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Lani sits at Eli’s bedside in the hospital and prays for God to bring her husband back and not to give up on him. Abe joins Lani and they hug. Abe asks if there’s any chance. Lani says no and cries that Eli is her entire world. Lani asks what she’s going to do if she loses him.

Rafe brings Beth to his office at the police station to sign her statement. Beth asks if there is a problem. Rafe says he’s reviewing everything and notes that the case is close to him, so he wants to make sure he gets it right for Eli. Beth is sorry for what happened to Eli. Rafe goes over Beth’s statement that Eli left during their meeting. Rafe asks if she has no idea why he left or where he was going.

Paulina babysits Jules and Carver. TR shows up. Paulina tells him it’s not a good time. TR informs her that Lani told him that she was watching the kids, so he thought she could use a little help.

Johnny finds Tripp in the town square. Tripp tries to walk away. Johnny jokes about their ex-girlfriends owning the bakery and having devil’s food cupcakes. Johnny points out that Allie and Chanel aren’t at the bakery, so they’re probably off somewhere making passionate love.

Chanel thanks Allie for letting her stay over. Allie assures that she loves having her here. Chanel points out that they work together all day and now they’re sleeping together all night, so she asks if she’s sick of her yet. Allie insists that she’s not. Allie and Chanel kiss each other until Nicole comes home and greets them. Chanel and Allie respond that it is a really good morning.

Beth informs Rafe that Eli only said he had something to do and he’d be back soon. Rafe goes over that Beth met with Eli to provide background information on TR Coates. Beth assures her and TR’s relationship is over now. Rafe notes that it also says during the time they were together, TR was never under the influence of drugs or physically abusive which Beth claims is correct. Rafe then hands her the statement and she signs it. Beth asks how Eli is doing. Rafe informs her that he’s still in a coma. Beth says that’s awful and she feels so bad for his wife. Rafe mentions being on his way to the hospital to see Lani now.

Abe encourages Lani that Eli is young and strong with so many reasons to fight his way back. Lani remarks that not everyone is so optimistic. Lani informs Abe that Valerie had to fly back to DC for work. Lani argues that Valerie wouldn’t have left if she thought Eli was going to wake up soon, so seeing her leave made this all so much more real to her. Lani tells Abe that they have to face that this could go on for a really long time. Abe urges her not to lose hope. Lani cries that she’s trying but it’s like no matter what choice she makes, someone is being neglected. Lani talks about the kids needing their mother but everything inside of her says she should be by Eli’s side in hopes that he will come back to her. Abe suggests agreeing with her heart. Lani says that Valerie was watching the kids and now Paulina is, but she can’t expect her to watch two babies full time. Lani cries that she needs a nanny but she feels like getting one is admitting to herself that Eli is never coming back. Abe assures that he would be happy to pitch in and help whenever she needs and so would Julie, as they are all here for her. Lani thanks him and says she feels really blessed to have so much support but taking care of twins is a lot for one person. Abe suggests maybe Paulina could use some help.

Paulina questions TR thinking he could help when he doesn’t know the first thing about babies. TR reveals that he bought the deluxe toddler package with toys, stuffed animals, and pacifiers. Paulina gives in to accept his help.

Tripp tells Johnny that he’s not getting to him. Johnny says he’s surprised. Tripp asks why since he already knows Chanel and Allie slept together since Johnny couldn’t wait to tell him on Valentine’s Day right after he proposed. Johnny claims that he just thought Tripp had a right to know that Allie was having sexual relations with his wife, behind Tripp’s back. Tripp argues that it happened one time. Johnny responds that as usual, Tripp is the last to know. Johnny declares that it’s not one time but like all the time, as he reveals that Allie and Chanel are a couple now.

Allie says good morning to Nicole as well. Nicole offers coffee but Chanel says she’s on her way out to see Lani at the hospital. Nicole sends her love. Chanel and Allie kiss goodbye as Chanel then exits. Nicole offers Allie some coffee. Allie thinks first they should talk about the elephant in the room. Allie informs Nicole that she and Chanel are obviously now a couple and asks if Nicole is not happy about it. Nicole responds that she’s wondering if this could possibly just be a rebound. Allie assures that it’s not. Nicole says she’s not judging her but points out that Tripp just called off the engagement. Allie knows it seems fast but says it’s really not because she was in denial about her feelings for so long. Allie knew she was attracted to Chanel but also to men and she didn’t know what that meant until Will helped her figure out that it means she’s bisexual. Allie says she’s still learning a ton but this feels right to her. Allie understands what she had with Tripp was real but so is what she has with Chanel. Allie declares that she and Chanel care about each other and want to be together as a couple. Nicole says she wants to support her and she’s there if she needs to talk about anything. Allie thanks her and says that means so much. Nicole asks if she and Chanel are out in the open. Allie says not exactly as they are not keeping it secret but she’s nervous about going public because Tripp doesn’t know yet.

Tripp calls it amazing how Johnny spends so much time gossiping and spreading false rumors. Johnny assures that it’s true as he saw Allie and Chanel all over each other in the town square and when he said they made a cute couple, they didn’t deny it. Tripp says he has to get to work. Johnny tells him that he can ask at the Bakery because he found out that Chanel and Allie spent the night together at Nicole’s place. Johnny jokes that’s the same bed that Allie and Tripp used to share. Johnny guesses he doesn’t need to clue him in anymore since Tripp said he doesn’t care. Johnny then sits down as Tripp walks away.

Rafe joins Lani in Eli’s hospital room. Rafe tells Lani that he’s so sorry this happened and that he couldn’t be there for her. Lani understands he was in jail for something he didn’t do. Rafe declares that he’s out now, so he’s going to do everything in his power to get to the bottom of this.

TR and Paulina get the twins to sleep. TR tells her that he doesn’t know anything about babies but he’s going to learn since Carver and Jules are his grandchildren too, so he wants to be there for them and get to know them. TR adds that he wants to prove to Paulina that she can trust him. Abe then arrives and is shocked to see TR answer the door.

Allie tells Nicole that Tripp doesn’t know but she knows he’s going to find out eventually. Allie guesses that Nicole thinks she should tell him, but she hates the idea of hurting him again. Nicole knows it would be hard, but if she were Tripp, she’d want to hear it from her.

Tripp runs in to Chanel at the hospital. Chanel tells him that she’s here to see Lani and says she should get going. Tripp remarks that he’s surprised she could tear herself away from her new girlfriend.

Beth goes to the DiMera Mansion and meets Johnny. Beth informs him that she’s the new Celeste in his movie and she had to tell him how she thinks the script is incredible, original, and fresh. Beth says she’s never been this excited about a project before and she’d love to get Johnny’s take on her character. Johnny calls Celeste is a kick ass character and her idiot soon to be ex-wife gave up the role. Beth calls it her gain. Johnny notes that she has a good look and he likes how bold she is, seeking him out and asking for his input. Beth wants to give him her best. Johnny hopes she gets the chance but reveals that she doesn’t have the role locked up yet. Beth argues that TR told her himself that she did. Johnny wonders why he would do that when he knows that Johnny has the final say on casting.

Abe tells Paulina that Lani told him that she would be watching the kids, so he thought she might need some help and he brought supplies from home. Paulina calls that very thoughtful of him and thanks him. Abe mentions dolls that Jules loves. Paulina reveals that TR brought supplies as well. TR knows how Abe feels about him but explains that Lani wanted to stay at the hospital with Eli, so he thought he’d come spend some time with his grandkids. Abe asks to speak to Paulina in private. TR steps away to check his e-mails. Abe tells Paulina that she may think it’s none of his business, but having TR here is a damn big mistake.

Rafe informs Lani that he’s been taking statements, reviewing evidence, and conducting interviews as he has questions about what happened in the park that day. Lani says they know what happened because she and Shawn were there. Rafe is not sure it’s as simple as it seems as he thinks there might be more to the story.

Chanel questions what Tripp is talking about. Tripp tells her to cut the crap as Johnny told him that she and Allie are together. Tripp tells her not to bother denying it since Johnny said he saw them getting it on in the town square and he knows she spent the night at Nicole’s. Chanel complains that Johnny has a big mouth. Chanel tells Tripp that this is not how they wanted him to find out. Tripp says he doesn’t care and tell her not to flatter herself. Chanel responds that she and Allie care about him a lot. Tripp recalls Chanel telling him that her and Allie was a one time thing. Chanel says that she had no idea they would end up together. Tripp argues that Chanel wanted Allie from day one and just couldn’t let them be happy. Tripp accuses Chanel of going after Johnny just to get under Allie’s skin. Chanel insists that she loved Johnny but he broke her heart. Tripp says if that’s true, it sucks for her, but he doesn’t think it is true because she sure got over Johnny quick.

Johnny guesses TR didn’t mention that detail when he offered Beth the part, which she confirms. Johnny calls that weird since he told Chanel and says that’s why Chanel came running to him to beg him to recast her because she knew that without his approval, she wasn’t getting out of her contract. Beth asks what he told her. Johnny explains that he agreed to cut Chanel loose if she dropped her lawsuit against him, but before she could get back to him, TR went ahead and signed Beth. Beth suggests they just got their wires crossed. Johnny disagrees, arguing that TR is a veteran producer and knew damn well that he didn’t have the authority to give Beth that role without his approval. Johnny wonders why he would do that and asks if she can shed any light on that.

Paulina agrees that it is none of Abe’s business. Abe brings up her history with TR and questions why the hell she would let him be around her and the twins. TR comes back over and says he knows they are talking about him so they can just get it out there. Abe tells TR that he doesn’t want him around Paulina, Lani, or his grandchildren. TR argues that he’s not the man he used to be and he’s trying to show them that. TR assures Abe that Paulina has nothing to fear from him. Paulina tells Abe that she’s fine and he can go. Abe says he’ll call her later just to make sure all is well as he then exits. TR points out that Abe does not like him. Paulina says he’s just being protective but TR suggests Abe is jealous.

Lani tells Rafe they can go over everything, starting with why Eli went to the park. Rafe says he will have to keep digging on that. Rafe brings up a theory that Eli sees Frank the drug dealer shooting up and went to arrest him and they fought over the gun, then Eli got shot. Lani asks why Frank wouldn’t run if that’s true. Rafe says that brings him to theory #2 that Eli sees Frank dealing drugs and goes to arrest him then they fought over the gun, then Eli got shot and Frank panicked about shooting a cop and overdosed to kill himself. Lani asks why he wouldn’t use the gun. Rafe suggests it could have been an accidental overdose but every scenario brings more questions than answers. Rafe adds that there are no witnesses or security footage. Lani declares that Eli is the only one who knows what happened that day. Lani prays that Eli will wake up and tell them what happened. Rafe says he’s going to try and find out more about the dealer. Rafe tells Lani to hang in there and he’s there if she needs anything. Rafe hugs her and says they will talk soon as he then exits the room.

Tripp argues that Chanel and Allie could have told him the truth at any point. Chanel says she’s sorry but Tripp doesn’t believe her. Tripp complains that he was stupid enough to believe that it was only two innocent kisses between Allie and Chanel or that Allie left Chanel’s house after comforting her that night. Tripp brings up how he came to check on Chanel after her break up and says she must have been laughing at him inside. Chanel says that’s not true and understands he’s upset. Chanel blames Johnny but Tripp remarks that at least Johnny told him the truth, which is more than Chanel and Allie have ever done. Tripp then storms off.

Johnny asks Beth why TR would go out on a limb for her. Beth explains that they have history and he knows her work, so he thought she’d be right for the role. Johnny argues that he knows how these things work in Hollywood and guesses she wanted the role while TR wanted something in return. Johnny remarks that if TR gave her the role in exchange for sexual favors, that could blow up in his face and that won’t happen because this is his big shot and no one will get in the way of that. Beth insists that she would never. Johnny argues that her word is not enough for him to stake his entire career on. Johnny tells Beth that he’s sorry but they are going to have to start looking for another actress. Beth swears that she didn’t sleep with TR and all she did was agree to keep quiet about his past. Johnny then turns and asks what past.

Paulina tells TR that Abe is not jealous because there’s nothing to be jealous of. Paulina assures there’s nothing going on between them and less than nothing between her and Abe. Paulina explains that Abe doesn’t know if he can trust her again, so there’s no hope for the future. TR says he’s sorry to hear that. TR knows he has a lot of work to do to earn her trust again and he intends to do it by proving himself through his actions a little more each day. TR tells Paulina that he wants to be a part of her life and he wants another chance to show her how good they can be together. TR declares that he’s never giving up on her. Paulina comments that he always was a sweet talker but the rest of it, she’s not so sure about. TR doesn’t blame her, but he hopes over time that she will see that he’s sincere and give him another chance.

Johnny asks Beth what happened in TR’s past and what he wants her to keep quiet about. Beth says it’s just some things she knows about him but it’s not important and she shouldn’t have said anything. Johnny tells her that secrets have a way of coming out but Beth says this one is dead and buried. Johnny asks who else knows about it. Beth says no one and that’s how she’s going to keep it. Beth tells Johnny that he can’t say anything to TR about this because she can’t lose this role. Johnny thinks he gets the picture now. Beth asks if he’s not firing her then. Johnny says no and that he will be in touch. Johnny says he looks forward to working with her as Beth then exits.

Tripp checks on Eli and tells Lani that there’s no changes but that means he’s stable so that’s something positive to hold on to. Tripp asks how Lani is doing and when she last slept or ate. Lani says she doesn’t even remember. Tripp encourages her to take care of herself too. Tripp offers to get her a sandwich and coffee on his break. Lani admits that would be great and thanks him. Lani adds that Paulina was right when she said Tripp was a great doctor.

Allie walks through the town square and gets a call from Chanel, who is crying at the hospital. Allie asks what’s wrong and if something happened to Eli. Chanel informs Allie that she ran in to Tripp and he knows they are a couple because Johnny told him and Tripp is not taking it well. Chanel cries that it’s like Johnny can’t help but make it worse and worse for them. Chanel says she needs to pull herself together to be there for Lani. Allie tells Chanel to call her after she sees Lani. Allie hangs up and declares that she knows who she has to see.

Abe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub and tells her about what happened earlier. Nicole says she’s sorry as she knows seeing TR with his grandkids must have been uncomfortable. Abe admits he’s really worried about Paulina as he doesn’t like her spending time with TR. Nicole asks about TR saying he’s changed. Abe reveals that his ex-girlfriend Beth backs him up, claiming that TR never used drugs or laid a hand on her while they were together. Nicole asks if Abe believes that. Abe acknowledges that TR is saying and doing all the right things, but he just doesn’t trust him. Nicole reminds Abe of how abusive her father was and how he told everyone he changed but he didn’t and it’s rare that guys like that do. Abe says that’s what has him concerned but he doesn’t have the right to say anything since he’s not in Paulina’s life anymore. Abe decides he better get going and tells her it’s so good to see her as they hug. Nicole tells him to take care of himself.

TR holds Paulina’s hand until they are interrupted by a knock at the door and Rafe arrives. Rafe asks if Paulina has a minute. Paulina says to keep it down because the twins are sleeping. Paulina introduces TR to Rafe. Rafe reveals that he was just reinstated as police commissioner which Paulina calls wonderful. TR steps away while Paulina asks what she can do for Rafe. Rafe says that Lani said Abe was here, so he was hoping to talk to him about Eli’s shooting. Paulina informs him that he just missed Abe. Paulina talks about how glad she is that Rafe is back on the job and on this case. Paulina talks about being relieved that the low life junkie that shot Eli is dead. Rafe then reveals that Frank wasn’t a junkie as he just got off the phone with a reliable source, who said Frank didn’t use drugs and he only sold them. Rafe is now wondering how the hell Frank died of a massive overdose as TR looks on with worry.

Chanel enters Eli’s hospital room with flowers but sees Tripp and says she’ll come back. Lani asks her to stay and Tripp says he was just leaving. Chanel gives her flowers to Lani and says she’s so sorry. Tripp glares at Chanel and walks out of the room.

Devil Johnny says to Stefano’s portrait that everybody has a dirty little secret and he can’t wait to find out what TR’s is, so he can use it against him, just like he used Allie’s secret against her. Allie walks in and yells that she knows what Johnny did. She calls him a son of a bitch and tells him to turn around and face her.

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