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Allie is at home, on the phone with Tripp. She tells him that she doesn’t know how she feels as she went from her parents getting married to her dad getting arrested for kidnapping her mom. Allie thanks him for checking on her and hangs up as Kate arrives. Kate says she just wanted to check on her and see how she’s doing. Allie responds that she’s just praying that her father isn’t a murderer. Kate hopes today her prayers will be answered as she doesn’t think Lucas killed Abigail and she thinks maybe they will get proof of that today.

Lucas tells Marlena that he just wishes he could remember every single detail of that night. Marlena thinks hypnosis got them halfway there and they can maybe get clarity after they interview Sarah. Lucas wonders what Sarah was doing at the DiMera Mansion. Marlena says only she has the answer to that. Lucas hopes that Sarah can prove to Rafe and Chad that he didn’t kill Abigail.

Rafe calls Chad to give him a heads up that he’s bringing in a person of interest. Chad asks what that means. Rafe responds that they aren’t sure yet. Chad wants to come down there but Rafe says no way in Hell.

Maggie questions who Jada is. Jada introduces herself as Detective Jada Hunter from the Salem PD. Maggie questions her objecting to the marriage. Sarah asks if Xander knows her. Xander says he’s never seen her before in his life. Maggie worries about what Xander has done now, but Jada then reveals that she’s here to bring Sarah in for questioning. Sarah asks why. Xander asks what she could possibly have to question Sarah about. Jada reveals that it’s about the murder of Abigail DiMera, shocking them all.

Chad tells Rafe that he needs to know what information this person has or if they are a suspect and this means Lucas didn’t do it. Rafe assures that he’s doing everything by the book and Chad has shown he can’t restrain himself and if he goes off the handle again, he could jeopardize the entire investigation. Rafe says he will let him know when he knows more, but he needs to promise to stay out of it. Chad asks how he’s supposed to do that and if he wants someone to chain him to a chair. Sonny walks in to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad that he can do that if he needs him to.

Xander argues that Jada must have been given some bad information but she disagrees. Maggie questions not hearing of her before. Jada explains that she just got hired today. Xander remarks that it explains that she’s anxious to prove herself on her first day but this isn’t the way and tells her to go talk to Rafe about it. Jada reveals that Rafe is the one who sent her here. Xander argues that he must have made a mistake because Sarah doesn’t know anything about Abigail’s murder. Jada wants to hear her say that. Sarah backs up that she doesn’t but Jada says that’s funny because they have an eye witness that puts her at the scene of the crime on the night that Abigail was killed.

Allie doesn’t understand why Lucas plead not guilty since he admitted to kidnapping Sami at the wedding. Kate explains that she convinced him to fight the charges. Allie asks why. Kate worried that if he confessed to kidnapping Sami then they would go ahead and charge him for Abigail’s murder. Allie asks if she’s sure he didn’t do it. Kate says of course he didn’t. Allie doesn’t want to believe it but points out that Lucas was capable of kidnapping Sami, lying about it, and keeping it from all of them for months. Kate then tells her that there’s something she has to talk to her about.

Chanel runs in to Johnny in the town square and asks what he’s doing here. Johnny responds that he was waiting for her because he needs her.

Sonny questions Chad needing him to stop him from going to the police station. Chad screams that he needs to go to the police station. Sonny encourages that Rafe needs to be able to focus on the case instead of dealing with him. Chad asks if he’s just supposed to sit here and lose his mind. Sonny offers to keep him company and keep his mind off things. Chad asks how to think about anything else as he just keeps wondering if it could be true that Lucas killed Abigail and if he was that desperate to keep his secret. Sonny mentions that Will was asking the same questions before he left. Chad asks where he went. Sonny explains that he got some new project and he practically had to force him to go. Chad asks if Will thinks Lucas could be the one who did it. Sonny says no and neither does he. Chad asks why not since Lucas kidnapped Sami. Sonny argues they can’t jump to conclusions. Chad thinks they should accept the fact that it could be him while Sonny points out that this new information could vindicate Lucas and it’s Rafe’s job to find the truth. Sonny tells Chad to just let Rafe do his job.

Rafe enters the interrogation room and informs Lucas and Marlena that Sarah is being brought in as they speak while he will need a statement from Lucas. Lucas says he’ll say whatever he needs. Rafe tells Lucas to just say whatever he remembers from that night. Lucas agrees to do that now so Rafe exits to go get his recorder. Lucas thanks Marlena for helping him remember as he knows it was a lot to ask after everything he did to Sami. Marlena says she can’t begin to understand why he did what he did and she doesn’t condone it. Lucas is so sorry that he hurt Sami, Marlena, and his kids. Lucas knows he’s lost Sami forever and it’s his own damn fault, but now that he remembers seeing Sarah at the DiMera Mansion, he wonders if he could remember more. Marlena says it’s possible for more memories to come back. Lucas feels like a lot is clearing up now. Lucas hopes that Sarah can prove that it wasn’t him who hurt Abigail.

Xander questions Jada who claims they saw Sarah. Maggie asks what exactly they saw. Jada says she can’t say but that the eye witness placed Sarah at the DiMera Mansion on the night of the murder. Xander argues that Sarah was nowhere near the mansion and had no reason to go there but Sarah reveals that’s not true.

Chad paces at home, complaining of not knowing what to do with all his anger and guilt. Sonny questions his guilt when he didn’t do anything. Chad guesses he hasn’t talked to EJ then. Sonny asks what EJ would have to say. Chad reveals to Sonny that he knew Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami since he discovered Lucas planting evidence on the DiMera computer to frame EJ but he kept quiet because EJ was trying to shut him out of DiMera and kept causing problems for he and Abigail. Sonny realizes Chad then sent his brother to jail which Chad confirms. Sonny says he’s not saying Chad should be proud of it but he’s sure he had his reasons. Sonny asks what now and if EJ is going to press charges. Chad says not if he signs over all his shares of DiMera again. Sonny asks if he’s going to do it.

Allie tells Kate that it sounds serious. Kate responds that it is but they get interrupted by Marlena showing up at the door. Allie comments on having both her grandmothers visit. Marlena says she didn’t know Kate would be there. Kate explains that she came to tell Allie about Marlena hypnotizing Lucas, so maybe now she can tell them both if she was able to do it. Marlena confirms that she was. Kate asks if Lucas remembered anything about the night of Abigail’s murder. Marlena reveals that he did and she wasn’t going to discuss it with Kate, but Lucas asked her to share whatever he recalls with his family. Marlena admits that Lucas did remember going to the DiMera Mansion that night. Allie asks if Lucas killed Abigail. Marlena explains that Lucas remembered going around back to get in to the DiMera Mansion and was making himself a drink when the knife he was cutting a lemon with slipped and he cut himself. Kate realizes that he didn’t use the knife on Abigail then. Allie asks if he remembered anything else. Marlena reveals that Lucas said there was somebody else there that night.

Rafe takes Lucas’s statement and asks him again how he got in to the DiMera Mansion. Lucas tells him that he let himself in through the living room doors. Rafe asks what he did once inside. Lucas admits he made himself a drink and went to a cut a lemon but his hands were shaky, so the knife slipped and sliced his hand. Rafe asks what happened next. Lucas says he walked towards the foyer and that’s when he saw Sarah Horton. Lucas notes that Sarah did not see him as she was agitated and running towards the door. Lucas adds that Sarah was in a total panic.

Sarah states that she did have a reason to go the DiMera Mansion that night. Jada asks what the reason was. Sarah says it was to see Abigail. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. Jada asks why Sarah would be looking for Abigail. Sarah explains that she had a conversation with Marlena that day, who has been treating her. Jada understands Sarah recently went through a trauma. Maggie argues that Sarah was kidnapped, drugged, and held hostage by a maniac. Xander doesn’t see what that has to do with anything. Jada asks about Sarah’s conversation with Marlena. Sarah says they talked about adjusting her meds and Marlena suggested she go speak to Abigail because she had been through something similar and she thought it was a good idea. Jada questions if Sarah admits that she went to see Abigail that night.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s really sorry that his family is going through this. Johnny just wants his dad to be okay. Chanel says he seems like a tough guy like him. Johnny says he doesn’t always feel that way. Chanel encourages Johnny about what he’s been through this year and coming out on the other side of battling The Devil. Johnny points out that he still lost her. Chanel says things happen. Johnny complains that his parents could’ve found their way back to each other but now his mom left town and no one knows if or when she’ll ever come home while Chad just lost Abigail forever and he doesn’t want that to happen to them. Chanel assures that she’s not going anywhere and is still his friend. Johnny argues that he wants more than that and to give them another try. Johnny points out that before The Devil ruined everything, they were so happy. Johnny says falling in love with her was the best time of his life and he thinks she was pretty happy too. Chanel responds that so much has happened since then. Johnny says not for him since the feelings are just as strong and never went away. Johnny declares that these are just words and he wants to show her as he pulls out a ring box. Chanel questions what he’s doing. Johnny gives her the box and tells her to open it. She does and finds her engagement ring, remembering that she threw it at him. Johnny says he found it and the second he picked it up, all the memories came rushing back. Johnny reminds her of when he first proposed to her. Johnny says they got married that night and she called it the most romantic day of her life. Chanel questions why he’s doing this when he said he would respect her wishes. Johnny argues that he tried but he can’t just keep pretending that he’s not still in love with her.

Allie questions Lucas seeing Sarah in the mansion on the night of the murder. Kate questions what the hell she was doing there. Marlena explains that Rafe is sending a detective to talk to Sarah so maybe she can remember something to help Lucas. Kate remarks that’s assuming Sarah’s not the murderer. Allie questions why Sarah would kill Abigail. Kate says she doesn’t know but anything is possible. Marlena says she will let them know if she hears from Rafe. Kate thanks Marlena for helping as she knows Marlena is upset with her and Lucas. Allie questions why Marlena would be upset with Kate.

Chad tells Sonny that EJ can have his shares as they mean nothing to him now and he owes it after what he did. Chad adds that EJ pointed out his hypocrisy for going after EJ for allowing Clyde to stay free when he was a threat to the family and he did the exact same thing with Lucas. Sonny doesn’t think it’s fair to compare Lucas to Clyde Weston. Chad points out that Lucas kidnapped Sami and may have cost Abigail her life. Sonny argues that they don’t know that. Chad says if it is true that Lucas killed her, then he could’ve prevented it if he told the truth as Lucas would be behind bars and Abigail could still be alive. Chad declares that if that’s true, he will never forgive himself.

Sarah clarifies that she didn’t say she was at the DiMera Mansion, just that she was planning to talk to Abigail. Jada questions if Sarah was or wasn’t there. Maggie accuses Jada of harassing her daughter. Jada just wants her to answer the question. Xander tells Sarah not to say another word. Jada asks him to stay out of it. Xander argues that Sarah doesn’t have to answer anything or talk to Jada at all if she doesn’t want to. Jada says he’s right but that would make her wonder what Sarah is hiding. Xander says that’s enough and points out that Jada interrupted their wedding, so he’s asking her to leave.

Rafe asks Lucas if Sarah ran out. Lucas recalls Sarah stopping in the doorway as he thinks she dropped something. Rafe questions if it was a knife.

Johnny tells Chanel that he wanted to be patient and tried to give her space, but he just watched his parents lives fall apart and his uncle Chad have his heart ripped out while all he could think about was how quickly it can all go away, so it became impossible for him to wait. Johnny says every minute that goes by without him telling her how he feels is a minute wasted, so he’s not going to stand back and risk losing her because he knows she’s the right person for him and he’s the right person for her. Johnny knows she might have feelings for his sister, but he believes in his soul that they belong together and they can’t lose any more time. Johnny then gets down on one knee and proposes to Chanel.

Marlena questions Kate not telling Allie. Allie asks someone to explain what’s going on. Kate says she was about to tell her when Marlena knocked on the door. Kate doesn’t know how to say it but informs Allie that she knew Lucas had kidnapped Sami. Allie questions her knowing the whole time. Kate clarifies that she found out after Sami had been rescued or else she would’ve told someone. Allie argues that it’s easy to say now and complains that Kate let her go on about how Lucas is a hero when she knew. Kate argues that Lucas is still her father. Allie calls him a kidnapper and maybe worse. Allie questions Kate not saying anything and keeping her mouth shut during the wedding. Kate argues that she believed they loved each other. Allie argues that he kidnapped her so the whole thing was based on a lie and if Chad hadn’t burst in, they’d be married right now. Kate tells Allie that she’s so sorry. Allie asks if Roman knows. Kate confirms that he does and has now broken off their relationship and doesn’t want to see or talk to her anymore because of it. Allie says that’s good because neither does she.

Sonny sits Chad down and tells him to relax and take it one thing at a time. Sonny encourages that Rafe is going to find out if it was Lucas or somebody else and then he will bring that person to justice. Chad says as much as he wants to find out who the killer is, it’s not going to change anything since Abigail is still gone and he’s nothing without her. Sonny points out that he still has his kids. Chad remarks that he’s about as good of a father as he is a brother to EJ. Chad says it’s hard to be a loving dad when filled with rage and regret. Sonny tells him he’s doing his best but Chad doesn’t feel that way. Chad talks about how Abigail would always tell the kids a long bedtime story with a new adventure every night and it was the best part of their day. Sonny points out that Chad is still with the kids and they feel that he’s trying which is all that matters. Chad asks what if he’s not enough. Sonny tells Chad the next time he feels overwhelmed or like he needs backup, he can call him. Sonny reminds Chad that he’s his best friend, so if he needs help with the kids, he’s there no matter what which means he’s also there for him any time he needs to talk. Chad points out that Sonny is running Titan now. Sonny says that doesn’t matter as he promises to always make time for him no matter what.

Rafe questions Lucas if Sarah was looking at a knife on the floor. Lucas says he doesn’t know. Rafe questions if Lucas didn’t see it or he doesn’t remember. Lucas says he does remember but her back was to him and he saw her pick something up and shove it in to her pocket, but he couldn’t make out what it was and then she ran off. Lucas says he’s sorry. Rafe asks what Lucas did next and if he went after Sarah. Lucas says no, so Rafe asks if he went upstairs or if he saw Abigail.

Jada is afraid she can’t leave without getting answers to her questions. Xander assures that she will get her answers, just not right now. Maggie pleads with Jada to let them get married. Xander promises that Sarah will be in touch, but they have to finish their wedding. Jada asks if that’s what Sarah wants. Sarah tells Xander that she’s so sorry but she can’t do this right now. Xander knows this has been upsetting but feels that clearly Jada has made a mistake. Xander tells Sarah that tomorrow they will go to the police station together to straighten this all out, but today he just wants to marry her and finally make her his wife. Xander asks Maggie for help. Maggie points out that they were up to the vows so it’d be just five more minutes and they’d be married. Sarah cries that she can’t as this is too much and she can’t give their wedding her full attention. Sarah wants to cooperate since Jada is trying to solve Abigail’s murder and she loved Abigail. Sarah points out that if it wasn’t for Abigail, she wouldn’t be here now. Maggie says she understands as Sarah decides she must do everything she can to help and answer all Jada’s questions. Sarah tells Jada that she will go with her. Xander tries to tell her no but Jada says that’s a good decision. Sarah declares that she has nothing to hide, so she’ll make a statement and tell her anything she wants. Xander asks Jada to give them a moment alone.

Lucas tells Rafe that he remembers now and it’s all coming back to him as after Sarah left, he didn’t go upstairs and he didn’t see Abigail. Rafe asks what he did. Lucas says his hand was throbbing and bleeding and he didn’t want to bleed all over the place, so he went back to the living room bar for another towel. Lucas says he went back out the way he came in. Rafe asks where he went then.

Kate asks Allie to give her a chance to explain but Allie says there’s nothing to explain as she lied and protected a criminal. Allie doesn’t want to hear Kate’s excuses and asks Marlena to watch Henry because she has to get out of here. Kate offers to watch Henry but Allie tells her to stay away from him. Marlena agrees to do it as Allie storms out.

Chanel gets Johnny up from being down on one knee. Johnny says he’s still waiting on an answer. Johnny reminds Chanel that she admitted how happy she was with him and they’d still be together right now if it wasn’t for The Devil. Johnny says they would be looking forward to their first anniversary together. Chanel repeats that so much has happened since then. Johnny knows they have lost a lot of time but says they don’t have to lose anymore. Johnny tells Chanel that he wants her, he needs her, and he loves her. Johnny adds that he knows she loves him.

Sonny pours drinks for he and Chad. Chad thinks he heard a car in the driveway but Sonny tells him there wasn’t. Chad talks about how it happens that he hears something and thinks it’s Abigail. Chad talks about thinking Abigail would walk in or that she’d be next to him when he wakes up but she’s not and never will be. Chad breaks down crying that he feels so lost and it takes everything he has to hold it all together. Sonny hugs Chad as he cries.

Lucas tells Rafe that he staggered out the doors and remembers thinking he had to get out of there, but he was so drunk that he kept falling but he kept getting up and he made it to the Salem Inn. Lucas assures that he went straight to the Salem Inn and doesn’t know how he made it to his room, but declares that this means he didn’t kill Abigail.

Jada tells Sarah that she will wait for her while Maggie walks her out. Xander argues that this is crazy as there’s no reason for Sarah to answer any questions about Abigail since she didn’t go over there. Sarah points out that she wanted to. Xander repeats that she didn’t. Xander says that Sarah said herself that she loved Abigail and had no reason to hurt her. Sarah asks what if she did because she doesn’t remember everything from that night. Sarah brings up her hallucinations, seeing Kristen all over the place like the night that she thought Victor was coming after her. Sarah adds that she attacked Nicole and pulled a knife on Chanel, so what if she went there that night and thought Abigail was Kristen and she murdered her. Xander hugs Sarah.

Kate tells Marlena that it looks like she’s screwed up her relationship with her granddaughter as well. Marlena says she wouldn’t give up on her just yet. Kate says Allie has been through so much and she just made things worse for her. Marlena points out that Kate didn’t mean to hurt her. Kate says that doesn’t matter since Allie hates her and Lucas. Kate feels Allie shouldn’t be alone right now. Marlena knows she’s worried but she can’t be there for her. Kate is just grateful that Allie is surrounded by other people that love her…

Johnny asks Chanel if she still loves him and says he can see it in her eyes. Chanel admits that she loves him too and they start kissing right as Allie walks up and sees them.

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