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Clyde is in his jail cell, reading “The Devil Wears Prada”. Orpheus appears outside his cell and makes jokes about him reading. Clyde praises the book. Orpheus then remarks that he’ll take a look when he’s done, unless Clyde’s new cellmate has first dibs.

Belle visits EJ at the prison and asks how he’s holding up. EJ says as well as could be expected considering his surroundings. EJ hopes she has an update on his case to uplift his spirits. EJ asks if she’s made progress with his appeal. Belle confirms that she has.

Ben tries putting together a baby swing at home. Ciara joins him and says she can’t believe he let her sleep in so late. Ben points out that she was tossing and turning all night and asks if she had a bad dream. Ciara says she just couldn’t stop thinking about their conversation about Johnny possibly being possessed by the Devil.

After Jake grabbed Johnny, Johnny turns in to the Devil and grabs Jake. Jake questions what’s going on as the Devil tells him that he’s not Johnny DiMera. Jake doesn’t understand. The Devil asks Jake if he’s ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Chad tells Gabi to stop playing around and get her feet off his desk. Gabi responds that it’s her desk and office so she’ll put her feet where ever she wants. Chad tells her to get out and not try this again with his security. Gabi reveals that she is the new CEO of DiMera which Chad laughs at. Gabi tells him to call Mr. Shin since he will back up every word she said. Chad realizes that she’s serious. Gabi confirms that she’s now in charge of this company. Chad questions how in the hell she pulled that off.

Jake continues to question what this is. The Devil warns that he may put his hands on Johnny but he does not manhandle the all mighty.

Gabi tells Chad that he took his eye off the ball while she was here, seizing the professional moment. Chad comments on Abigail being fine and Gabi not asking. Gabi informs Chad that she used his glaring absence to hold an emergency shareholders meeting which resulted in her getting the top position and Johnny being elected to the board. Chad questions his little nephew being on the board. Gabi explains that Johnny has significant control of DiMera. Chad argues that Mr. Shin cannot be okay with this but Gabi reveals that he was the deciding vote. Chad can’t believe this is happening. Chad asks what Jake’s new position is. Gabi responds that Jake got his ass handed to him.

The Devil asks if Jake thought the Devil was gone and remarks that only losers believe in miracles. Jake realizes the Devil has been here in Johnny for months. The Devil remarks that Jake nor Gabi are as smart as they think and it was so easy to convince Gabi to betray Jake. The Devil confirms that he’s the reason that Gabi thought Jake was going to screw her over. The Devil says Gabi already had doubts so he just used a few tricks to have her in his clutches. The Devil declares that he will now get Gabi in to his bed.

Ciara tells Ben that part of her still thinks it’s crazy that the Devil jumped out of Marlena in to Johnny. Ben feels they still need to check it out to make sure there’s not danger for the baby. Ciara brings up Susan not calling him back. Ben says he can try again but Susan then shows up at their door. Susan says she got Ben’s message and as soon as she heard his voice, she had a premonition and hopped on the first bus to Salem. Susan guesses that he was calling about her son, EJ.

Belle informs EJ that she tracked down the henchman who held Sami captive and falsely testified that EJ put him up to it, Jason Smith. EJ asks how she found him. Belle admits it wasn’t easy as he basically went off the grid after implicating EJ. Belle wanted him to admit it so she tried to trick him in to telling her who really did it but she had no luck as he’s sticking to his story. EJ guesses they are back to square one. Belle says there are other avenues they could explore.

Clyde tells Orpheus that it’s funny how life works with his new cellmate being his old pal EJ DiMera. Orpheus points out that they were business associates and ran a drug operation. Clyde questions where he came up with that. Orpheus says he makes it a point to stay in the know. Clyde argues that he doesn’t know anything about him. Orpheus argues that he knows a great deal about Clyde, including that his relationship with EJ went south. Orpheus asks if that’s why Clyde killed EJ.

Belle tells EJ that she’s been working with the Wisconsin police to try to find the other guy, Pete, who was guarding Sami to see if he would contradict Jason’s story but finding him has been a challenge. EJ guesses that avenue is closed. Belle encourages they can try insufficient evidence. EJ talks about regretting taking the stand. Belle brings up Jason, Lucas, Chad, and Sami but says there’s so much room for reasonable doubt. EJ suggests focusing on overturning the judge’s ruling but Belle says the odds of success there are slim since EJ didn’t want a jury trial. EJ recalls Belle telling him to shut up, sit down, and let her do her job but he disregarded her advice at every turn. EJ points out that she’s still here. Belle reminds him that she promised not to abandon him. Belle declares that she knows he’s innocent and soon, everyone else will too. EJ thanks her and tells her how appreciative he is for all her help. Belle asks him again how he’s doing in here and how things are with his cellmate, Clyde Weston.

Clyde tells Orpheus that his information is bogus since EJ is alive. Orpheus credits Dr. Rolf but brings up that night in park when EJ was shot and everyone thought he was dead. Clyde points out that he didn’t shoot him as some two bit junkie did that. Orpheus argues against that but Clyde swears he did not shoot EJ. Orpheus acknowledges that maybe Clyde didn’t pull the trigger, but he’s certainly responsible for the bullet ending up in EJ’s chest.

Ben questions Susan thinking they called about EJ. Susan says it was in her premonition and she’s been thinking about him nonstop since he got sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Susan argues that EJ would never dream of kidnapping Sami. Ben stops her to clarify they weren’t calling about EJ. Susan asks what it’s about then. Ciara informs her that it’s Johnny. Susan asks what could possibly be wrong with him. Ben advises her to brace himself.

Jake wants to warn Gabi but Devil Johnny uses his powers to slam the door shut and questions Jake leaving so soon. Jake guesses that he’s not leaving and he’s dancing with the Devil after all as he takes a swing at him.

Chad question DiMera being in chaos because Gabi and Jake got in a fight. Gabi remarks that it doesn’t matter why it happened, just that she landed on top. Chad argues that Gabi and Jake can go at each other all they want but this is his family’s company and his children’s legacy so he won’t let them destroy it. Gabi asks what he’s going to do. Chad declares that he will call a meeting. Gabi reminds him that he needs the majority to remove her and he doesn’t have the votes. Gabi says Mr. Shin wants him out and Johnny is on the board with EJ’s votes. Chad doesn’t know why Johnny turned on him since he wanted to work with him to remove vultures like her from DiMera. Gabi says it looks like he got played by his little nephew. Chad declares that little punk won’t get away with it. They then hear a loud crash.

Devil Johnny stands over Jake, who is knocked unconscious on the conference table.

Clyde claims not to know what Orpheus is talking about and that he wasn’t even around when the shooting went down. Orpheus points out that EJ was and asks how EJ feels with cohabitating with the guy that blew him away, guessing it must make for awkward conversation. Clyde argues that even if he was there, it wouldn’t make a difference because EJ doesn’t remember a thing about that night which is a side effect of Dr. Rolf’s drug. Orpheus says he understands that in time, the memories come back. Orpheus asks what Clyde is going to do when EJ remembers that he double crossed him and left him to die.

Belle is shocked to learn that Clyde is EJ’s cellmate and asks how it’s going. EJ says so far, so good. Belle wouldn’t have thought they would hit it off. EJ reveals that they are already acquainted which Belle questions how. EJ informs her that they used to be in business together. Belle assumes the business wasn’t legit which EJ confirms. Belle suggests putting in a request for a different cellmate so his association with Clyde to jeopardize his appeal. EJ calls it ancient history and he actually thinks Clyde can be quite helpful since he’s been here a long time and he knows the place well. Belle questions thinking he can rely on Clyde. EJ admits he doesn’t trust him but if he’s going to survive, he needs someone to have his back and right now, Clyde is his only choice.

Susan questions Ben and Ciara thinking the Devil is hanging in town in Johnny and what makes them think that. Ben says there’s been strange incidents lately. Ciara explains how Julie got them a cross but her stove randomly burst in to flames and then Johnny volunteered to bring the cross to them, but it keeps flipping upside down. Ciara says Julie thinks it’s a sign that the Devil is back in town. They talk about how the Devil could jump in to someone else during the exorcism. Susan goes over their theory. Ciara brings up Susan’s original premonition that the Devil was after their baby in the first place. Ben asks if she sensed anything about Johnny. Susan recalls being at the DiMera Mansion after the exorcism and if she had any feeling that the Devil was in Johnny, she would have never left town. Ben knew it would be a long shot. Ciara apologizes for letting their imaginations run wild and says clearly they were wrong about the Devil being back in Salem, but Susan says not necessarily.

Gabi questions what the noise was. Chad says she’s the new CEO so she can figure it out as he exits the office.

Gabi returns to the conference room and questions what happened as she thought Johnny was calling security. Johnny says he didn’t have to as he thought Jake was going to leave voluntarily but he stormed back in and attacked him. Gabi checks on Jake. Johnny claims that Jake was acting like a psycho, so he had to defend himself. Gabi wakes Jake up and questions what he was thinking.

Susan informs Ben and Ciara that after the exorcism, she did have a premonition that the Devil was still in Salem but she thought it was still in Marlena so she went there to throw holy water on her but Marlena assured that was not the case. Susan thought her Devil detector didn’t work and she didn’t get any bad vibes from Johnny. Susan mentions seeing him before she left town, but the night of Johnny’s engagement party, she got sick and went to the hospital as she had this feeling that there was an evil force behind it all. Susan can’t believe that she stood right in front of Johnny and didn’t have a clue.

Jake tries to say what Johnny is but the Devil uses his powers to cause Jake to have headaches. Jake calls Johnny a creep who tricked Gabi in to stabbing him in the back. The Devil flashes back to touching Jake’s head before Gabi entered the room.

Belle sees their time is up and asks if EJ needs anything else. EJ tells her to just find a way to get him out of this hell hole. Belle says she’s on it and her next angle is Chad. EJ tells her not to waste her time because Chad called him a criminal and sociopath and said he hoped he stayed locked up forever. Belle notes that Chad was out of his mind with worry but Abigail is now safe at home. EJ is sure Chad’s state of mind is much better then but not enough to help him. Belle brings up that Chad was going to do that before he thought EJ tried to force himself on his wife. EJ assures he did not do that. Belle says whatever did or did not happen, Chad led her to believe that they would be pleased with his testimony, which means he knows something that could exonerate him. EJ questions Belle thinking she can get that out of him. Belle says she will sure try. Belle points out that Chad is the one who found the account linking EJ to kidnapping Sami, so if she can get him to admit he planted those or that he knows who did, it would go a long way to proving EJ’s innocence. EJ admires her tenacity but seriously doubts that Chad is going to volunteer any new information. Belle promises that she will get EJ out of here. EJ tells her how grateful he is to have her in his corner. Belle hopes this will all be over soon as she then exits the room.

Orpheus brings up Clyde being up for parole soon. Clyde confirms that he finally got a new hearing, so with any luck, he’ll be about to be out. Orpheus says that’s unless EJ’s memories come back or someone could present the parole board with evidence that links him to a new crime. Clyde says that would certainly throw a wrench in the works. Orpheus remarks that he’s sort of got it coming. Clyde gets that Orpheus holds a grudge against him for stabbing him, but he did that for his son. Orpheus brings up his son trying to kill Ben, so he supposes they are even. Orpheus adds that if Clyde does get parole, it could be useful to have a friend on the outside. Orpheus states that it’s in both of their best interests, that EJ never remember what Clyde did to him because if he does, they will both suffer the consequences. EJ comes back and questions what consequences are those.

Belle goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad, who asks what he can do for her. Belle wants to talk to him about EJ’s appeal.

Clyde tells EJ that he was just telling Orpheus about his new cellmate while Orpheus says he was just complaining about his cellmate. Clyde introduces EJ to Orpheus. Orpheus remarks that he’s glad to see them getting along as he then exits.

Susan can’t believe the Devil has possessed her grandson. Ciara points out that they don’t know that for sure. Susan wories that if Johnny is going toe to toe with the Devil, he’s going to need her help so she has to get there right away. Ben wants to go with her but Susan is afraid that might tip the Devil off. Susan declares that if the Devil is in the DiMera Mansion, she will be the one to find out. Susan then exits.

Gabi questions Jake about what happened in here. Jake says it’s a little fuzzy. Gabi brings up Johnny saying Jake attacked him. Jake says that’s a lie just like everything else he’s told her. Jake tells Gabi that Johnny is playing her and got her to believe he did all of this stuff that he didn’t do. Gabi brings up hearing “Jake” tell Maggie that he didn’t care if she didn’t get the top spot of Titan and that he was just using her. Jake says he never said that and calls it impossible. Gabi asks how he explains the signature to take Stefan’s shares. Jake says he can’t explain it yet but he knows Johnny was behind it. Johnny asks if they really have to listen to this again. Jake says he and Gabi are talking. Johnny remarks that Gabi is clearly not interested in what he has to say. Gabi asks Johnny to let her and Jake speak. Johnny asks if she’s sure she will be okay. Gabi says she’ll be fine, so Johnny then exits the room. Jake asks if Gabi is happy now that she got everything she wants and is CEO of DiMera. Gabi says that’s right. Jake says she obviously doesn’t need him anymore and guesses they break up now and that’s it. Gabi tells him not to pretend because it’s his fault. Jake asks if he can get his stuff from the house. Gabi suggests he get checked out but Jake says he’s fine, so Gabi says adios. Jake tells Gabi that he loves her but he doesn’t understand why she’s doing this. Gabi tells Jake that he can go get his stuff now. Jake brings up how they were on top of the world two weeks ago with their whole future ahead of them, but now, he doesn’t know how this could have happened. Jake then exits the room.

Clyde asks EJ how it went with his lawyer. EJ says she unfortunately had nothing new to report. Clyde encourages that good things come to those who wait. EJ admits that patience was never his strong suit. Clyde points out that they have a roof over their head and advises EJ to enjoy this nice, cushy life style. EJ questions what he just said. Clyde repeats for him to enjoy this nice, cushy life style which causes EJ to flash back to Clyde saying that the night that EJ was shot. Clyde asks if he’s alright. EJ responds that he was just thinking.

Chad questions Belle coming over to talk to EJ. Belle asks what he thought she came for. Chad assumed since Belle is the company’s general counsel that she heard the news that the scheming bitch ousted him from DiMera.

Gabi sits at her desk, thinking back to her original planning with Jake.

Ben continues working on the baby swing. Ciara decides she’s going to the hospital to pick up prenatal vitamins. Ben wants to go with her but Ciara tells him to stay and finish the swing. Ciara wishes him luck and leaves right as Jake arrives. Ben comments that Jake doesn’t look good. Jake says that’s no surprise after the day he had. Ben asks him what happened. Jake reveals that Gabi double-crossed him and left herself as head of DiMera and him out in the cold. Ben questions what the hell happened. Jake says he’s still trying to figure that out but he knows that snake Johnny DiMera got in Gabi’s head that he had betrayed her but he doesn’t know how he did it. Ben responds that he can think of one possibility.

Devil Johnny lays in bed until Susan shows up. Johnny asks what she’s doing here. Susan responds that she’s here to see if he really is her grandson.

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