially now that you took tessa’s enlarged eyeball out of it, like…

Noah: Yeah. Yeah. Okay, that was a joke, but thank you.

Mariah: But honestly, how hard could it have been? You have an ideal subject.

Noah: Yeah, I did.

Mariah: Alright, so, tessa, what do you think? Is it all you hoped for?

Tessa: I mean, yeah. As I told noah, I was blown away. Everything he envisioned, it’s — it’s all there.

Mariah: Okay, but I’m sure noah would want to get your unfiltered feedback, you know, about his work.

Noah: You know, there’s a step in the creative process when you spend so much time with something, you’ve put so much energy into it, your heart and soul, that you step back and you think like, “damn, I did that.” I don’t want to put tessa on the spot. I sent her an e-mail with the images attached, and I want her to live with it for a couple of days. There’s still time to change things, so… anyways, I am gonna take my fragile-yet-massive ego and go get ready for a meeting with adam. It was good seeing you two.

Mariah: I’ll see you soon. And again, fantastic work.

Noah: Thank you.

Mariah: Okay. What’s wrong? And don’t say nothing, because i can tell something is.

Tessa: I mean, I-I love — I love the album artwork. It looks amazing. It’s just that I feel — I feel kind of weird walking away from that important conversation with sharon. Do you think that she’s, like, not as excited about our decision to adopt a baby?

Chelsea: Adam is a good dad, and that’s all I can ask for, that we peacefully coexist and work together to do what’s best for our son. Adam has not always been the best role model, but he’s definitely making changes in his life.

Rey: Hmm. He certainly wants people to think so.

Chelsea: Well, there’s one thing I am certain of, and that’s that he loves his son. He’s proving it, and I’m grateful. I mean, he’s not like you, rey. He’s not constantly a good guy and always a great role model.

[ Both laugh ]

Rey: Yeah, I’d like to think that I would have been a good dad.

Chelsea: Is that off the table? Having kids?

Rey: You know, I think that time has passed for sharon and me. But I do love being a stepdad.

Chelsea: Well, faith has the best dad in the world, but she’s really lucky to have you in her life, too.

Rey: I really appreciate you saying that. Well, my order’s up.

Chelsea: So it is.

Rey: Well, if I don’t see you before then, I hope you have a happy new year.

Chelsea: You too, ray. May it be a good one for both of us.

Rey: Yeah.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?

Ashland: We wanted to discuss plans for new year’s eve.

Victoria: But we also have some really good news to share, and we wanted to do it in person.

Victor: You do? Well, don’t keep us in suspense.

Ashland: I got the latest test results back, and they’re more encouraging than the last ones.

Nikki: So the treatment is working?

Ashland: Better than I ever could have hoped for. It seems to have stopped the cancer in its tracks.

Nikki: Oh, ashland, that is wonderful news. I’m so thrilled for you.

Victor: Very happy for you, ashland.

Ashland: Of course, it’s only one test result.

Victoria: Yes, but things are trending in the right direction, and that’s what counts, right?

Ashland: Exactly.

Victor: You know what that means, don’t you?

Ashland: Besides the obvious?

Victor: Well, that means you have to stop kicking back and smelling the roses.

Ashland: [ Laughs ]

Victor: It’s time to get out of the back room of newman/locke. You should put another chair into the boardroom, you know.

Ashland: Put the “power” back in “power couple.”

Victoria: That would be an answer to my prayers.

Ashland: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Well, well. Looks like the gang’s all here.

Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Chloe: We have a lot to talk about.

Sally: We do?

Chloe: I just had an excellent meeting with chelsea about the direction we’re going to take the fashion platform in.

Sally: Great. Yeah, fill me in. I’m dying to hear.

Chloe: Well, chelsea’s triumphant return has the fashion world buzzing. I mean, who doesn’t love a good redemption story?

Sally: Right?

Chloe: We’ve been getting a ton of interview requests from all of the major trade publications wanting features. And naturally, I mean, they’re all wanting an exclusive.

Sally: Naturally.

Chloe: Anyway, it occurred to both chelsea and me that since we’re launching our own video platform, why are we giving away our biggest story? Hello?

[ Chuckles ] Earth to sally. Did you hear anything I just said?

Sally: Sure. Yeah, no, keep — keep going. I’m — I’m fascinated.

Sally: Oh, you’re just — you’re fake smiling and bobbing your head, but you’re really just tuning me out. What’s the problem? Are you feeling threatened by chelsea being your boss? Because you know it is all in writing now.

Sally: Not in the slightest.

Chloe: It’s your personal life. I know. I think I know what it is. You don’t have a date for new year’s eve. You know what? I have the perfect solution.

Sally: To what?

Chloe: Well, instead of just sitting at home, watching the ball drop, killing a bottle of wine, you’ll hang out with kevin and me.

Sally: No, chloe. I couldn’t possibly.

Chloe: Don’t worry, my mom’s gonna be watching the kids and we’re gonna have a fun night out with michael and lauren, and this will be a great opportunity for you to finally make nice with her after the whole wedding dress fiasco.

Sally: I’m sorry. I can’T.

Chloe: Of course you can. Don’t worry, kevin won’t mind.

Sally: This is really sweet of you, but I actually do have plans for that night.

Adam: Looks like I’m crashing the party. I just came by to tell you about some plans I had for newman media. Wanted to start the new year off with a bang.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] I suggest we table that conversation. Right now you join us for a drink.

Adam: Oh, no, I don’t want to intrude.

Victor: Well, we have something to celebrate.

Nikki: Yes, we just got some fabulous news. We’ll have ashland and victoria fill you in. Darling, can you help me with the champagne?

Victor: I certainly can. Okay.

Victoria: Ashland, he got his lab results back, and it appears that the treatment he received at the clinic in peru has been working.

Adam: That’s phenomenal. Very delighted for you both.

Victoria: Thank you. We’re elated about it.

[ Sighs ] Which is why it’s particularly disconcerting to see billy drinking at a bar in the middle of the day again.

Adam: Yeah, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Victoria: Yes, well, thankfully the kids will be off to boarding school soon, so they won’t have to watch their father imploding.

Adam: It’s all too predictable.

Victoria: The way you say that, I hope that you’re not planning on exploiting this. Although I’m sure that you feel that billy has it coming after publishing that exposé on you.

Adam: I mean, billy’s not doing anything we haven’t seen him do before ad nauseum. It’s kind of grown tiresome. There’s not a whole lot to exploit.

Billy: Once victoria realized that I was faking, that was game over. Or at least it could have been. Now I’m just trying to salvage something, and this could be a win-win.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Billy, if you believe that, you are hopelessly naive.

Billy: Come on, lily.

Lily: I cannot believe how easily you’re giving up on your plan and giving into victoria’s demands without even putting up a fight.

Billy: I’m trying to be realistic here, okay? I lost all my leverage. And let’s be honest, running a company with newman in the name, that’d be pretty satisfying, and it would drive victor and adam crazy.

Lily: Oh, okay, so now your goal is revenge.

Billy: No, I’m trying to roll with the punches.

Lily: Okay, you realize your best-case scenario here with everything working out has you working for your ex and her husband who has every reason to hold a grudge against you.

Billy: Yeah, I realize that, but I will say that we’ve all been able to raise johnny and katie together, so I think that we can do this, too. Look, victoria, she was talking tough earlier, okay? She’s trying to negotiate. I believe that she respects my business acumen.

Lily: Oh, my god, billy. She’s using you. She’s using you and you’re letting her do it. Once victoria has what she wants, she’S… okay, you know what? It doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t matter because your cover is blown with someone who has proven they cannot be trusted. You are all pawns to her — her father, her husband, her brother, you. You’re all pawns in her game to out-victor victor. And do you realize that for this to work, you now have to trick adam into doing something to allow him to get sued? And say what you want about him, but he’s not a fool. He clearly has no interest in your return-to-the-gutter act.

Billy: Tell me how you really feel.

Lily: Yeah, I will. So please tell me, what are you gonna do? Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Mariah: My mom is concerned, but not in the way that you’re thinking. No, she’s not freaked out or anything. She just basically said what she said before, which is adoption is gonna be challenging.

Tessa: But we’re so strong, and we’re so in love.

Mariah: And we’re scrappers, which is exactly what I told her.

Tessa: And we’ve dealt with so much. We’ve overcome so much. We can do this, mariah. We can make a family.

Noah: Yeah, I should have it to you after the first of the year. Okay, thank you. Take care.

Sharon: Don’t forget this.

Noah: Thank you. I will see you at home.

Sharon: Okay. No, wait. How did mariah and tessa like your final cover design?

Noah: Can I fill you in later? I’m late for a meeting.

Sharon: Yeah.

Noah: Alright, bye.

Rey: Hey, man.

Noah: Good to see you.

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: Hurricane noah?

Sharon: Tell me about it.

Rey: Is there a problem?

Sharon: There’s just a lot going on with the kids today.

Rey: You want to talk about it, or would you rather i distract you?

Sharon: I’ll take option number two.

Rey: My pleasure.

Sharon: I like where this is headed.

Rey: Mm. You grab your things. I’m gonna have justine close everything up, then I’m gonna take my wife home.

Sharon: I’m all yours.

Rey: Uh-huh.

Chloe: What exactly are your plans? And with whom?

Sally: It is nothing big or even exciting.

Chloe: Is it a date? You might as well tell me. I’m not gonna give up.

Sally: No date. But I really appreciate the offer. It was a very sweet invitation.

Chloe: Well, this is me not being sweet. Who exactly are you not going on a date with on new year’s eve?

Sally: Chloe, I’m telling you, the evening that I have to look forward to would bore you to tears.

Billy: Look, we’re getting ahead of ourselves right now, okay? Victoria hasn’t agreed to anything.

Lily: I’m surprised you noticed.

Billy: Can we table this for now? Nothing’s gonna happen till after the new year. Can we just enjoy the holiday? Can we agree on that? Please?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Lily: Let me guess — victoria.

Billy: Hey, vick.

Victoria: I’m at the ranch. Adam is here. This act of yours is barely registering. He’s seen it all before. You’re gonna have to up your game.

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