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Recap written by Christine

Sally entered Adam’s darkened and empty office with a suitcase.

At the penthouse, Chelsea said she didn’t understand how she and Adam lost the beautiful relationship they had. He didn’t think it was beneficial for either of them to revisit their breakup. He owned his mistakes and admitted he was toxic for her. She said that was noble of him, but they both knew her actions were what broke them. “I know there is still something between us. Can you honestly tell me there is no chance we can recapture the love and connection we once had?,” she asked. He reminded her that they talked about this – they’d always share a connection, but they were in a different place, and he thought it was a great one. He said getting back together, even if they had lingering feelings between them, would be a mistake. “This can’t be the end of our story, Adam,” Chelsea insisted. He asked if this was really about rekindling their relationship or about proving to herself that she’d healed emotionally. She asked why it couldn’t be both. She was adamant that they owed it to themselves to see if it was possible to be together. She was so happy at Christmas, and she thought he felt the same way. He did enjoy Christmas, and he’d liked seeing Connor so happy. She said that their son was proof they could make something beautiful. He told her that wasn’t enough. She said when Connor looked at them, he saw love, and she wanted to be optimistic like their boy. She asked if they could go back to the time they believed in each other and nobody else did.

Adam said they couldn’t go back. Chelsea said that was fine, because she wanted to move forward with him. He said every time they reunited, they hurt each other. He thought they could’ve spared each other a lot of pain if they’d parted ways for good a long time ago. Last New Year’s Eve, he came home and found her unconscious on the floor, a result of a head injury that he was responsible for. She said she made it through, and now they could start over. He was glad she was in a good place, and he would help her at work and as a co-parent, bu that had to be enough, because if they tried for something romantic, they’d hurt each other and Connor. He got a text from Sally saying there was an office emergency, and he told Chelsea that he had to go, because something was up at work. She questioned who’d be at work at this time of the night, on New Year’s Eve. He did not say the text was from Sally. He was sorry tonight didn’t turn out how Chelsea hoped.

Abby was at Society acting as hostess. She showed Rey and Sharon to their table. Rey was surprised Abby was there. Abby wanted to see to her special guests before she went home. She left the table. Rey took Sharon’s hand, and they wished each other a happy anniversary. It was hard for her to believe it had been a year. It was a magical night for her. He agreed and said their love grew stronger by the day. She wanted to spend more time with him in 2022. They planned for a trip to Miami and somewhere in Europe. She was glad her kids were in a good place – Faith was better, Mariah and Tessa were starting a family, and they’d make great parents. Rey thought it was nice Noah was back. Sharon said Noah wasn’t ready to talk about London, but he seemed to be doing better. Rey thought it was good for Noah to be back around Sharon, Nick and everyone who cared about him. Sharon said Nick was struggling. Rey was sure Nick would figure it out, given that Sharon and the kids gave him strength. Sharon said Nick valued Rey’s friendship, and that’s why he was best man at their wedding. Rey said they were family, and they could get through anything. Sharon said Rey had a way of making her feel like things would be okay. Rey was optimistic for the new year.

At his home, Chance planned a special evening for Abby with strawberries and champagne. He looked at the baby monitor and hoped Dominic would sleep through the night. Abby came home and was impressed with all Chance did in the short time she was gone. She saw the Baby’s first Christmas ornament on the couch. He said he couldn’t just throw it in a box in the attic. It was her favorite. She remembered when he gave it to her, it had seemed like a distant dream, and now they had a new beginning with the baby. Later, they had dinner. Chance didn’t cook it, but he bought it and heated it in the oven, and Abby gave him credit for that. Abby was very effusive with her praise about what a good man Chance was, and it made him question whether she was compensating for something. She said she just wanted to have a good night with her amazing husband. He told her she could be honest with him. She admitted she was concerned about what was going on with him.

Abby saw how distressed Chance was earlier when he couldn’t get Dominic to stop crying. Chance was still down on himself about it, and Abby tried to assure him that it took time to learn how to soothe babies. She wanted to know how he was feeling. He felt blessed to have her and their family and friends, but sometimes he felt disconnected. She thought it was natural for it to take time for him to get used to things. She asked if he felt distant from her too. He said she was the one thing he was certain about. It killed him what he put her through. He was the one who wanted to rush into marriage, and he was the one who wanted the baby, then he left her here alone for months. She said he was here now, and they had everything he talked about. He aid he was here, but he wasn’t the man she and Dominic deserved. He felt like he was failing as a father. She told him not to say that, but he wanted to get this off his chest. He felt that there was a void where his paternal instinct should be, unlike with Devon, who knew exactly what Dominic needed. Chance was constantly asking himself what to do, and he wasn’t sure if it was because he missed Dominic’s birth or if it went further than that. “My father left us when I was little because he couldn’t handle being a dad,” Chance said. Abby was adamant that it wasn’t the same. She said Phillip was a teenager when Chance was born, and he wasn’t ready for a baby, and he had issues to deal with. Abby said Phillip came back and built a relationship with Chance. Chance said he was an adult when Phillip came back. Chance didn’t blame Phillip. Chance was trying to figure out what was missing. He loved Dominic, but he didn’t think he had what it took to be a good father. He was sorry their fun and sexy night turned into a therapy session. She was glad he opened up to her. He said it was almost midnight, and he killed the mood. She said all that mattered was that she ended 2021 with the man she loved. She vowed to help him overcome his fears so they could get through this together. They kissed.

Chelsea went to Society. Sharon talked with her and invited her to join them. Chelsea was hesitant. She didn’t want to intrude, but when Rey also extended the invitation, Chelsea accepted. They talked about how Connor and Noah played hockey. Chelsea mentioned that Connor kept getting fired up about different sports, and Sharon said Noah used to be the same way. Chelsea asked if Rey was like that as a boy, and he said that soccer was always his first love, but now it was second to Sharon. Rey and Sharon started getting lovey-dovey and Chelsea excused herself. She thanked Sharon for the kind invitation and headed out. Chelsea glanced back at the table and saw Sharon and Rey holding hands.

After Chelsea was gone, the waiter brought out dessert. It was something Sharon arranged ahead of time, but she didn’t want them to bring it out while Chelsea was here. Rey thought Sharon had been very compassionate and generous. Sharon said it was hard to be alone on the holidays. They lifted the lids on their plates, and it was slices of their wedding cake. It was good luck to eat a piece on your first anniversary, so she had it frozen. They fed each other a piece, and it tasted like the freezer, but he liked the tradition. The favorite part of his wedding day wasn’t the cake. He said he’d show her what it was, and he asked her to dance with him. She did, and they shared a New Year’s kiss.

Adam went to his office. Sally had put up decorations for every holiday except New Year’s. She also had several Hitchcock movies, and all of them starred Cary Grant. Adam caught the pattern, and Sally said Cary Grant was sublime. He chose North by Northwest. He was impressed by the measures she took to ensure this wasn’t a date. He was also kind of grateful she’d interrupted what he was doing and summoned him to the office. She felt that this was the right venue, since her apartment wasn’t the right choice for a non-date, and they couldn’t go to the ranch because of Victor and Nikki.

Sally paused the video because she wanted to refill her drink and talk about the fashion in the movie. They were sitting close to each other on the couch, and he didn’t understand why. She said it was because they were watching it on her laptop. She offered to set it up on the conference room screen if he was uncomfortable. He said this was fine. Chelsea walked up and saw Adam and Sally in what looked like a romantic moment. Her mouth fell open, and she left without being noticed. When it was New Year’s day, Sally and Adam looked deep into each other’s eyes, but they both sipped their drink instead of kissing.

Chelsea rushed home, and she was upset. She poured herself a drink.

Devon and Amanda were at The Grand Phoenix for New Year’s Eve. He wanted to put aside everything else and spend the night focused on themselves. The party was in the ballroom, and he said they’d dance, and he’d show her how much he loved her. They kissed. Later, after dancing, they went to the lounge because her new shoes were hurting her. She could tell something was on his mind, and she pulled the information out of him, even though he didn’t want to take away from the moment. He couldn’t help but wonder how Abby and Chance were spending New Year’s Eve with Dominic.

Amanda didn’t want Devon to feel bad for thinking about Dominic. He was thinking about it because he hadn’t gotten a response from Abby and Chance, but he thought he needed to let it go. He said he shouldn’t be worried about something he couldn’t control tonight, or the fact that him wanting more time with Dominic put Abby on edge. Amanda loved that he cared so much about Dominic, and that was one of the reasons she loved him. He appreciated her support, and he knew not everyone else would be. When she saw him with Dom, it reminded her of her own father, and the way he never stopped searching for her and wanting to be her dad. Sometimes she felt like this got a little too personal for her. He thought her experienAdam went to his office. Sally had put up decorations for every holiday except New Year’s. ce gave her amazing experience when it came to him and Dominic. She said Dominic’s situation wasn’t like hers – he was loved and cherished, but every child deserved all the love in the world. “You are a better father than I have ever known, so I want to help you on this journey,” Amanda said. Devon said he wasn’t the father, but Amanda disagreed. She said he had been Dominic’s father from the day he was born. Amanda felt that children deserved their father’s love, which meant Chance’s and Devon’s.

Devon wanted to go home for a private celebration. At the penthouse, Amanda kicked off her shoes, and danced barefoot with Devon. He told her she was brilliant, beautiful and strong. She kissed him they began to disrobe. When they saw that it was time, they shared a deep New Year’s kiss.

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