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Recap written by Christine

Victor summoned Nick to Newman Media and thanked him for reaching out to Nate. Victor revealed that Nate pulled the medical records from Ashland’s heart attack and saw that there was no sign of cancer in the x-rays. Ashland never received chemotherapy at Memorial. Nick said there was a special place in hell for Ashland after manipulating Victoria like this. Victor said, since Ashland refused to do the decent thing and leave town, it was imperative that Victor and Nick show Victoria the evidence. Nick hoped Victoria booted Victoria out of her life and the company. Nick called in reinforcements, and Nikki and Adam arrived. They all talked about Ashland’s deception. Victor was glad they were all on the same page now. Adam said once he heard what Nate said, it was a no-brainer. Nick said Victoria was resistant to the idea that Ashland was lying. Nick felt that the family only had one move left, and it would take all of them to pull it off.

Nick laid out his plan. Adam liked it, but he didn’t think it’d work. Nikki was worried Victoria would never forgive them, whether the plan was successful or not. Victor said their priority had to be getting Ashland out of Victoria’s life. Adam didn’t think Victoria would trust them over Ashland. Adam added that Ashland already signed the contract making him co-CEO, so this could be too little, too late. Nick snapped that he didn’t care about the company; he only cared about his sister, and he thought Adam should feel the same way. “Well, of course, but…,” Adam started saying. Nick interrupted and said that if Ashland’s plan was to get control of Newman Locke, Victoria could just be an obstacle that he wanted to get rid of by any means necessary.

Horrified, Nikki asked if Nick actually thought Ashland would eliminate Victoria. Nick didn’t want to believe Ashland was capable of something like that, but they couldn’t take anything for granted. Adam said that Ashland left his best friend to die and stole his identity. Adam doubted the story that there was nothing Bobby DeFranco could’ve done that night to save the real Ashland Locke. Victor was adamant that he wouldn’t let Ashland harm one hair on Victoria’s head. Nikki said Victoria would need them when this was all over. Victor said they’d all be there. Nick asked if Adam and Nikki were in. They were both fully on board.

Victoria went to work, and Ashland was already there. She kissed him hello. He said he was surprised when he came downstairs this morning and she wasn’t home. She said she had some errands to run. He added that he’d felt her tossing and turning in bed all night. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” she replied. He said they were partners, so whatever was bothering her was bothering him. She said she was furious with her father for setting this in motion. She was concerned word would get out that he supposedly faked his cancer. He had a plan to make sure that didn’t happen.

Ashland proposed he and Victoria go to the Palazzo in Tuscany, then go to Milan to spend a couple weeks with Harrison. She wasn’t sure about doing that now. He thought it was the perfect time – it would give him a distraction-free environment to investigate these claims against him. She didn’t want anyone to think they were in hiding or running. He was wondering if her father planted more doubt in her mind than she was willing to admit. “You swore to me that none of that was true. So I’m sure you know how I would react if I learned that you lied to me again,” Victoria replied. He knew their marriage wouldn’t survive that. She said he’d have to be both foolish and desperate to think he could keep her in the dark about that, and they’d be able to move past it. He took great pride in being neither of those things. Victoria said Ashland was brilliant and he knew her very well, so he knew she had a great capacity for forgiveness, but there were some lines that couldn’t be crossed. He sensed she thought he was about to break down and make a confession. She told him that if he needed to confess, now was the time.

Ashland had something earth-shattering to confess – he loved Victoria more than anything in his entire life, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her happy. He saw in her eyes that she was torn between his love for her and her fidelity to her family. She was so sorry. He said she had nothing to apologize for. He knew her family was pressuring her. He thought the best way for her to shut out the family’s constant interference was to go away together. He said they needed time to focus, and he couldn’t think of a better place than Tuscany, where he first pledged his love and life to her, and she’d said “love transcends all.” She remembered that well. He wanted to go today. Nikki burst in crying and saying she needed to talk to Victoria alone about a private matter.

Nikki told Ashland she’d appreciate it if he gave them some space. Victoria felt her mother was being rude and dismissive. She said she and Ashland were partners, just like Nikki and Victor, so anything Nikki had to say could be said to both of them. “Victoria, if you think you I think I share everything with your father, you are sorely mistaken,” Nikki stated. She said that she needed a moment with her daughter. Ashland said that if Victoria wanted him to stay, he was going to stay. Nikki decided to stop being polite, and she ordered Ashland to leave. Ashland told Nikki that she was disrespecting Victoria and him. He knew why she wanted him to leave. Nikki told Ashland that not everything was about him. Nikki cried that this was a private family matter. Nikki lied and said she and Victor had a terrible fight. Threats were made, and Nikki and Victor said things that they couldn’t take back. Nikki didn’t know where else to turn. Victoria was so sorry. She told Ashland that she needed to talk to her mom alone. He asked if she was sure. Victoria said it would only take a few minutes – her mother was the strongest woman she knew, and she wanted to be there for her. Ashland loved that Victoria’s first instinct was to help Nikki, even though Nikki caused her so much consternation. Ashland wished Nikki the best and said she was fortunate to have such a loving and caring daughter. Nikki said thanks and turned away. While no one could see her, she texted Nick.

Meanwhile, at Newman Media, Nick bristled at Adam’s contention that they needed a fallback plan in case this one failed. Nick sensed Adam already had something in mind. Adam said he floated an idea yesterday, but Victor shot it down. Adam asked if the board could nullify Ashland’s contract, and Victoria’s. Victor said the merger made that difficult. Adam didn’t think it was impossible. Victor made it clear that they would not fire Victoria under any circumstances. Nick said there was no basis for firing Victoria. Adam didn’t agree – he thought it was incompetent for Victoria to let the proverbial fox into the hen house. Nick refused to let Adam make a play for Victoria’s job. Adam thought they could all agree that Victoria made a colossal error, but he said it didn’t mean he was coming for the CEO job. Nick thought Adam’s history proved otherwise. Adam said he had a vested interest in the company because he actually worked here, unlike Nick, and they couldn’t pause work because of a family crisis – someone had to keep their eye on the ball. Victor told his sons to stop arguing. He said they’d deal with any damage that may have been done to the company later – their sister was the priority right now.

Lauren walked into the office, and Adam said it was a private meeting. Lauren refused to leave. She asked if Victor heard anything from Michael. He said he got a package from Michael yesterday. Lauren said that could’ve been mailed days ago. She knew he had people searching for Michael. He asked where she heard that, and she said it didn’t matter. She thought that Victor should’ve shared that with her. She wanted to know everything. He admitted he lost contact with Michael. She was glad she’d gone to Kevin for help. She filed a missing person’s report with the GCPD, and they’d contacted the Peruvian authorities. He told her to forget about the police. He had his best people on this. He said to trust him. “Like Michael did?,” she shot back. Lauren might have trusted Victor if he’d told her all this up front. He said he didn’t want to alarm her. He’d thought they would’ve found Michael more quickly than this. Lauren noted that Victor didn’t say anything after Michael wasn’t found. She didn’t even know why Michael was in South America. She assumed that Nick and Adam knew more about this than she did.

Nick and Adam offered some platitudes about Michael, which only frustrated Lauren because she wanted someone to just tell her what was going on. Vitor said he wanted to keep this private, and he couldn’t tell Lauren what was going on. He was sorry what should’ve been a routine trip turned dangerous, but he promised he’d remedy the situation. Nick got a text from Nikki saying “Now. Quickly.” Nick said he and Adam had to go deal with that situation. Victor said he’d join them shortly. They left. Lauren asked if that had something to do with Michael. Victor said it did, in a way. He said Michael was on an important mission. He promised to do everything in his power to bring Michael back safely.

Back at Newman Locke, Victoria was gentle with Nikki. Despite what Nikki said earlier, Victoria found it hard to believe that this fight with Victor wasn’t about Ashland. Victoria hoped Nikki told Victor that he needed to stop making these accusations toward Ashland. Nikki said there was no doubt in her mind that Victor was right to investigate Ashland. Victoria was furious when she realized Nikki lied and there was no fight. Nikki grabbed Victoria by the shoulders and said Ashland had been using her. Nick, Adam and Victor walked in. Nick said they weren’t leaving until Victoria had seen all the evidence.

Nate and Elena were at Crimson Lights. She wanted to split a pastry, but he didn’t have an appetite. He was feeling conflicted. He’d never violated someone’s medical privacy before. Not only did he access the records of someone who was never his patient, but he shared that information with a third party. Elena asked if Nate regretted what he’d done. He said he’d do the same thing all over again, but he couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen to him. Nate was worried Ashland would ruin his reputation. Elena thought Ashland had bigger fish to fry. She said if Ashland tried to come for Nate, he’d have to expose his own deception. She thought that people would be on Nate’s side if his role in this came out. Elena said Ashland used Nate. Nate couldn’t believe he wasn’t a better judge of character. Elena noted that she’d been taken in by Ashland too. She said Ashland was shameless, and someone should make him pay. “If I hadn’t taken an oath to do no harm, he would be right at the top of my to-do list,” Elena said. Nate smiled and thanked Elena for being outraged on his behalf. Nate was mad at himself for being duped by Ashland. He couldn’t believe he’d been Ashland’s best man. Elena said Ashland even fooled Victoria, who spent nearly every hour of the day with him. Nate wondered how he let Ashland have so much influence over him. Ashland got Nate thinking about changing his entire career path. Nate almost began to work for a man who had no qualms about manipulating him.

Lily and Devon walked in and overheard Nate lamenting that his career plans were up in the air, and he didn’t know what he was going to do. Lily and Devon noted that they both offered Nate jobs at their companies, and he’d turned them down to work with Ashland. Lily asked what happened. Nate and Elena kept it vague, just saying that working with Ashland wasn’t the best fit. Lily asked if this had anything to do with the concerns she raised about the family dynamics and constantly shifting alliances. Nate said that played a part in it. Lily said she and Devon had an offer for Nate. She confirmed with Devon that he was okay with this. Nae asked what was going on. Lily and Devon stressed that this conversation was top secret, then they revealed the plans to do a merger. Lily said she and Devon weren’t just focused on profit – they wanted to build something they could run together, as a family, and they wanted Nate to be part of it.

Devon said the goal was to create an empire – a dynasty they could leave behind for Moses, Mattie, Charlie, Dominic and any other future relatives. Lily asked Nate to imagine what Neil would say about all this. She said this would be their ancestors’ wildest dreams. Nate was flattered, but he didn’t know where he’d fit into this. Lily said Nate was bright, he brought a lot to the table, and they loved him. Nate had to think about it. Devon asked Elena how she felt. She loved the idea, but she thought Nate had to make up his own mind. Lily was gearing up to make another push when Nate cut her off and snapped that he applauded the enthusiasm, but he wasn’t sure this was the right move for him.

Nate apologized for blowing up. Devon sarcastically apologized for offering Nate a cool job. Lily said she and Devon shouldn’t have bombarded Nate. She asked what was going on with him. Nate said he just made a bad judgment call, and he needed time to regroup. Devon asked if Nate wanted to go for a run to clear his head. Lily offered support too, and Elena said they were all here for Nate. Nate just had to take care of some things. Lily said the offer didn’t expire. Nate said thanks, and he left. Devon and Lily asked what was going on. It wasn’t Elena’s place to say. She just assured Devon and Lily that their cousin was going to be okay. She loved that they invited him into the legacy they were creating, because he’d need something to latch onto.

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