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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis visited Jack at the Abbott mansion. He was scouring his last emails from Keemo for clues. Phyllis let Jack know she was there for him. He read an email from his son aloud. “How many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone? I don’t want anything more to do with you. I will never forgive you for hiding my mother’s illness from me. You are nothing to me.” Phyllis said Keemo was just speaking in out of pain and loss. Jack said he reached out to Keemo so many times and never got a response. Phyllis suggested that Keemo was sending these texts hoping to make amends. Jack was afraid to hope, but he wanted to know if this was Keemo.

Phyllis did some searching, and she saw that Hao Nguyen owned a lot more properties than the one in the text Jack got. He asked how she knew it was the same person. She didn’t, but she’d done some cross referencing, and she thought it was. Jack was also online searching, and he was alarmed to run across an obituary for Hao Nguyen. Phyllis wasn’t surprised, since Jack said his father in law had died a long time ago. Jack pointed out that Keemo had taken his mother’s maiden name. Maybe Keemo also adopted his grandfather’s first name. Jack was worried that this was an obituary for his son.

Phyllis didn’t want Jack jumping to conclusions. She said it was a generic obituary, a common name, and there were no survivors listed. Jack noticed that the birth year was the same as Keemo’s, and it said this man died of a heart attack three weeks ago. That was the same time the texts started coming in. Phyllis said it could be a coincidence. Jack was panicking, but he wanted to believe Phyllis was right. Phyllis assured him that she’d get the information. Phyllis kept searching websites. She scrolled through a memorial site, and Jack spotted Keemo’s photo on it. His eyes filed with tears.

In the Grand Phoenix suite, Adam still wasn’t sure if he’d gone too far with Victor. Sally asked if she should continue to work on the merger or if he was still considering leaving Newman Media. He asked if she remembered when they were talking in bed yesterday. According to Adam, Sally had said all the things he’d been feeling, but he couldn’t quite articulate – that Victor made his job contingent on doing Victor’s bidding, not merit. Hearing Sally say that filled him with righteous anger, and it made him realize all the things he’d wanted to say to his father. He then went on to say those things. She asked if he thought she steered him in the wrong direction.

Adam said he wouldn’t gain anything from leaving Newman Media. It would only feed into the narrative that he was reckless and impulsive. She said those weren’t always the worst qualities. He added that it would also send the message that he shouldn’t be taken seriously. He thought it was clear that Ashland and Victoria planned to push him aside as soon as the merger went through. He decided to go on the offensive and make Victoria and Ashland fail. He said he’d tell Victor that he’d keep an eye on Ashland. But Adam wouldn’t be doing this for Victor’s sake, he’d be doing it for his own.

At Newman Media, Victor told Victoria that Adam had second thoughts about staying at Newman. Victoria said she did as Victor asked and kept Adam on, but she couldn’t make him stay, and she didn’t want a top executive who wasn’t fully committed. Victor told Victoria to smooth things over with Adam. Victor wanted Victoria to make Adam feel respected. Victoria balked about soothing Adam’s fragile ego, and Victor said part of being CEO was dealing with the entire executive staff, including people who disagreed with you. Victor wanted Victoria to pass the message on to Ashland. Victor was unhappy Ashland told Adam he’d be keeping him on a short leash, and if Adam didn’t like it he could quit. Victoria thought Ashland was just setting boundaries. Victor snapped that no one set boundaries for his children except him.

Victoria said she showed up in the middle of Ashland’s talk with Adam, so she knew what was said. Victor asked if Victoria denied that Ashland reined in Adam at every turn. Victoria said Adam was testing his boundaries, and Ashland let him know that he had autonomy within reason, but he answered to Ashland and Victoria. She noted that she’d signed off on Adam’s first major decision – hiring Sally, which was a questionable decision, at best. She asked what the problem was. Victor didn’t like Ashland disrespecting Adam. He reminded Victoria that Adam helped her wedding from blowing up. Victoria didn’t think that justified giving Adam a free pass. She was happy her wedding wasn’t derailed, but she was sure Adam did that to prove his loyalty to Victor. She said Adam was rewarded because she kept him on at Newman Media, which would become a larger division once the merger went through. She grumbled that Adam went crying to daddy because his feelings were hurt. Victor said that wasn’t what happened. She thought Adam came back into Newman Enterprises and was bitter he wasn’t running it anymore. Victor reiterated that Victoria should smooth things over with Adam and make him feel welcome, for the good of the company.

Nikki came in after Victoria left. Victor confided that he’d heard some disturbing news about Ashland. Nikki was exasperated that Victor kept digging into that poor man’s life. Victor clarified that he had an email from a Peruvian doctor who said Ashland paid a substantial amount of money to falsify his medical records to make it look like he had cancer. Nikki asked how reliable this doctor was. Victor said Michael, one of the sharpest legal minds, found the testimony credible. Nikki said this could be a disgruntled ex employee looking for money or attention. Victor had considered all that, and Michael was continuing to investigate. Nikki refused to let Victor alienate Victoria by stirring up trouble in her marriage when they didn’t even know this was true. Victor said he was going to handle this with discretion for Victoria’s sake. Adam arrived.

Nikki left. Adam apologized to Victor and said Victor was right – it was hubris talking earlier. Adam was going to stay on at Newman Media. Victor asked if Adam talked to Victoria today, and he said no. Adam assumed Victor told Victoria to smooth things over. Victor said he wanted to protect the family and bring everyone together. Adam said he wasn’t going to spy on Ashland for Victor. Victor said Adam no longer needed to do that. Victor said there were things going on at Newman Locke that he was observing carefully. Adam asked if this was about Ashland. Victor said he believed he was right about Ashland. The most important thing though, was that Victor could count on Adam, because all hell was about to break loose.

At Newman Locke, Ashland was on the phone having a tense conversation with someone. He wanted that damn doctor found before he caused any more damage. He demanded to know how the person on the other end of the call allowed this to happen. “Allowed what to happen?,” Victoria said as she walked in. He tricked her into thinking there was a problem with the contract language in the Newman Media acquisition. She wanted to get involved, but he said it was a minor thing that he was handling. She was surprised it was minor since he’d sounded so heated on the phone. He said he was just trying to light a fire under the person. He said that if she wanted, he’d show her the issue with the contract. She said no, because she was sure he’d ask if he needed her help.

Ashland said that when he and Victoria merged the companies, he was focused on cementing his legacy. Due to his illness and treatment, he couldn’t make significant contributions here and be a real partner to her. Now he felt so much stronger, and he was ready to immerse himself into the powerhouse they were building. He’d been trying to carve out a place where he could make more of a contribution. He said they were both used to being the heads of their own corporation. Now, he was an advisor, and she was CEO, and he was ready to do more. He said they were in love, and they were working side by side in a company that bore both their names. He wanted to be co-CEO. She asked if his title really mattered. He said it mattered to other people. He lied and said he was being stern on the phone earlier because the legal department was giving him a hard time about making a small change in the contract. Victoria said she’d go talk to legal and get things straightened out. Ashland said he needed to be respected on his own, and that a title would do that. It would also send the message that he wasn’t an old man on his way out.

Ashland could tell Victoria didn’t like the idea of him being co-CEO. He asked if she had a problem with sharing the title and work, and she said no. Her eyes filled with tears, and she said she was worried that it might worsen his condition. She’d been through this with him, and she didn’t want him to push himself. She was concerned they’d undo all the progress they’d made. He said he was optimistic about his condition, but he knew the reality, and he didn’t believe he’d been magically cured. He felt better right now, and he wanted to live what was left of his life to the fullest extent. She wanted him to stay healthy. He said when he worked, he felt more like himself, and he felt in control.

Ashland sensed there was more to Victoria’s hesitancy. She admitted that this was also about the title. Her father put it in her head that she needed to be wary of Ashland because he was getting stronger, as if he might be some kind of threat to her or the company. Ashland said Victor was wrong. Victoria knew, and she wasn’t going to pay attention to what Victor said. She wanted to be partners in every way, so she said she’d have the contracts drawn up right away. She was still concerned about his health, and she was sorry she hesitated. She loved him. He loved her too. They hugged.

Devon and Amanda were still at Chance and Abby’s. The baby slept through the night. Chance and Abby noted that the doctor said the first couple days were critical. Abby was glad he was in the comfort of his own home. Devon was glad they had the resources to set up the nurseries with equipment and hire a private nurse. Chance took Devon aside and said he’d cover the price of the medical transport when the doctor said it would be okay for Dom to visit Devon. Devon said it wasn’t necessary, but Chance wanted to do this, because they were in this together. Chance felt it was the least he could do since Devon donated marrow and gave Dom such a wonderful gift. Chance knew how much Devon loved their son and that he’d do anything for the baby. Chance would do the same. Nate and Dr. Alston arrived to examine Dominic. Chance and Abby talked in private. He was worried for Dominic, and he hated that he hadn’t fully been there for him while he was dealing with his own issues. He was finished trying to convince himself he could manage this on his own. He’d also decided to get professional help. She was supportive.

Devon hoped Dom would be okay, and Amanda said that Dom had been a fighter since birth, and now he had a part of Devon inside of him, helping him fight. The doctors came downstairs and said Dom was doing extremely well. Dr. Alston said they’d be on the lookout for side effects and infections. After Dr. Alston left, Amanda and the three parents started heading toward the nursery. Nate stopped them and stressed that they had to take precautions because of the risk of infections. He told them to limit their visits. Chance told Abby to go first. Nate said the three parents working together for the welfare of their child was beautiful.

After the guests left, Chance called Sharon and asked if they could meet today to talk about finding him a therapist. She asked if he was sure he wanted to meet today – she heard he had a few rough days. He said he wanted to do it today for his family and for his son. Sharon came by. She asked about Dominic and commiserated about having a sick child. She had a list of good therapists. Chance said Dom needed him to be more of a father than he had been lately. Abby said they needed some guidance, and she understood Sharon didn’t think she should counsel Chance since she was so close to the situation. Chance explained that he didn’t think he had that internal thing parents felt – Devon and Abby had it though. Sharon admired Chance for wanting to be a better father and husband, and she was sure those things would happen for him. She told him to remember that reaching out for help was a sign of strength. Abby walked Sharon out. When she returned, she overheard Chance scheduling an appointment for as soon as possible.

Amanda, Devon, Nate and Elena went to Crimson Lights. They brought Elena up to speed. Elena thought Dom was the luckiest child to have three concerned parents. Devon thanked Nate for having the doctor make a house call. He liked having a doctor in the family. Nate broke the news that, after a lot of soul searching and a lot of long talks with Elena, he made the decision to leave the medicine for the business world. Surgery was Nate’s passion, but he didn’t enjoy the administrative side. He thought it was good that he was making a change instead of accepting that this was the best he could expect things to be.

Nate said Ashland sparked his decision to make a career move. He explained that he and Ashland hit it off after Nate helped him through a rough moment with his illness. Amanda noted that Ashland flew Nate and Elena to Tuscany on his private jet. Nate knew he and Ashland were unlikely friends with very different life experiences. Ashland convinced Nate that this move would be an exciting challenge. Devon wondered why Nate didn’t come work for Hamilton Winters, since Neil put him on the board – he could be at the family business. Nate said Lily offered him a job at Chancellor Industries. Nate appreciated the offer, but since Ashland got the ball rolling, Nate thought working with him would be the best move.

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