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Johnny and Wendy get close, then Johnny decides they should get her to work at DiMera Enterprises if they are going to find out if Li and EJ brainwashed Stefan. Johnny feels they deserve to be punished. Wendy points out that they don’t know what they did. Johnny reminds her that’s what they are trying to figure out. Johnny asks her what’s bothering her. Wendy brings up that she started all this to get leverage over Li to force him to give her a job, but now she has the job. Johnny asks if she wants to back out but Wendy says no as she still wants to know what Li is capable of. Johnny points out that he doesn’t need to find out about EJ because he already knows what he’s capable of, but he needs to prove what he did to Stefan so that he can bring him down. Wendy says that’s where they differ since Johnny hates EJ for what he did, but she still loves her brother Li as they are still family.

Li is at DiMera Enterprises, on the phone with his father, talking about giving Wendy a promotion. Li understands any mistakes Wendy makes is on him. Li thanks him for his input and hangs up as Kristen arrives. Kristen says she heard the end of his conversation and says if he’s handing out promotions, maybe he wouldn’t mind giving one to Chloe.

Chloe is at Basic Black, on the phone with her mom and says she understands why Brady felt he had to break up with her but she’ll never understand him moving Kristen in to John and Marlena’s house. Chloe remarks that Brady lets that bitch walk all over him, right as Brady arrives at the office.

Rafe and Gabi have coffee in the town square. Gabi tells him about Stefan trick or treating with Chloe in the town square which Rafe notes must have been awkward. Gabi adds that Stefan reminded her again that he wants nothing to do with her and says that’s fine because as far as she’s concerned, she’s with Li and they are very happy and going to get married. Rafe jokes about that being great like marriages solve everything. Gabi asks if he’s having problems with Nicole. Rafe wishes Nicole was as determined to stay away from Eric as Gabi is to move on from Stefan.

Eric and Jada have coffee in bed together. Eric suggests they call in sick but Jada says she can’t since Shawn is away and she and Rafe are working on a big investigation. Jada adds that it’s only Eric’s second day back at Basic Black so he can’t let Nicole regret bringing him back. Nicole then arrives at the door and is greeted by Jada while Eric goes to put some clothes on. Nicole says she needs to speak to Eric as something has come up. Eric comes out in his robe and questions why Nicole didn’t call. Nicole responds that she tried three times but he didn’t pick up. Eric notes that he had his phone on silent and asks what’s wrong. Nicole says she doesn’t know but they have been summoned by the editorial team at Bella as apparently there’s a problem, but she doesn’t know what it is and they want them at Titan ASAP. Eric goes back to get dressed. Nicole tells Jada that she’s sorry to interrupt but Jada says she’s not.

Gabi questions Rafe about he and Nicole still fighting about Eric since she thought they worked things out. Rafe says they did and he told her that she should work with Eric so now he has to put his money where his mouth is. Gabi encourages that the fight could’ve been a good thing. Gabi then points out Wendy and Johnny walking by and comments that she didn’t even know they knew each other.

Johnny asks Wendy if she’s sure she’s okay with spying on EJ and Li while trying to make a good impression at DiMera. Johnny clarifies that he doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Wendy assures that she wants to do this. Johnny advises her to be careful since EJ is always suspicious and he doesn’t want anyone finding out what they are up to. Gabi approaches and greets Wendy as she questions what they are up to.

Li tells Kristen that Chloe is doing a great job at Basic Black but he doesn’t see why he should give her a promotion. Kristen points out that the promotion would get her out of Basic Black and she wants Chloe here at DiMera, as far away from Brady as possible.

Chloe tells her mom that she will call her back and hangs up. Chloe asks Brady how much of that he heard. Brady says enough to know that she doesn’t think that highly of him but asks why she would. Chloe says she thinks highly of him as her boss and shouldn’t have been making personal calls at the office, so she’s sorry. Chloe says she has so much to do and mentions that the Bella issue is almost ready to hit the internet so she has to get exclusive previews to fashion influencers. Brady tells Chloe that this is not how he wanted this to happen. Chloe says he told her the reasons before and she doesn’t need to hear them at work. Brady repeats that it’s not what he wanted. Chloe declares that it’s what Kristen wanted and what Kristen wants, she gets. Chloe brings up how Brady was like a puppet on a string in the town square. Brady brings up Chloe being with Stefan and says he keeps thinking about what Stefan did to Abigail and points out that Chloe is vulnerable. Chloe cuts him off and questions where he gets off saying this to her.

Li apologizes to Kristen but says he can’t help her as he doesn’t have a single position available. Kristen asks if Wendy just happened to get the last opening in the entire organization. Li says she is a brilliant IT expert and they need that, not a fashion consultant. Li then questions why Kristen is asking him to promote her instead of just doing it herself. Kristen informs him that EJ fired her because she backed Gabi over him. Li tells her that she’s out of luck then. Kristen brings up that Stefano told her never to rely on luck when threats work so much better. Kristen warns Li to give Chloe that promotion or else she’s going to tell Gabi that he brainwashed Stefan in to loathing her.

Johnny tells Gabi that he and Wendy aren’t up to anything. Gabi questions how Johnny even knows Wendy since she just got here. Wendy tells Gabi that she can ask her about her personal life. Gabi guesses it’s just a coincidence that they know each other. Rafe comes over and greets Johnny. Johnny introduces Rafe to Wendy and calls Rafe his favorite ex-stepdad. Rafe points out that it looks like he and Wendy will be related soon. Johnny points out that Rafe is the police commissioner so that could come in handy. Gabi questions again how Johnny and Wendy know each other. Johnny says that his cousin Joey met her in Seattle. Gabi recalls Wendy taking Joey and Tripp as her two dates in Hong Kong. Johnny questions that but Wendy says it’s a long story. Johnny adds that when Joey told him that Wendy was coming to town, he offered to show her around. Wendy points out that Johnny even got her a place to stay which Gabi says is so nice of him. Johnny says he was just glad to help. Rafe says he has to get going down to the police station and says it was good to see them. Rafe welcomes Wendy to Salem and walks away. Wendy adds that she should get going too so she’s not late for her first day at work. Wendy thanks Gabi again for pushing Li to get her the job as she then walks away. Johnny tells Gabi that it was good to see her but Gabi stops him and says she’s not done with him.

Nicole and Eric go to see Alex at the Titan office. Alex thanks them for coming on short notice. Nicole remarks that his e-mail made it sound like they had no choice. Eric questions if he was unhappy with the photos. Nicole explains that something came up with the model, so she had to stand in. Alex thinks there’s been a miscommunication here because he loves the photos and thinks they are exactly what Bella needs, so much that he wants to put Nicole on the cover.

Jada joins Rafe in the interrogation room at the police station. Rafe talks about preparing for his interrogations. Jada notes that he doesn’t look a bit nervous. Rafe asks why he would be. Jada points out that he’s going to be questioning one of the kingpins of the drug business and he’ll have two of the highest paid lawyers that drug money can buy. Jada gives him a summary file in a folder and then yawns, so Rafe questions if she didn’t get her coffee this morning. Jada informs him that Eric brought her a cup but she didn’t get to drink it because Nicole dropped by.

Nicole questions Alex wanting her to be on the cover of Bella. Alex says he was blown away by the photos that Eric took of her and calls it a game changer. Alex mentions Nicole being one of the biggest models but Nicole says that was years ago. Alex says not if this is any indication as he shows them his tablet. Nicole blows it off as great lighting, luck, and an amazing photographer. Eric states that Nicole is being modest. Alex remarks that it’s like she’s making love to the camera which she laughs off. Alex says he can feel the tension in the photos and it’s electric. Alex comments that whatever they have, they bring out something special in each other.

Chloe tells Brady that he has nothing to say about her personal life. Brady says he’s just worried. Chloe asks if he’s worried that losing him as rendered her incompetent to live her own life. Chloe tells Brady to think twice about warning her about Stefan when he just moved a kidnapping, murdering sociopath in to his home. Brady knows it seems that way. Chloe asks if he’s finally going to tell her what the hell is going on.

Li tells Kristen not to get all moral with him since she was part of brainwashing Stefan from the beginning. Kristen argues that it was against her better judgment and that Li preyed on her devotion to Brady. Kristen says she did it to protect her family while Li did it to get power and control of her family’s company. Li says the fact remains that they both wanted Stefan to be with Chloe. Kristen laughs off that he still does while now that she has Brady back in her life, Chloe is no longer a threat to her. Li asks how she thinks Brady will take it when he finds out what she did. Kristen responds that Brady knows she’d do anything to keep her family in tact so it wouldn’t change anything between them, but that’s not true for him and Gabi. Kristen asks how Li thinks Gabi will take it that he used her husband as a lab animal and made him hate her in the process.

Johnny asks Gabi if there’s a problem. Gabi is not buying what Johnny and Wendy are selling, so she questions what they are really up to.

Li goes over Kristen managing to break up Brady and Chloe while now they are living together with their daughter and she wants him to move Chloe out of Basic Black in to DiMera. Li says she doesn’t sound like she believes that Chloe is no longer a threat, since she’s pretty desperate to get her away from Brady. Li questions if Kristen’s hold over Brady is not quite as strong as she hoped it would be. Kristen argues that it takes time to rebuild a relationship and they are just getting started, so she doesn’t want him to get distracted at work. Li feels the need to remind her that DiMera Enterprises is a business, not couples therapy. Kristen laughs at that and calls him a hypocrite. Kristen asks how he would feel if Gabi just found herself working side by side with Stefan. Kristen declares that if Li doesn’t want to help her, she’ll go straight to Dr. Rolf and order him to undo Stefan’s programming. Wendy arrives but stops at the door and listens in as Li tells Kristen that won’t be possible because he made sure that Dr. Rolf is long gone.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s waiting for him to say what he has to say. Brady tells Chloe to understand if there was any other way but they are interrupted as Alex arrives with Eric and Nicole. Alex says he’s glad they are both here. Brady questions what he’s doing there. Alex announces that he’s here to put their rag tag business and his magazine back on the map.

Johnny tells Gabi that Wendy is new in town so he’s just showing her around. Gabi argues that it must be a highly personal tour and remarks that she saw them and it didn’t look like they were talking about dry cleaning. Johnny then admits that Gabi got him and there’s more to it.

Kristen questions what Li has done with Dr. Rolf. Li tells her that’s none of her concern. Kristen pushes him and disagrees. Li tells her that a member of her family has been apprised as to why he had to get Dr. Rolf out of the country so soon and that’s EJ. Kristen guesses Li and EJ are in cahoots now. Wendy decides she needs to record this and reaches in to her purse to grab her phone, but she drops her phone. Kristen hears it and questions what that was. As Wendy gets down to pick up her phone, Li and Kristen come out from the room. Li questions what Wendy is doing.

Jada hopes she didn’t come across petty by telling him that Nicole came by this morning since it was business and something about the shots that Eric took of Nicole for the Bella magazine. Rafe comments that Nicole gave up modeling years ago. Jada explains that the model they hired didn’t show up so Nicole filled in. Jada adds that Eric said the shots were great, so maybe Nicole is heading back to the runway.

Brady questions what Alex is talking about. Alex responds that they have an incredible opportunity to launch Bella Magazine in to the next generation while also creating buzz for Basic Black’s next collection. Brady says it sounds good and asks how to do that. Eric says by putting Nicole on the cover of Bella in Basic Black contour. Chloe calls it a great idea while Nicole says not to encourage him. Brady asks if Alex has talked to Victor about this because he kind of hates Nicole. Nicole says she asked Alex the same question. Alex reminds them that he’s in charge of Titan, not Victor, at least until Sonny recovers. Alex declares that if he wants to put Nicole on the cover, there’s not a damn thing Victor can say about it.

Gabi says she knew it and asks what’s going on between Johnny and Wendy. Johnny claims that he’s just hitting on her in a charming and subtle way. Gabi is unsure since they seemed intense and remarks that Wendy is not his type. Johnny argues that she’s smart and gorgeous which seems like his type. Gabi acknowledges that he went from Chanel to her to Ava, so she guesses he doesn’t really have a type. Johnny responds that he likes what he likes. Gabi questions him pursuing Li’s sister now. Johnny says he’s exploring possibilities. Gabi responds that she just doesn’t want to see either of them get hurt. Johnny says he doesn’t want to see Gabi get hurt either. Gabi questions what that’s supposed to mean and how she could get hurt.

Wendy tells Li and Kristen that she was trying to take a selfie on her first day of work and dropped her phone. Li introduces Wendy to Kristen. Kristen welcomes her to DiMera Enterprises. Wendy says she looks forward to working for her but Kristen clarifies that it won’t be for her because EJ canned her. Wendy says she’s sorry to hear that. Kristen tells her that she still has her shares and remarks that Wendy’s brother is more loyal than her brother. Kristen adds that what she admires most about Li is that he’s always mindful of where he’s loyal.

Alex talks about how magazines have been struggling to remain relevant for years so they have to break the internet, which is why resurrecting one of Bella’s biggest models from it’s heyday could do just that. Nicole comments that she wasn’t dead, she just stopped modeling. Alex says that was a mistake and the latest photoshoot proves it. Alex adds that he doesn’t know what is going on but Eric’s photos bring out the best in her and he wants the rest of the world to see it. Eric decides if they are going to do another photoshoot, he needs to start setting up. Chloe goes to get makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Alex compliments Brady’s suit, which Brady explains is part of Basic Black’s upcoming line and that the designer suggested he wear it around the office to get feedback. Alex calls it killer and decides they are going to use it in the shoot with Brady. Alex compares it to Vogue having couples on the cover. Brady responds that he’s not a model. Alex says he is if he wants his collection on the cover. Nicole suggests letting Eric take a couple of test shots and agrees that this could give Basic Black a boost. Brady then gives in and agrees to do it.

Wendy decides to get to her office and start settling in. Wendy tells Kristen again that it was nice to meet her. Kristen wishes her luck with her new job as Wendy exits. Kristen asks Li where they were. Li tells Kristen that he’s not telling her where Dr. Rolf is. Kristen threatens to go tell Gabi and Stefan everything she knows, noting that they are already suspicious and so is Chloe. Kristen brings up that Marlena has reversed Dr. Rolf’s programming on more than one occasion, so she’s sure that she’ll be happy to help Stefan recover his passion for Gabi and then the two of them will run DiMera instead of him.

Gabi and Johnny sit together in the town square as she questions Johnny not wanting to see her get hurt. Johnny says he just feels kind of responsible for everything that happened with her and Jake. Gabi blames the Devil. Gabi adds that she did care for Jake, but they were never right for each other. Johnny points out that she and Stefan were though. Gabi says they thought so but he changed his mind. Johnny asks if that doesn’t seem weird to her to have such a drastic change. Gabi agrees that it was so weird that she thought Dr. Rolf did something to him but he didn’t. Johnny informs her that he thought the same thing. Gabi says she was so sure so she confronted Dr. Rolf, but he told her that he did nothing to Stefan other than bring him back from the dead. Johnny questions her just taking Dr. Rolf’s word for it. Gabi admits she’s never done that before but for some reason, she felt he was telling her the truth. Gabi declares that it doesn’t matter because if Stefan wants to be with Chloe, he can have her since she is with Li and they are in love and going to be married. Gabi adds that now nothing is going to stand in the way of her happiness.

Li tells Kristen that he will offer Chloe the promotion and asks if she’s happy now. Kristen responds that she’s over the moon and he will be too. Kristen declares that it won’t be long before Chloe is out of Brady’s life and once she is with Stefan, Li and Gabi can live happily ever after. Gabi calls Li and tells him that it’s almost time to audition the wedding cakes at the Bakery, so she wanted to make sure he was on his way. Li responds that he’s sorry but a personal matter came up at work that he has to take care of but he’ll be there as soon as he can. Gabi tells him to keep her posted as they hang up. Kristen then orders Li to go to Basic Black and offer Chloe her dream job. Kristen and Li then exit the room. After they walk away, Wendy sneaks back up to the door and calls Johnny. Johnny asks if she found anything out. Wendy responds that she sure did and she thinks they were right.

Jada apologizes to Rafe as she can tell that it’s bothering him that Nicole is modeling again for Eric. Jada admits she’s not thrilled about it either since Eric told her that’s how they got together all those years ago. Rafe says it’s not so much that she’s modeling, but that she didn’t tell him about it. Rafe wonders if she thought he would act like a jerk since he did when she told him that she hired Eric. Jada says that married people fight. Rafe says he learned that he has to trust Nicole. Jada adds that she has to trust Eric. Rafe calls it great that they figured this all out, so they can get back to work now.

Eric takes photos of Brady and Nicole for Bella Magazine. Alex gives instruction and reminds them that he’s in charge. Brady gets irritated by having to model and steps out of the room. Alex questions where he’s going as Chloe goes out after him. Brady tells Chloe that he’s going to get out of here. Chloe says that’s fine but questions what he was trying to tell her before Alex barged in.

Eric and Nicole exchange looks from across the office. Alex looks at them both and declares that’s it. Alex decides that Eric is the one that needs to be in the suit and model with Nicole.

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