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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

In Tucker’s suite, he and Audra talk about Jeremy Stark being in Genoa City and Tucker mentions mutual connections giving him leverage on Diane Jenkins.

At the Glam Club, Adam and Noah have an uncomfortable encounter after which Noah sees Audra arriving.  She tells him that she wants him back. She gets all dreamy eyed and says they can try again and find everlasting love. Then she kisses him. At first, Noah kisses her back but then he pushes her away and states that there’s no future for them. He reminds her that he has a girlfriend and says that he has finally found happiness again. Audra tries to get through to Noah about what they could have together and when he shuts her down she sadly says “message received” and leaves.

Over at Crimson Lights, Billy comes upon Lily with Daniel. Awkward. Daniel invites Billy to join them, but Lily sarcastically says that Billy must be tired after his latest mission of mercy for Chelsea. Lily says she plans to go back to work, tells Billy that she doesn’t know how late she’s going to be and not to wait up for her.

After Billy leaves, Daniel invites Lily to have dessert with him – red velvet cupcakes – (compliments of Sharon) and they spend time together, smiling and laughing.

Billy goes to the Glam Club and runs into Adam there, drinking alone. Adam needles Billy about Lily dumping him since it has become non-stop “The Billy and Chelsea Show”.

Adam tells Billy to take a step back from Chelsea, but Billy says he can’t do that and the two guys trade barbs.  Adam leaves and Billy warns Noah that Adam seems to be slipping into his “dark prince” ways again.

Afterward, Adam bumps into Lily and Daniel at Crimson Lights and tries to strike a nerve with Lily over Billy and Chelsea being “attached at the hip”. However, all this does is anger her and she stomps out of the coffee house, with Daniel right behind her.

At the Abbott house, Diane accepts Jack’s offer to stay in a guest room as she breaks down in Jack’s arms and sobs about Jeremy Stark coming after her.  Jack gets a text and Diane freaks when he says he has to go back to Jabot for to take care of a quick business matter.

Jack tells Diane that she’s safe there at the Abbott house, which has a sophisticated security system that’s armed. After he leaves, however, she gets spooked by every little noise she hears and worries that Jeremy is lurking around the grounds. She paces in the living room, looks out the front door nervously, and sees that there’s nobody outside.

When Jack goes to Jabot, he finds Phyllis there and demands to know if she contacted Jeremy to tell him Diane’s whereabouts. They get into a *huge* argument, yelling at the top of their lungs, about whether she did or did not tip Jeremy off to where he could find Diane. Phyllis shrieks about being vilified while Diane is always the victim.

Jack tells her that Jeremy came to the Abbott house, under the same roof where their grandson Harrison lives, and a look of concern crosses her face.

As their fight becomes even more heated, Jack tells Phyllis that she’s employed under the Jabot umbrella because he approved it.  “I am Jabot,” he yells at her.  After he points out Marchetti is a subsidiary of Jabot, he warns Phyllis that he’ll throw her out of the building if any harm comes to Kyle, Summer, Harrison or Diane.

When Jack returns home, he finds Diane asleep on the couch and startles her.

Audra knocks on the door of Tucker’s suite. He opens the door in his robe and is surprised that she’s showed up again. She takes off her coat to reveal sensual lingerie and they start kissing.

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