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Recap written by Christine

Abby put Dominic down for a nap after he had playtime with Chance. Abby tried to assure Chance that it was natural to be unsure about parenting. She said most of the time she was faking it. She told him he was doing well with the baby and that his connection with his son would continue to grow. He didn’t seem convinced, but he appreciated her faith in him. He shifted gears and said they had to make a decision about Devon’s request to have a bigger role in Dominic’s life. Abby recalled Devon saying this was a bad idea, and she thought he may have changed his mind about wanting to amend the agreement. Chance, however, didn’t think Devon was planning to let it go. Chance said that Devon probably meant that it was a bad idea to have the discussion at Crimson Lights.

Chance and Abby acknowledged all Devon had done for Dominic. Abby noted that Mariah got very attached to Dominic, and when Mariah took some time away, it brought her some peace. Abby thought the same thing might happen to Devon, but if it didn’t, they had to do what was best for Dominic. Abby felt that they needed to be together as a family, so Chance could be the best father he could be, and their family time shouldn’t be disrupted. She didn’t want Dominic to be confused about where he lived and who his parents were. Chance said Devon could visit whenever he wanted. Abby agreed, but she was adamant that shared custody was out of the question. Chance said Devon would be disappointed. Abby was sorry about that, but she felt that this was best for their son and their family.

Devon was at home with Amanda. He stared at the framed copy of Dominic’s footprints. He couldn’t get over how Abby and Chance treated him for asking for more time with Dominic. He said they acted like he was attacking their parenting skills. Amanda thought Abby and Chance were in shock. She said it was a complicated situation. He said that Abby and Chance got defensive. Amanda noted that Abby and Chance also knew that Devon was the one who stepped up as a donor and helped track down the man who kidnapped Mariah, and he was there for the baby’s birth. “[Dominic] has a life because of you. [Abby and Chance] know that,” Amanda stated. He was giving Abby and Chance time to process things, because he didn’t want to push and jeopardize the friendship or his chances with Dominic. He wasn’t sure what to do though, and he wanted Amanda’s opinion. Amanda thought Devon’s request was reasonable, and she told him not to let it go.

Devon was kicking himself for not taking Amanda’s advice when she was originally drawing up the agreement. She said the baby was just an idea back then, and he’d had no idea his feelings would change. He said she knew. She hated seeing him hurt like this. He didn’t think he should push Abby anymore, given how upset she got. He thought it was amazing how one little life changed everyone. Amanda didn’t think Dominic changed Devon, she felt that the baby amplified the love, compassion and strength Devon already possessed. She hugged him and said there was nothing wrong with his request. Amanda offered to cook for Devon, and he said it was like she was trying to distract him with food. He wanted a distraction, so they began to kiss, but Abby showed up. Amanda left.

Devon apologized for how intense everything got. Abby apologized for her reaction. Abby said Devon was more than a friend, and she was eternally grateful to him. He said he’d do anything for Dominic. She knew, but she and Chance decided not to change the visitation agreement. “Dominic has a home with his mother and his father,” she stated. Devon wanted it to be clear he wasn’t trying to take Chance’s place as Dominic’s dad. Abby assured Devon that Dominic was adored by his parents, and he’d have a supportive family for the rest of his life. She said Devon was always welcome in their home, but they didn’t want to confuse Dominic, especially since Chance was trying to make up for the time he lost with his son. Devon didn’t want to get in the way of that. Abby reminded Devon that when they talked about creating a child, they all sat down and created boundaries. As the parents, she and Chance thought it was important to adhere to those boundaries. Devon said when they started this journey, they had no idea what path they’d end up on. Abby conceded that she’d thought Chance would be around for most of the pregnancy. She was thankful that Devon was there to help when she thought Chance died, but now her family was intact. She said that Dominic’s father had been through hell, and he needed time to bond with the baby. “And I refuse to let a single thing disrupt that. I hope you understand,” she stated.

Abby knew that wasn’t what Devon wanted to hear, but she asked him to say something; anything, good or bad, because she could take it. He didn’t think there was anything left to say. She was willing to help if she could. She knew Mariah needed some space, and she said she’d understand if he needed that too. He said he wasn’t going anywhere. She was glad. She said that he was always welcome at the Chancellor house. She invited him by today, but he declined. Abby left.

Amanda returned, and Devon brought her up to speed. Amanda scoffed at the notion that it’d be confusing for Dominic to spend time with his godfather. “I’ll tell you what’s confusing. Having his mother run away to a foreign country without telling anyone where she’s going or why,” Amanda griped. Devon said, according to Abby, his request was unnecessary because Dominic already had a mom and dad. Amanda stated that Devon had every right to be angry and disappointed, and he also had options. He was curious about that, and she said he could take legal action.

Devon didn’t want to take Abby and Chance to court. Amanda said this wasn’t a typical donor situation. She noted that Abby and Devon had been friends for years. Amanda thought that the fact that Abby entrusted Devon with Dominic when she left town showed that she considered Devon the de facto father. Amanda said Devon dropped everything and rearranged his life to take care of Dominic while Abby was gone. Devon wanted to know how a court case would go, hypothetically. Amanda said that, as the biological father, Devon could petition for visitation, just like many grandparents successfully did. Amanda said Chance wasn’t there when Devon signed the original contract. Devon asked if that helped or hurt his position. Amanda stated that it complicated things, but it meant Devon’s agreement was with Abby and not Chance. Devon wasn’t sure if there was a deeper reason Abby was fighting him on this. He didn’t know if she was trying to protect Chance or if she felt threatened. He said if he took Abby and Chance to court, it’d affect everyone, including Dominic.

Amanda wasn’t going to tell Devon what to do. He wanted her take, though, so she said it concerned her that Abby and Chance were drawing a line in the sand. It made her wonder what their next move would be. Devon didn’t think Abby and Chance would retaliate – Abby promised he’d always have a place in Dom’s life. Devon acknowledged that he chose to father the child without any stipulations on visitation. Back then, all he’d wanted was to help Chance and Abby start a family. Amanda noted that Chance and Abby had promised Devon he’d be part of that family. He said he needed to be there for Dominic however he could be.

Sharon and Rey flirted at Crimson Lights until Nick came in with gifts for them from Italy. He hoped Christian wasn’t too much trouble. Sharon and Rey loved watching him. Nick’s trip was amazing, and it was the best present he ever gave himself. The change of scenery helped Nick figure some things out. Summer was doing great and she and Kyle were building a great life there with Harrison. Chance came, and Rey went to the patio to talk with him. Sharon noticed that Nick was more relaxed. He took a look at Summer’s life and saw that the distance from the family gave her a chance to grow and challenge herself. It made him realize being a Newman shouldn’t define any part of who he was.

Nick knew he had this awakening about his family before, but they kept pulling him back in. It felt different this time. Sharon was proud of Nick. Nick admitted he hadn’t been completely honest with Sharon about his dream from Christmas Eve. He said Cassie was in it. Sharon hadn’t dreamed about Cassie in so long. She was curious to know what Cassie had been like in the dream. Nick said Cassie had been beautiful, radiant and content. Cassie said an un-examined life wasn’t worth living. Sharon stated that Cassie was always an old soul. Sharon wanted to think the dream was a message from Cassie. Nick said that Noah and Faith were in the dream too, and they encouraged him to follow his heart and get back to his roots. He thought they were talking about the roots he planted. He said his family would keep him grounded – Noah, Faith, Summer, Christian, and Sharon. He’d been drifting for so long, but he finally thought he found what he was looking for.

On the patio, Chance was ready to go back to work, even though the plan had been for him to take it slow. The chief had been a little reluctant to take Chance back soon, so Chance wanted Rey to put in a good word for him. Rey asked what about Abby and the baby. Chance said Abby was supportive, then he changed the subject and asked what case Rey was working on. Rey walked Chance through a missing person’s case. Chance immediately became invested in solving the case, so he took notes on it.

Sharon asked what role she was going to play in Nick’s plan for his life. He told her that she’d always be a big part of his life. Nick was going to recommit to his family and put his children first. Sharon said Nick always did that. Nick’s new plan was going to go further, and it involved Noah. Chance and Rey returned, and Chance and Nick said hi as he left. Nick left too. Sharon told Rey about Nick’s holiday epiphany.

Abby ran into Dominic and his nanny at the park, and she brought her baby home. She told Dominic that he and his dad made everything better. She wondered where Chance was, and her calls went to voicemail. Dominic cried out, and Abby said that was how she felt when she had to talk to his godfather. She wasn’t sure they’d see Devon anytime soon, but she said she’d done the right thing. She thought it was amazing that his dad was home and safe. Chance came home and greeted Abby, and she told him to say hi to the baby too. After Chance cooed at the baby for a bit, Abby said that she’d been worried when she got home, and Chance wasn’t there. Chance said he was with Rey. His eyes lit up when he began to tell Abby about the case. She asked if he’d already gone back to work without telling her. Chance hadn’t put the badge back on. He was just getting the lay of the land at the station, so he’d be caught up when he did go back. He promised he’d never go back to work without talking to her. He admitted it was nice to get his feet wet again. He brought up the case again, and he was very enthusiastic about it. She said she hadn’t seen him this excited in a long time. That seemed to bother her.

Chelsea did some deep breathing at Society to relax. Noah approached her, and she said it had been a day. She mentioned work stress, and he said he wasn’t surprised about that, since she worked for Adam and with Sally. When Noah mentioned that Sally and Adam seemed close in Tuscany, Chelsea had to do her breathing exercise again. Noah was second guessing his decision to work at Newman Media, partially because of Adam, and partially because he’d once thought he needed to escape from the family business. Chelsea asked what made Noah return. He said maybe he wanted to figure out if he was running from Genoa City for the wrong reasons. Things in London didn’t turn out how he thought, and he considered that it might be karma’s way of saying he shouldn’t have run away. He said maybe he should jump into the viper’s nest at Newman Media. She hoped he didn’t see her as a viper. They smiled. While Chelsea thought it was brave of Noah to try and prove something to himself, she said they both knew what kind of damage the Newmans could cause. He agreed. Her advice was not to make himself miserable. Nick showed up, and he told Chelsea she looked fantastic. He asked about her working at Newman Media, and she said she and Adam were working it out day by day. Chelsea left for work. Nick asked Noah to come work for him.

Chelsea was working on the Crimson Lights patio when Rey joined her. She said her job wasn’t going the way she imagined. Rey was interested in hearing about it. Chelsea thought it was a miracle Rey was even talking to her after she poisoned him. She said he was a really good guy. Rey said he wasn’t such a great guy and that there were people behind bars who’d disagree with her. He was curious what made her decide to work at Crimson Lights. She said what was bothering her didn’t really matter, since there was nothing she could do to change it, but she appreciated him asking. She didn’t have many people to talk to these days, so she wasn’t going to repay his kindness by boring him with her issues. He said he’d let her get back to work. Rey went inside, back to Sharon. She kissed him on the cheek and said he really was a good guy.

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