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Recap written by Christine

Elena and Nate were online rug shopping at Society when Imani approached to say hello. Elena was cool toward Imani. Imani was unfazed and immediately began complimenting Nate’s appearance. Nate thanked her. Elena made it a point to mention that she and Nate moved in together. That put a damper on Imani’s good mood. She adopted a strained smile as she congratulated the couple. Nate said he and Elena were very happy. “I know billable hours are important to lawyers so we wouldn’t want to get in the way of your work,” Elena said. Imani saw her takeout order was ready. She mentioned again that Nate’s shirt looked good on him, then she left the table. Nate said Elena brought the claws out. “Just reminding her of our relationship status so she can stop flirting with you,” Elena said, raising her voice enough for Imani to hear her. Imani left. Nate thought Elena did a good deed.

Nate got a call from the hospital. One of the board members was upset Nate took Elena as his date to a hospital fundraiser. Roland, the board member, thought it was inappropriate for a department head to date a first year attending physician. Nate couldn’t believe Roland had the nerve to call him and criticize him about his personal life. It made Nate wonder if being chief of surgery was worth the hassle. Elena asked if Nate wanted to quit. He didn’t, but he also didn’t realize how much politics this job involved. Elena thought Nate was doing great things for the patients in that role. He knew, that was why he was determined to make it work. He also liked working with her, even though it made some peons uncomfortable.

Amanda and Phyllis were together at The Grand Phoenix. Amanda was in the middle of telling Phyllis how great things were going at her new law firm when a courier came up and served Phyllis. Amanda looked through the paperwork. Someone was suing Phyllis for fraud and mental distress because they didn’t enjoy their Escape Club experience. Phyllis looked over the paper and remembered the girl and said she was a freak. The woman was still bitter over a bad break up, and she’d written a fictionalized account of the split so that she could get closure. She’d wanted people at the hotel to act out the script. Phyllis had to explain to this person that The Grand Phoenix employees weren’t actors. Amanda wanted to see the script. It was so crazy that Phyllis saved it. She emailed it to Amanda.

Phyllis and Amanda took turns reading the script, which was about a woman confronting her cheating boyfriend. At the end of the script, the ex was supposed to get hit by a bus. Amanda understood why Phyllis couldn’t provide that experience. Phyllis said she never promised this woman she’d hit her ex with a bus. Amanda noted that people got vengeful after breakups. Phyllis could relate – she’d been so filled with rage and jealousy that she had to hit someone with her car. “You mean fantasize about it,” Amanda assumed. “Sure,” Phyllis responded. Phyllis shifted gears and said she stood Jack up on Christmas Eve, and now he was out of town, and they weren’t talking. She felt like she relied on him too much. Amanda said it was okay to rely on a friend, especially when they relied on you. Phyllis knew she was selfish though, and she’d taken more from him than she’d given to him. Amanda thought it was good that Phyllis was trying to be a better friend. Phyllis changed the subject to the lawsuit. Amanda promised to take care of it, but Phyllis wanted to handle it in her own way outside the legal system. Amanda was apprehensive until Phyllis said she was going to give Beck a free year of membership at the escape club. Amanda thought that was a good idea.

Phyllis called Becky and de-escalated things. Imani showed up and asked why Amanda didn’t tell her Nate and Elena were living together. Amanda didn’t think Imani needed to know. Imani said it could’ve saved her an awkward and disappointing conversation. Amanda introduced Imani and Phyllis and said Imani had been openly thirsting after Nate for awhile. Both ladies had heard a lot about each other, through Amanda. Imani said she’d heard Phyllis was a great friend and a bit of a hell raiser, which made Imani think they’d get along great. “Well, we just might,” Phyllis said, sounding uncertain. Once Phyllis was alone, she called Jack, and it went to voice mail. She said she just wanted to say hi. She hoped the call went to voice mail because he was busy and not because he declined her call.

Chelsea found Sally pacing around outside Adam’s office and asked why she was loitering. Sally explained that she just met with Adam. Chelsea tried to get Sally to go back to her own office, and Sally, in turn, tried to stop Chelsea from going into Adam’s office. Chelsea stated that this was about their son, but Sally warned Chelsea that it wasn’t a good time to talk to Adam. Chelsea went in anyway.

Adam was brusque, thinking it was Sally, but Chelsea yelled “It’s me.” He looked up at her and complained that nobody knocked anymore. Chelsea wanted to know what happened, and Adam said it was nothing, but Chelsea said to save that for someone who didn’t know him. He groused that Billy came in here acting like he won the lottery, even though everyone knew he was an utter failure and always would be. Chelsea thought Adam had everything going for him, so she didn’t understand why he couldn’t let this battle with Billy end.

Adam said there was no battle with him and Billy – in his warped way, Billy called a truce. Adam said Billy concocted a scheme that fell apart, so Billy failed once again. Chelsea wondered why Adam looked like he lost, and he said it was complicated. Chelsea thought Adam should celebrate his business success and forget about Billy. He declared that it was forgotten. Chelsea was here for help, because Connor was having trouble adjusting to selling the penthouse. Adam thought Connor was having trouble with the memories at the penthouse, just like Chelsea. Chelsea said he was until he truly understood they were leaving the house for good. Connor cried. Adam thought that was odd, since Connor rarely cried anymore. Chelsea said that was how badly it was affecting their son. Chelsea needed Adam to help her make this okay for Connor. He said he’d do anything he could.

Chelsea and Adam went to the ranch and talked with Connor. They tried to put a positive spin on the changes in Connor’s life. Connor didn’t want any more changes. He wanted the penthouse to remain Chelsea’s. Last Adam recalled, Connor was struggling with the memories there. Connor said they made new good memories, like when they were all together on Christmas, and they could do that again. Adam stated that he and Chelsea weren’t together anymore. Chelsea said she and Connor could be happy anywhere – they could have a yard, or they could move into a place with a game room. Connor wanted Chelsea to move to the ranch. Adam thought Connor was smart enough to know that couldn’t happen.

Connor just wanted to be a family again. Adam said he and Chelsea were friends, but they weren’t going to live together again. Connor said that if they wanted him to be happy, they should try living together again. Adam tried to explain that, while they wanted him to be happy, he was going to have to accept this change. Connor had an outburst and stomped to the other side of the room. Chelsea told him that they didn’t have to live in the same house to be a family. Connor just wanted them to spend time together. Chelsea promised they’d spend a lot of time together, but she still had to find a new place to live. She asked him to help, and he agreed. They hugged.

Sally met with Chloe at Society. Chloe said they had to re-evaulate what was going on with Sally and Chelsea. Sally contended that Chelsea felt threatened by her, personally and professionally. Sally thought that Chelsea was the one with the problem and that if anyone left, it should be Chelsea. Chloe said that Sally’s negative attitude was impacting the platform Chloe created. “it’s messing with my dreams which makes it my problem. So, you work for me, which makes it an even bigger problem for you. Do we understand each other?,” Chloe asked.

Sally didn’t think it was a big deal that she hung out with Adam on New Year’s Eve. Chloe said it was affecting their jobs, which meant it was an enormous deal. Sally said she didn’t force Adam to hang out with her, but Chloe said that wasn’t the point. Sally thought the problem was that Chelsea wouldn’t let Adam go, even though he wasn’t interested in her. Sally called Chelsea angry and vindictive. Chloe said Chelsea was her best friend, a spectacular designer, and Sally’s boss, so it was dumb for Sally to say all this about her. Chloe thought Sally and Chelsea were talented ambitious women, but they wouldn’t be able to work together if Sally continued on her current path. “So fix it,” Chloe ordered. Sally protested, and Chloe said it wasn’t a suggestion. Chloe left.

Sally went back to Adam’s office just as he and Chelsea were returning. Sally wanted Adam to look over some paperwork, but he said it wasn’t a good time. He went into the office. Chelsea said not to take it personally and that Adam’s main priority would always be his family. Sally said she understood. After talking with Chloe, Sally had to get something off her chest. Sally hoped she didn’t give Chelsea the impression that she was after Adam. Sally just saw Adam as a boss. All she wanted was to work with Chelsea. “For me,” Chelsea corrected. Sally also wanted to learn from Chelsea. Chelsea was happy to hear that, and she said she and Sally both wanted the fashion platform to be a success.

Billy and Lily were at home basking in the afterglow after celebrating him abandoning the plan to go after Newman Media. He said if this was his reward, he’d ditch his plans more often. She asked if he was sure he wanted to work with her at Chancellor. He told her people would kill to be her COO. He promised no one would be more devoted to her as he was. He couldn’t be more proud to help her take over the world. He thanked her for helping him see that it wasn’t a good idea to try and get to run Newman Media. Lily said Victoria was using Billy. Billy didn’t want to be anchored to the soul-sucking anger that fueled Adam’s existence. It felt good to tell Adam that he wasn’t worth it. Billy realized Adam had taken up too much valuable real estate in his life and mind. He deserved better, and he thought Lily deserved a better him. She said she couldn’t love him more or be more proud.

Billy and Lily put their clothes on, and he said he had to go make amends with his mother. Jill was in Chicago this week, and Billy was going to go apologize in person. Lily offered to go too, but he thought he needed to do this alone. Billy invited Traci over and let her know that he’d abandoned the plan. He said that he realized the plan wasn’t healthy for him, and he appreciated Traci and Lily for showing him the light. Traci was relieved, and she knew Jack would be too. Traci admitted she’d confronted Victoria about the plan. Billy tensed up about Traci interfering and asked if she didn’t think he could handle things on his own. Now that Billy had put an end to the plot, Traci realized he could handle things himself. Billy just wished Traci would stop treating him like a wayward child.

Traci knew Billy was as an adult, which was why she held him accountable for his actions. He asked if she ever felt the need to go to Victor and tell him to leave Jack alone. Traci didn’t, but she’d called Jack out on his behavior countless times, because that ridiculous feud did devastating things to their family. It made her sad and angry that he was holding Jack and Victor’s feud up as an excuse for his behavior. Lily said it was better for Billy to have someone who cared too much for him than too little. Billy apologized, and Traci started crying. She hoped he’d call Jack with this good news. She also suggested that he go back to Jabot, which would’ve made their father happy. He said he was going to work with Lily, and that made Traci very happy. She was proud of her brother, and she knew things would go just great for him. He said he loved her, and he’d see her soon. He went upstairs to pack. Traci asked Lily if Billy was doing as well as he said he was.

Lily assured Traci that Billy was fine. He was doing great until Victor and Adam cut him off at the knees, she said. Lily thought the plan was outrageous, but she supported it because she knew Billy needed to regain what he lost. Lily loved Billy, and she knew he needed someone to believe in him. Everything was going great until Victoria had to insert herself into it. Lily had worried Billy would revert to his destructive behavior, but he didn’t. Lily thought Traci could start to trust Billy and let go. Traci did trust him. She was grateful Lily was in Billy’s life and that she could protect him in a way he didn’t resent. Lily said she and Billy got each other, maybe because they were friends for so long before they got together. Traci looked at Lily and it made her think about what Colleen might be like at her age. Lily had been thinking a lot about Colleen too, lately. Lily and Traci reminisced about the time Colleen and Lily got tattoos and nose piercings, as teens. Lily said neither of them could’ve guessed Lily would become Chancellor CEO. Traci knew her daughter would be proud of her friend. Ever since Lily was little, Traci could tell that Lily was capable of great things. Traci thought Billy was fortunate to have Lily.

Later, Traci was gone, and Billy was all packed. She offered to go to Chicago again, but he knew she needed to stay and prepare for her new job. He promised he’d be back before her first day. They kissed and said their goodbyes, then he left for his flight.

Back at Newman Media, Billy’s insults rang in Adam’s head. He remembered Billy calling him worthless a runner up Newman. Adam grabbed his phone.

After Billy left, Lily got a text from Adam wishing her luck at Chancellor.

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