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Alex is in the Titan office on the phone with Justin. Alex tells Justin to give Sonny his best and that he’ll see him soon. Alex hangs up as Stephanie enters the office. Alex informs her of the great news that Sonny is awake which relieves her. Alex adds that Stephanie’s press release worked it’s magic on the Titan stock prices. Stephanie congratulates him but Alex says it’s thanks to her and suggests they celebrate by going out for drinks.

Ava questions why Johnny is being so nice to her. Johnny responds that he likes having her around and he cares about her a lot. Johnny and Ava then start kissing onto the bed.

Li enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells EJ that he was grateful to be invited to Jake’s memorial since he was closer to him than most of the family. EJ responds that now that it’s over, he can feel free to make a quick exit. Li says that EJ will be free of him as soon as Gabi is finished saying her final goodbyes to Stefan…

Gabi removes her old wedding ring and places it at Stefan’s plaque in the Crypt. Gabi says she never imagined she’d be telling Stefan about her feelings for another man and she hopes he understands that as wonderful as what they had was, she needed to make a new life for herself. Gabi adds that even though she and Li are engaged, Stefan is the love of her life and always will be, but she has to let him go. Gabi says goodbye to Stefan. Gabi then gets up to leave right as Stefan returns to the Crypt. Gabi is shocked as Stefan says hello to her.

Chanel and Allie go to Paulina’s apartment, bringing her and Abe 9,998 “Vote for Abe” campaign cookies. Chanel asks if they meet her quality but Paulina responds that she’s sorry as they just won’t do.

Johnny and Ava kiss in bed until Ava stops and says they can’t do this. Johnny asks why not since it felt great to her. Ava points out that she’s old enough to be his mother while Johnny remarks that he’s always been mature for his age. Ava worries that EJ would flip. Johnny doesn’t care how he’d react after how he treated them. Ava says she doesn’t either but she doesn’t want to come between them. Johnny says that’s great because EJ already did that himself so she has nothing to worry about.

EJ questions how long it takes to say goodbye to a guy who has been dead for four years. Li points out that today was especially emotional for Gabi because he proposed to her. EJ mentions that Anna and Tony told him, so he offers his condolences. Li decides he will wait for Gabi outside. EJ brings up Gabi still wearing her wedding ring around her neck, so he must be aware that her heart still belongs to Stefan.

Gabi says she can’t believe Ava was right all along that she saw him alive as she believes he is Jake. Stefan questions why people keep confusing him with this Jake guy and points out having the same birthday, so he asks if he’s his twin brother. Gabi doesn’t understand and asks what he’s saying. Stefan declares that he’s not Jake, he is Stefan DiMera.

Stephanie tells Alex that only an amateur buys in to his own PR, warning that he’s next in line to be cancelled if he keeps up. Stephanie reminds Alex that their relationship will not ever extend beyond business. Alex explains that he was just offering to buy her a drink as a thank you for a job well done, not asking her to go to bed with him. Stephanie says she started out on the racing circuit, so she is well versed in men like him, who think they can have whatever and whenever they want. Stephanie warns Alex to read the Titan handbook on sexual harassment because it’s not acceptable to ask a subordinate out on a date. Alex apologizes for overstepping and says he’s just never felt like this before about anyone. Stephanie argues that feelings have to go both ways. Stephanie tells Alex that his attempts at charming her in to changing her mind about him is wasting their time and dangerous to his career because if he continues to overstep, they won’t be able to work together.

Chanel questions Paulina not liking her cookies and asks what’s wrong with them. Paulina says it’s that they say “Vote for Abe” and she’s been so busy but she’s been meaning to call. Abe and Paulina then reveal that Abe is not running for Governor, Paulina is.

Ava questions Johnny being over Chanel. Johnny argues that Chanel made her choice and is with Allie now, while he needs to move on. Ava then suggests maybe she’s not ready to move on after her husband just died a few weeks ago. Johnny apologizes for being insensitive and doesn’t want to push her in to anything she doesn’t want to do, but he is attracted to her and he thinks that she’s attracted to him too. Ava admits that she’s scared that she’s losing her mind. Johnny insists that she’s not crazy. Johnny suggests EJ could be behind it since he has a history of gaslighting women. Johnny feels there has to be an explanation for why she keeps seeing Jake but asks her not to hold back to protect him.

Li tells EJ that he has no illusions about Gabi’s feelings for Stefan. Li acknowledges that Stefan was the love of Gabi’s life so far, but she is ready to move on. EJ says she’s at least persuaded him that she is. Li questions EJ feeling threatened by Gabi’s commitment to him. EJ says he’s not in the least and is just warning him that Gabi’s commitment to him might not be so whole-hearted. Li warns EJ to mind his own damn business. EJ argues that Stefan was his brother while Gabi and Li are on a mission to consolidate power at DiMera, so it is very much his business. Li argues that they are not on a mission and they are very much in love. Li shouts that Gabi’s heart belongs to him, not EJ’s dead brother.

Gabi argues that it’s impossible because Stefan had his heart taken out of his chest and she begged Dr. Rolf to help, but he said that Stefan was beyond help. Gabi argues that she donated Stefan’s heart to Julie. Stefan reveals that Dr. Rolf gave him a new heart and had him on ice for four years. Gabi argues that he’s wearing Jake’s suit. Stefan says that Kristen brought it to him. Stefan assures that suit or not, he is Stefan. Gabi asks if it was him that Ava saw earlier and not Jake which he confirms. Gabi can’t believe Stefan is alive and really back. Gabi then grabs Stefan and kisses him.

Alex promises to never offer to celebrate anything with Stephanie ever again. Stephanie agrees that they should celebrate Titan’s successes separately. Stephanie mentions having another client to see. Stephanie says she loves her job most of the time. Stephanie asks if they are clear on where they stand. Alex confirms they are as she exits the office.

Chanel excitedly asks where Paulina running for Governor came from. Paulina informs her that they met with Stephanie. Abe adds that Stephanie believes Paulina would be a stronger candidate. Abe says that this was Paulina’s dream all along, so they decided she should go for it. Paulina hopes she can count on their support. Chanel says of course. Paulina assures they will pay for all the cookies but she’d like to place an order for 10,000 more that say “Vote for Paulina”. Allie jokes that they are going to need a bigger cookie.

EJ remarks that Li’s defensiveness about Gabi’s devotion to him leads him to believe that he’s not so sure of it himself. Li suggests they limit their conversation to business. EJ calls his latest hire an idiotic mistake. Li says that Ava is as shrewd as they come. EJ argues that she’s also off her rocker and hallucinating her dead husband. EJ adds that it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Ava and Jake’s marriage never occurred. Li responds that he and Gabi stand by Ava, as does Johnny. EJ says Johnny’s judgment is clouded. Li argues that EJ underestimates Johnny as he does anyone who isn’t blindly loyal to him. Li decides he should go check on the CEO of EJ’s father’s company because he and Gabi have so much to celebrate.

Stefan pulls away from Gabi and questions why the hell she kissed him. Gabi argues that she is his wife and asks if he doesn’t remember her. Stefan says he does remember her. Gabi reminds him that she loves him but Stefan says he doesn’t love her and can barely stand the sight of her, leaving Gabi confused.

Ava tells Johnny that he’s very persuasive, sweet, and supportive and she really does like him but they are not going to happen for many reasons. Ava says she needs to at least try to heal from losing Jake and needs to keep her life as simple as possible right now. Johnny says he’s trying to understand. Ava says that Johnny defending her against EJ and the way he’s been pursuing her helped her ego and lifted her spirits, so he’s helping her heal. EJ then knocks on the door, asking if Johnny is in there, arguing that he missed Jake’s service. EJ then walks in, shocked to find Johnny in bed with Ava.

Chanel and Allie sit together in the town square. Allie questions if they are really about to go back in to the Bakery to make 10,000 more cookies. Chanel talks about Paulina having to pay more for bigger cookies and says she’ll straighten that out with her in the morning. Alex approaches and says they are just the pair he was looking for because he needs their wisdom, guidance, and relationship advice. Chanel asks what he needs all that for. Alex responds that they need to help him get over Stephanie Johnson.

EJ screams at Ava to get up, get dressed and get the hell out of his house. Johnny tries to explain but EJ says he knew exactly what this was and calls Ava a scheming slut. Johnny warns him not to talk about her that way. EJ argues that Ava is using Johnny to get to him. Ava tells him not to flatter himself. EJ brings up questioning her marriage to Jake, her sanity, and her ability at DiMera. EJ accuses Ava of taking his son to bed for revenge. Johnny argues that he doesn’t understand but Ava says he does. EJ orders Ava to get out of his house now. Ava responds that she will because the sight of EJ makes her sick. Johnny reminds EJ that if she goes, he goes which EJ calls a win-win.

Gabi argues that Stefan has been through a trauma and is confused. Gabi urges him to try to remember how much they love each other. Stefan responds that he doesn’t feel that way at all. Gabi pleads with him. Li then enters the Crypt and pretends to be shocked.

Stephanie goes to see Paulina and Abe. Stephanie informs Paulina that she got her a magazine interview for tomorrow and brought her materials to prepare. Stephanie asks Abe to also participate in the interview. Abe reminds her that he’s not running. Stephanie explains that a portion of the polls showed people weren’t keen on voting Abe as Governor because they didn’t want to lose him as Mayor which means they can parlay his popularity in to a huge asset for Paulina. Stephanie calls them a political power couple which Paulina loves. Abe doesn’t want it to be about him. Paulina jokes that it won’t be with her standing next to him. Paulina tells Stephanie about how she was trapped in a very painful relationship with Lani’s father and then she met Chanel’s father and lost him, so after that she decided she was done with men and didn’t need love or the pain it brought because her business was enough. Stephanie relates to that. Paulina says that was untli she met Abe and realized just how wrong she was.

Chanel questions Alex wanting to get over Stephanie. Allie thought she was the woman of his dreams and it was love at first sight. Alex assures that’s true but that Stephanie pointed out that feelings have to go both ways and she drove home that in this case, they don’t. Chanel calls that rough. Alex assures that he understands no means no but he wasn’t used to hearing that until moving back here. Allie and Chanel joke about how anyone could say no to him. Alex says he has no idea how to get over Stephanie but says he never should’ve listened to Sonny when he told him to find love and settle down. Alex says he was great having casual encounters with wonderful women with no feelings to complicate things, but now he has all these feelings for Stephanie and she wants nothing to do with him. Alex questions how to stop obsessing and not feel so needy or pathetic. Chanel suggests Alex go back to his old ways for just a hook up with no strings to get his mind off Stephanie. Alex agrees that might work. Alex then asks if there’s any chance Allie and Chanel might want to volunteer to help him through a tough time with some no strings fun.

Li pretends to think Stefan is Jake. Stefan questions when people are going to stop calling him Jake. Gabi says she knows it’s hard to believe but this is Stefan. Li calls that impossible. Gabi explains that Stefan told her that Dr. Rolf brought him back from the dead. Stefan asks if Li is still with DiMera which he confirms. Stefan jokingly asks who the CEO is this week. Li responds that Gabi is and she’s doing an amazing job. Stefan notices Gabi’s ring and asks if that’s an engagement ring. Li then confirms that he and Gabi are getting married.

EJ comments that Ava has already started packing. Ava says she can’t wait to get out. Johnny feels the same. EJ says good riddance to the both of them and storms out of the room. Johnny apologizes to Ava. Ava says it’s for the best and that she’ll just get a room at the Salem Inn. Ava asks what about Johnny since this is his family’s home. Johnny assures that EJ needs to realize he can’t just bully people and get away with it. Ava asks where he’s going to go. Johnny responds that he’ll go to the Salem Inn with her. Ava argues that they just met a couple weeks ago. Johnny feels they had an immediate connection. Ava reminds him that they can’t be. Johnny says he’ll sleep on the floor and it doesn’t have to be about sex but jokes that he kind of loves that EJ thinks it is. Ava admits she does too. Ava doesn’t think it’s the right time for them to move in together. Johnny says they can start with just one night. Johnny tells Ava that he didn’t try to sleep with her to prove a point to EJ but because he really likes her. Johnny says they helped each other. Ava assures they are just friends but says she wasn’t looking for revenge against EJ but she won’t complain about that as a benefit.

Allie and Chanel turn Alex down again on the threesome. Alex argues that they’d be doing a good deed by helping him get Stephanie out of his system and helping him through a tough time. Allie says it would maybe help get Alex out of his misery temporarily but she thinks it would be a mistake. Allie argues that just because Stephanie turned him down doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else out there for him to have a real relationship with, that shares his feelings. Chanel agrees and suggests Alex consider this a bump in the road on his way to finding that special someone. Allie suggests instead of jumping in to fun, Alex should deal with his feelings as it might be therapeutic. Alex thanks them for listening and admits he respects that they aren’t in to the threesome idea. Alex says that after meeting Stephanie, he understands the idea of wanting to be in love with one person. Alex says he’s envious of what they have and then walks away.

Stephanie asks if Paulina and Abe was love at first sight. Paulina assures it was not. Paulina says when she first met Abe, she could tell he was a catch but told herself that she wasn’t interested until she eventually couldn’t ignore what was in front of her, so she opened up and gave in and she’s so glad she did. Paulina says they have had potholes along the way but calls Abe the best thing to ever happen to her. Abe adds that Paulina has made him happier than he ever thought possible. Paulina tells Stephanie that sometimes you think you know what you want and don’t want, but as it turns out, you don’t have a clue. Stephanie suggests she share that in the interview tomorrow.

Stefan congratulates Gabi and says he’s glad to see she’s moved on and hopes they have a happy life together. Stefan goes to leave but Gabi stops him, saying she doesn’t know what Dr. Rolf did to him but they have to get him checked out at the hospital. Stefan refuses. Gabi argues that he has to remember. Stefan responds that he remembers and that Gabi needs to be reminded that he was living a happy life with Chloe Lane until Gabi came along and ruined everything.

Johnny and Ava walk in to the living room where Johnny announces to EJ that if he needs him, he’ll be at the Salem Inn with Ava. EJ can’t believe it and argues that Johnny can’t be moving with Ava. EJ calls Ava a cougar that is using him and says this is wrong on so many levels. Johnny and Ava then exit the mansion together, leaving EJ frustrated.

Stephanie has a drink at the Bistro, thinking back to Paulina’s words about not having a clue what she wants. Alex arrives and says he’s sorry as he didn’t realize she’d be there so he’ll leave. Stephanie tells him it’s okay as it’s a public place so he’s allowed to be there. Alex says it’s okay but Stephanie stops him, saying she knows that she said they should celebrate separately but since they are both here, she doesn’t see why they can’t celebrate together. Stephanie says it’s just one drink and calls it business. Alex asks if she’s sure. Stephanie tells him to pull up a stool as she’s buying.

Allie asks Chanel if she thinks Alex learned anything. Chanel thinks Alex learned it’s a bummer to get hurt. Allie adds that they don’t need a man in the bedroom to have a good time. Allie tells Chanel that she doesn’t want to share her with anyone for any reason as she could not handle that. Chanel assures she will never have to and that she wouldn’t want to share her either. Allie kisses Chanel. Johnny and Ava then approach. Johnny greets them and informs them that EJ just kicked them out so they are getting a room at the Salem Inn which surprises them. Johnny tells them to have a good night as he and Ava head to the Inn.

Gabi questions Stefan saying she stole him from Chloe. Stefan brings up Gabi trying to seduce him to get her foot in the door at DiMera which seemed to be the theme of their whole relationship. Stefan hopes she comes to her senses and wishes her luck as he then walks out. Li tells Gabi that he’s so sorry as this must be so disturbing and painful for her. Li assures her that he will make it okay as she hugs him.

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