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Marlena has Tripp check on Susan in the hospital. Tripp asks if Susan remembers anything to contribute to her pain. Susan says it came on all of a sudden. Susan brings up vomiting on Marlena’s shoes and says she’d hate to do the same to Tripp.

John and Abe play poker at the Brady Pub. John wins with three 6’s. Abe notes that as the Devil’s Hand but John tells him not to go there.

Johnny kisses Chanel. Johnny declares that it’s now his turn and he wants to start by paying homage to Stefano DiMera, who he loved, revered, and misses to this day. Johnny talks about Stefano giving him everything a kid could want and that he taught him nothing was more important than family. Johnny says that Stefano let him know without question that he was his favorite. Johnny thought Stefano was the greatest but when he got older, he realized some people thought Stefano was a terrible person or evil but he never saw it that way. Johnny saw Stefano as a man who knew what he wanted and didn’t let anything stand in his way. Johnny doesn’t consider that evil, he thinks it’s smart and something to be admired. Johnny says it’s taken him awhile to figure out what he wants but he finally has. Johnny then tells Chanel that he’s come to realize it’s not her. Johnny announces he’s sorry but he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore, leaving everyone in the room in shock. Chanel questions what he means and if this is some sort of joke. Johnny responds that he’s dead serious.

Susan tells Marlena and Tripp that sometimes she gets this way before a premonition. Susan adds that she won’t be able to go to the party for Johnny and Chanel. Tripp mentions he’s sorry to miss it as well.

Paulina questions Johnny not wanting to be married to her daughter and asks what he’s trying to pull. Johnny says he’s just telling the truth. Paulina calls him an arrogant twit. Chanel starts to feel sick. Allie questions what is going on and why Johnny is doing this. Johnny responds that Allie was right all along that he’s just not that good at relationships and he thought this might be different but he was obviously wrong. Chanel cries that this cannot be happening. Johnny says he’s sorry to be upsetting her like this as he did everything he could to sweep her off her feet, but now that they are in this room with their families and Stefano’s portrait reminded him of his urging to not let anything hold him back. Johnny declares that he realizes now that he needs his freedom. Johnny adds that EJ’s toast also said that DiMeras are strong-willed, passionate, and determined. Johnny says now he’s determined to undo a hurtful mistake that he made. EJ notes that Johnny is his own man who makes his own decisions. Johnny notes that EJ often disagrees with his decisions, but he knows that EJ respects his independent spirit. Johnny states that he chose to marry Chanel and now he’s choosing to end that marriage. Johnny tells Chanel that it’s over and he wants a divorce as Chanel breaks down crying.

Abe says it’s too bad they cleaned Roman out of the poker game so quick. John jokes that something told him that Roman was more interested in getting upstairs to Kate. Abe says it’s nice that they have found each other again. John mentions feeling lucky in a lot of ways. Abe can imagine having Marlena back to herself and asks how she’s doing. John says she’s better every day. John knows he’s being overprotective but he can’t help it since he came so close to losing her. Abe encourages that it was his and the family’s love that did it. John calls it the scariest fight of his life but he’s happy to say the demon is gone and if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay gone.

Tripp says he will have the lab put a rush on these but notes that Susan’s vitals are good so it may be something she ate or a stomach virus. Susan points out that it could be a premonition. Tripp warns to be cautious after the wound she suffered from stabbing herself. Susan talks about doing it to save John and stop Satan from dragging EJ to Hell.

Paulina questions Johnny ending the marriage like this in front of everybody and calls him a heartless bastard. Chanel tells her to stop since EJ just said that Johnny can speak for himself, so she can fight her own battles. Chanel brings up that just before the party, Johnny told her and showed her how much he loved her. Chanel says she looked in to his eyes and saw in his heart that all he wanted was to be with her. Chanel suggests he just has cold feet or jet lag. Johnny assures that it’s neither and it goes deeper. Johnny calls Chanel an incredible woman and says he was struck by her beauty and intelligence. Anna questions why he wants to divorce her then. Johnny claims he realized they are both young and have so much more to explore and experience. Paulina calls him a son of a bitch. Johnny understands Chanel has been burned by this sudden turn of events but says it hurts him as well. Chanel argues that Johnny has broken her heart and made a fool of her. Johnny tells her not to feel foolish as she trusted in his love because she’s kind. Johnny suggests they could remain friends or friends with benefits. Paulina and Lani both threaten to slap Johnny. Johnny says Chanel can slap him if it will make her feel better. Chanel declines and questions who the hell he is and what he’s done with her Johnny. Chanel argues that this is not the Johnny DiMera she knows and loves. Johnny remarks that she doesn’t really know him but Allie does and she warned her. Chanel says she was convinced that Allie was wrong about him because the guy that she knew was wonderful and kind and showed her more love than anyone ever has. Chanel asks if it was all an act. Johnny says not really but guesses he was just trying to convince himself that he was capable of loving someone and that he could commit to someone, but as soon as their marriage became a reality at this party, he realized he’s just not there yet. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s so sorry. Chanel responds that she’s not because she’s grateful as hell that she found this all out now. Chanel adds that if he can turn on a dime like this and toss her out of his life at what was supposed to be a celebration of their marriage, then he’s the last man on earth that she would want to be with. Chanel tells Johnny to go straight to Hell as she then storms out of the room.

Susan tells Marlena that the hospital is the last place she thought she would end up tonight. Marlena encourages that she will be fine. Susan worries about her flesh and her soul. Marlena insists they will all be fine because the Devil is gone. Susan says she can’t shake this bad feeling that The Devil is not done with them. Marlena reminds her that she was right about the Devil before, but insists that he’s gone now and promises that he’ll never try to get inside of her again. Marlena adds that she would know if he was. Marlena says that John has barely let her out of his sight and they are both being so vigilant. Marlena declares that The Devil’s days in Salem are over. Susan says maybe she’s right but starts to feel sick again. Susan blames the jelly sandwich she had for lunch. Marlena goes to get her some water. Susan thanks her for taking care of her and calls her an absolute angel. Susan says God bless them all as she drinks the water.

John tells Abe that Marlena is still struggling with the guilt she feels about all the people she hurt when she was possessed. Abe says Marlena knows none of this was her fault, like they all do. John says that Marlena is still carrying it with her and is going around making amends, so she’ll probably come knocking on his door to apologize for blowing up his wedding to Paulina. Abe says no apologies are necessary especially since the Devil might have done him a favor in letting him know the truth about Paulina before he made the mistake of spending the rest of his life with the wrong person…

Allie questions what Johnny is doing. Johnny says she can’t be that surprised. Allie says she’s disgusted and that he makes her sick. Allie then goes out after Chanel. Johnny apologizes to his family and offers his regrets to the family of the bride. Paulina complains about what Johnny did to her daughter. EJ tells Paulina to stay calm. Paulina yells about EJ assuming that Chanel was going after Johnny’s money when he isn’t worth a damn. Paulina reminds Johnny that she warned that he would have to answer to her if he didn’t deliver on his promise to keep Chanel happy. Johnny remarks that he did for awhile. Paulina calls it a big lie and accuses Johnny of using and humiliating Chanel. Paulina declares that nobody who hurts someone she loves can get away with it. Johnny responds that it seems like he just did. Paulina questions what he just said. Johnny then walks out of the room so Paulina goes after him.

Susan finishes her water but starts to feel bad again. Marlena asks her what it is.

Paulina tries to stop Johnny from going upstairs and grabs his hand. Johnny becomes possessed by the Devil and uses his power to cause the roof to crumble. Lani yells for Paulina and pushes her out of the way as the chandelier falls from the ceiling.

Abe tells John that Paulina knew just how much having Lani as a daughter meant to him. John says that’s why Paulina kept her secret. Abe adds that’s why it was so hurtful when he found out the truth and even more hurtful for Lani. Abe remarks that he’s just glad Paulina is out of his life. John doesn’t believe him and says it’s clear that Paulina still has Abe in her back pocket which means there’s still a chance for them. Abe says no and that he may have forgiven Paulina, but he can’t trust her.

EJ, Anna, and Tony rush out of the living room to see the pieces of the roof that crumbled with the chandelier dropping as Lani is checking on Paulina while Johnny watches from the stairs. Paulina tells Lani that she’s alive thanks to her.

Susan starts to panic as she drops her glass of water. Marlena stops her, not wanting her to cut herself on the glass. Marlena goes to get someone to clean it up. Susan declares that it was not an accident as something compelled her to drop that glass and when it shattered, something else broke but she wishes that she knew what it was.

Johnny remarks that it seems like God punished Paulina for taking his name in vain. Johnny then heads upstairs as EJ looks on in confusion.

Susan prays that she may need the Lord before this day ends. Marlena comes back with Tripp. They tell Susan that she’s going to be just fine so Marlena can take her home.

Abe remarks to John that he’s lucky at cards but unlucky in love. John says he’s all tapped out and he told Roman they would lock up. Abe says he’s got it and tells John to go home to Marlena while he’s going to stay and play some Solitaire.

Lani, Anna, and Tony sit Paulina down in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Anna brings Paulina a drink. Lani worries that Paulina’s ankle is swollen so she must have twisted it when she knocked her down. Paulina points out that Lani pushed her out of harm’s way. Anna says they should’ve gotten rid of that ancient light fixture and worries about what almost happened to Paulina. Tony says it’s gone now. Paulina says she almost wants it to sue the family for that and to sue Johnny for shattering Chanel’s heart. Tony says they’ll do whatever they can to help her. Lani wants to take Paulina to the hospital but she refuses. Paulina says she needs to get to Chanel as she needs her. Lani suggests she let Allie take care of Chanel, while she takes care of her.

Chanel goes home crying as she looks at her wedding ring and flashes back to meeting Johnny. Allie then comes in and hugs Chanel as she cries.

Devil Johnny goes to his room and looks in the mirror, saying that was fun. He remarks that as sweet as Chanel’s bits are, it had to be done and he had to cut her heart out. The Devil remarks that Paulina should’ve learned her lesson after the first time she tangled with him. The Devil declares that’s twice that Paulina laid hands on him, so if there’s a third time, she won’t be so lucky. EJ walks in and questions what the hell has gotten in to Johnny. Johnny tells EJ that he just decided to acknowledge his mistake and fix it. EJ points out that was a very public way which was rather cruel and cold. Johnny calls it DiMera-like. EJ admits there was some bravery to it but what struck him was the comment he made after the chandelier crashed around Paulina. Johnny claims not to remember. EJ brings up that Johnny said God was punishing Paulina for taking his name in vain. EJ questions when Johnny got religious.

Susan goes to the DiMera Mansion and sees the pieces of the broken roof and chandelier. Susan thinks back to dropping her glass of water. Tony then comes out and startles Susan. Tony remarks that he’s afraid she missed quite the party. Susan questions what in God’s name happened here.

Johnny tells EJ not to be ridiculous as he hasn’t found God, it’s just what Paulina did infuriated him. EJ asks if he didn’t expect her to react to him breaking her daughter’s heart. Johnny argues that Paulina was really aggressive about it and kind of scary. EJ repeats that he broke her daughter’s heart so he thinks it gave her the right to come after him that way. EJ questions why the sudden 180 about Chanel and if something happened between them. Johnny says nothing happened and maybe he decided to listen to EJ and saw the light. Johnny admits that Chanel is a great girl, but long term, he plans to do big things with his life and honor the DiMera name. Johnny question why he’d want to tie himself to someone who’s world view is a bit more limited. EJ brings up that Johnny swore he and Chanel were in love. Johnny responds that he thinks EJ was right all along that what Chanel loved most was his money. EJ points out that Johnny was outraged when he suggested that. Johnny admits he may have overreacted but now he’s come to realize that EJ was just looking out for him.

Chanel brings up Allie trying to warn her about Johnny and says she should’ve listened. Allie tells her that she’s so sorry as she thought Johnny had changed and he loved her. Chanel says apparently not so much. Allie remarks that Johnny doesn’t deserve her anyways. Chanel suggests she’s just someone who is tough to love and everybody’s second choice. Allie tells her not to say that or even think it. Allie encourages that Chanel will find the one and when she does, that person will be the luckiest person on the planet as they hug. Allie brings Chanel to her room. Chanel cries that this has been the worst day of her life. Allie wants to just get her to bed so she can sleep. Allie promises that Chanel is going to be okay as she unzips her dress for her.

Allie left her phone in the living room as Tripp calls. Tripp leaves a message that he’s still stuck at the hospital but he hopes Allie and Chanel are having fun. Tripp says he loves her and hangs up.

Chanel tells Allie that she doesn’t know what she would do without her as she’s so wrecked that she can hardly stand. Allie says that’s what they do for each other and always have since London, they hold each other up when they are feeling down. Chanel says it’s them against the world. Chanel then kisses Allie.

Abe plays Solitaire alone in the Brady Pub and comes across the Queen of Hearts card. Abe then flashes back to being with Paulina. Abe calls it not a winning hand and says it’s time to fold them.

Lani brings Paulina to the hospital. Paulina talks about not wanting anything from the DiMera family and asks where the doctor is. Lani says she’ll go find him. Paulina points out that Lani called out to her when the chandelier started to fall. Paulina notes that in that moment, Lani called her “mama”.

Anna says to Tony what a night and the year is still brand new, so she hopes it’s not a sign of things to come. EJ walks in and says he could use a drink too. Anna tells him to pour it himself after the way his son treated Chanel as she’s ashamed to be apart of this family. EJ remarks that she’s not too ashamed to spend their money. Tony warns him to be careful. Tony informs EJ that Lani took Paulina to the hospital. Anna says she’s turning in and kisses Tony goodnight as she exits. Tony tells EJ that whatever was ailing Susan has passed since she’s feeling better. EJ then takes a drink.

Marlena goes home to John. John asks how Susan is. Marlena informs him that she took Susan to the DiMera Mansion. John asks if she’s okay then. Marlena is not sure as Susan tried to hide it but she clearly thinks something terrible is going to happen. John hugs Marlena.

Susan appears in Johnny’s room. Johnny is surprised as he thought she wasn’t feeling well. Susan asks where EJ is since Tony said he had come to see him. Johnny says she just missed him as EJ went downstairs to clean up the mess. Susan mentions seeing the chandelier and hearing what happened with Chanel. Johnny calls it so sad. Susan notes that he doesn’t seem sad at all and looks pleased. Johnny questions if she’s been spying on him. Susan questions him calling her grandma when they both know that he’s not her grandson.

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