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Li Shin finishes a work call about sending out a press release in his room while Gabi wakes up in the bed. Li apologizes for waking her after she worked late. Gabi says it was worth it to finish the releases and asks if that’s what his phone call was about. Li says no and informs her that there is something she should know. Gabi then gets a message on her phone, announcing the death of Abigail DiMera.

Jack visits Gwen in prison and tells her that he has bad news about Abigail. Gwen reveals someone already told her and asks if it’s true that her sister was murdered. Jack responds that he’s sorry as he meant to tell her himself but he guesses the news is getting out. Gwen says she didn’t get all the details and asks if they know who is responsible.

Chad asks Kate how much she told Lucas and if she told him that Abigail knew he was Sami’s kidnapper. Chad screams at Kate to answer him. Kate tells Chad to try to calm down. Chad complains about Kate wanting him to calm down after his wife was stabbed to death in their bedroom. Chad declares that if Kate told Lucas that Abigail knew his secret, he could be the one.

Jennifer sits with Lucas at the Pub and talks about Abigail. Jennifer tearfully asks who would want to hurt her and why. Lucas responds that he just doesn’t know. Jennifer asks what kind of monster would attack Abigail so brutally in her own home. Lucas cries that he’s so sorry as it’s all his fault. Jennifer questions what he means and how it could be his fault. Lucas responds that he should have protected her and kept a closer eye on her while Jennifer was in Boston. Jennifer says he couldn’t possibly have known that some maniac was going to break in to her house. Jennifer tells Lucas not to do this to himself. Lucas cries that he should be comforting her, not the other way around. Jennifer assures that Abigail knew Lucas loved her and that he is not to blame for any of this.

Chad argues that if Lucas thought Abigail was going to expose his secret then he might have wanted to kill her to shut her up, so he would have had motive. Kate claims that she didn’t tell Lucas so he didn’t know that Abigail knew. Kate says even if he did know, he would never ever hurt Abigail. Chad cries asking who would’ve done something so horrible to his wife.

Steve walks outside the Pub, on the phone with Rafe, telling him to let him know if there’s anything he can do to help with the investigation as they need to find whoever did this to Abigail and bring them to justice, whatever it takes. Steve thanks Rafe and hangs up. Jake then approaches and says he didn’t mean to eavesdrop but asks if something happened to Abigail.

Gabi questions if this is some kind of sick joke. Li says he’s afraid not. Gabi argues that they have it wrong and he needs to retract the statement. Li says that EJ gave him the information himself. Gabi insists it must be wrong but Li reveals he checked with the police and confirmed Abigail is dead. Gabi asks if they are sure and says it could be a trick. Li assures it’s not and that he’s sorry to say this but Abigail was murdered, leaving Gabi in shock.

Jake is shocked to learn from Steve that Abigail has been murdered. Steve notes that Chad found her and assumes that someone in his famliy will fill him in on the details but Jake says it’s not likely as Abigail was really the only DiMera he got along with. Jake asks if the police has any leads. Steve says not yet. Steve adds that he needs to get inside because Jennifer is waiting for him. Jake sends his condolences as Steve then enters the Pub.

Kate wishes she could give Chad the answers he needs but she can’t. Kate has no idea why anyone would do this to Abigail, but she knows her heart is broken for him and his children. Chad admits he’s grasping at straws. Chad cries that he’s so sorry as he hugs Kate. Kate is sorry that she can’t be more of a comfort to him. Chad says that no one can be. Kate suggests he get some rest but Chad says he can’t rest as he just sees Abigail laying there covered in blood every time he closes his eyes. Chad remembers the last thing Abigail said to him. Kate asks if she gave him any clue as to what happened. Chad says that she just said they had a knife and he keeps racking his brain, trying to think of who would do this to his wife. Chad declares that the only person he can think of is Gwen, but she’s in prison so she couldn’t have done it.

Jack mentions the police not having any leads. Gwen asks if he came here to ask if she did it. Jack says of course not and questions why she would even think that. Gwen says it just crossed her mind is all because of everything that happened between her and Abigail in the past. Gwen wishes the last time she saw her hadn’t ended the way that it did. Jack asks when the last time she saw her was. Gwen responds that it was yesterday as she came to visit her. Jack asks why. Gwen guesses their last encounter sealed both of their fates forever.

Tripp goes to see Ava and informs her that he’s going to spend the summer with Joey and Stephanie since it will be awhile before he can get back to work while his ankle heals, so he figured he might as well enjoy a change of scenery until then. Ava asks if he’s coming back. Tripp confirms that he at least thinks so. Tripp says he has to clear his head and process everything that’s happened with Allie among other things like almost dying and being possessed by The Devil. Ava understands why he might need to be away. Ava asks what she’s going to do without him as she hugs him.

Jack doesn’t understand how Abigail’s visit sealed their fates. Gwen says she just meant because of how things ended so badly between them and now that she’s gone, she won’t ever have a chance to reconcile with her even if that may never have happened anyway. Jack thinks they would have eventually both gotten past the anger and resentment. Gwen guesses now they will never know.

Gabi tearfully informs Li that she and Abigail used to be best friends. Gabi says even after everything blew up, they had a connection. Li calls it a shame that they had a falling out. Gabi agrees as they spent a lot of time battling each other and tearing each other down. Gabi says every once in awhile they would find some common ground like they did with Gwen. Gabi tells Li about how they teamed up to bring Gwen down and it didn’t go as planned, but it felt nice to be on the same side again. Gabi cries that it was one of the few times where she had to stop Abigail from making things worse since it was usually the other way around. Li comments that it sounds like she was the yin to her yang as they were complete opposites who balanced each other out. Li declares that the shadow cannot exist without the light. Gabi cries that now that light is gone and asks what they are going to do without her as Li hugs her.

Kate knows Chad wants justice for Abigail but says he has to let the police find out who did it and focus on himself and his children now. Chad mentions that he hasn’t told the kids yet and cries that he doesn’t know how he’s going to. Kate encourages that Charlotte and Thomas are strong and asks where they are now. Chad informs her that EJ and Belle took them to Marlena’s last night. Kate says it’s good that they have so many people who love them and will be there for them. Kate asks if there’s anything she can do right now for Chad or the kids. Chad says not at the moment. Kate tells him to let her know. Chad agrees to and thanks her. Kate tells Chad that she loves him. Chad says he loves her too. Kate opens the door to leave right as Jake arrives. Kate tells Jake that it’s not a good time. Jake responds that he heard and that’s why he’s here. Jake tells Chad that he came to offer his condolences. Kate then exits. Chad admits he wasn’t expecting to see Jake here.

Gabi tells Li that she’s done so many awful things to Abigail so she doesn’t have the right to cry over her like this. Li understands that she may have been her enemy, but also her friend. Li doubts Abigail would begrudge her for her tears. Gabi thanks her and feels this is more than he bargained for by hooking up with her. Li assures her that he is all in through the good and the bad. Li calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on as they then kiss.

Jack asks Gwen why Abigail did come to visit her. Gwen explains that she asked her to because she made Jack a gift and wanted Abigail to deliver it to him since Abigail was planning to fly to Boston to surprise Jack for his birthday. Jack admits he didn’t know that and says he can’t ask Jennifer to go through Abigail’s things right now, so he’ll have to look himself for her gift. Gwen tells him not to bother as he won’t find it. Jack asks why not. Gwen thinks back to Abigail smashing her mug, but then claims to Jack that she dropped it and it shattered to pieces. Jack calls that too bad and asks if she couldn’t fix it. Gwen responds that much like her relationship with her sister, it was broken beyond repair.

Jake recalls to Chad how when he first found out he was a DiMera, Abigail had just gotten back from Florida and he fixed her car. Jake talks about how Abigail had a book in the backseat, “Never Let Me Go” by Ishiguro, and asked if he wanted to borrow it. Jake said he wasn’t much of a reader but Abigail insisted and he ended up liking it. Jake states that Abigail barely knew him when she insisted he borrow the book, but he always saw that as her reaching out to him and sharing a part of herself which meant a lot. Jake acknowledges that Abigail made a real effort to welcome him in to this family. Chad guesses he means unlike him. Chad hates that he made assumptions about Jake’s friendship with Abigail and he was an idiot to fall for Gwen’s lies and to betray Abigail in the worst way possible. Chad states that he hurt her badly and thought he had lost her for good, but they worked things out and they were happy. Chad cries that they were planning to have another baby. Jake gets up and comforts Chad as he breaks down crying.

Tripp tells Ava that he should get going since Steve is taking him to a farewell lunch before he goes to the airport. Ava tells them to have a good time. Tripp does feel guilty leaving since the timing isn’t ideal. Ava asks why that is. Tripp guesses she hasn’t heard and informs Ava that Abigail died last night. Ava asks what happened. Tripp reveals that someone broke in to her house and stabbed her then Chad brought her to the hospital but it was too late. Tripp calls it a terrible tragedy as she has two little kids and was such a wonderful person. Tripp says he still can’t believe it. Ava calls it horrible for her family. Ava asks if they have any suspects. Tripp says not yet.

Gwen asks Jack about he and Jennifer having to go view Abigail’s body, feeling that’s cruel to have them do that. Jack explains that nobody made them do it, they wanted to do it. Jack wanted to see Abigail and tell her so many things that he wanted to say before. Jack says it’s nothing compared to what’s happening for Thomas and Charlotte as they are going to grow up without their mother. Jack breaks down crying as Gwen encourages that Abigail knew how much he loved her and how lucky she was to have a father as wonderful and caring as him. Jack thanks her for saying that. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so sorry he’s going through this.

Steve sits with Jennifer and Lucas at the Pub. Steve offers to take Jennifer home which she accepts. Lucas and Jennifer hug and say goodbye. Lucas promises to check on her later. Kate enters the Pub and greets Jennifer, saying she’s so sorry about Abigail as she was a beautiful person and she respected her strength and love of family which she got from her. Jennifer thanks Kate and then exits with Steve. Kate sits with Lucas, who says that he hates to see Jennifer going through all of this. Kate mentions just leaving Chad. Lucas asks how he’s doing. Kate says it was so difficult as Chad is in so much pain. Kate adds that out of grief, Chad accused her of killing Abigail to keep her quiet because she knew about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Lucas calls that ridiculous since she would never hurt Abigail. Kate responds that of course she wouldn’t, but she can’t help thinking, would Lucas?

Jack tells Gwen that he has to get back to Jennifer as she doesn’t know where he is since he didn’t tell her he was coming to see Gwen. Gwen sends her condolences. Jack tells Gwen to take care of herself. Gwen wishes Jack a happy birthday as he then exits.

Jake exits the DiMera Mansion and runs in to Gabi as she is arriving. Gabi questions what Jake is doing there. Jake responds that he came to see Chad. Gabi asks how he is. Jake asks how she thinks as he just lost the love of his life. Gabi remarks that she knows what that’s like but says she’s talking about Stefan of course. Jake remarks that Gabi has bounced back right in to Li Shin’s bed. Jake asks if they are a thing now. Gabi asks why he cares since she hears he and Ava are no longer just roommates. Jake says it looks like they’ve both moved on so they have nothing else to talk about. Jake says he’ll see Gabi at the office and walks off.

Lucas questions Kate thinking he killed Abigail. Kate admits it crossed his mind and reveals it crossed Chad’s mind too. Lucas says she can’t be serious. Kate clarifies that she covered by telling Chad that Lucas didn’t know that Abigail knew his secret, so that he wouldn’t have a motive. Kate adds that they both know that he could, because he was very upset when she told him about Abigail and then he didn’t show up for dinner. Kate then notices Lucas’s bandaged hand and asks what he did. Lucas responds that he doesn’t know. Kate questions what that means. Lucas reveals that after they talked last night, he fell off the wagon and blacked out so he has no memory of what he did last night.

Tripp meets Steve in the town square for his farewell lunch. Tripp asks Steve if he’s sure he shouldn’t stick around given the circumstances of everyone being shocked about Abigail and says he could put off leaving. Steve tells him they will be alright, but he’s sorry he couldn’t give him a better sendoff. Tripp calls this perfect and reminds him of when they first started to get to know each other. Steve toasts to the best son a man could ever ask for and says he’ll miss him. Tripp promises to come back soon.

Jack sits with Jennifer at home and apologizes for not telling her that he was going to see Gwen as he didn’t know how she would take it. Jennifer says it’s fine and she’s glad he did since Gwen is his daughter and Abigail’s sister, so she deserved to hear the news from him. Jack reveals Gwen had already heard by the time he got there. Jennifer asks how she took it. Jack says obviously there was no love lost between her and Abigail, but he could tell that Abigail’s death shook her more than she was letting on.

Ava goes to see Gwen at prison and says she’s glad she caught her as she just heard about Abigail. Gwen questions Ava coming all this way to give her condolences. Ava clarifies that she came to ask Gwen if she did it.

Chad stares at a photo of Abigail as Gabi enters the DiMera Mansion and tells him that she’s so sorry, calling it such a terrible tragedy. Gabi says her heart goes out to him and his children. Chad thanks her. Gabi knows he’s skeptical about her feelings for Abigail. Gabi admits they had a lot of problems but she loved her very much and it’s complicated. Chad says that’s one word for it. Gabi likes to think they had gotten to an okay place over the past year and she hopes Abigail thought so too. Gabi declares that whoever did this made a huge mistake because nobody but her gets to mess with Abigail Deveraux-DiMera, so they are going to find the son of a bitch who did this and make them pay.

Kate questions how Lucas could do something so stupid after working so hard to get sober. Lucas suggests the pressure of keeping his secret finally got to him. Kate questions if he started drinking when she left the Pub. Lucas admits that he stole a bottle from behind the bar, got totally wasted, and woke up with a massive hangover and he has no memory of what he did after leaving the Pub. Kate asks if he even knows what he did. Lucas says he has no idea and just woke up with this cut on his hand which could’ve been from a knife. Kate asks if Lucas thinks he could’ve killed Abigail. Lucas wishes he could say of course not, but tearfully admits he’s not sure.

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