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Nicole sits at work with Duke the teddy bear, saying this never should’ve happened to him. Nicole thanks Duke for always being there. EJ arrives and says they need to talk but Nicole says now is not a good time because she’s mourning the death of a friend. EJ thought he tossed Duke months ago. Nicole responds that he did but it turns out that EJ is the one who should have been tossed.

In the town square, Ava questions Rafe thinking it was her that cut the head off of Duke. Rafe asks if it was. Ava thinks back to doing that but then asks Rafe why she would do that to something that means so much to Rafe and Nicole.

Xander and Rex bump in to each other outside the Brady Pub. Rex apologizes while Xander offers to buy him a beer.

Gwen questions Abigail writing a story about Sarah Horton. Abigail explains that she just decided because Maggie hasn’t been able to reach Sarah and she’s starting to think something might really be wrong since her phone is out of service. Jennifer realizes that’s why Xander stopped by to see Steve when they were there. Jack notes that Steve just took another case so he probably won’t be able to help find Sarah. Abigail guesses it’s up to her to find Sarah. Gwen questions why on earth she would do that.

Kate goes to the DiMera office and tells Chad that she’s seen power change hands here once or twice so she advises Chad not to be too cocky. Chad argues that EJ is the one who was cocky. Chad says he won’t feel guilty for enjoying EJ’s downfall when he brought it on himself. Kate questions Chad believing that EJ arranged Sami’s kidnapping. Chad remarks that it sure looks that way based on the evidence. Kate brings up Chad bringing that evidence to Mr. Shin. Chad feels it would’ve been negligent not to since EJ was using company funds for a personal vendetta. Kate says it just seems so incredibly stupid and easily traceable so she’s surprised that the discovery was so conveniently timed. Chad questions if Kate is accusing him of cooking the books to get EJ.

EJ guesses that Nicole is still angry with him. Nicole asks why she would be angry just because he unceremoniously dumped her behind her back. Nicole doesn’t want to get in to it and repeats that it’s not a good time. EJ questions her mourning a stuffed animal. Nicole says at least Duke has sentimental value. EJ questions her fishing Duke out of the trash. Nicole asks who the hell EJ is to throw away something that belongs to her. EJ complains that the bear was a connection between her and Rafe which she said she wanted to break, so he thought she meant it. Nicole argues that she thought EJ meant it when he said he was done with Sami but he took her back in even though she cheated on him. Nicole calls Sami obnoxious and self absorbed. Nicole accuses Sami of cutting Duke’s head off. EJ questions her thinking Sami is responsible. Nicole asks who else would do something so loony and warns that Sami is starting to scare the Hell out of her.

Ava doesn’t know why Rafe would think she would destroy a cute little bear that never did anything to her. Rafe argues that it’s what Duke represents as she’s made it clear that his friendship with Nicole bothers her. Ava says that they keep telling her there’s nothing to worry about, so she believes them. Ava asks if something has changed and if she has a reason to be jealous.

Rex questions why Xander would want to buy him a beer. Xander says the last time they ran in to each other, they didn’t finish their conversation. Rex feels they did. Xander still doesn’t understand what happened with Rex and Sarah. Xander asks what could be the harm in one beer.

Abigail tells Gwen that Sarah is her cousin and she’s family so she questions why she shouldn’t help find her. Gwen argues that Abigail is a reporter, not a private detective. Abigail feels she can draw attention to the fact that no one knows where Sarah is. Gwen argues that Sarah wanted time to herself. Abigail points out that was almost a year ago. Gwen asks why imagine the worst. Abigail says she promised Maggie that she would try to find out where Sarah is. Gwen accuses Abigail of just trying to get back at her.

Rafe assures Ava that she has nothing to worry about as he and Nicole are just old friends. Ava questions why corner her about the bear then. Rafe brings up that Ava said she was going to Basic Black the other day to see Nicole. Ava claims that was to invite her over for New Year’s Eve, but she was out, so she left without laying a hand on the bear. Rafe apologizes and says he’s just a cop while Ava had means and opportunity. Ava claims she had no motive since Nicole has been a really good friend to her and Rafe is the man she loves. Ava remarks that she would never do anything to hurt either one of them and she knows neither of them would hurt her.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows Sami can be vindictive but he can’t imagine her taking revenge on a stuffed animal. Nicole feels Sami doesn’t want her to forget how much she hates her. Nicole tells EJ not to come crying to her when he finds a horse’s head in his bed. EJ states that if Nicole really thinks Sami did this, he will just ask her when they are on speaking terms again. Nicole remarks that it won’t be for awhile because Sami left town which shocks EJ. Nicole informs EJ that Sami packed off and rode in to the sunset with Lucas by her side.

Kate tells Chad that EJ is a lot of things but he’s very rarely careless so she finds it hard to believe that he would lead a paper trail for Chad to follow. Chad argues that there was a fair amount of digging involved. Kate questions what prompted that digging. Chad says that the kidnapper told the cops that EJ was the mastermind, so he decided to find out if it was true because he wasn’t going to let EJ take them all down with him. Kate says that makes sense but she doesn’t believe it. Kate asks Chad for the truth and guesses that he planted the evidence.

Abigail tells Gwen that she wants to find her cousin and this has nothing to do with her. Gwen argues that it has everything to do with Xander, who is the man she loves. Gwen says that Xander was hurt terribly by Sarah so all of this will stir up those memories. Jack questions if Gwen is saying that Abigail should forget that Sarah is missing and make no effort to locate her because it will make it easier on Xander. Gwen argues that there is no story here as Sarah decided not to marry Xander at the last minute. Abigail remarks that is the reason Xander is with Gwen now. Gwen accuses Abigail of being out to get her. Gwen shouts that she will not let Abigail succeed.

Rex and Xander sit together at the Brady Pub where Rex goes over how Sarah dumped him before they went to the airport. Xander asks if he remembers her exact words. Rex says that Sarah said she realized she was not prepared to spend her life with any man and needed time to figure out what she did want. Xander argues that it doesn’t make any sense. Xander brings up the night that he left Sarah before the wedding, they were so happy and couldn’t wait to get married, then she torpedoed that to get with Rex and then she had another 180. Rex says that Sarah had her mind made up and basically warned him not to come looking for her. Xander calls it bizarre, especially when you factor in the Susan/Kristen bit which Rex questions.

Rafe suggests he and Ava just go home. Ava says he owes her an apology first, because she’s offended that he thinks she would do something so deranged. Rafe agrees and apologizes for being suspicious of her. Rafe adds that for what it’s worth, Nicole thinks Sami did it and she’s probably right. Ava mentions seeing a blonde getting on the elevator as she was leaving, so it could’ve been Sami. Rafe asks if she remembers what time it was so that he can check the security cameras.

EJ questions Nicole about Sami leaving with Lucas and says she must be joking. Nicole informs him that Rafe heard it from Allie, who said that Sami decided to be with Lucas so they left town to be alone together. EJ can’t believe this as he knew Sami was upset with him but not to go running back to Lucas. Nicole compares it to their situation as EJ ran back to Sami, but she doesn’t care and is relieved to be rid of him. EJ calls it insane that Sami went back to Lucas when he’s the one who had her kidnapped. Nicole reminds him that according to the police, that was EJ. EJ argues that she believed him. Nicole says she also believed EJ was done with Sami and wanted to be with her. EJ argues that he did not have Sami kidnapped and insists that Lucas set him up. Nicole asks if he has any proof. EJ admits he does not. Nicole guesses the evidence is piling up and the DiMera board thinks so too since EJ is out of a job. EJ argues that the evidence is a pack of lies manufactured by Chad.

Chad tells Kate that he had no reason to plant the evidence. Chad questions Kate thinking he’s that vindictive. Kate knows he was very bothered by EJ being able to worm his way in to Johnny’s movie which meant he would have had sex scenes with Abigail. Kate feels framing EJ would be perfect payback. Chad agrees that he’d be completely justified but he didn’t do it. Chad suggests this conversation just be over then. Kate warns Chad that this is a very dangerous game he’s playing. Chad insists that he didn’t do it. Kate wants Chad to swear on his father’s grave that he’s telling the truth. Chad can’t do it so Kate says she knew it. Chad then reveals to Kate that the evidence was planted, but it was by her son, Lucas.

Jack asks Gwen to calm down and says that Abigail is not trying to come between her and Xander. Gwen complains that Jack is taking Abigail’s side. Jack says this is a bad situation and they are very worried that something terrible might have happened to Sarah. Abigail swears that she’s only looking in to this because she’s genuinely worried about Sarah. Gwen thinks back to talking to Ava about this. Abigail decides she should go now. Abigail tells Jack and Jennifer that the Boston paper is lucky to be getting them and reminds them that they both promised to come back soon. Abigail adds that she will bring the kids to see them when they get settled. They tell Abigail they love her. Jennifer decides to walk Abigail out. Jack goes over to Gwen and questions what’s really going on here and why she’s so afraid that she’s going to lose Xander.

Xander explains to Rex that Kristen was pretending to be Susan when she tipped him off about Rex and Sarah being in bed together. Xander says he didn’t realize it was Kristen until Susan told him a few weeks ago, so he went to confront Kristen at the police station but Kristen said she just wanted to break the bad news to him. Xander can’t believe he fell for the act. Rex calls Kristen creative and brings up that the DiMeras have a secret, deserted island they use to get rid of people permanently. Rex adds that Kristen planned to ship Kate there. Rex reveals to Xander that Kristen had a mask that made her look exactly like Kate. Rex calls it a nifty way to get rid of someone and remarks that Xander’s lucky it didn’t happen to him.

Kate tells Chad that Lucas wouldn’t do that even to EJ. Chad assures her that he walked in and found Lucas on the computer. Kate argues that Lucas doesn’t have a password. Chad reveals that Lucas had Kate’s. Chad says that Lucas made it look like EJ was using company funds to pay off Sami’s kidnapper. Kate asks if he’s sure. Chad confirms that he confronted Lucas, who said it was in both of their best interests if they let EJ take the fall. Kate realizes Lucas wanted EJ out of the way, so he could have a chance with Sami. Kate adds that it actually worked since Sami turned her back on EJ and left Salem with Lucas this morning. Kate doesn’t get why Lucas would go through all the trouble of framing EJ when they already had pressed charges against EJ. Chad reveals that EJ was charged, but he doesn’t think EJ is guilty as he’s pretty sure the kidnapper was Lucas.

Nicole questions EJ saying Chad framed him. EJ insists that he would never be sloppy enough to leave a paper trail and that Chad concocted those payments to Sami’s kidnapper to put the final nail in his coffin because Chad’s always wanted to run the company on his own but he knew Mr. Shin would never get rid of him. Nicole questions EJ saying that Lucas kidnapped Sami and asks why the hired goon pointed the finger at EJ. EJ says it was on Lucas’s orders. Nicole asks if Chad made up evidence to make him look more guilty and calls it some conspiracy theory. EJ insists that he’s innocent as he did not have Sami kidnapped, so he’d have no reason to make those payments. Nicole doesn’t care because it’s over between them, personally and professionally. Nicole says now that he’s out of DiMera, she suggests he leaves before she has him thrown out. EJ says not until he does what he came to do. EJ says he has to tell her how sorry he is for hurting her. EJ prays that Nicole finds it in her heart to forgive him.

Ava tells Rafe that she was rushing around and has no idea what time she left Nicole’s office. Rafe says all he has to do is check the camera for the last 24 hours. Ava questions him going through all that trouble over a stuffed bear. Rafe argues that it could’ve been someone sending a message to Nicole. Ava asks what he’s going to do if it was Sami. Rafe says he won’t do anything because Sami left town this morning. Ava mocks the idea of Sami being a stuffed bear killer. Rafe calls cutting up the bear juvenile and petty even for Sami. Ava argues that Nicole slept with Sami’s husband. Rafe points out they were estranged. Ava remarks that Nicole is lucky that Sami didn’t do much worse.

Rex informs Xander that he is going back to Chicago. Xander thanks him for taking the time to talk to him and says it wasn’t that bad. Rex jokes that beer makes him easier to take. Xander asks Rex to let him know if he hears from Sarah. Rex agrees and asks Xander to do the same, which he agrees to. Rex hopes Xander finds Sarah as he deserves some answers. Rex then heads upstairs at the Pub while Xander exits.

Gwen tells Jack that she knows she was awful to Abigail which Jack agrees with. Gwen says it’s just that she’s never loved anyone the way she loves Xander and no one has ever had her back the way that he does. Gwen says that she’s so scared of losing him. Jack asks why that is when they have a really good thing going. Gwen brings up how much Xander loved Sarah and worries about her coming back in to the picture. Jack reminds her that Sarah dumped Xander on the day of their wedding because she said she realized she could never forgive Xander for switching her baby with Kristen’s. Jack tells Gwen that even if Sarah came back, that’s not a story you can just forget. Jack suggests Gwen just calm down and believe that everything will work out just fine. Jack assures that she has nothing to worry about.

Kate questions Chad thinking that Lucas had Sami kidnapped. Chad confirms that Lucas basically admitted it. Kate asks why. Chad says it was to keep Sami away from EJ and that love makes you do crazy stuff. Kate refuses to believe it. Chad knows it’s hard, especially after what happened with Philip. Kate asks what he means. Chad states that one of her sons went missing and the other kidnapped his ex-wife so it must be hard for her. Kate confirms that it is because this means she failed two sons. Chad assures Kate that he’s not going to tell anyone so the truth never has to come out. Kate responds that maybe it should.

Nicole thanks EJ for his apology but as far as forgiving him, that will be a hard no. EJ knows he made a mistake. Nicole complains that he humiliated her in front of Sami and let her gloat that he chose her again. EJ claims everything was just happening fast. Nicole brings up that Sami said EJ ripped up the divorce papers before he was arrested, which he admits. Nicole reminds EJ how she came to see him in jail on Christmas Day. Nicole questions EJ not bothering to tell her that he wasn’t going to get a divorce. EJ claims he was focused on proving his innocence. Nicole complains that he couldn’t stop thinking about himself long enough to tell her that he was going to work it out with his wife. EJ realizes now that was wrong of him. Nicole says she knows EJ kept his mouth shut about Sami just in case she dumped him. Nicole points out that she did and now EJ has come crawling back to her, but she will not be his consolation prize.

Jack reminds Gwen that Xander found Sarah in bed with Rex on their wedding day, so he questions why Xander would want Sarah back now when he cares deeply for Gwen. Jack brings up Xander covering for Gwen with the whole drug running. Gwen feels he did that for Jack. Jack argues that Xander was willing to go to prison for Gwen and he wouldn’t do that for a woman he doesn’t care about. Jack knows how much Xander loves Gwen and declares that nothing in the world is going to change that.

Rafe returns to Ava in the town square with an “I’m Sorry” cake. Ava points out that he already apologized. Rafe just wants her to know that he’s really sorry for jumping all over her and making her feel like he didn’t trust her. Ava remarks that most people don’t trust her so she’s used to it. Rafe says someone breaking in to destroy Nicole’s personal property just made him uneasy. Ava suggests he not worry about Nicole much as she is one woman who knows how to take care of herself.

EJ admits he should’ve told Nicole that he was thinking about reconciling with Sami as it was disrespectful and dishonest. Nicole calls it cowardly as well. EJ calls the whole thing a major lapse in judgment and says he never should’ve torn up the divorce papers or even entertained the thought of getting back together. EJ points out that it did make him realize that Nicole is the one he truly wants. Nicole argues that’s because Sami dumped him for Lucas. EJ insists that he wants Nicole but she yells at him to stop. Nicole says EJ wants her now but ultimately, he will choose Sami. Nicole compares it to Eric choosing God and Rafe choosing Ava. Nicole is sick and tired of men wanting it both ways and asks when someone is going to put her first. Nicole tells EJ to leave. EJ thinks they should talk about it but Nicole doesn’t want to. Nicole threatens to call security but EJ asks her not to. Nicole tells EJ he can stay then and she will leave as she then walks out of the office.

Kate tells Chad that she doesn’t want to betray Lucas, but questions framing EJ when he didn’t do this. Chad argues that Lucas finally has everything he wanted for so long so if Kate takes that away from him, he will never ever forgive her and she’ll probably be sending him to prison or Bayview. Chad asks if she would really do that to her own son. Kate says of course not and questions if they are going to send EJ to prison for something he didn’t do since he doesn’t deserve that. Chad admits that EJ may not have kidnapped Sami but he’s not some noble, wonderful guy. Chad argues that EJ has caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. Chad says Lucas may have gone off the rails with this kidnapping but he did it for love. Chad calls Lucas a loving father and devoted son. Chad asks Kate to keep what he told her a secret.

Rafe asks if they can get past this and if Ava can forgive him for acting like a jerk. Ava imagines shoving the cake back in Rafe’s face. Rafe asks Ava again if she forgives him. Ava thinks back to seeing Rafe and Nicole kissing. Ava then tells Rafe that she does forgive him and hugs him. Nicole then appears in the town square and sees them.

Jennifer comes back in and asks if everything is okay. Gwen says she just wanted to say she’s sorry for how she treated Abigail as she knows today has been a very difficult day for the three of them and she made it harder. Jack asks if Gwen needs anything and offers to get off the plane to Boston. Gwen says he doesn’t need to do that and promises to stay out of Abigail’s way. Jack tells Gwen to call if she needs anything and adds that she can call him dad. Gwen thanks him and calls him dad as they hug. Jack reminds Gwen that Sarah chose to leave Xander on her own free will and he knows that.

Xander goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Abigail. Xander mentions Maggie saying that Abigail is going to look in to what happened to Sarah. Xander says he wants to help. Abigail says she was going to call him about everything he remembers from the day Sarah left town. Xander mentions that he was just talking to Rex, who was probably the last person to see her. Abigail asks Xander to tell her everything he knows.

Kate tells Chad that if she keeps Lucas’s secret and Roman finds out that she let Sami leave town with her kidnapper, Roman will never forgive her. Chad argues that Lucas would never hurt Sami as he’s crazy about her. Chad questions Kate choosing her own happiness over her son’s. Kate calls that not fair and says she’s thinking of Lucas too. Kate says Lucas kidnapped Sami and held her prisoner and that’s not like him, so he might need professional help. Chad feels Lucas didn’t seem unbalanced at all. Chad argues that Sami was in a sick relationship with EJ, so he thinks Lucas did what it took to break EJ’s hold on Sami because he loves her so much. Chad says if Roman finds out, just tell him that. Chad insists that the best thing she can do for Lucas is to pretend they never had this conversation. Kate doesn’t think she can keep quiet about this. EJ then walks in and questions keeping quiet about what. EJ says he’d be very interested to know.

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