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Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Victor, but is shocked to instead find his half-brother, Alex Kiriakis (now played by Robert Scott Wilson), who says he is not Victor. Sonny questions what Alex is doing here. Alex asks if that’s any way to greet his big brother as he gives Sonny a big hug.

Justin meets with Steve at the Brady Pub and asks what was important that he wanted to talk about. Steve shows Justin the article about Orpheus walking free.

Eric offers to take Nicole to the hospital, but she says she can drive herself. Rafe points out that Nicole can barely even walk. Eric says he’s sure Rafe needs to catch the guy, so he will give Nicole a ride. Rafe thanks him and asks Nicole if she’s sure she’ll be alright. Nicole assures Rafe that she’ll be fine and tells Rafe to just get the man. Rafe kisses her and says he’ll call as soon as he knows anything. Rafe tells Eric to take good care of her. Eric then helps Nicole up and they walk away together.

Ava tells the man to relax and he can have the ring but Jake says no. Jake tells the man that they just got engaged and to put the gun down. Jake warns that he doesn’t know who he’s messing with and walks towards him, so the man then shoots Jake. Jake then collapses in Ava’s arms.

Alex tells Sonny to come swim with him but he declines. Alex talks about the setup of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny asks him what he’s doing here. Alex asks if he really needs a reason to come back and visit the family homestead. Sonny asks if it’s just a visit. Alex says it was originally but he might stay awhile. Alex calls it really strange that he felt right at home the second he stepped foot in Salem.

Eric brings Nicole to the hospital. She thanks him for bringing her and being so kind, but says she’s here now so he can go. Eric refuses to leave until he knows she’s okay. Nicole insists that she’s fine. Eric says what happened in the park was some serious trauma. Nicole blows it off as not being her first. Eric tells her to stop pretending like she wasn’t scared when a man just attacked her with a gun. Eric declares that he’s not leaving and is staying right here whether she likes it or not.

Rafe calls to send all available units to the town square. Jada joins him and asks about a robbery. Rafe informs her that the man tried to steal from the tip jar at the Brady Pub, then came to the park and pulled a gun on someone. Jada asks if he’s still out there. Rafe says he couldn’t have gotten far and is considered armed and dangerous.

Ava checks on Jake and tries to encourage him to stay with her as he loses consciousness. Ava screams for help and tells Jake not to die on her.

Alex gets the impression that Sonny is not happy to see him. Sonny says he’s just a little surprised since Alex seemed pretty locked in with the business in Phoenix and when he said he was taking the job at Titan, Alex said they could handle it. Alex assures that they are and that Joe and Victor have it handled. Sonny asks if he’s fine with them running it without him. Alex complains that they are always trying to tell him what to do anyway, so he figured he’d let them do their own thing. Alex says they have a different vision for the company and they were second guessing every decision he made. Alex points out that he’s still family. Sonny asks if that’s the only reason he left. Alex didn’t want business to come between he and his brothers, so he figured he’d step out and come to Salem to see some of the family. Alex asks where everyone is. Bonnie walks in looking for Justin. Alex introduces himself. Bonnie says it’s so nice to meet him and starts to introduce herself but Alex acknowledges her as the woman who killed his mother.

Steve questions Governor Mitchell going along with the pardons. Justin responds that it’s because he’s corrupt and accepts bribes. Steve argues that he didn’t even try to hide it. Steve adds that he’s less interested in how Orpheus managed to get out than what Justin plans to do about it. Justin asks what he means. Steve reminds Justin that Orpheus is the man responsible for Adrienne’s death and asks if Justin plans to go after him.

Eric has Nicole set up in a hospital room as Kayla comes in and asks what happened. Nicole responds that it’s nothing serious and she just twisted her ankle. Eric argues that it was hardly nothing as a guy attacked her in the park and pulled a gun on her. Kayla says that must have been terrifying. Nicole is thankful that Eric came when he did. Kayla questions if Eric fought off an attacker. Eric clarifies that he just talked to him and wishes he was able to stop him. Nicole hopes they catch him soon and knows Rafe won’t stop until he does.

Jada and Rafe talk about catching this guy. Rafe says he got a pretty good description and reveals that his wife Nicole is the one who was attacked. Jada says she’s sorry and asks if she’s okay. Rafe says she will be but she’s pretty rattled since the guy threw her to the ground and she sprained her ankle. Jada asks where she is. Rafe says she’s at the hospital getting checked out. Jada asks if she’s by herself. Rafe responds that she is with her ex-husband which Jada questions. Rafe says it’s not like that and that he just happened to be at the scene. Rafe tells Jada to just focus on finding the guy. Rafe then gets a message about shots being fired.

Ava tries to wake Jake up. The man asks if Jake is dead. Ava says he’s not and calls the man a son of a bitch. The man asks what she expected him to do and blames Jake for not just giving him the ring. Ava tells the man to just take the ring then. He says he doesn’t want it now. Ava questions what is wrong with him. Ava pulls out her phone to call for an ambulance but the man raises his gun and tells her to put the phone away as she’s not calling anybody. Ava questions if he’s going to shoot her now too. He responds that it’s nothing personal but he can’t have any witnesses.

Bonnie claims not to know what Alex means. Alex says a few years ago, Bonnie was posing as Sonny’s mom Adrienne, and killed his mother, Anjelica Deveraux. Bonnie responds that she didn’t kill Anjelica. Sonny backs her up and says Anjelica died from a heart attack. Alex points out that it was in Bonnie’s hotel room and he heard that she left her for dead. Alex asks Bonnie for one good reason why he shouldn’t return the favor.

Justin asks if Steve is worried he’s going to murder Orpheus. Steve says it’s not exactly a big leap and reminds Justin of what he did the last time he was in a room with Orpheus and pulled a gun on him while in police custody. Justin recalls Steve asking him to turn the gun over to him so he could do it himself, but he was just playing him to get the gun out of his hand. Steve argues that he was trying to save him from throwing his life away. Justin argues that he could’ve made that decision on his own. Steve says Justin was grieving and not in his right mind. Justin feels he was pretty clear. Steve says this is what he’s talking about since Justin sounds like he feels cheated, like he wishes he pulled the trigger. Steve needs to make sure that Justin is not planning on finishing the job. Orpheus then enters the Pub and says he’d like to know the answer to that himself.

Kayla gets Nicole’s ankle wrapped and thinks it’s just a bad sprain, suggesting she stay off of it, rest it, and ice it for a few days. Eric asks if there’s anything else treatment wise. Kayla says she can just use pain meds unless it gets worse. Nicole says it feels pretty good, so she should be good to go. Nicole admits that she would feel better if Rafe gets that maniac off the streets.

Rafe informs Jada that shots were fired outside the jewelry store in the town square, so they head that way.

Ava tells the man that she doesn’t know what’s going on in his life but he doesn’t need to shoot her. Ava doesn’t give a damn about getting him arrested, she just needs to get an ambulance for her boyfriend. The man screams to put her phone down. Ava tells him to just go and she won’t tell anyone what she saw. The man argues that as soon as he turns around, she’ll call 911 and he’ll have the entire police force after him and he’ll be stuck. He declares that he can’t have that. He says he’s sorry but at least she gets to be with her boyfriend. Rafe and Jada arrive, ordering him to drop his gun. He doesn’t respond, so Jada shoots him.

Orpheus sits at Steve and Justin’s table, saying he’s sorry to drop in unannounced but he figured they might take exception to his release. Justin wonders why he would think that. Steve asks what he wants. Orpheus says he’s not one to sit back and let things happen, so rather than wait for them to appear at his door, he thought he would come by and say hi, to get a sense of their intentions. Orpheus asks Justin if he intends to come after him. Justin asks if he thinks he’d tell him if he was. Orpheus says Justin has always been straightforward and has never hid his animosity towards him, though he claims it’s based on a misunderstanding which Justin questions. Justin argues that Orpheus killed his wife. Orpheus calls it an accident, saying he did not intend to hurt Adrienne and she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Justin calls him a cold son of a bitch. Steve tells Orpheus that he’s not making things better. Orpheus says he’s just stating facts. Justin says the facts are that Orpheus ran Adrienne off the road and was too busy framing Maggie to call for help. Orpheus admits he was busy tying up loose ends but he’s not making any excuses. Orpheus tells Justin that he’s truly sorry for his loss, but he has to get on with his life, so he’s here to find out if he should expect retaliation from either of them. Justin responds that when he lost Adrienne, he didn’t think he had anything left except to kill him but Steve convinced him that he shouldn’t blow him away. Justin says he realized he still had a lot to live for like four sons, a granddaughter, and he was lucky enough to find love again. Justin adds that if he killed Orpheus, he would’ve tossed all of that away. Justin promises that Orpheus’ miserable life isn’t worth one second of his time with the people he loves. Orpheus asks if they are good then. Justin responds that they are far from good and he eagerly anticipates him rotting in Hell, but he’s not going after him because he’s already dead to him. Justin tells Steve it was good to see him again and then storms out of the Pub.

Alex wraps a necktie around his hands as Sonny questions what the hell he’s doing. Bonnie argues that she didn’t mean to leave Anjelica in the hotel room. Alex points out that she did and Anjelica died. Bonnie cries that it was Anjelica’s idea for her to pose as Adrienne. Alex mocks the idea of her being innocent. Alex asks if she never thought she’d leave trail of bodies behind. Sonny tells Alex to put the tie down. Bonnie cries that she’s really sorry and knows she made a billion mistakes, but she was just desperate to stay out of prison. Sonny backs her up and says they’ve all forgiven her, including Justin. Bonnie says she’s really sorry about Anjelica. Alex then tosses the tie and laughs it off as a joke and points out the looks on their faces. Alex asks if he looks like the Necktie Killer or something. Sonny can’t believe it was a joke. Alex calls it a test. Bonnie is relieved as Alex says he just wanted to see how she would react. Alex adds that he’s not happy about what happened to his mother, but he knows she wasn’t a saint so he’d be willing to bet that she put herself in the position. Bonnie asks if he really doesn’t hate her. Alex says Justin says that she makes him happy, so he can’t be mad at her. Alex comments that what Bonnie did to Sonny’s mom was way worse and he was able to forgive him. Alex then hugs Bonnie.

Rafe checks the man and removes the gun. Rafe confirms the man is dead from Jada’s shot and instructs her to call it in. Jada calls in two shootings in the park, one deceased and another victim in critical condition. Rafe checks on Jake and notes that his pulse is weak but it’s there. Ava worries that he’s lost so much blood and she can’t get it to stop. Rafe removes his jacket to cover the wound and assures Ava that the EMTs will be there shortly. Ava asks how this could happen to Jake as Rafe encourages that he’s going to be okay.

Alex says he said what he had to say and got it out of his system but he doesn’t believe in holding on to bad feelings or negative energy. Alex talks about taking a swim when he greeted his brother. Bonnie acknowledges that Alex likes to keep in shape and points out his abs as she touches them. Justin then walks in and comments that he sees Bonnie met his son. Alex hugs Justin and says now it’s a party.

Kayla tells Nicole that a nurse will be in with her crutches and then she’ll be on her way. Nicole and Eric thank her. Kayla suggests Nicole make an appointment with Marlena to talk this out because everything may seem okay now but PTSD can hit when you least expect it. Kayla gets paged about an incoming gunshot victim and exits the room. Nicole tells Eric that if he hadn’t shown up when he did, that gunshot victim might have been her.

Rafe, Jada, and Ava are with EMTs as they bring Jake in to the hospital where Kayla greets them. Rafe calls it another robbery gone bad. Ava points out that he’s lost a lot of blood. Kayla asks if Ava is alright. She assures that she is and tells Kayla to just help Jake. Kayla agrees to do everything she can. Kayla can’t find an exit wound and calls to get him in to surgery. Ava says he has to make it. Kayla agrees to come talk to her as soon as she knows anything. Jada suggests they go sit in the waiting room while they need to do what they need to do. Rafe tells Ava that he knows they’ve been through a lot, but he’s here for her if she needs him.

Justin asks Alex what prompted his visit to Salem. Sonny says apparently it’s not just a visit and he’s thinking about staying for a little while. Bonnie says that’s great and they are happy to have him. Justin asks what about the business in Phoenix. Alex says he needed a little break and thought it would be nice to see some family. Justin says Victor and Maggie will be thrilled to see him. Justin asks if they are talking a few weeks. Alex says he thought so originally but after seeing how relaxing this place is, he might just take the summer off. Sonny questions that. Alex says it beats hanging out in a blistering Arizona desert and he gets to spend a couple more months with his baby brother. Alex decides he and Sonny are going to go work out and Sonny’s going to show him around town. Sonny says that sounds awesome but Titan has him pretty busy right now. Alex suggests maybe he’ll come work with Sonny then.

Steve tells Orpheus that he can save the innocent act for someone who doesn’t know him as they both know he got the pardon for a reason. Orpheus doesn’t know what he’s implying and claims he did his best to be a model prisoner and is now just trying to stay clean. Orpheus adds that he needs to find himself some gainful employment, so he asks if the Brady Pub is still hiring since his old pal Clyde is working here and Roman’s in the second chance business. Steve questions if he thinks this is only his second chance. Orpheus says sometimes it takes a few for it to stick. Orpheus knows he’s caused his share of pain, especially to Steve’s family, but says all that is behind him now. Orpheus says instead of the infamous villain Orpheus, he could just be Milo Harp, short order cook. Steve responds that if he really wants that kind of work, there are a lot of restaurants outside of Salem. Steve asks why he would stay here where everyone despises him. Orpheus says maybe he likes it here. Steve warns that he’ll never be able to live down his past, so if he’s really serious about cleaning up his act, he should go somewhere else and get a fresh start. Orpheus agrees that maybe it makes more sense and remarks that he’s always wanted to live out West. Orpheus brings up Seattle and suggests he could look in on Steve’s kids there.

Nicole gets her crutches. Rafe comes in and asks how she’s doing. Nicole says it’s just a sprain so she’ll be fine. Rafe asks how she’s feeling. Nicole says Kayla wrapped it up nice so it’s good and now she’s working on her crutches. Nicole asks if he had any luck on finding the guy who attacked her. Rafe confirms they found him. Eric asks if he’s in custody. Rafe responds that he’s dead which shocks Nicole. Rafe explains that he and Jada came upon the man as he was in the midst of another robbery. Eric asks who else he tried to rob. Rafe says it was Ava. Nicole asks if she was alright. Rafe confirms that she is as the man was going to shoot her but Jada shot him first. Eric hates to hear about the loss of a human life. Eric adds that they should be grateful that nobody else is going to get hurt. Rafe responds that is unfortunately not the case since Jake was with Ava and before they got to the scene, the man had shot Jake. Eric realizes that’s who Kayla got paged to as the gunshot victim. Rafe confirms that Jake is being rushed into surgery as they speak and they don’t know anything else. Rafe tells Nicole that he’s just glad she is okay. Eric guesses Rafe can handle things from here. Rafe apologizes to Eric for how he reacted at the park. Eric tells him he doesn’t have to apologize. Rafe thanks Eric again for bringing Nicole to the hospital. Nicole thanks him as well. Eric reminds Nicole to take it easy and rest well as he then exits the room.

Ava stares at her hands, covered in Jake’s blood. Jada asks if there’s anything she can get her. Ava thanks her but says no, insisting she’s fine since she’s not the one who just took a bullet. Jada knows they just met but brings up that her father used to work at the hospital and she hears they are the best, so Jake is in good hands. Jada asks if Ava wants to talk about it. Ava responds that she doesn’t know what Jada has heard about her, but this isn’t the first time she’s seen somebody shot in front of her. Ava says with the life she grew up in, it was pretty regular but seeing someone you care about bleeding out in front of you on the ground is something you never get used to. Jada comments that it sounds like Ava loves Jake very much. Ava admits she finally thought she could hold onto the person she loves but she will not be weak. Jada encourages that she’s not weak, just scared. Jada offers to get her a water and a granola bar but Ava says she’s not hungry. Jada points out that Jake might be in surgery for awhile, so she needs to keep her strength up. Ava then gives in, so Jada goes to get it for her. Ava looks down at her engagement ring.

Steve stands up and questions if Orpheus is threatening his children. Orpheus responds that he didn’t threaten anyone. Steve warns him not to go anywhere near his children. Orpheus says that Steve is the one who suggested he leave town. Steve asks what kind of game he is playing. Orpheus says it’s no game, but him moving will create trouble then he’ll stay in Salem. Orpheus guesses he’ll be seeing him as he then exits the Pub.

Sonny questions Alex wanting to work with him at Titan. Alex asks if he doesn’t want him to. Sonny says he doesn’t have a problem with it but he just said he wants to take the summer off. Sonny suggests he just stay in Phoenix with the twins but Alex says he’s sick and tired of knocking heads with them. Justin didn’t know they were having issues. Alex says they just have different ways of thinking, especially when it comes to business. Sonny asks what about them. Alex says they’ve always been good and he’s always gotten him. Sonny agrees that he does. Alex tells him they could be working together again and how awesome that will be as he hugs him.

Jada goes to get water and a granola bar for Ava. Eric runs in to her and asks what’s wrong. Jada responds that she killed a man in the line of duty today. Eric knows it must be upsetting. Jada argues that it shouldn’t be since he was about to shoot Ava, so she knows she did the right thing and it’s her job. Eric understands it’s a heavy situation. Jada adds that it will never get easier. Eric encourages that she should be proud of herself for saving somebody’s life today.

Nicole asks Rafe how badly Jake was hurt and if he’s going to make it. Rafe says he doesn’t know. Nicole asks how Ava is holding up. Rafe admits she’s not good. Nicole had no idea they were so close. Rafe admits he didn’t either, but seeing how broken up she was, he can tell it’s really serious between them. Nicole kisses Rafe.

Kayla comes out so Ava asks how Jake is and if surgery is over. Kayla reveals there was no surgery. Ava questions what she’s talking about. Kayla informs Ava that Jake’s heart stopped on the way to the operating room, so they took him to the ER and did everything they could but they could not get his heart beating again. Ava can’t believe it as Kayla announces that she’s sorry, but Jake didn’t make it.

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