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Recap written by Christine

Elena and Amanda ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Elena was on her way to the clinic. Elena asked how working with Imani was. Amanda said it was never a dull moment. Imani had a lot of political contacts from working with the family, and according to Amanda, she wasn’t shy about reaching out. Elena joked that this was a shock because Imani was always so timid. Amanda admitted Imani gave her an earful about the last encounter with Elena and Nate. Elena said that Imani was the only one who didn’t seem to be happy Elena and Nate were living together. Amanda asked how Nate was. Elena said that Nate was wonderful, but they were concerned about Devon and the lawsuit.

Elena felt for Devon. She said it must break his heart that Abby was acting like he turned on her. Amanda said Devon worried that Abby would never trust him the way she did before all this. Elena understood why Abby was acting so emotionally, because nothing turned out like she planned. First Abby found out she couldn’t carry a child, then she found out Chance couldn’t father a child, then her surrogate was kidnapped, and she was mistakenly told her husband was dead. Amanda said that Abby wasn’t losing a child – the biological father just wanted weekly visits. Elena said the fear of losing a child was primal; she saw it all the time with families who had sick babies. They were terrified they’d lose their child, and they started acting out. Elena just hoped Dominic came out of this knowing how loved he was. Amanda said everyone wanted a happy ending, but now it was complicated from every angle.

Mariah ran into Noah on the patio at Crimson Lights. She was pleased when she found out he accepted Nick’s job offer. She saw it as a sign that Noah was committed to staying in Genoa City. He said it was a commitment to seeing how things went. Noah asked if things were okay with Mariah and Tessa; he’d noticed Mariah was stressed last night. Mariah said things were the best they’d ever been with Tessa. She had some friends going through something, and she could see both of their sides. She just had to hope everything worked out. Nick arrived, and he was excited about teaming up with Noah at New Hope.

Noah had been doing research into a movement that turned empty lots into green spaces for the residents. Nick said he’d put Noah in touch with some people who could get him a grant application for that. Tessa came up and pulled Mariah away, saying she needed her help with a meeting with a PR person. Nick started talking to Noah, who wasn’t listening because he was focused on Tessa’s departure.

Chance you don’t mean that. You can be a good father to Dominic. You already are,” Abby said. They were still at Devon’s penthouse. Devon thanked Chance for his honesty. Devon knew it wasn’t easy to say. He thought they could come up with a solution that would work for everyone. Abby ordered Devon to stop putting undue pressure on Chance, but Chance said he came here on his own. Abby felt that Chance’s decision to reach out was understandable, but a mistake. She said they needed to talk in private. She told Devon they’d talk to him after they met Christine. Devon said he was Abby’s friend and he’d never intentionally hurt her. Abby was skeptical and called this a betrayal. Devon knew Abby was trying to protect her family, but he was doing the same thing. He said he wouldn’t be putting them through this if he didn’t care so much about her, Dominic and Chance. Abby and Chance left. Nate went to Devon’s because they had plans to go for a run, but Devon wasn’t up to it anymore. Devon brought Nate up to speed. Chance had admitted he didn’t feel like he was in the right headspace to give Dominic the love and support he needed right now. Devon said Abby saw him as the bad guy. Nate knew that Devon just wanted to protect his relationship with his biological son. Devon said he couldn’t get that through to Abby. He thought it was clear they were in for a legal battle.

Nate thought it sounded like Abby and Chance were in shock. He advised Devon ease up and let them adjust to the idea of sharing custody. Devon said they weren’t even open to the idea of arranged visits. He didn’t want to give Abby and Chance time to come up with a counter argument. He didn’t know if Christine would advise them to cut off contact between him and Dom. Nate asked if Devon thought Abby and Chance would do that. Devon didn’t know what they’d do, now that lawyers were involved. For Dominic’s sake, he didn’t want to take that chance. Nate said lawyers didn’t care about collateral damage or Devon’s relationship with Abby and Chance. Devon couldn’t worry about that right now because his son needed him. He needed this resolved ASAP. Nate insisted that the run would be good for Devon, so Devon groaned and went upstairs to get ready.

Devon and Nate went to get coffee before their run, and they talked with Noah and Nick at Crimson Lights. Noah saw something about a training program for restaurant employees in the New Hope files. Devon said it was something he and Abby had been working on before Lola left for Miami. Devon said Abby was in and out of the restaurant now, but he still liked the concept. Nick beamed about working with his son. Devon knew the feeling because he’d loved working with his dad at Hamilton-Winters. He said the father/son bond was really special.

Nick and Noah were alone on the patio again, and Noah wasn’t listening to Nick. Nick commented on his son’s distraction. He didn’t want to pry, but he couldn’t help but notice Noah seemed deflated when Tessa left. Noah claimed he didn’t know what Nick was talking about. Nick promised this wasn’t going to be a lecture or interrogation. Nick acknowledged that Noah and Tessa had a history. Nick knew what it was like when old feelings resurfaced. Noah maintained that Nick misread things. Noah said he’d never do that to his sister’s girlfriend. Nick wasn’t accusing Noah of anything, but actions were easier to control than feelings. Nick said Noah and Tessa had something good once; Tessa was talented and beautiful, and she’d been working with Noah lately. It was natural if some old feelings got rekindled. “You don’t think Mariah noticed do you?,” Noah asked. Noah promised he wasn’t going to make an ass of himself. He supported Mariah and Tessa. Nick said that if Noah revisited an old relationship, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t end the same way it did the first time. Noah wondered if it felt safe revisiting his old feelings for Tessa because she was completely unavailable right now. He said he’d focus on his work, family and try to have some fun. Nick said he could help with all three.

Mariah and Tessa went to Society, which was otherwise empty. There were candles, flowers and silver and gold balloons all over, and Mariah wondered if they’d stumbled into a private party. Tessa admitted she lied about the meeting so she could get Mariah here. Mariah thought this was beautiful, and Tessa was beautiful, and she didn’t know what she did to deserve this. Mariah asked if they were celebrating something. “Hopefully,” Tessa said, as she got down on one knee. Mariah’s jaw dropped, and she asked if she was dreaming. Tessa said they deserved every moment of happiness because they never gave up on themselves or their dreams. Tessa said when they started, they were this fragile little thing, but they made the choice to trust it, to forgive each other and help each other heal, and they only grew stronger, more powerful and beautiful. Tessa couldn’t imagine her heart being any fuller than it was now, but when they had a family, it would only expand. Mariah asked if Tessa was only doing this because they planned to adopt. Tessa couldn’t remember a moment when she didn’t want this. She was only doing it now because she was ready, and she hoped Mariah was too. Tessa opened a ring box. She knew in her soul that she and Mariah were meant to live this life together, and that was why she was proposing. “Marry me, Mariah?” Tessa asked.

Tessa told Mariah that this was the part where she said yes. “I can’t,” Mariah said, and Tessa looked panicked. Mariah had something to tell Tessa first. Mariah asked Tessa to stand up with her, and Tessa got off her knee. Mariah said they lifted each other up, especially this summer. Tessa said she was shook to her core when Mariah went missing. Mariah said when she came back, she was unsure, then too sure, but all the while, Tessa was patient and loving and reassuring. Mariah said Tessa brought her back to life, and Mariah knew it wasn’t easy. Mariah thanked God Tessa was so brave. Mariah was grateful and thankful and she wouldn’t change a minute of all the things that happened in their lives because it brought them to this moment. She wanted to share this love with their kids. She said yes to a lifetime with Tessa. Tessa put the ring on Mariah’s finger, and they hugged and kissed.

At their place, Abby wanted Chance to explain himself. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to Devon’s? I understand that you have a lot of conflicting emotions but you should talk to me about that or go see a counselor. You don’t go talk to the man who is suing us for custody of our son!,” Abby yelled. Chance said that if they didn’t figure this out, a judge would. Abby said Devon was going to use what Chance said as a weapon against them in court. Chance didn’t agree. Abby said Devon was twisting Chance’s trauma into a failure, which it wasn’t. Chance knew Abby would do anything for their family. She said she wouldn’t let anyone splinter them. She was going to check on Dom and Louise, and she asked if he’d be there when she got back. He said of course.

Abby returned. She sent Louise on a walk with the baby, because she didn’t want the nanny overhearing the talk with Christine. Abby was concerned that Amanda might subpoena Louise in court. Since Louise had also worked for Devon when he had Dominic, Abby didn’t want her to end up in the middle. Chance hoped it wouldn’t get that far. Abby wanted Devon to realize what he was doing was wrong. Chance thought Devon meant well. Abby believed Devon was rationalizing to get what he wanted. She said she and Chance were Dominic’s parents, and they were doing a good job, even if Chance was going through a rough time. She noted that everyone had rough patches. Chance was adamant that he didn’t have what it took to give Dom what he needed. Abby thought Devon was playing on Chance’s insecurities. She was sure Chance would bond with Dom the way Devon had. He loved her, but he said it wasn’t going to be that easy. He said he was having a hard time, and it was his fault, not hers. He admitted he hadn’t been very honest with her about it.

Chance had been having nightmares. Abby knew because she heard him screaming. She hadn’t pried because she assumed he’d share when he was ready. He said they started as normal dreams, then suddenly he’d be in Spain watching his team die. He had flashbacks even when he was awake. Certain sounds and smells could take him back, and it didn’t matter what he was doing or where he was. He’d tried to get rid of the flashbacks, but he couldn’t. Abby was sorry. She thought that sounded exhausting, and it was probably why he felt too tired to care for their baby. He said he’d been trying so hard to be a good dad and a man she could depend on, but he wasn’t the guy he was when he left here a year ago. He felt like he was letting her down. She said he could never do that. She promised they’d find him some help, and in the meantime, she thought he needed rest. He agreed that sleep would be a good start. Christine arrived, so they put the talk on hold.

Christine was sorry they were at odds with Devon. Abby thought the judge would make Devon abide by the document. Christine said that wasn’t necessarily true. Gestational surrogacy law was in its infancy, and there wasn’t much legislation in place in Wisconsin to regulate the process. The judge would act in the best interest of the child, and there was a chance Devon could win. According to Christine, it worked in their favor that they were a married couple providing a stable home. They could argue that giving Devon shared custody would confuse Dominic. Abby brought up the contract Devon signed. Christine said it wasn’t enforceable, but it did show that Devon initially had no desire to have a role in the baby’s life other than as a family friend. Abby said that she’d always planned to be honest with Dominic about the fact that Devon was his biological father. Chance asked what if Devon brought up the fact that very little of the process went the way they’d expected. Christine said Devon could make the argument that, because Abby left the baby with him while she went to Spain, she encouraged him to take on a paternal role, and it’d be in the baby’s best interest to continue that. Christine said if the other side played hardball, they’d assert that Chance was suffering from emotional trauma, and he was incapable of being a father, while the biological father was ready and eager to assume the role. Abby said that wasn’t fair. Christine knew, but they had to prepare. Christine asked Chance if he was ready to testify under oath that those accusations were unfounded. Chance didn’t respond. Abby announced that Chance would testify to that. She said that if Devon were the friend he claimed to be, he’d support them, he wouldn’t take them to court and stress them out. Chance clarified that he wasn’t going to lie to Abby, or himself, and he definitely wasn’t going to lie under oath. “Devon is absolutely right,” Chance admitted.

Christine left. Chance apologized to Abby, but she told him not to. He felt he was barely holding it together. His body was here, but his mind was in Spain. He kept asking himself why he survived and if he could’ve saved everyone. He couldn’t lie in court. She didn’t want him to. She wanted him to be better. He said she went to Devon when she was overwhelmed. She said that was temporary, but this would be giving Devon permanent legal rights to her son with Chance. She was sure his stress would go away. She was sorry she put pressure on him. She said she’d take on all the childcare while he recovered. “We don’t need to turn to Devon!,” she insisted. He didn’t understand why she was fighting this. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with Devon wanting a permanent role in Dominic’s life. “That’s what any good father would do,” he said. “Dominic has a good father. It’s you!,” she yelled. “Stop saying that!,” he yelled back. He was adamant that he was no good to anyone right now. He said his wounds healed, but he was broken inside. There was a black hole ripping away at his energy, and he had nothing left to give to Dominic. Abby implored Chance to let her help him. He said that it’d help him to know Dominic was in good hands and that he wasn’t being deprived of a father’s love. “Abby I need this just as much as Devon and Dominic,” Chance stated.

Abby was sorry. She had no idea how much pain Chance was in. She wished she could make it go away. He promised to keep fighting and figure it out. He said he had to let go of his guilt. She said no one should make him feel guilty. He saw no point in turning this into a battle and cutting off one of her friends. He said the judge would do what was best for the baby, and they both knew what that meant. He knew she was scared. She felt like every minute that Dominic wasn’t with them was time that they could be bonding. If they gave into Devon now, what would stop him from asking for more later. Chance thought they should trust Devon, because he meant well, and he was an excellent dad. “Dominic will always be our son. Don’t get me wrong. Devon doesn’t want to change that, either. He just wants to add a little love,” Chance said. Abby wasn’t sold. Chance said a lot of kids didn’t have parents, and Dominic would have three loving people. He knew he’d asked a lot of her, and he here he was again. “It was supposed to be you and me and our baby makes three,” she said. He knew, but he told her to think about what they stood to lose if they went to court. He said to think of what they could gain if they allowed the man who helped bring their boy into the world to spend time with him every week. She felt like Devon was trying to take their son. He told her that this would just be welcoming Devon into the family while giving Chance some space to heal.

Devon and Nate went back to the penthouse. Devon was tired out, and Nate said he’d helped Devon get his mind off things. Abby called and asked Devon to meet with her and Chance.

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