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Ava joins Johnny at the door of the DiMera Mansion which EJ calls a surprise. Johnny asks why since he invited them both to move back in. Ava asks if EJ is excited to welcome his son and his sister in law back.

Sonny lays on the couch in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, talking to Will on the phone. Sonny says he just wanted to make sure he made his flight and tells him that as soon as Sarah gives him the green light, he will come visit and they can video chat tonight. Alex walks in and pours himself a drink. Sonny tells Will that he misses him already and he loves him as he hangs up. Alex asks about Will heading back to LA. Sonny sarcastically tells him that he’s off to Minnesota instead. Alex jokes about him making fun of him and says that means Sonny is on the fast track to recovery and that their truce is over.

Chad and Stephanie continue working outside of Julie’s Place. Stephanie asks how Chad is liking his first day on the job. Chad jokes that watching her work is exhausting. Stephanie puts over everything they accomplished and says she couldn’t have done it without his help as they shake hands.

Chanel questions if Allie really just said she thinks they should have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis. Allie confirms that she did. Chanel asks where this is coming from and how long she’s been thinking about this. Allie says it’s just been a while. Chanel says she had to know she would have questions about her springing this on her. Allie doesn’t think she’s springing it on her since they talked about it. Chanel said it was a joke because Alex wouldn’t stop trying to get in their drawers but Allie asks if it would really be so bad if he did.

Sonny apologizes to Alex for snapping and talks about almost dying, losing everything he cares about, and then Will has to leave so quickly. Sonny admits the separation makes it harder even though it’s temporary. Alex says he’s sorry. Alex tells Sonny that he and Will are lucky to have each other and are obviously really good at relationships which is why he hoped maybe Sonny could give him some advice about his love life.

Stephanie thinks DiMera Enterprises will rue the day they forced Chad out since their loss is her gain. Chad calls her a great teacher. Stephanie praises him as having great ideas. Stephanie knows they agreed he’d only work through the election but she might try to change his mind. Stephanie suggests they celebrate his first day with a bottle of champagne on the company. Chad agrees and jokes if that’s a perk then he might be in.

EJ tells Johnny and Ava that he’s delighted to have them both back where they belong and he’s only surprised because he didn’t hear from either of them about the offer. EJ says he’s glad they accepted and invites them in. EJ suggests they go have a drink while Harold gets the room ready. Ava clarifies that they will need two rooms because she and Johnny won’t be sharing.

Abe joins Paulina in her office which is filled with Vote for Paulina posters. Paulina says she thinks that lighting a fire under Stephanie worked after her progress report. Paulina hopes that Stephanie will take her advice about bringing Chad DiMera on board.

Chad and Stephanie finish their first bottle of champagne. Chad says he’ll have to get another bottle and asks what his official job title is. Stephanie admits they haven’t figured that out. Stephanie gets a text from Tripp and tells Chad that Tripp and Joey are texting every hour asking about Kayla. Stephanie wishes Kayla would let her tell them how sick she is. Chad guesses she figures it would be too hard on them, being too far away. Stephanie remarks that it’s no picnic being close by either. Chad says he’s sorry.

Alex tells Sonny that after Victor had he and Stephanie start working together, he thought they might be getting somewhere but then nothing ever happened and as soon as the meetings are done, she’s gone. Sonny argues that Alex is obsessed with Stephanie which is a turn off for her and not healthy for him. Alex complains that he doesn’t need a shrink, he needs him to help get through to her. Sonny advises Alex to stop trying and get over his obsession. Sonny tells Alex to accept that Stephanie is not interested in him, dislikes him, and wants him to leave her alone. Alex argues that he has to fix this and do something because he was a jerk to her at the hospital. Sonny asks what the big deal is since she already thought he was a jerk anyway. Alex says he didn’t know Stephanie’s mom was sick and he was on his high horse, so now he has to make up for it.

Chanel sits with Allie and questions her suddenly being fine with a threesome and asks if this has anything to do with Johnny. Allie says no and questions what her brother has to do with this. Chanel says they have been fighting about him and then she mentioned running in to him and now all of a sudden, she mentions a threesome. Chanel asks if Allie is still worried about her past with Johnny and if she thinks a threesome will solve that.

EJ acknowledges having a bad reaction when he found out about Ava and Johnny’s relationship but he got used to the idea, so he questions the pretense of separate rooms. Johnny says it’s not a pretense. EJ says it’s alright as the family has a history of unusual couples. EJ goes over how Gabi has worked herself through most of the men in the family other than himself and Tony, Kate was married to both Stefano and Andre, and Andre once married Kristen while pretending to be Tony. Johnny takes it as him making fun of them but EJ says he’s not and that their incestuous relationship is par for the course. Johnny then informs EJ that he and Ava are not sleeping together. EJ asks if that’s right. Ava confirms that they are friends and that’s it.

Alex asks Sonny what if he sends Stephanie flowers. Sonny tells him that it wouldn’t work, reminding him that Stephanie doesn’t date men that she works with. Alex insists it’s more saying I’m sorry than saying he wants to sleep with her. Alex decides flowers are out then and then says he’s got it. Alex declares that Stephanie’s issue is not wanting to date someone she works with. Sonny points out that she hated him before they started working together and she’s not in to him. Alex insists that he has the perfect solution. Alex repeats that Stephanie doesn’t want to date him because they work together, so he will fire her.

Stephanie apologizes to Chad for stopping their celebration. Chad understands she’s worried about her mom around the clock, so she shouldn’t be sorry for taking time for her own life. Stephanie worries about Kayla not getting better. Chad encourages that so many people at the hospital will be fighting for her and will pull her through this. Stephanie wishes she had his faith. Stephanie recalls when she was a little girl and she was told her dad was dead and believed it for years. Chad guesses it must have felt like a miracle when he came home. Stephanie confirms it did but all those years before that, her mom was her rock and her world was okay because she had her. Stephanie cries that she just can’t lose her.

Paulina makes Abe a drink. Abe says he could definitely use it as he’s had better days. Abe informs Paulina that he spoke to John this morning and Marlena is seriously sick, so John is really worried about her. Paulina recalls Chad telling her that Kayla is so sick, so she asks if there’s a bad bug going around. Abe wishes it was that simple but John said Marlena, Kayla, and Kate can all blame Orpheus for what ails them.

EJ doesn’t understand. Ava repeats that she and Johnny are friends and that’s it. EJ questions finding them in bed together. Johnny insists that nothing happened. EJ thought that was only because he interrupted them. Ava tells EJ that sometimes things happen that don’t revolve around him and reveals she’s the one who put the brakes on it. Ava reminds EJ that she recently lost her husband, so she’s not ready to move on with anyone just yet. Ava tells EJ to forget about adding her and Johnny to the twisted DiMera family history.

Allie questions Chanel really thinking she would suggest they hook up with Alex because she’s still scared of her being interested in Johnny. Chanel says that isn’t what she said but she’s really confused. Allie just thought this was something they could try together. Allie talks about Chanel being very open about being sexually fluid while she is bi. Allie states that they are both attracted to men. Chanel questions if Allie is saying that she misses having sex with men. Allie assures that she doesn’t and it’s not about missing anything. Allie just thinks it could be fun. Chanel says she’s learned with her that she can be happy in a loving relationship and she thought Allie was too. Allie says she is. Chanel asks if she’s sure. Allie says she is sure and she doesn’t want to cheapen what they have, she just thinks this is something they could share as a couple. Chanel questions bringing a guy like Alex in to their relationship. Allie says not in to their relationship, just in to their bed. Allie clarifies that this is just about sex with no feelings which is why Alex would be perfect because there is no way either of them would ever fall for him.

Sonny tells Alex that he can’t terminate Stephanie’s contract just because he wants to date her. Alex asks why not. Sonny complains that it’s textbook sexual harassment and calls him a dumbass. Sonny knows this is new to him to have someone not be attracted to him. Alex responds that it happened before in third grade and still hurts. Sonny says he gives up as this is pointless. Sonny suggests they treat this like a growing experience and accept the fact that a hard no does not mean maybe. Alex says he does hear where he’s coming from and maybe he’s right that firing Stephanie would be wrong on many levels, so he will quit. Sonny tells him that another CEO change would make Titan look as unstable as DiMera while Victor is very happy with the job he’s doing so he can’t quit. Alex asks what about his feelings for Stephanie then. Sonny grabs him and questions what part of this he did not hear. Sonny orders Alex to get over this obsession and back off. Alex says he gets that he needs to find a way to get it under control. Sonny encourages that he will as he’s just feeling rejected right now. Sonny notes that he’s feeling lonely and suggests they soothe their aching hearts by getting something to eat. Alex decides he will go get them chili dogs from Julie’s Place and exits the mansion.

EJ admits it was wrong of him to jump to the conclusion that Ava and Johnny were having an affair. Johnny agrees but he can’t believe EJ is apologizing. EJ adds that he mistook Johnny’s kindness to Ava. Ava calls that what EJ does, being nice to a grieving woman to get what he wants. EJ admits he also misunderstood Johnny’s intentions when he said he would move out if he forced Ava out when he should’ve known Johnny would never take advantage of a woman in Ava’s situation. Ava asks what he means. EJ says they both know how much Ava treasured her marriage to Jake.

Paulina asks Abe if trying to blow up Marlena, Kate, and Kayla wasn’t enough for Orpheus that he made them sick. Abe confirms that he infected them with a toxin. Abe talks about how Orpheus seems determined to kill the partners of his three greatest enemies. Paulina says they must be losing their minds. Abe knows he would be if she was sick. Paulina wants to go to the hospital to check on them. Abe says that the hospital is only allowing close family to visit while Kate checked herself out. Paulina jokes about Roman having to live with a woman so stubborn. Abe suggests they go see if they can do anything for them, but Sloan Peterson enters the office. Abe asks what she wants. Sloan responds that she’s here to see Paulina.

Chad tells Stephanie that he does have some idea what she’s going through. Chad talks about Kate always being there for him since his mom died and how she’s closer to him than EJ or Tony, so he’s scared for her now. Stephanie knows he’s still grieving Abigail too. Chad tells Stephanie that this job came around at just the righ time. Stephanie says it did for her too. She puts her hand on Chad’s right as Alex arrives and sees them together. Stephanie asks Chad how he’s been coping. Chad says he told himself that he’d feel better when they caught the killer, like it would bring closure, but it didn’t work out that way. Chad says that gave him a job and purpose but now he just feels lost until Stephanie threw him a lifeline, so he thanks her.

EJ tells Johnny and Ava that he will go down to the wine cellar and get a special bottle for this occasion. Ava jokes with him not to get locked in the secret room she’s heard about. EJ tells her not to believe everything she hears and heads down to the cellar. Ava asks Johnny if he’s buying the friendliness from EJ. Johnny responds that he knows EJ doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for him. Ava says that’s what she’s worried about but Johnny assures that he has her back.

Chanel tells Allie that she’s still a little thrown by this whole thing. Allie thinks she’s worrying too much. Chanel worries that Allie isn’t giving this much thought. Allie calls it just sex. Allie then admits that the thought of Chanel and Johnny still bothers her, but Johnny is not the reason that she thinks they should be with Alex. Allie recalls how much she enjoyed being with Tripp. Allie says she and Chanel have always been in to each other but also had amazing chemistry with the men in their lives, so she didn’t want them to miss that while ruining what they have. Chanel questions her thinking Alex is the one to do it with. Allie says it might be fun to figure out.

Paulina questions Sloan and Abe knowing each other. Abe responds that Sloan is thriving as a defense attorney but calls her an ambulance chaser and asks what she wants with his wife. Sloan brings up Paulina running for Governor and says she wants to speak to her privately. Paulina tells Abe to go ahead to the Pub without her and she will handle this. Paulina sends her love to Roman and Kate. Abe warns Sloan to be careful because Paulina has friends in high places. Abe then exits. Paulina asks Sloan what this is about. Sloan says she’ll get right to the point. Sloan reveals that she represents a client who is in possession of certain information that could end Paulina’s political career before it begins.

Stephanie tells Chad that she is the one who needed rescuing as if Chad didn’t walk in when he did, Paulina would have canned her and tried to ruin her career. Chad thinks she’s giving him too much credit as he was just following her lead. Chad admits this was just a distraction as he had just come from Abigail’s grave. Chad talks about imagining seeing Abigail there. Stephanie calls it so sad. Chad mentions his vision of Abigail telling him to move on with his life if only it were that easy.

Chanel tells Allie that before they take this any further, she has to make it clear that being fluid doesn’t mean that she’s always missing men. Chanel assures that she’s in a happy relationship with the woman she loves. Allie responds that she feels exactly the same way about her. Chanel asks what they do next if she says yes and how they will make it happen.

Alex returns to the Kiriakis Mansion with food from the Brady Pub for Sonny. Sonny thought he was going to Julie’s Place. Alex claims they were out of chili dogs so he just went by the Pub and got burgers and fries. Sonny says that sounds great but notes Alex’s mood and asks if he’s okay. Alex claims he is and that he’ll go get beers from the kitchen. Alex then gets stopped by a text from Allie and Chanel, asking him to come over.

Johnny tells Ava that he totally gets why she put the brakes on their relationship but he still thinks they’d be great together. Johnny tells her to take all the time she needs to grieve Jake, but if and when she’s ready, he’s here. Ava calls that good to know. EJ returns with wine and a present for Ava. EJ gives Johnny the wine to go get it opened. Ava opens her present from EJ and it’s her marriage license. EJ says he had it framed for her and decided to present it to her now that she moved in. EJ adds that the one problem is that is not Jake’s signature.

Paulina tells Sloan that Abe was right that she’s a damn ambulance chaser. Paulina tells her to think again if she’s expecting a hush money payoff because all of her dirty laundry has been aired out. Paulina tells Sloan that she can see herself out. Sloan then reveals that she wasn’t talking about Paulina, but about her daughter.

Chanel tells Allie that she can’t believe they are really doing this. Allie points out that they won’t be doing much of anything until Alex shows up. Chanel asks if it would be that terrible if he didn’t show up. Allie thought Chanel was up for this. Chanel assures that she is as Alex then arrives. They answer the door and thank him for coming as he asks what’s up.

Stephanie encourages Chad to give himself time. Chad says time hasn’t been working out for him which she questions. Chad says he put his recovery on fast forward. Chad thinks Abigail was telling him to be with somebody else, somebody he already likes a lot. Chad and Stephanie then start kissing.

Ava questions EJ starting this nonsense again with trying to prove her marriage to Jake wasn’t real. Johnny questions what EJ is trying to pull and insists it has to be Jake’s signature. EJ reveals he hired a team of handwriting experts to compare Jake’s signatures and they confirmed it had been forged. Johnny asks if EJ is lying. EJ responds that it’s his friend Ava who has been lying and said she had been married to get her hands on Jake’s shares of DiMera Enterprises. EJ declares that Ava may be a grifter and a con artist, but she is not a DiMera.

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