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Sonny goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad assumes since Sonny is still in Salem, that means he took Victor up on his offer to become the new CEO of Titan. Sonny says he actually hasn’t talked to Will about it yet. Chad asks if he’s afraid to tell him. Sonny explains that Will is taking care of Arianna and he has work deadlines, so he doesn’t want to drop it all on him on a zoom call. Chad suggests Sonny go home and tell Will. Sonny responds that he has to take care of Leo first. Chad asks if they haven’t spent enough time and energy on Leo. Sonny says not until Leo Stark’s life is as screwed up as he made his.

Gwen finishes a call with Leo about their double wedding. Xander comes out of the bathroom and asks about Gwen’s call. Gwen tells him that it was her friend Matty and informs Xander that he has rented out the Horton Town Square for their wedding. Xander says he can’t wait to meet this guy. Gwen insists that he’s going to love him. Gwen guesses their wedding day hasn’t brought any bad luck. Gwen declares that tonight they will get married and start living the rest of their lives, happily ever after as they kiss.

Leo runs in to Abigail in the town square. Leo calls her a backstabber. Abigail tries to walk away but Leo stops her and says that since they are both going to be living in Salem, they need to set some ground rules.

Jake wakes up on his air mattress and notes that his back pain is gone until he tries to get up. Jake calls out to Ava, asking where she is as he needs her help. Jake wonders where the hell Ava went.

Nicole has a nightmare about Ava barging in on her and Rafe in bed with a gun.

Chad tells Sonny that he loves him like a brother, but he cannot ask him to go after Leo again. Sonny says he won’t have to because this time, they are taking a different approach. Chad tells him that he doesn’t want to be apart of this anymore. Sonny complains that they don’t have much time since Nancy signed the divorce papers, so Craig and Leo are planning on getting married as soon as possible. Sonny calls it sad that Chloe decided there’s nothing else she can do about it. Sonny says he and Brady are not so sure. Sonny adds that Brady came to him with interesting information that he thinks could spell the end of the Leo Stark reign of terror.

Abigail suggests she and Leo stay as far away from each other as possible. Leo mocks Abigail acting with Chad. Abigail brings up Leo blackmailing Sonny in to marrying him. Leo is tired of everyone flinging his past in his face. Leo brings up how Abigail and Chad were separated when he met her and she was living in Boston. Leo asks how she would feel if someone took advantage of that situation and insinuate themselves in Chad’s bed. Abigail points out that Leo did try to take advantage and crawled in to Chad’s bed while he was sleeping. Leo argues that what he tried to do doesn’t matter because it didn’t work and Chad only has eyes for her, which is how he and Craig feel. Leo declares that their joyous double wedding will be the happiest day of Craig’s life. Abigail questions a double wedding. Leo reveals that he’s sharing his special day with his BFF. Abigail questions him having a friend. Leo calls her a snide bitch and informs her that her name is Gwen. Abigail declares that Leo and Gwen being BFFs makes a sickening sort of sense.

Xander tells Gwen that they can’t get married today and asks about the cake and other things. Gwen reminds him that she ordered the cake from Sweet Bits Bakery. Xander asks about wedding invitations and flowers. Gwen says that Matty took care of arrangements and they don’t really have any guests to notify. Xander asks about his tuxedo. Gwen tells him to rent one and she’s on her dress. Xander brings up Jack being his best man and he told Jack that the wedding is next week. Gwen reveals that she spoke to Jack last night after he did and he already booked a flight this morning and is on the plane as they speak. Xander guesses everything is ready then. Gwen says except for maybe the groom. Gwen feels Xander was just coming up with reasons not to get married, so she asks if he’s getting cold feet.

Nicole wakes up from her nightmare in a panic and tells Rafe about it. Rafe assures it was just a nightmare and that nobody is going to come barging in. Gabi then opens the door, startling Nicole and causing Rafe to grab his gun but Gabi tells him not to shoot. Rafe questions what the hell she’s doing. Gabi responds that she’s doing his job for him and that he’s lucky to have her as a sister. Gabi apologizes to Nicole for barging in. Gabi sits down on the bed and plays the recording of Ava planning to set Rafe up with planted evidence. Gabi then asks what Rafe is waiting for and tells him to arrest Ava.

Ava comes home where Jake questions where she’s been. Ava informs him that she went to the store because he didn’t have many groceries. Jake says when he woke up and saw she wasn’t there, he was worried that she was up to no good. Ava asks if he thought she was up to killing Rafe and Nicole. Ava admits it crossed her mind but instead has decided to take her rage out on making dinner. Ava asks if he has any pans. Jake says he can dig one up for her, but first he’s going to need her to help him up because he can’t move.

Sonny informs Chad that Chloe and Brady heard Leo on the phone, gloating about his victory and the person he was talking to was named Jackie. Chad recognizes the name as Jackie Cox. Sonny continues that Jackie was Leo’s source who was supposed to lead Will to the emerald. Chad asks if he thinks Leo and Jackie were working together all along to switch the emerald. Sonny is not sure but points out that they were working together before, so maybe they still are now. Sonny says if Leo is trying to scam Craig out of his money, he bets that Jackie Cox is in on it and he also thinks Jackie could be the key to getting Craig to see the light.

Leo questions how Abigail knows Gwen. Abigail reveals that Gwen is her half-sister. Leo finds that hard to believe since Gwen is fun. Abigail tells Leo that he can ask Gwen about how she tried to destroy her life. Leo guesses she had a good reason and says he knows Gwen intimately. Leo says he charted their horoscopes and it was destined they would meet. Abigail asks where Leo met Gwen. Leo tells her that it was in Philadelphia and he knew he loved Gwen from before he even saw her. Leo says they saved each other. Leo senses that Abigail and Gwen are not close which she confirms. Leo says that is fine with him if it means she won’t be coming to their weddings or raining anyone’s parades. Abigail then reveals to Leo that she will be there because she is Gwen’s matron of honor.

Xander assures Gwen that he’s not having second thoughts about marrying her, but he is having second thoughts about getting married on the spur of the moment in an event planned by someone else in a double wedding with strangers. Gwen argues that Matty is not a stranger, he’s her friend, and they can’t afford it on their own. Xander does want her to have the wedding of her dreams. Gwen asks if this is about the wedding or Sarah. Xander insists it’s not about Sarah as Maggie is taking care of her now and she’s getting the best treatment, so now it’s time for them to have their life together. Xander and Gwen then kiss.

Jake and Ava eat together. Jake has trouble getting up from his chair again. Ava decides that she is taking the air mattress tonight so he can sleep in the bed. Jake doesn’t want her waking up feeling like he does now. Ava says that won’t be a problem because she’s been taking yoga for years. Ava suggests maybe they should get Jake in to a yoga class but he says no way. Ava asks if he’s afraid. Jake says he just needs to get out of his chair. Ava helps Jake up again.

Chad asks how Sonny proposes they get the information if Jackie Cox has it. Sonny says he asked Will. Chad guesses that Will said to start with google because he’s also married to a star reporter. Sonny googles Jackie Cox and finds her website, feeling it should be easy to track her down. Sonny adds that he could ask Victor for the jet since he wants something from him, so they could be in and out in a couple hours. Sonny tells Chad that he needs him to come with him.

Abigail questions Leo and Craig having a double wedding with Gwen and Xander. Leo thinks it will be mind blowing. Abigail asks if anyone has ever told him how most Salem weddings end up. Gwen joins Leo and questions Abigail knowing him. Abigail confirms that he was just telling her all about the double wedding. Gwen says she was going to call Abigail and reveals that it’s tonight which surprises Abigail. Abigail says she is free but that Leo hates her. Leo claims there is no one he’d rather have there. Leo asks where Gwen’s husband to be is as Xander then arrives. Xander sees Leo and questions what this sneaky little bastard is doing back here. Leo questions Gwen not telling him. Xander asks what is going on here. Gwen reveals to Xander that this is her really good friend Matty Cooper. Xander argues that he’s Leo Stark. Leo says they are one in the same and tells Xander that it’s wonderful to see him again, looking fantastic as ever.

Rafe finishes a call and informs Nicole that Melinda is on board with filing charges once the warrant goes through and they bring Ava in. Rafe adds that Melinda had plenty of questions about the tape, so he pleaded ignorance. Nicole is surprised that Melinda wanted to do this since she prosecuted the case against him, so she will look like an idiot when it comes out that Ava played her. Rafe says that’s all the more reason that Melinda wants to take Ava down. Nicole worries about Ava being more rattled than she already is. Rafe argues that Ava will keep making threats and giving her nightmares which is no way for them to go through their lives. Rafe declares that he won’t let Ava ruin what they have waited so long to find as they kiss.

Ava gives Jake another massage until Gabi walks in and remarks that she sees Ava is earning her keep.

Chad questions Sonny wanting him to drop everything to go to New York with him so they can maybe track someone down that maybe has information to maybe bring down Leo. Sonny knows it sounds crazy but it will only take a couple hours. Chad thought they agreed that it wasn’t healthy to keep obsessing about Leo. Sonny argues that he’s not obsessing. Chad reminds Sonny that he just said Chloe had accepted that Craig and Leo are getting married, so if Craig wants to screw up his life, that’s his business. Sonny disagrees and says it is all of their business.

Gwen questions Xander and Leo knowing each other. Leo tells Gwen that he’s envious because he used to have the biggest crush on Xander. Leo adds that he still haunts the occasional dream but now he only has eyes for Craig. Gwen points out that Leo didn’t have a chance with Xander since he doesn’t play for his team. Leo remarks that he almost did which Gwen questions. Leo tells her not to worry as nothing happened. Xander questions having a double wedding with him and says he doesn’t think so. Abigail jokes that she wants some popcorn. Xander complains that Leo was just coming on to him. Gwen laughs it off as being years ago and they have both moved on so it’s no big deal, but Xander refuses to do this.

Jake tells Gabi that it’s not her business but he threw his back out. Gabi continues to mock him being with Ava. Jake remarks that she’s lucky his back is hurt or else he would throw her interfering ass out on to the curb. Jake asks who the hell Gabi thinks she is, barging in to his place like this. Gabi responds that she’s looking out for his best interests because Ava is poison. Jake asks if she had his best interests in mind when she screwed him at DiMera. Jake tells Ava to call the cops and tell them that someone broke in to his apartment. Gabi argues that the door was unlocked and she’s just here as a courtesy call. Gabi says she won’t interfere and cause any more trouble for them. Gabi admits that she overreacted when she saw Ava on top of Jake, but when she first found out Ava moved in, she really thought Ava was doing it to get under her skin. Gabi has decided to not let her hatred get the better of her, so she believes the explanation. Gabi says she won’t intervene because they have their lives and she has her life to live. Jake asks what the catch is since it’s very unlike her to play it cool which makes him think it’s a trick and the other shoe is about to drop. Gabi asks what that could possibly be as Rafe then knocks on the door, saying to open up as the police.

Sonny reluctantly agrees that this is not Chad’s problem as he doesn’t really care about Leo or the whole Craig Wesley fiasco. Sonny says he’s sorry he bothered him. Chad stops him and says he doesn’t care about Leo but Sonny is his best friend, so he agrees to go with him. Sonny thanks Chad and knows he seems over the top about all of this but if he knows Leo, he is champing at the bit to get Craig’s ring on his finger and once that happens, it will be a hell of a lot harder to get rid of him.

Gwen questions Xander saying he’s not going through with the wedding. Xander clarifies that he won’t stand up with Leo. Xander doesn’t get why Gwen is so dead set on doing this today. Gwen worries that Xander has cold feet. Abigail says they can give her a call to let her know if the wedding is on or off as she walks away. Gwen apologizes as she didn’t know Xander had a beef with Leo. Leo calls that an interesting choice of words. Xander warns him to watch it. Leo argues that Xander led him on and took advantage of his interest in getting to know him better to find out which leverage Sonny had to then use himself. Leo explains to Gwen that Xander drugged him and led him to believe they slept together when he was really down the hall with Sarah Horton. Leo remarks that Xander used him, so he’s the one who shouldn’t abide having Xander at his wedding but he’s found his own true love, so he has a new found ability to forgive and forget. Gwen tells Xander that if Leo can put it in the past, she asks if Xander can too for her.

Gabi answers the door for Rafe. Jake asks what the hell is going on here. Ava guesses the other shoe is dropping. Rafe says he could’ve sent another officer to do this but he wanted to do it himself. Rafe then handcuffs Ava and informs her that she is under arrest for framing him.

Abigail goes home to the DiMera Mansion and greets Sonny, who informs her that he just came to ask Chad for a favor again. Chad explains that Sonny wants him to go to New York with him to see if they can get Jackie Cox to spill what she knows about Leo. Chad invites Abigail to come with them but Abigail doesn’t think she can do a story about Leo since she’s now personally involved and she has a lot to do before tonight. Chad asks what tonight is. Abigail reveals that Gwen and Xander are getting married, she’s the maid of honor, and it’s now a double wedding with Leo and Craig. Sonny can’t believe it’s tonight. Abigail knows it’s hard to believe but apparently Leo and Gwen are BFFs.

Gwen tells Xander that they have waited all this time and she just wants to be his wife. Xander asks if this is really her idea of a dream wedding. Gwen says that it is as she doesn’t have many friends but Leo is the only person besides Xander who really knows her and still likes her. Gwen insists to Xander that this is her dream wedding, just four people in the town square saying they don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks because they are going to be happy in spite of all of them. Gwen repeats that it’s her dream wedding. Xander questions if it’s really what she wants. Gwen repeats that it is, so Xander agrees to it as they hug. Leo gets up and joins their hug.

Chad, Abigail, and Sonny talk about the double wedding. Sonny wonders if Gwen knows what Leo is up to but Abigail says that Gwen didn’t know he was in town until yesterday. Abigail wishes she could go with them to New York but she promised to stand up for Gwen and she thinks it will mean a lot to Jack. Sonny worries about it being tonight while Chad points out the clock is really ticking. Abigail notes that Xander didn’t look happy about sharing his wedding day with Leo, so she can’t say for sure that he’s going to go along with it.

After Rafe escorts Ava out in handcuffs, Jake asks if Gabi is just going to stand there and gloat. Gabi tells Jake to just admit that he tried to make her jealous by having Ava move in. Jake says he was just helping out an old friend. Gabi remarks that Ava is his old mob boss and is friends with no one. Jake calls Ava a better friend than Gabi is and tells her to get out. Gabi remarks that Jake will have the whole bed to himself to watch his back now. Jake warns Gabi to watch her back because when Ava beats these charges, she will be pretty upset with her.

Abigail wishes Chad and Sonny luck, joking with them not to have any threesomes. Chad jokes that they are just a couple of best friends looking for a drag queen. Sonny asks Abigail to do whatever she can to stall the wedding. Abigail agrees to try her best but she thinks even if they tie the knots, she doesn’t think either marriage is going to last. Sonny hopes so and then exits.

Gwen says they better get a move on because Jack’s flight is landing soon. Gwen asks Xander to pick him up which he agrees to do. Xander tells Leo that he’ll see him at the altar as he walks away. Leo remarks that Gwen is a lucky woman. Gwen says she has a million things to do so she has to go. Gwen walks a way and then a man delivers an envelope to Leo. Leo opens it and is shocked by the papers inside, saying it can’t be but it is – it’s a pre-nup.

Rafe brings Ava to the interrogation room and says they do have iron clad evidence against her. Rafe informs her that her man flipped and said she strong-armed him and they got it all on tape. Ava wants her one phone call and some privacy. Rafe says the less time he spends with her, the better as he exits the room. Ava picks up the phone to make a call.

Gabi sits at the bistro having a drink and toasts to herself as she did what the cops and mob families haven’t been able to do without breaking a sweat in taking down Ava once and for all.

Abigail answers a call at home from Ava and asks what she wants. Ava informs her that she has some information that Abigail might find quite interesting..

Nicole is at the Brady Pub, finishing a call about sales reports. Nicole then orders a double espresso but is shocked to find that it is her ex-husband Eric working behind the counter.

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