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Kate goes to see Gabi in the DiMera Enterprises office. Kate mentions Will taking Arianna back to Arizona soon. Kate says she has an important meeting so she doesn’t have much time and asks Gabi what this is about. Gabi responds that it won’t take long and then tells Kate that she’s fired.

Jake goes to Ben and Ciara’s apartment to ask if Susan confirmed Johnny is possessed. They inform Jake that there was an exorcism and that Marlena and John were finally able to get rid of the Devil for good. Jake asks if they were right that the Devil was in Johnny. Ben reveals they were wrong as the Devil was in Belle.

Shawn checks on Belle at home. Belle mentions having a headache but not knowing why. Shawn asks what she remembers about last night. Belle recalls him taking her to the car and putting her to bed. Belle asks what her parents were doing there and if something happened. Shawn reveals that John performed an exorcism. Belle asks if Marlena was possessed again but Shawn says this time it wasn’t Marlena, it was Belle.

Johnny enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks Chad if he has a second. Chad asks if he wants to apologize and say he knows now that Gabi was using him to get him booted from DiMera. Johnny responds that it’s not about Gabi, but about EJ. Chad asks what about him. Johnny brings up Chad seeing EJ kissing Abigail in the witness room. Johnny reveals to Chad that it turns out that wasn’t EJ.

Susan visits EJ in prison. Susan hugs him and says she misses him so much. Susan says it breaks her heart that he’s in here when he didn’t do a thing. EJ says she didn’t have to come. Susan responds that she did because she has wonderful news. Susan declares that he won’t have to stay much longer because she is here to set him free as she has a plan. EJ hopes she doesn’t plan to break him out. Susan assures her plan is legit. Susan says they are going to get his conviction overturned and blames his attorney. EJ says Belle is excellent but he failed her advice. Susan responds that Belle may be a fine lawyer, but the Devil sure isn’t.

Shawn explains to Belle that her head hurts because Johnny had to knock her out and then she was sedated and tied to a bed until John got back to remove Satan from her body. Belle questions this starting at Marlena’s exorcism and if she has been possessed since Christmas. Shawn says he had no idea but the Devil said something about keeping a low profile until he had finished his work. Shawn worries that the Devil was waiting for Ciara to give birth. Belle can’t believe that she had been plotting to steal Ciara and Ben’s baby without even knowing it.

Ben tells Jake that it turned out that Belle was the one who was possessed. Jake says it doesn’t make sense since they were convinced it was Johnny. Ben talks about Susan not feeling bad vibes from Johnny. Jake says he sure did. Jake knows Susan has been there for them, but insists that Susan is wrong on this. Jake is convinced that the Devil was in Johnny and working to tear him apart from the woman he loves.

Kate laughs at Gabi and says she can’t fire her. Gabi says she is dead serious and she just did. Gabi calls Kate a disloyal bitch and says she can’t have someone working under her, who she can’t trust. Kate says they can discuss this over lunch but Gabi tells Kate that she’s done. Gabi orders Kate to pack up her stuff and get the hell out. Kate agrees to leave but warns that if she walks out, Gabi is screwed. Gabi says she’ll be fine. Kate tells her that to be successful, Gabi needs allies and right now there is no one here that she can count on since Chad hates her, EJ is in prison, and she totally blew it with Jake. Kate tells Gabi that she is all alone. Gabi points out that she has Johnny. Kate says that Johnny ousted his uncle, blew up his sister’s engagement, and dumped his wife at their wedding reception, so she asks how long until Johnny turns on Gabi.

Chad questions Johnny telling him that it wasn’t EJ kissing Abigail, but Belle possessed by the Devil. Johnny claims Belle has been possessed since Christmas when Eric exorcised Marlena. Johnny says John did the exorcism this time and got rid of the Devil for good, but before that, Belle confessed what she did to Abigail. Chad questions why Belle would morph in to EJ so he could see him make a play for his wife. Johnny claims he asked Satan himself and he said it was to rip apart the family and turn brother against brother. Johnny knows EJ has done some bad things, including kidnapping Sami, but he did not force himself on Abigail. Johnny says he just thought Chad might want to know that.

Susan tells EJ about the Devil possessing Belle. Susan says John and Marlena are taking very good care of her now after the exorcism. EJ asks if she’s sure it was a success. Susan insists that the Devil is back in Hell where he belongs and Belle will be just fine.

Belle can’t believe she has been plotting to steal Ben and Ciara’s baby. Shawn remembers Ben and Ciara giving him an envelope with the sonogram containing the baby’s gender to hold on to so they could be surprised. Shawn points out that if the Devil was after their baby, he’d want to know what’s in the envelope. Shawn shows Belle where he had the envelope and finds that it has been opened.

Jake talks to Ben and Ciara about all these bizarre things started happening that benefitted Johnny and messed with he and Gabi. Jake brings up the meeting he supposedly had with Maggie where Gabi overheard him saying he was using her or the documents that he supposedly signed, trying to steal Gabi’s shares, or the text messages that Maggie supposedly sent him about working behind Gabi’s back. Jake asks how he and Gabi could be so happy one minute and then just done the next. Jake says when they told him that Johnny could be possessed, it all started making sense. Jake declares that it’s the only thing that makes sense as it had to be Johnny.

Susan wants EJ to argue for another trial because his attorney was possessed by the Devil. EJ argues that it would never work and would be seen as a stunt. Susan feels there has to be something that someone could do to clear his name.

Chad looks to the portrait of Stefano and says he sent EJ to prison for something he thought EJ did to Abigail but it wasn’t him. Chad then calls Kate and says he needs to see her as soon as possible. Kate walks in and says she’s right there, guessing he heard the news that Gabi fired her but Chad says he hadn’t. Kate says she would’ve quit after two more days there anyway. Chad says that Gabi and Johnny are going to run the company in to the ground and calls it a joke. Chad then tells Kate that she should sit down.

Devil Johnny returns to his bedroom and talks about how Chad must be feeling so guilty now because he told him that the person he saw kissing Abigail wasn’t EJ, but Belle. The Devil remarks that he’s already convinced half these idiots that Belle has been wreaking havoc this whole time and not Johnny, so it should be a breeze to get the rest of them to buy it too. The Devil flashes back to planting evidence to make Belle look devilish and then revealing he had the sonogram envelope and found out what Ben and Ciara were having.

Belle tells Shawn that she must have opened the envelope but swears that she does not remember doing that. Shawn understands it wasn’t her but the Devil. Shawn insists that the Devil is gone. Belle thinks he needs to go tell Ciara right now. Shawn asks if she’s sure that she’ll be alright alone. Belle says she’ll be fine. Shawn kisses her and says he’ll be back as he then exits.

Ciara agrees with Jake that all those things did benefit Johnny but Belle still could have been behind them and that Johnny might just have been in the right place at the right time to move in on Gabi and the company. Jake says she could be right but he has to know for sure. Jake declares he’s going to get to the bottom of this once and for all as he then exits. Shawn shows up to see them. Ciara asks how Belle is. Shawn says she’s fine physically but worried about what she might have done to hurt the people she loves which is why he is here. Shawn brings up the sonogram envelope and shows them that the Devil opened it. Shawn knows they want to keep it a surprise but he’s trying to keep Belle calm. Ciara agrees to keep the envelope with them. Shawn says he has to get back to Belle but he knows it will make her heart feel good to know they are okay. Ben says to let them know if he needs anything as Shawn then exits.

Jake goes to see Belle and says he’s sorry to bother her as he knows she just went through a terrible experience and he doesn’t want her to relive it but he has a personal stake in what happened which Belle questions. Jake says he’s trying to get to the bottom of something and he needs her help because if his suspicions are correct then he can help her out too.

Johnny goes to see Gabi at DiMera Enterprises and asks how her first day on the job is going. Gabi responds that she fired Kate so it’s off to an excellent start. Johnny thought they used to be friends. Gabi says that was before Jake and before Kate backstabbed her at the shareholders meeting. Gabi asks if he has a problem with it. Johnny says no as she is the boss. Gabi complains that Kate thinks she can’t do the job and is bad for the company, so if she let Kate stay, she would worry that she could turn on her at any time. Johnny remarks that she shouldn’t have to work with anyone she can’t trust. Gabi agrees which brings her to her next point as she asks Johnny if she can trust him.

Chad informs Kate that it wasn’t EJ who kissed Abigail, but that it was apparently Belle while possessed by the Devil, to turn him against EJ. Chad says it worked since he was going to testify that he planted the evidence against EJ and the Devil made him change his mind. Chad declares that he was going to set EJ free and he got played. Chad says he knew it wasn’t EJ that kidnapped Sami as he knew it was Lucas and he only helped EJ get framed so he’d lose his job but then when he heard he was going to get 10 years, he couldn’t keep quiet. Chad declares that he sure can’t keep quiet now. Kate tries to slow Chad down. Chad argues that his brother is serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, so he needs to make it right.

EJ loves that Susan cares so much but assures that the Devil possession argument is a waste of time so it’s going to be awhile before he gets out. Clyde walks in to the room. EJ introduces him to his mother Susan Banks. Susan recognizes Clyde as Ben’s dad and says he is very bad. Clyde says he’s expecting a call from his lawyer so he will go and wait. EJ tells Susan that wasn’t very nice. Susan warns EJ to stay far away from Clyde. EJ responds that he can’t because Clyde is his cellmate. Susan complains that Clyde has done terrible things. EJ says that everyone in prison has but if he’s going to survive, he needs someone to have his back. Susan worries that Clyde has a secret and feels that he is hiding something from EJ. EJ flashes back to the night he was shot then tells Susan not to worry as he’ll be fine and he will take care of himself. Susan encourages that EJ will get out and back to his beautiful life. Susan hugs him and says she loves him so much. Susan then exits the prison. EJ looks back at Clyde, who is on the phone.

Chad tells Kate that he can’t let EJ stay in prison, knowing what he knows, so he has to get him out. Kate asks what he will do. Chad says he will say he planted the evidence like he was going to before, without implicating Lucas. Chad knows he’ll get charged with perjury. Kate points out that Chad will end up behind bars too. Kate knows Chad feels awful but he will feel a million times worse if he’s separated from his wife and children. Kate asks if he really thinks EJ would do the same thing if the situation was reversed. Chad says it doesn’t matter as he has to do what’s right. Chad says he has to call Melinda. Kate stops him and says she thinks there might be another way.

Jake asks Belle if it was her that morphed in to him when he supposedly met with Maggie. Belle asks when it was. Jake tells her that it was February 2nd. Belle thinks she was at the prison with EJ that day in the afternoon. Jake says the meeting with Maggie was in the morning, but if Belle could prove she was somewhere else at that time then maybe they could prove it wasn’t her that morphed in to him and that it was Johnny. Belle goes to check her calendar but finds Maggie’s phone in her purse instead. Jake brings up Maggie supposedly sent him a message after that meeting that made it look like they were conspiring behind Gabi’s back but she swears she didn’t send it. Belle cries that it looks like it was her. Jake is sorry since he knows it’s upsetting, but if this is true, she has no idea what this could mean for he and Gabi.

Johnny questions Gabi not trusting him. Gabi tells him that Kate reminded her that he’s stabbed a lot of people in the back, including his uncle, his sister, and his wife. Gabi asks how she knows he won’t do the same to her, use her to get ahead and then cut her loose. Johnny insists he would never do that. Gabi is hesitant to take his word given what he has done. Gabi asks Johnny what he really wants.

Ben and Ciara sit together with the sonogram envelope in front of them. Ben guesses he should put it away. Ciara stops him and asks if they should look at it first.

Gabi asks Johnny if he wants to be CEO of DiMera. Johnny says maybe someday but he’s going to be tied up with his movie for a long time and even if he wasn’t, Gabi is the CEO of DiMera. Gabi wonders if it’s part of a bigger plan and if he’s plotting behind her back to get rid of her so he can take over. Johnny calls her very suspicious but says he can completely understand where this is coming from since she loved Jake and he lied to her, used her, and stabbed her in the back. Johnny tells her that he’s not Jake. Gabi points out that Johnny hurt people that he supposedly cared about. Johnny argues that he turned on Chad because he wanted Gabi to have this job and he spoke up about Allie because he thought Tripp had a right to know that Allie slept with his wife. Johnny adds that he and Chanel would have never lasted as Chanel wants his sister and always has. Gabi questions why he married her if he knew that. Johnny blames it on being in Italy and getting swept up in the moment. Johnny declares that when they got home, he realized Chanel is not the woman for him and that Gabi is.

Jake swears to Belle that he did not sign the petition to steal Gabi’s shares. Belle says she keeps a copy of all legal documents on her laptop so she goes to it to take a look. Belle guesses she must have forged his signature on it and says she doesn’t remember doing it. Belle thinks it’s pretty clear that Johnny wasn’t the one causing all the problems for he and Gabi, it was her. Jake understands it wasn’t her fault and says now he can go to Gabi and prove to her that he didn’t betray her. Belle is glad she could help. Jake knows this wasn’t easy for her and he’s really grateful. Jake hopes she feels better and says he’ll take Maggie’s phone back to her. Belle says to tell her that she’s so sorry. Jake calls Belle one of the good ones and says she has nothing to be sorry about as he exits.

Clyde jokes with EJ about his mom not being what he expected. EJ admits she’s eccentric but loves him very much. Clyde points out that Susan doesn’t think much of him though. EJ says Susan is just protective of Ben and Ciara. Clyde admits he wasn’t much of a dad to Ben growing up, but they worked things out and he knows he has nothing to fear from him. Clyde adds that EJ doesn’t either despite what Susan says. Clyde tells EJ that he’s in a very good mood because he may be getting out of here sooner than anyone expects.

Ben and Ciara ask each other if they want to look at the sonogram. Ben guesses he should put it away somewhere where they won’t be so tempted but he has no idea where. Ben says he will figure it out and kisses her until Susan shows up at their door. Susan says she came to say farewell since the Devil is gone and their baby is safe, so her work here is done and she can’t wait to get back to Roger in Memphis. Ciara thanks Susan for everything as they hug. Susan then spots the envelope on the table and exclaims that she knows what that is. Susan starts to announce what they are going to have but Ben and Ciara both stop her. Susan questions why they are yelling at her, arguing that she has used her gifts for good and she’s protected them from the Devil. Ben explains that they are not angry with her. Ciara says they wanted to stop her before she told them whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Susan gets that they want to be surprised. Susan assures that her lips are sealed from now on as she then exits. Ciara and Ben joke that they didn’t want to find out like that. Ben asks Ciara how she does want to find out. Ciara thinks she has an idea..

Shawn goes home. Belle asks if Ben and Ciara were upset about the sonogram. Shawn says not at all and they were just glad that she is okay. Belle mentions still being shaken up. Shawn asks if something happened while he was gone. Belle informs him that Jake came by because apparently Ben and Ciara aren’t the only couple she tried to cause trouble for.

Johnny tells Gabi that he doesn’t want anything but her. He says they got everything they want by working together and they can do so much more together. Johnny remarks that she’s clearly attracted to him and that she was fighting it while with Jake, but he’s out of the picture now. Johnny says he’s getting divorced so they are both single, available, and hot. Johnny thinks it’s time for them to take their relationship to the next level. Gabi asks what level that is.

Jake goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Maggie but she’s not home. Jake puts Maggie’s phone down and leaves a note, writing that he found her phone and to call him to discuss. Jake then pulls out his own phone to call Gabi.

Gabi questions Johnny just thinking they are single and hot. Johnny argues that they have so much more in common than that as they are both ambitious, ruthless, passionate, and they go after what they want. Johnny tells Gabi that what he wants is her. Johnny and Gabi start kissing as Gabi’s phone rings nearby with a call from Jake.

Chad questions Kate knowing a way to clear EJ without incriminating him or Lucas. Kate says she thinks so. Chad doesn’t see how they can pull that off while keeping everyone’s hands clean. Kate says she didn’t say everyone as someone will have to take the fall, just not Chad. Chad asks who. Kate suggests pinning the crime on the Devil.

EJ questions Clyde getting out of prison. Clyde informs him that he got his hearing moved up so he may have spent his last night in prison. EJ notes that Clyde seems confident. Clyde looks forward to a fresh start, knowing he’s paid for all his crimes. EJ flashes back to the night that he was shot. Clyde asks if anything is wrong. EJ declares that it was him.

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