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Recap written by Christine

Sally and Victoria were at Society. Victoria hoped Sally didn’t take it personally, but she wasn’t in the mood for conversation. Sally understood that Victoria would need time to unwind after suffering one blow after another. Sally admired Victoria’s tenacity and found her strength and resilience inspiring. Victoria appreciated the compliment, and she didn’t expect it. She imagined Sally and Adam were disappointed that she and Adam lost their temporary titles when Victoria took over the reigns at Newman again. Sally said she was satisfied with being COO of Newman Media, and she and Adam were excited about their plans going forward. Victoria recalled Adam saying something similar earlier. Sally said the only one who lost was Ashland.

Victoria said Ashland was several hundreds of millions of dollars richer, thanks to Adam. Sally doubted the money made him any happier, since he gave half of it away. Victoria asked how Sally knew about that. Sally explained that she overheard Ashland talking to Nick. After Ashland made the transfer, he didn’t look happy. Sally said Ashland had a brief conversation with Adam afterward, and it was obvious to her that Ashland was broken up over losing Victoria. Victoria said that either Sally misread the situation, or Ashland was playing her and Adam, the way Billy did when he pretended to be falling apart. Sally said Ashland couldn’t fool her. Victoria tensed. “Not that I’m a better judge of character than you,” Sally hastily added. Sally said she’d been where Ashland was, so she could read him. Victoria wanted to hear more, so she invited Sally to sit.

Sally revealed that she too, pretended to be terminally ill to win someone’s love. Victoria didn’t realize there were two people on the planet who could stoop so low. Victoria understood why Adam liked Sally so much – they were two of a kind. Sally knew that wasn’t a compliment but she decided to take it as one. Victoria asked if Sally scammed some poor man into marriage. Sally said it didn’t get that far, and now Wyatt was so hurt, he cut her out of his life completely, just like Victoria was doing with Ashland. Sally knew Ashland’s pain and shame were real, because she’d been there. She never had the option of paying half a billion dollars for redemption, but if she did, she would’ve, because that was how horrible it felt to know you hit rock bottom and hurt the one person you loved more than anything. Victoria looked uncomfortable. Sally said she kind of felt sorry for Ashland.

Victoria said Sally’s sympathy was misplaced, and she was projecting. Victoria said Sally was trying to hold onto someone she loved, while Ashland was just using Victoria to get what he really wanted, which was full control of Newman Locke. Sally said Ashland lost all hope of gaining that, and he was still here, so he may have realized there was something more important than that. Victoria said Ashland hated to lose, and he enjoyed manipulating people, so she didn’t care what his intentions were. Sally said Victoria had every right to feel that way. Sally was at the wedding, and she saw Ashland make this amazing declaration of love, so it was hard for her to believe at least some of that wasn’t genuine. She said it didn’t matter though, because it was too late. She guessed Ashland should move on, like she did, and try to do better with the next woman in his life. Victoria agreed. Sally knew what she had with Adam was healthy and strong because she learned from her mistakes. Sally didn’t think it was fair that some other woman would benefit from all the time Victoria spent teaching Ashland how to be another man. She said Ashland would probably be haunted by the way he treated Victoria for the rest of his life, but he had no one to blame but himself. Sally hoped things got better for Victoria, and she left.

Victor and Michael met at The Grand Phoenix. Michael wanted to make sure Victor knew Diane was back. Victor wanted Diane to leave, and he said he was going to make sure she knew that everyone in the town wasn’t going to let bygones be bygones. Victor wanted to talk business, but Michael shifted gears and said Lauren had stepped up her efforts to get him to quit his job. “What the hell does this have to do with your wife? You’re my lawyer. Do I need to hire someone else?,” Victor said. Michael said no, so Victor changed the subject back to business. Victor said Ashland was still in town, and Victor wanted Michael to get rid of that SOB, permanently.

Michael wanted to know exactly what Victor had in mind. Victor assured Michael that his life wouldn’t be at risk. Victor wouldn’t stand for Ashland making Victoria’s life hell. Michael asked if Ashland did anything they could take to a judge. Victor said Ashland was just hovering and trying to impress Victoria with his undying love. Michael asked if Ashland was sincere. Victor’s point was that Ashland was becoming frustrated – Victoria was being cold to Ashland, and once he realized his tactics weren’t working, he gave half of his buyout to New Hope in Rey’s name. Victor said that of course Ashland’s tactics weren’t working.

Victor said Victoria had finally wised up, and she knew she couldn’t trust a word that came out of that SOB’s mouth. Michael knew that must be painful for Victoria. He wondered if Victoria was tempted to believe her love redeemed Ashland. Victor said no – Ashland fooled Victoria once, but he wouldn’t fool her again. Ashland wasn’t used to losing. Victor was worried about what Ashland would do in the face of Victoria’s continual rejection. Victor wanted to come up with a plan to protect Victoria.

Nikki went to Crimson Lights, and Ashland was there. She asked if he was lying in wait, hoping Victoria would come by again. He assumed Victoria told her that they spoke earlier about his donation to New Hope. He was gratified that Victoria didn’t object. Nikki thought Ashland also found it gratifying to see how much it hurt Victoria to see him. He said he didn’t want to hurt Victoria – every move he was making now was to ease her pain. Nikki said all Ashland did was lie. She told him that if he loved Victoria, he should leave her alone.

Ashland followed Nikki over to the condiment bar to continue the conversation. He didn’t want to upset her, but he couldn’t leave things the way they just did. He hated to think she was telling Victoria he never cared for her, because nothing could be further from the truth. Nikki was tired of hearing Ashland saying this. He admitted it was cruel to deceive Victoria, but he said he eventually realized what a treasure his wife was. He was trying to help Victoria understand that and maybe win her forgiveness. Nikki thought that would be even more cruel than what Ashland had already done. She said he was toxic, a narcissist incapable of putting people’s needs ahead of his own. She thought everything was a game to him – just another move on a chessboard. Her daughter deserved better. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Nikki said she was telling Ashland what she thought of him and how selfish he was to keep inflicting himself on Victoria. Ashland apologized and said he should’ve realized that a mother as protective as Nikki wouldn’t want to her his apology, no matter how heartfelt. Nikki scoffed. Victoria said it wasn’t worth getting into it with Ashland. She didn’t care what Ashland did or where he went. Victoria continued to the counter to place an order. Nikki said she didn’t share her daughter’s indifference. Nikki said she and Victor didn’t go after Ashland before because it had been more important to get Victoria out of the marriage, but now they’d done that. Nikki said that if Ashland didn’t stay away from Victoria, Nikki and Victor would come up with their own way of solving the problem.

Victoria and Nikki went back to work. Victoria was tired, and Nikki suggested they go away to a European spa. Victoria thought Nikki wanted to get her away from Ashland. “Ashland who?,” Nikki replied. Victoria said they had too much to do right now, like officially changing the name of the company etc. Nikki understood that, but she thought Victoria needed a break, since she hadn’t had any downtime since she found out what Ashland was up to. Victoria appreciated the concern, but she wasn’t on the verge of a nervous breakdown – she was going to get through this.

Sally noticed Ashland drowning his sorrows at the Society bar. She went over and told him that Victoria had been sitting on that same stool earlier and in that same mood, only she’d hidden it a little better. Ashland asked if Sally found it entertaining. She said she found it sad – two people who missed each other – one too proud to admit it and one too proud to keep up the fight. He asked why she cared. She said she was a sucker for romance. She left. He looked pensive.

At the cottage, Sharon made some phone calls regarding deliveries for the wedding. Faith came home with the dry cleaning, and she tried to keep Sharon from seeing it. Sharon saw what Faith was hiding – a shirt Sharon had purchased for Rey when they honeymooned in Miami. Faith was sorry. She knew Sharon wanted to focus on the wedding today. When Sharon said that, she didn’t mean she didn’t want to talk about Rey at all. Rey was on Sharon’s mind all the time. That was true for Faith, too. According to Faith, the dry cleaner mentioned that Rey never picked up the shirt, and she’d asked Faith to say hi to him for her. Faith tearfully stated that she didn’t know what to say when she realized the woman hadn’t heard Rey died. It didn’t seem real. Every time the door opened, Faith thought Rey would be coming home. Sharon felt like that too. Faith said Rey had been there for them through all the scariest moments – like Sharon’s cancer, Faith’s transplant and Mariah’s kidnapping, and now that they were okay, he didn’t get to be here for it. It was so messed up. Faith and Sharon hugged.

Faith apologized because she’d been trying to stay positive around Sharon. Sharon didn’t want Faith to hide her feelings. It helped Sharon that people saw how special Rey was and they missed him too. Sharon mentioned that an anonymous benefactor made a large donation in Rey’s name to New Hope. The money would go to provide affordable housing and to fund things for at risk kids – causes that were important to Rey. Sharon said it was a beautiful way to make sure Rey’s kindness and compassion were never forgotten.

Tessa and Mariah were at home. It was still the day before the wedding. Mariah was on edge, expecting something to go wrong. Tessa brightly said she’d been the worrywart earlier, and now they’d switched places. Mariah asked how Tessa stopped worrying. Tessa just decided to be optimistic. That made Mariah even more worried that things would be jinxed. Tessa said that the wedding coming together had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with Mariah’s family coming through for them. Mariah said that her mom needed something happy and joyous in her life right now. Tessa was glad her and Mariah’s love could give Sharon that. There was a knock on the door, and Mariah worried there was something about to go wrong. It was Crystal, here to surprise her sister. Tessa and Crystal hugged.

If Tessa had known Crystal was flying in tonight, she would’ve met her at the airport with balloons and a maid of honor tiara. Crystal knew Tessa would be frantic with all that last minute stuff, so she found her own ride. Mariah and Crystal hugged, and Mariah commented that Crystal looked confident and strong, like a whole new person. Crystal said she’d grown up a lot in the time she was gone. She missed Tessa like crazy. Crystal was glad she got to be here for the big day. Tessa said that it was all Rey’s doing. Crystal asked how Sharon was. Tessa and Mariah talked while Crystal was in the shower. Mariah was going over to the cottage the night before the wedding. They were gleeful because the next time they saw each other, they’d be walking down the aisle. They kissed.

Faith loved the gift bags Sharon made, and she said she saw where Noah got his artistic talents. Sharon said they weren’t perfect. Faith thought that was fine because they were handmade, not mass produced. Faith likened the bags to Tessa and Mariah’s relationship – they accepted each other as they were and didn’t hide their flaws. Mariah came to the cottage for the sleepover. Sharon asked if Mariah was superstitious that it’d be bad luck to see her bride before the ceremony. Mariah said maybe a little, but it was mainly that she and Tessa liked some of the old traditions. Mariah mentioned that Crystal was here – Rey gave them an incredible gift. Sharon said he was still there with them.

Faith asked what Mariah was looking forward to most tomorrow. Mariah was most looking forward to marrying the love of her life. Faith was looking forward to dancing. Sharon mentioned that Faith would have to be in line for the bouquet toss. Faith said she wasn’t going to go nuts trying to catch it because she didn’t want to freak Moses out. Sharon was looking forward to every part of the day. She’d missed out on so many important moments in Mariah’s life, and she wanted to soak this up.

Later, Sharon was downstairs alone twisting her wedding ring. Mariah came downstairs for some tea to help her sleep. Mariah said for so long she was watching people pairing up, starting families and building futures. That was all she wanted too, but she was afraid it would pass her by. Mariah apologized for her insensitivity – saying that when Sharon just lost the person she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. Sharon said that no part of Mariah’s happiness hurt her. Sharon thought that when Mariah had kids, she’d understand. Sharon thought the love Mariah found with Tessa was amazing. It was everything Sharon wanted for Mariah, and she didn’t want her to feel guilty even for a second. They hugged, and Sharon smiled as she held her daughter and looked over her shoulder at the wedding photo of her and Rey.

Back at the apartment, Crystal looked at the “stunning” portrait Noah painted of Mariah and Tessa. Crystal said that Noah must be over how this all started. Tessa said it was awkward at first, but they moved on. Crystal asked how the relationship between Tessa and Sharon was now. Crystal recalled that Sharon had issues with Tessa. Tessa admitted Sharon had good reason to, but they’d moved on and grown close. Tessa said she and Sharon had to lean on each other when Mariah went missing, and Rey was so supportive. Crystal couldn’t believe she was finally out from under those charges, thanks to Rey, someone she never even met. Things were better than okay in Canada, but she’d gotten used to feeling like she’d never be safe. Now she could go wherever she wanted. She wished she had the chance to thank Rey. Tessa said Crystal would’ve loved Rey. Crystal thought the whole family sounded great, and now Tessa would be one of them.

Tessa thought it was pretty wild that she was about to join this big boisterous loving family. Especially after the way she and Crystal grew up – in a chaotic and unpredictable home. Tessa had been thinking a lot about it because she and Mariah were going to have kids. Tessa wondered if that was crazy. Crystal said Tessa had the biggest heart of anyone she knew, and she’d practically raised Crystal. Tessa said it was Mariah’s idea. It took awhile, then Tessa realized adoption was the best thing for them. Crystal thought it would be perfect for Tessa to give a loving home to a kid in a bad situation and save them from growing up the way she and Tessa did. Tessa said she and Mariah both had bad childhoods, and Mariah’s was even worse – she grew up in a literal cult.

Tessa said she and Mariah decided they needed to know they had what it took to be good spouses and parents. Crystal asked what made the difference. Tessa said she and Mariah just decided they weren’t going to let this relationship fail – they almost did many times, but they always found a way to come back to each other and make things right. Crystal thought Tessa was talking about trust. Crystal had never experienced that. Tessa said if it happened for her, it could definitely happen for Crystal. Crystal though they were getting way too deep, when tonight was supposed to be about fun. Crystal decided to do Tessa’s hair.

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