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Recap written by Christine

Chance went to Newman Enterprises looking for Victoria and found Nick in her office instead. Nick was looking at his phone, and Chance said that news on Locke’s death hadn’t leaked if that’s what Nick was searching for. Chance was surprised Nick was at work. Nick only came by to pick up a file. Chance wanted to talk to Victoria and Nick. Nick said Victoria wasn’t around. She’d gone to pick up her kids from camp, then she was taking them to a water park. He said it would be hard because she had to tell the kids that their stepfather was dead. Chance knew that would be tough, but wondered why Victoria didn’t have Billy pick the kids up instead, given the ongoing investigation. Nick said Billy was away on business. He asked why Victoria needed to stay in town, when she didn’t do anything wrong. Chance noted that he never said Victoria did something wrong. Nick thought Chance kind of implied it. Chance was hoping to get some insight into Ashland’s frame of mind. Nick thought he made it clear last night that Ashland was in a complete rage when he went after Victoria. Chance asked if Ashland seemed to be suicidal. Nick didn’t know, since he wasn’t there when Ashland left. Nick said Ashland was homicidal when he went after Victoria, then he turned on Nick. Nick didn’t even realize Ashland was alive, let alone capable of driving a car.

Nikki entered the office. She was grateful Chance came to Victoria’s aid and found Ashland so quickly. He said he was doing his job. Nikki was sure Chance understood the terrible toll this was taking on Abby’s siblings. She asked for time with her son and sent her love to Abby and Dominic. Chance left. Nikki hugged Nick and said she was so grateful he was there for his sister and sorry for what he’d been through. He didn’t feel like he deserved thanks. Nikki thought they needed to leave and talk in a place that didn’t remind them of the dreaded Newman-Locke regime.

Nikki took Nick to the park. She hoped he knew he wasn’t responsible for Ashland’s death. He didn’t know that. She said he probably saved his sister’s life. He began to recount the events of that night, but Nikki said she already knew everything. Nikki could relate to the horror Nick felt, because she thought she killed JT. Even though she knew she was justified, she’d blamed herself and felt haunted by it. She said she’d been defending Victoria, just as Nick was. She would still do the same thing again in a heartbeat. He said he would too. She reiterated that she was grateful he was there, because otherwise, they might be planning Victoria’s funeral while Ashland was walking the streets. Nick just couldn’t shake the visual of Ashland lying on the ground. Nikki told Nick he wasn’t responsible for what happened to Ashland. She didn’t mourn Ashland. She said Ashland got up and drove off, and it wasn’t Nick’s fault he died in a car accident.

Kyle and Jack were in the Abbott living room. Kyle said he and Summer were up all night talking about how to tell Harrison that Ashland died. Jack knew that was the hardest thing in the world. Jack felt heartbroken for Harrison – as much as they didn’t like Ashland, Harrison was crazy about him. Kyle said even worse, Harrison and Ashland didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, and Kyle knew how excruciating that could be. He hated how much loss his son had experienced in his young life – first Tara, now Ashland. Jack said Harrison gained wonderful parents in Kyle and Summer. Summer came downstairs and overheard the discussion. As much as Kyle despised Ashland, he wished Ashland was alive, so that Harrison wouldn’t have to go through this. Jack remembered traveling to Switzerland to tell Kyle that his mother died. Kyle said that day still haunted him, and that was why he knew Harrison would likely never forget this day.

Jack offered to help, but Kyle thought he and Summer should be the ones to tell their son the news. He asked Jack to stick around to help Harrison heal afterward. Jack agreed. Jack went upstairs to get his grandson. Summer and Kyle worried over Harrison. Kyle talked about how hard it was to lose a parent as a child. He wondered if his mother ever considered the pain she would put him through, the way he was considering Harrison’s pain now. Summer understood if Kyle wasn’t ready to do this. He said that he knew what it was like to feel this pain, but he also knew you could get through it. He could do this for his son. Summer made it clear they were in this together. Jack brought Harrison into the room. Summer and Kyle gently explained accidents and death to Harrison and that Father died. Diane came, and Jack told her it wasn’t a good time, but Harrison saw his Dee Dee and tried to run over to her. Kyle pulled Harrison onto his lap and asked if he understood that Father was dead and wouldn’t be around anymore. “No, Father told me he would come back,” Harrison replied.

Summer took Diane outside and told her about the accident. Diane was shocked. Summer asked Diane to leave, because Harrison had a lot to process, and this was bringing up a lot of bad memories for Kyle. Diane thought that was exactly why she should stay. She begged to go back inside and try to help. Later, Diane went inside and told Harrison that she knew his Mommy and Daddy shared some sad news with him about how Father got hurt and he wouldn’t be back. She noted that she and Harrison just saw Ashland in the park, and he’d said he had to go away on a trip, but he’d be back soon. She explained that sometimes people’s plans changed. Her voice broke as she assured Harrison that his father loved him and would be here if he could be. She asked him to point to his heart. Kyle told Harrison that his father was still in his heart, along with all the people he loved. Diane was going to leave, but Harrison didn’t want her to go. Diane suggested she could take Harrison outside. Summer thought it would be nice for Harrison to have time with his friend. Kyle revealed that Diane was his mother, and Harrison’s grandmother, like Jack was his grandfather. Kyle said Dee Dee loved Harrison, and they were happy she was here.

At the park, Mariah gave Tessa a pep talk before her surgery. Even though the doctor was the best, Tessa said she was still nervous. Mariah asked what Tessa was really worried about. Tessa was afraid to say it out loud, as if that would increase the chances of it happening. Mariah convinced Tessa she’d feel better if she said it. Tessa fought back tears. She was afraid the surgery wouldn’t be a success and she’d lose her one true talent – singing – and her musical career would be over. Mariah said that was far from Tessa’s only talent, and her music career wasn’t over because she was an amazing songwriter. Mariah said Tessa was good at making people feel seen and accepted or making them laugh. Mariah joked that Tessa was bad at washing dishes, and Tessa said that was why her career as a barista was short-lived. Mariah added that the thing Tessa was best at was loving Mariah. Tessa was glad because that was the thing that meant most to her and the thing that changed her from the hot mess she used to be. Mariah vowed to spend the rest of her life telling Tessa about the incredible gifts she had. Mariah was also sure the procedure would go well and that Tessa would emerge from this with a stronger voice. Mariah said she’d take all Tessa’s fears, so she could focus on the positive and healing. They hugged and kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Adam ordered a black coffee with an espresso shot. He saw a package and asked Sharon about it. She said that she put it together for Tessa, who was having minor surgery. Adam got a call and stepped away to take it. It was confirmation of his flight out of town. Sharon overheard and said she guessed that meant he and Sally didn’t work things out. He asked her why she thought that would be a possibility. At first, Sharon covered, but then she said they were all adults, and she wasn’t going to have a secret conversation with his girlfriend about him. He reminded her that Sally wasn’t his girlfriend. She was sorry to hear that. She explained that Sally confided in her about Adam. Sharon was struck by the way Sally seemed to love and accept Adam, flaws and all. He said Sally would be better hating him. Sharon was sure it would be easier for Adam if he succeeded in running Sally off forever. Adam was sure Sharon saw what a spectacle Sally made of herself – if anyone from Newman saw that, her days would be numbered. Sharon bet Sally was aware of that, and yet she did it anyway. She asked him why he thought that was. Adam thought Sally’s priorities were out of whack. Sharon said that wasn’t for Adam to decide. He said it actually was. Sally spent her whole life seeking professional respect and success, and now that she’d gotten them, he wouldn’t let her lose it, especially when his relationships were destined to crash and burn. Sharon suggested Sally could be the person Adam was destined to spend the rest of his life with. Sharon thought she could be objective, because she was one of the few people Adam could count on. He promised not to burden Sharon with that responsibility. He said he didn’t need to be with anyone right now. She thought everyone needed people to care about them. She felt it was good for him to have Sally in his life. She’d encouraged Sally to convince him that he was more important to her than any job. Sharon asked if Adam hardened his heart to Sally.

Adam said he had feelings for Sally – past tense. Sharon didn’t believe Adam’s feelings were in the past. She asked why he was cutting out someone who cared about him, saw the best in him and might even bring the best out in him. He said it was complicated. She told him that when you found someone you matched with, it shouldn’t be complicated and you shouldn’t take it for granted. He said this was what was best for everyone. He’d booked a trip to Vegas. She asked why he’d want to go back there, given his history. She noted that she brought him home from Vegas. She asked how long he was staying. He said he was leaving now. Tessa and Mariah arrived, and Adam wished her luck with the procedure and left.

Tessa wasn’t allowed to have anything before her procedure, but she really wanted a hot mocha. Sharon understood that. She said after everything she’d been through, medical stuff gave her the jitters. Tessa said she was less nervous thanks to Mariah. Sharon gave Tessa the care package and said she was going to stock their fridge with soothing foods and drinks. Tessa felt lucky to have a mother in law who felt like a mom. She kissed Sharon’s cheek, then she went upstairs. Mariah’s happy facade fell, and she admitted she was scared to death about today. Sharon was so sorry. She had no idea Mariah was scared. Mariah said the procedure was routine, but seeing how afraid Tessa was made her afraid too. She couldn’t bear the thought of Tessa to be in pain. Sharon hugged Mariah and said she knew the feeling, but that was marriage. She shared some encouraging words, then Tessa came down. Mariah kissed her hand.

Nick went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon told him he just missed the girls, who left for Tessa’s appointment. He said he’d send flowers to Tessa and Mariah’s apartment. Sharon noticed something was bothering Nick. He said he came here last night looking for her, and he ran into Sally instead. And he’d just had a conversation with his mom that wasn’t as comforting as she’d intended. Sharon assured Nick she was here now. He said this hadn’t hit the news, but Ashland died last night. He told her the whole story. He didn’t understand how Ashland got up and left the house. Sharon knew from the situation with JT that you could think someone died, but be mistaken. Sharon said Nikki thought she killed JT, just like Nick thought he killed Ashland, but they didn’t. She thought he was lucky to find out the truth now instead of having to wait months to find out, like Nikki did.

Nick said Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and Victoria tried CPR. Sharon was sure Nikki told him how they’d been in that situation with JT. She thought that it was clear that if Ashland was there when Nick left and gone when Nick came back, he wasn’t dead. She wondered if Nick was saying that the head injury caused the accident. Nick said the way Victor showed up just after they discovered Ashland was gone just didn’t make sense. Nick was trying to fight the feeling, but when Victor was involved, things tended to get very complicated. Nick had asked Victor what went on, but he knew he couldn’t trust his dad to tell the truth.

Chance ran into Adam at the park. Adam mentioned he was on his way to Vegas, and he’d play a round on Chance’s behalf. Chance was surprised Adam’s family didn’t tell him about Ashland. Adam said he was permanently out of the loop where they were concerned. He asked what Ashland did now. Chance said Ashland died in an accident, at least that was the official version. Adam wondered if there was another version of the story. Chance got a text, and he had to leave. He said he hoped Adam came back from Vegas soon, because his family might need the support. Chance left. Adam called and canceled his flight.
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