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Recap written by Christine

Lily was exhausted after a long day working from home, but Billy was still feeling wired, so he wasn’t ready to go to bed. She was concerned about his insomnia, but he didn’t want her to worry. He said he’d come to bed soon. She went upstairs. He wondered what was going on with him. He went online for tips about falling asleep. He read about setting aside time to process, reflect and meditate on his thoughts. He had a stiff drink and wondered what he needed to process. He pulled out his phone and made a recording of him talking to himself, playing therapist and patient. He said he had everything, lost almost everything, and he got all of it back except the thing he missed the most – Delia. He wondered if he’d learned anything.

Billy wondered if he was awake because he was worried he couldn’t break free of his past, or break free of who he really was. He said his inner monologue constantly reminded him of the dumb things he said and the smart things he didn’t do. He held out hope, but he wondered what he was hoping for. Billy told himself that two or three years ago, he couldn’t stand to be in his own skin. Lily came downstairs and overheard Billy say he was in a great place and so much of that had to do with her. He wondered why he was feeling restless and unsettled. He asked himself if there was something that was eating away at him. If so, did he want to find it? Billy turned around and saw Lily. She was sorry for intruding. He said she wasn’t. She asked if he was worried about why he wasn’t sleeping. He thought worried was too strong of a word, but he was intrigued. He explained that he was doing a sort of therapist’s session, and he wanted to let her hear part of it. She thought his thought should stay private since it was like therapy, but he said there was no part of his life he wanted to keep private from her.

He played her a part of the recording when he talked about deciding to let go of the grudge with Adam and continuing to be the bigger man. He’d asked if he could continue to be the man and he said something still seemed to be missing. She thanked him for playing that for her. It was revealing to her to hear him talk about the darker parts of his history. She asked if it bothered him to relive it all. He said no. he said maybe it would’ve in a past relationship, but it didn’t with her. He trusted her, and it felt cathartic and kind of liberating. She was impressed with how far he’d come. He said his progress was directly linked to her. He was excited about how far they’d go together. She kissed him and went back to bed.

Billy wondered what he’d discovered about himself. “If everything is as good as you say it is, are you worried about screwing it up again?,” he asked. He said he’d always been a one step up, two steps down kind of guy. He felt he could change that. He said Lily was great for him, and she called him on his BS like he needed, and she loved him. He said that letting go of the constant need for revenge was the right choice. He needed the courage to acknowledge the great place he was in and change for the better.

Abby was on edge because of Dominic’s symptoms, and Chance was sure things would be okay. He said that Devon wouldn’t have gone home otherwise. The waiting was excruciating for Abby. Chance wanted her to try to sleep. Abby didn’t understand why Dominic’s red blood cell count was suddenly so low that he’d need an invasive test like a bone marrow aspiration. She knew the procedure was painful, and she was scared the baby would get an infection or a have an allergic reaction, which was a risk. They hugged as he comforted her. He saw no point in dwelling on the worst case scenario. He was worried too, but he said they had to stay strong for their boy. He suggested she go take a bath to unwind. She thanked him for taking care of her even though he was dealing with so much. He said she’d been so patient and understanding with him. He thought they had to keep leaning on each other and doing what was best for Dom and for themselves. She went upstairs. He called Rey to apologize for missing work today. Rey said family trumped work and he asked how the baby was. Chance said they’d know more in the morning. He asked about the case Rey was working on. Rey said his day wasn’t over, and he was still dealing with the case. Chance decided the case would be a good distraction to Dominic’s situation, so he decided to meet with Rey to talk about it.

Chance told Dominic that he needed to be okay. He promised to do whatever it took to get Dominic through this. He said he’d be there for Dom and Abby. Chance wanted Dom to trust him. Chance was doing everything he could to get back on track, and he promised to be the best dad he could be. Chance thought he needed to go back to the force and focus on work.

Abby came downstairs, and Chance said he got Dominic back to sleep. He wanted to go meet Rey if that was okay with her. She said it was fine. She recalled him saying it’d help him deal with his trauma to go back to work. She told him to be careful, and he said he would.

Chelsea tossed and turned in bed at the Grand Phoenix. She remembered Adam saying it’d be a mistake to get back together. She recalled asking him if he was falling for Sally Spectra and saying that Sally didn’t deserve him. She called Chloe and said she couldn’t sleep. She thought they could go over their proposal for Lauren. Chloe couldn’t come over because Bella was awake after a nightmare, due to a scary movie Kevin let her watch.

Chelsea went to Crimson Lights and chatted with Rey. She was trying to wind down. He thought he might have to go on a stakeout, so he was trying to keep his mind active just in case. Chelsea said it must make Sharon nervous that Rey was out all night risking his life. Rey said that Sharon had come to terms with the crazy hours, but he thought saying he was risking his life was a bit of an overstatement, especially tonight. Chelsea said she and her mom went on a stakeout once, while watching a mark. He thought that must’ve been scary for a kid. She said it wasn’t, because she didn’t know any different. She said her mom would stay up all night plotting about how to sucker some gullible guy. He thought that sounded lonely for a kid. She said it was, but she and Anita were a team. Anita taught her not to trust outsiders. It wasn’t until Chelsea was older that the reality of it all started to set in.

Chelsea asked if Rey always wanted to be a cop. He did. He’d always been on the lookout for danger, because he felt responsible for his mother, brother and sister. When his dad went missing, Rey became obsessed with what happened to him. It turned out that his father wasn’t missing, he was just off having another affair. Rey never forgot the rush of solving the mystery and tracking down the clues. He asked what set her down her path. She said she became a con artist because it was all she knew, and she was good at it. When she got pregnant with Johnny, she knew she had to change. Even though she wasn’t going to raise Johnny, she knew she had to do better in her life. She knew she made mistakes since then, but she’d let that part of her life go, because Connor needed her. Rey could see that Chelsea changed, and he thought it was admirable, because some people never did. She was feeling like it was pointless because she was still lonely and alone. He said she had her son, and she wasn’t going to raise him the way Anita raised her.

Chelsea was telling Rey about a con that she and Anita ran when Chance walked in. He said he’d heard about some of her past from Adam, and it fascinated him. He wanted to hear the story. Chelsea said the statute of limitations had past, then she continued her story. Chelsea had pretended to be a princess to swindle someone. Chance thought it was impressive that Chelsea walked away from that life. She said she had to for her son. She said a lot of people still judged her for her past, but Rey wasn’t one of those people. He said he’d seen how hard she worked to rebuild her life. He got texted and he had to go back to work. Chelsea thanked Rey for the conversation, and she wished him luck with the stakeout. Chance was going on the stakeout too, and he was eager to do so.

Chelsea went home and got on the couch to sleep instead of the bed. She had a dream that Rey showed up and told her that he found her and her dark past mesmerizing, and he kissed her. Chelsea jolted awake.

Rey and Chance hid in an alley to wait for the robbers. Rey asked about Chance. Chance explained about the bone marrow aspiration. He’d been telling Abby not to jump to the worst case scenario, but he was having a hard time following his own advice. There was nothing worse than the worry you felt when your kid was going through something. Rey got a case of that when Faith got into a car accident and needed a kidney transplant. And also with Connor, because he’d been so sad when Rey was spending time with him. He knew it wasn’t the same when it was your own child. Chance said that Faith was Rey’s stepdaughter, and he loved her. He knew Rey wanted to protect her. He was sure Chelsea was grateful Rey had been there for Connor. He said Connor was a good kid. They saw someone disabling the security system, and Rey said he’d go one way, and he wanted Chance to wait then go around the other side. Rey left. Chance heard glass breaking, and he started breathing heavily.

When Chance got home, Abby was sleeping on the couch. She woke up and asked if everything was okay. She thought he’d be out all night. He said everything was fine and that he just felt like his place was here with her and Dom.

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