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Brady is at home on the phone with his son Tate. Kristen appears with mistletoe. Brady hangs up and questions what she is doing. Kristen points out that they are under a mistletoe and she’s sure he remembers what that means.

Sloan answers the door to see Nicole and questions what she’s doing there as Nicole sees Sloan and Eric in towels. Nicole tells Eric that she could ask him the same thing.

EJ tells Johnny that Susan was one of a kind and loved him very much. Johnny says it feels like just yesterday that Susan was there with them, enjoying Halloween and now it’s almost Christmas and she’s gone. EJ says that’s courtesy of Ava Vitali.

Ava and her vision of Charlie look over her bomb in the DiMera Crypt. Ava states that it has enough power to wipe out half the church. Ava declares that when EJ shows up at Susan’s funeral, he’s going to be the one resting in pieces.

Brady questions Kristen constructing a paper mistletoe just to hold it over his head. Kristen clarifies that Rachel made it in art class and she hoped that they could hang it together. Brady complains about Kristen encouraging Rachel’s fantasies about them getting together. Kristen claims that she’s encouraging Rachel’s creativity. Brady suggests an art project on the plant that saved Marlena’s life since that’s the only reason Kristen is staying here. Kristen argues that he doesn’t have to continue to remind her. Kristen tells Brady that today is Susan’s memorial so she wants to be there for EJ. Brady can’t believe her as he’s pretty sure that EJ doesn’t want Kristen anywhere near the church. Kristen tells him not to worry because she has a plan. Kristen then exits. Brady wonders aloud what could possibly go wrong.

EJ tells Johnny that Ava took so much from them. Johnny complains that he trusted her and cared for her but he had no idea how damaged she was, that she was capable of kidnapping Susan and driving off the road. EJ admits that even he didn’t think Ava would go that far, but he saw it with his own eyes. Johnny says it must have been horrible for him. EJ responds that he thought it would be the last time he saw either one of them, until he saw Ava at Thanksgiving.

Ava’s vision of Charlie asks if she’s having second thoughts about blowing EJ up. Ava responds that she was just thinking of how great it would be if all of her other enemies could get what’s coming to them too, starting with Nicole.

Eric questions how Nicole found him. Nicole explains that when Roman told her that he didn’t come home last night, she had a pretty good idea of where he might be. Sloan asks if she just started knocking on random doors. Nicole says she used to be a reporter, so it took about ten seconds to track down her address. Sloan calls her a stalker. Nicole walks in despite Sloan pointing out that she didn’t invite her. Nicole questions Eric sleeping with Sloan. Eric confirms that he is and asks what’s it to her.

Marlena and John meet in the town square as they finish Christmas shopping. Marlena tells him about getting Johnny a camera drone and some troll dolls for Holly but she doesn’t know if they will see Holly much over Christmas because of Nicole and Eric. John says they’ll just have to drop that off at Nicole’s and asks if she had any luck finding something for Rachel. Marlena confirms that she did and got her a junior marine biologist kit which excites John. Marlena points out that they both know they can’t give Rachel what she really wants for Christmas and that’s her parents being back together.

Sister Mary Moira appears at John and Marlena’s and complains about the Marlena doll that Susan had given her being evil. Brady remembers Kristen dressing up as Susan and says nice try Kristen.

Nicole calls Eric unbelievable. Sloan argues that Nicole is the one skulking around town, trying to catch Eric with other women. Nicole tells her to stay out of it but Sloan points out that she’s standing in the middle of her apartment, so she’s in it. Eric asks Sloan to give them a minute and promises it won’t take long. Sloan then goes to get dressed. Nicole asks what is wrong with Eric. Eric says nothing. Nicole says five minutes ago, they were planning their future together and now he’s getting in drunken bar fights and hooking up with trashy lawyers. Eric asks how dare she judge him for sleeping with Sloan when she’s hooking up with EJ.

Johnny questions EJ saying he saw Ava on Thanksgiving and asks how that’s possible. EJ admits he had a lot to drink and ended up on the crash site, where Ava was taunting and tormenting him. Johnny questions it being real. EJ explains that Tony and Chad showed up and Ava disappeared, so it wasn’t real and was likely a toxic combination of too much booze and even more guilt. EJ calls it ironic that in death, Ava made him feel as crazy as she was. Johnny is sorry he’s going through this. EJ thanks him for being here with him. Johnny hopes that laying Susan to rest will bring him some kind of peace as they hug. Johnny then exits the room.

Ava tells her vision of Charlie that Nicole destroyed her relationship with Rafe and then just moved on like nothing happened while making a pit stop with Eric Brady in between. Charlie remarks that she moves fast and asks if she and EJ are a couple now. Ava says that Nicole is living in his house so she asks what he thinks. Charlie agrees that she needs to get her comeuppance. Ava says the good news is that Nicole will most likely be accompanying EJ to the funeral which means she can kill two birds with one bomb.

John tells Marlena that this has to be really confusing for Rachel since her parents are living in the same house but they’re not together. Marlena says they know Brady moved Kristen in under duress but she just wonders why. John says he knows that Rachel was doing a lot better when Kristen was gone as they all were and that’s why they have to get Kristen out of their house and out of Brady’s life for good. Marlena then gets an idea.

Sister Mary Moira tells Brady that she came to see Marlena ahead of Susan’s funeral. Brady continues believing she is Kristen dressed as Sister Mary Moira and says this is never going to work. She insists that she is actually Sister Mary Moira. Brady questions her and asks if Sister Mary Moira would be okay with this as he raises the mistletoe and then kisses her.

Kristen goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks EJ for a drink which he gives to her. EJ says she can thank him by leaving. EJ questions what the hell she’s doing here. Kristen asks where else she would be to say goodbye to Susan. Kristen wants to be there for him at the funeral but EJ says over his dead body.

Nicole tells Eric that she and EJ are not sleeping with each other. Nicole says EJ just offered her and Holly a place to stay and it’s just temporary. Eric calls that so generous of him. Eric suggests Nicole should be spending her time looking for apartments instead of keeping track of him. Nicole says she’s worried about him. Eric asks if she was that worried when she encouraged Jada to have an abortion. Nicole asks if that’s why he’s flushing his life down the drain and argues that Jada made a choice, not her. Eric responds that he’s making choices too. Nicole calls them bad choices. Eric says one minute he thought they were going to be together and then they weren’t just like how he was about to be a father and then he wasn’t. Nicole argues that it’s been rough for everyone and that Eric drowning in self pity is not him. Eric asks who the hell he is then. Nicole calls him a good person who is loved and respected while Eric feels he was walked all over which Nicole disagrees with. Eric declares that he realized now while people like Nicole and Sami enjoy being so selfish and sabotaging because they do what they want without worrying about any consequences. Eric understands there’s a bit of rush to it and asks who wants to be the good twin when there’s so much fun being the bad twin.

Ava, in disguise, plants the bomb underneath the memorial table at the church. Ava looks at a framed photo of Johnny and Susan. Ava’s vision of Charlie asks if she’s reminiscing over her adventures in near cradle robbing. Ava states that Johnny was kind to her when EJ was declaring war and Gabi was trying to manipulate her. Ava says that Johnny was on her side and wonders if things would’ve been different if she just let him in to her life. Charlie remarks that Ava may have been Johnny’s cougar fantasy at one point, but now she’s just the crazy lady who killed his grandmother. Ava tells him to go away. Charlie argues that she doesn’t really want that. Ava says she appreciates him helping with her plan but she can do this on her own, so she doesn’t need him here. Charlie reminds her that he’s always with her as her vision of him then disappears. Ava puts the photo down as Johnny then arrives and calls out to her, asking if she’s a friend of Susan’s. Johnny says they aren’t quite ready yet and suggests she wait outside.

Sister Mary Moira is shocked by Brady kissing her. Brady then realizes his mistake and that she really is Sister Mary Moira. She questions what is wrong with him. Brady apologizes and calls it a total mistake. She then pulls out a ruler and starts smacking Brady with it.

Kristen acknowledges that EJ has hated her ever since she sided with Gabi in the DiMera vote. EJ responds that this has nothing to do with business. Kristen questions why he’s being so hostile then. EJ brings up how Kristen treated Susan when she was alive. Kristen admits that they didn’t always get along. EJ argues that Kristen tried to take him away from Susan when he was a baby. Kristen thought they got past that. EJ says she may have but Susan never did and was forever traumatized by what Kristen and Stefano did. EJ tells Kristen that her whole all about family act is not going to work this time because she doesn’t give a damn about him or Susan. EJ adds that Kristen is the last person that Susan would want at her funeral. EJ tells Kristen to get the hell out and let him grieve in peace. Kristen then turns and exits the mansion.

Sloan comes back and comments on Nicole still being there. Eric says that she was just leaving. Nicole tells Eric to enjoy his afternoon delight and says not to say she didn’t warn him as she then exits. Sloan asks if Eric is sure he doesn’t want to go after Nicole and if he’s okay. Eric assures that he’s good and there’s nothing to worry about. Sloan says she’s glad to hear that. Sloan notes that Nicole did make one solid point, that they still have time for love in the afternoon before she has to go to work. Eric likes the way she’s thinking, so they begin kissing.

John questions Marlena wanting him to get close to Kristen again, reminding her that he tried once before and it didn’t work out so well. Marlena clarifies that she doesn’t want him to seduce Kristen, but to be her friend and play on their long history while convincing her that she can trust him. John questions if Kristen would buy in to that. Marlena points out that her family is forsaken and her friend is in prison, so she feels Kristen would be looking for someone to confide in now. John admits it could work and once Kristen is vulnerable enough, he should be able to get her to tell him what she’s holding over Brady’s head. John asks where they start. Marlena thinks she has a way to persuade Kristen to let down her guard. John says the more he thinks about it, the more he likes her plan. John decides if they’re going to get Kristen out of their house, they have to start right now. Marlena asks him what about Susan’s memorial. John tells her to pay respects for both of them because Susan of all people would understand they are trying to save Brady and Rachel from Kristen DiMera. John then walks away.

Kristen returns home to Brady, who is icing his wrist. Kristen comments that he looks like he had a worse day than she did. Brady says she can bet on that. Brady thought she was going to the funeral. Kristen responds that EJ was not interested in her comfort. Brady says he tried to warn her of that. Kristen says so much for family and asks what happened to his hand. Brady explains that he got a visit from Sister Mary Moira, who let herself in, and when he saw her, he jumped to the wrong conclusion that it was Kristen in disguise because it was something she would do. Brady says by the time she convinced him it was really her, it was too late. Kristen questions what he did. Brady admits that he tried to call her bluff by using the mistletoe and kissing her. Kristen laughs at Brady making out with a nun while Brady says it’s not funny. Kristen asks if she freaked out. Brady feels he freaked out as they both were. Kristen continues laughing about it and then asks what would’ve happened next if it was her that he kissed.

Nicole goes home to the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. EJ asks if everything is alright. Nicole informs him that she just found Eric in Sloan’s apartment and they were wearing only towels. EJ asks if they are together now. Nicole says they are at least for one night. EJ jokes that he didn’t know Eric had it in him to have a one night stand. EJ feels this proves how beneath her Eric truly is. Nicole acknowledges that Eric is troubled and says she shouldn’t be dumping this on EJ, especially today. EJ says it’s fine as he’d much rather be sharing a drink with her than his last visitor. Nicole asks who it was. EJ informs her that Kristen showed up, wanting to accompany him to Susan’s funeral. Nicole calls that nice of her. EJ reminds her that Kristen spent decades tormenting Susan. Nicole understands why he wouldn’t want Kristen to come to the service. EJ points out that Kristen was the only one of his siblings who were available. Nicole questions his brothers not coming. EJ explains that Tony and Anna are visiting Carrie and her family for the holidays, Stefan is dealing with a supply chain crisis at DiMera, and Chad is still grieving Abigail so he couldn’t put him through another funeral so soon. EJ states that it will just be he and Johnny and he doesn’t even know where they stand these days. Nicole offers to go with EJ.

Johnny approaches Ava in disguise from behind but Sister Mary Moira arrives at the church, crying and complaining, which takes Johnny’s attention away. They start to talk and Johnny mentions how hard this must be for her. Sister Mary Moira responds that she wasn’t complaining about that but about Johnny’s uncle, Brady Black which Johnny questions. She responds that Brady gave in to his carnal urges and kissed her which shocks Johnny. She remarks that it tasted like coffee and sin. Johnny tells her to hold that disturbing thought but when he turns around Ava is gone as Johnny says there was a woman right there. Johnny then questions where she is.

Eric and Sloan finish having sex. Sloan thinks they’re going to need another shower and invites Eric to shower with her. Eric says that sounds nice but he has to get to his brother’s. Sloan jokes that he’s no fun. Eric offers to let her go first but she says he can go if he’s in a hurry. Sloan adds that if Eric wants to come back tonight, they can pick up where they left off. Eric says he may take her up on that and goes to shower.

Kristen calls it a thought experiment and asks about if Brady kissed her because history shows that a kiss rarely stops at just a kiss. Kristen recalls times when they would be kissing each other goodbye and then they would suddenly be taking each others’ clothes off and heading straight back to the bedroom. Kristen asks why Brady keeps fighting this when they both know it’s still there between them. Brady tells her to stop. Kristen argues that she knows Brady wants her as much as she wants him. Kristen goes to kiss Brady when John comes home and sees them. Brady quickly moves away. John reminds Brady that he has a meeting. Brady thanks him and says he better get going so he hurries out the door. John remarks to Kristen that it looks like it’s just the two of them.

EJ thanks Nicole for her offer and says it means a lot but asks if she really wants to risk being seen with him in public again. Nicole decides she doesn’t care about that anymore because EJ is her friend and she wants to be there for him. EJ says in that case, they better get ready. Nicole decides to go change. EJ thanks her.

Johnny walks outside the church and greets Marlena as she arrives. Marlena notes him seeming distracted. Johnny tells her that he was just looking for a woman who was in the chapel and looking at pictures but when he tried to talk to her, she wouldn’t turn around. Marlena says that seems a bit odd. Johnny says he turned away for a moment and then she was gone. Marlena asks if he never saw her face. Johnny says she was wearing a big hat and had weird vibes but he just wanted to make sure she was okay. Marlena suggests people just deal with grief in different ways. Marlena thinks they should get inside. Johnny says he’ll be right behind her so Marlena tells him not to be long and heads inside.

Marlena enters the church and finds Sister Mary Moira praying. She tells Marlena that it’s good to see her. Marlena tells her that John is sorry he couldn’t be here today. Sister Mary Moira responds that it isn’t John who needs to apologize, but his son Brady that needs to atone. Marlena questions what Brady did. She explains that she came to see Marlena and instead, her stepson ravished her.

Brady meets Eric in the town square. Eric thanks him for coming. Brady says they have a lot to talk about and asks if it’s true that he was arrested and spent a night in jail. Eric remarks that great news travels fast in Salem. Brady asks what’s going on with him since he missed a whole day at work and he had to reschedule the entire summer swimsuit shoot and rebook the models. Eric apologizes. Brady says it cost him a lot of money and if he wasn’t his brother, he’d probably have to fire him. Eric responds that he’ll save him the trouble and tells Brady that he quits.

Marlena questions Sister Mary Moira saying that Brady kissed her in a romantic way. She argues there was nothing romantic about it but she’s been praying ever since. Marlena doesn’t understand why Brady would do that. She explains that Brady claimed he thought she was Kristen. She guesses that Kristen corrupted Brady’s soul and remarks that Marlena and John should have done a better job keeping Brady away from Kristen. Marlena responds that they are working on that.

John brings Kristen a beer. Kristen asks why he isn’t as Susan’s memorial with Marlena. John calls it a long story. Kristen says she’s got time. John claims that he and Marlena got in to a dispute while Christmas shopping. Kristen jokes about Salem’s greatest lovers having a fight. John calls it a difference of opinion. Kristen asks what they could possibly fight about. John responds that it was actually about her.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. Marlena tells EJ that she’s so sorry. EJ thanks her for being there. Marlena says Susan was a friend and she will miss her as they hug. EJ goes to say hi to his aunt, Sister Mary Moira. Marlena then greets Nicole and says she’s sorry about what happened between her and Eric. Nicole thanks her but thinks Marlena should check on Eric since he’s going through some things. Marlena asks if Nicole is here with EJ. Nicole clarifies that they are here as friends since his brothers couldn’t make it, so she thought she would show support. Marlena calls that kind of her. EJ approaches a flower arrangement which he finds was sent from Sami. Marlena calls that very thoughtful. The priest enters and asks if they are ready to start but EJ says they can’t start yet because Johnny isn’t there. Sister Mary Moira and Marlena mention seeing him earlier so they wonder where he could be.

Johnny finds Ava in disguise outside the church. Ava removes her sunglasses and confirms to Johnny that it’s her.

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