Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 28, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny accused Allie of being in love with Chanel. Allie said his accusation was ridiculous. She didn’t want to see her best friend get hurt. Chanel thought she would be happy for her. Allie wished she could be happy for her, but reminded her of the mistake she made with Xander. She assured her that she and Johnny were in love. Allie believed that he would break her heart. They kept arguing about it before they decided to leave. Tripp asked Allie if Johnny was right. He wanted to know if she was in love with Chanel. Allie denied being in love with her. He said she seemed emphatic about it. She thought he should know how she felt about him. John was happy to see Eric. He took off his coat and John saw that he was a priest again. Eric. He said Nicole’s words about him never changing after taking off the collar made him look into it again. John said his timing was perfect. Mardevil taunted Lucas about telling Sami the secret he was keeping from her. Sami wanted to know what she meant. Lucas said he loved her and would do anything to get her back. Eric walked in and interrupted them. Mardevil wasn’t happy to see Eric. Eric and Mardevil argued back and forth. Eric wanted to be alone with her. Sami, Lucas and John left the room. Mardevil said if Eric went up against her alone, he would die. She taunted him about Kristen and morphed into her.

Brady and Belle arrived at the townhouse. Brady told Lucas that he didn’t hurt Philip. Lucas said he believed him. John told them that Father Eric was helping her. Belle and Brady were shocked that Eric was a priest again. Brady didn’t think Eric should fight her alone. Eric was shocked to see the footage of Kristen drugging him and raping him. Brady walked in to help Eric. Belle told how she found Shawn in bed with Jan. She argued with Sami because she brought Jan to town. John wanted them to stop arguing. Eric and Brady came back out in the room. Eric told them they had to fight the devil as a family. He thought it was the only way to save their mothers soul. Marlena’s family gathered around her bed. Eric blessed them and told them to say a group prayer. Mardevil said it wouldn’t work and that Marlena was her for life. Eric wanted them to talk to Marlena and pray God heard it. John held his cross while Eric continued with the exorcism. John asked God to remind Marlena that they all loved her. Mardevil yelled out before going limp. She closed her eyes. John whispered Marlena’s name. She opened her eyes and smiled at John. She assured him that she was really her. She said they all saved her. John and Eric untied her from the bed.

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