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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda kissed each other good morning. She was off to a meeting with Lily and Billy. Devon said he was meeting with Lily today too. He wasn’t sure what his sister wanted to discuss, but she’d sounded excited when she called. Devon got a text from Abby letting him know how well Dom was doing. Devon replied thanking Abby for the update and saying he was going to visit later. Amanda knew it had been hard for Devon to put on a brave front. Devon wanted the baby to spend at least a couple of days at the penthouse once the doctor said it was okay for him to travel. Amanda thought Devon had been more than reasonable suspending the custody agreement while Dom was sick. She thought it was time to get back to normal footing. He said it was incredible to think about how much Dom had gone through in his young life. He asked what she thought about Dom coming to stay a little more often. He knew she was starting a demanding job, so he asked if that was asking too much. She said she’d supported him getting shared custody, and she was willing to fight to make sure it happened, so no one understood better than her how much family meant to him. She always knew he’d want to spend every minute building a life for Dom, and that was what she wanted for him and for Dom.

Imani came over, and Devon asked if she was coming to the meeting. Imani came to strategize with Amanda about how they’d step in as Chancellor’s legal counsel. She didn’t know anything about a meeting. Devon thought that Lily wanted to talk to him about the podcasts they were starting. Amanda said Lily asked her to tag along as legal counsel. She promised to fill Imani in later. Even though Imani was just associate counsel, she thought it’d make sense for her to go too. Amanda didn’t think that was necessary. Imani said she could bring another set of eyes and ears to the meeting, and she wanted to get a sense of how Lily functioned in a work environment. Amanda accepted this, and they all left.

Billy was in a bedroom at his condo trying to record the first episode of his podcast. It got off to a rough start, due to nerves and inexperience. Once things seemed to be progressing, Billy realized that he forgot to press record, and he called himself a dumb-ass. He started again, and he couldn’t get the hang of what he wanted to say. He started to feel like the podcast was a waste of time and as if he didn’t have anything insightful to say.

Lily was on a video chat with Jill. She said she invited Devon and Amanda over to discuss Lily’s proposal. Jill said that Lily had exceeded her expectations in every way, and if she could make this proposal happen, it’d be a game changer for Chancellor Industries. Jill’s support was meaningful to Lily. Lily knew how huge this would be, if she could pull it off. Jill and Lily ended the call as Billy walked in and asked what was going on. Lily asked about the podcast. Billy told her how badly it went. He wasn’t sure he had anything worthwhile to say. She was sure he did, since she’d heard his recording. He said there was nothing flowing, and he was starting to wonder if he was a one hit wonder. She suggested he wait until after midnight to record. He was still feeling unsure about the whole thing. She gave him a pep talk and a kiss.

Lily told Billy about her proposal. He said no one would ever accuse her of thinking small. She hoped Devon would be excited. Billy thought it was an epic move, and he believed it said a lot about Lily that Jill gave her the go-ahead to do this. Lily said she didn’t tell Billy about this before, because she was concerned Jill would nix the idea. Lily had expected Billy to be wowed by her idea, and he wasn’t, and she asked why. He said he was, and she didn’t buy it. Before he could respond, Devon, Amanda and Imani arrived. Lily asked about Dominic, and she and Billy were pleased to hear he was doing well. They got to the point for the meeting. Lily said Devon’s acquisition of Mergeron was a big risk that paid off. She noted that Hamilton Winters was a much smaller company than Chancellor. She said Chancellor had resources that Devon could tap into to bring his company to a larger scale. Hamilton Winters could also open doors for Chancellor, because H-W generated a lot of content, and it had a younger demographic. Amanda thought the venture into podcasts was the best way to explore the reciprocal benefits. “Why stop there?,” Billy asked. Lily said Neil wanted her and Devon to work together, and they did for awhile, but it didn’t go as planned. She proposed bringing the companies together – Chancellor Winters.

Devon was caught off guard, and he wasn’t sure what to say. He asked if she really wanted to make such a big move right after becoming CEO. Lily stated that Jill loved the idea and said she regretted not thinking of it herself. Imani asked if the companies would remain autonomous or would it become a wholly defined entity, in which case how would they define their roles? Lily said they could work that out later. Imani felt that these critical issues needed to be considered up front. Amanda said this was just a preliminary discussion between Lily and Devon. Imani was going to object, and Amanda quieted Imani by reminding her that she was supposed to be the eyes and the ears.

Devon said he had total autonomy at Hamilton Winters. He loved the idea of working with Lily, which was why he agreed to do the podcast project. He thought they should focus on that and see how it went. Lily said she was talking about doing something on a much larger scale, with limitless possibilities. “Don’t forget, you’re a Chancellor too,” she added. Devon didn’t forget, but he didn’t know if this was the right move for him. His company was in a great place, and it took a long time to get there, and Dominic had health issues, and Devon didn’t feel like this was the time to make such a big change. Lily was disappointed, but she understood. Devon loved Lily and admired her for thinking outside the box. The guests began to leave, and Lily said to giver her nephew a hug for her. Once Lily was alone, she picked up Neil’s picture. She know how he’d feel about the merger and her wanting to come together with Devon. She promised she wouldn’t give up.

Billy was back upstairs recording his podcast. He said Lily was a rock star who came up with big ideas that change the world. One of the reasons he loved her was that she startled him in the best possible way. He said that her idea to merge Chancellor with her brother’s company was genius. He said Devon and Lily would run a powerhouse family enterprise, and that was Lily’s dream. “A dream that I don’t factor into because I’m not family in any meaningful sense. And so here I am on the outside looking in. Again. The story of my life,” Billy said.

Back at their place, Devon asked Amanda what he thought about Lily’s proposal. Amanda thought Devon raised good points about the timing. She said this was a big complicated deal, and it’d change a lot of things. He knew, and he noted that if he took this deal, he wouldn’t be the boss of his own company anymore. Amanda thought she could picture a plan that would let Lily and Billy share responsibilities while maintaining control of what they already did. She said this would be big, complicated and messy, but that was what families were like. She knew she didn’t have much experience with families, but she knew what he’d told her about Neil. When she thought about turning Chancellor Industries and Hamilton Winters into a cohesive family business, it sounded pretty wonderful to her.

At the Abbott house, Traci checked on Jack, who was adjusting to the loss of his son, Keemo. Jack was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that Keemo was gone and they’d never be able to make peace. He’d been going over the correspondence and documents going back to the time Christine and Paul sought Keemo out. When Jack first learned he’d had a son, it’d felt like a miracle. Jack thought about the last emails when Keemo said he wanted nothing to do with him, he didn’t want to be an Abbott, and he was changing his name to Nguyen. Phyllis came to check on Jack and asked if she could do anything for him. “Can you bring my son back?,” he blurted out. He apologized, and she told him it wasn’t necessary.

It was so hard when Keemo slammed the door on Jack. Jack had held out hope that Keemo would come back to him in time. It didn’t happen, and now Keemo was gone without Jack ever really getting the chance to be a father to him. He wasn’t sure how to grieve. Phyllis told Jack there was no rule book – he could feel how he felt. Traci said there was no timetable either. She likened the situation to their grief over Dina’s death. Jack said this was different because they knew Dina was ill, and they had time to prepare. Phyllis told Jack that no one would judge him for the situation with Keemo. She said that the blame, shame and regret wouldn’t help. He wasn’t sure anything would. He read the last email from Keemo again. Keemo didn’t want anything to do with Jack, because he was angry Jack hid Keemo’s mother’s illness.

Jack was almost in tears. Traci tried to commiserate because she knew what it was like to lose a child. Jack didn’t want to equate his loss to Traci’s. He noted that Traci shaped and raised Colleen, and they had a beautiful bond built for years. Jack, on the other hand, didn’t even know Keemo existed until he was an adult. Traci told Jack that everything was relative – he was grieving, and this was a tremendous loss. Phyllis said they had to find out who sent those text messages – who would want Jack to find out about Keemo this way, and who would send such creepy cryptic texts about something so personal.

Phyllis noted that one of the texts said “come to LA there’s something you’re missing.” She wondered why someone who wanted to tell Jack that his son was dead would use that tone. Jack said it could be someone who was a total sociopath. Phyllis said there was no evidence of that, but it was worth looking into. This piqued Traci’s writer’s imagination. Phyllis said this texter knew Hao Nguyen was Keemo Volien Abbott, and they also had Jack’s phone number. Traci was worried someone was trying to mess with Jack.

Phyllis thought there had to be more to this than someone wanting Jack to know about Keemo. She suggested that there was a mystery surrounding Keemo’s death. Jack pointed out that the obituary said it was a heart attack. Phyllis knew, but she suggested something happened in Keemo’s life that this person wanted Jack to know. Traci asked why this person wouldn’t just say what they wanted to say instead of sending these texts like it was a treasure hunt. She thought it was cruel. Jack said he had to do something, because he needed answers about Keemo’s life. Traci wanted Jack to take a step back. Jack responded to the text asking who this person was and why they were sending him this information.

Get to Los Angeles. The answers are there,” the person replied. Phyllis thought it was clear that Jack needed to go to L.A. but Traci didn’t agree. She thought some scammer was trying to take advantage of Jack’s grief. She said anyone with good intentions would identify themselves. She told him to let it go. Phyllis argued that Jack couldn’t let it go. If it were Phyllis getting these texts, she’d be on the first flight to LA. Traci said Jack wasn’t impulsive like Phyllis. Jack felt like he had to follow up on these texts even if they lead him nowhere. Traci was worried Jack would get hurt. He said his heart was already broken over Keemo. The questions weren’t going to go away, and if there were answers to be had, he was going to find them.

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