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Recap written by Christine

Kyle and Summer watched Harrison play with the ducks at the park. They’d just shielded Harrison from Ashland. Summer said that if they stayed in Milan, it’d be a lot easier to protect Harrison. Diane walked up. Kyle was annoyed because he’d asked for space to sort out his feelings, yet every time he turned around, there she was. Diane swore it was a coincidence, and she said she’d leave. As she turned to go, Harrison ran up with a leaf he wanted to show Summer. Diane stopped and looked at Harrison. Summer was going to take Harrison out of the area, but Kyle said to wait. Kyle introduced Harrison and Diane. He didn’t tell Harrison that this was his grandmother. Diane knelt down and talked to Harrison about his leaf and about palm leaves in California. Diane suggested that Harrison could come to California sometime, and Summer ended things by telling Kyle that they should get going. Kyle agreed, and Summer ushered Harrison away. Diane thanked Kyle, and he left.

Kyle, Summer and Harrison went to Crimson Lights. The adults stepped away for a private chat. Summer didn’t look forward to more run ins with Diane. Kyle didn’t think it went badly. Summer thought they needed a game plan in case Diane orchestrated more run ins. Kyle agreed that they needed to set some boundaries. Summer worried that Diane would take advantage of Kyle’s big heart and push for more access to Harrison. She asked if he wanted to give Diane more access. Before he could answer, Chelsea and Connor came in. Connor went to play with Harrison. Summer and Chelsea talked fashion. Summer was really impressed with the dresses Chloe made for Mariah and Tessa. She asked a lot of questions about Chelsea’s new clothing line. Chelsea said she and Chloe hit their stride since they left Newman Media and Sally Spectra. Summer didn’t want to get started on Sally. Summer was glad Chloe and Chelsea were together again. She had a feeling their talents were going to be in demand.

Later, Summer and Kyle were alone, because Chelsea took the boys out for ice cream. Kyle had noticed that Summer asked Chelsea a lot of questions about fashion. Summer said that if Jabot bailed out Marchetti, they’d lose some employees and they’d need to fill those positions. She wasn’t sure she wanted to come back to Genoa City though after running into Diane and Ashland. She loved being around family, but she wasn’t including Diane and Ashland. She asked how he was feeling about potentially moving back. He wasn’t sure. She said if it was just the two of them, she’d definitely say they should move back, but her instinct was to protect Harrison from Diane and Ashland. Kyle couldn’t wrap his head around Ashland, and he was still torn about whether to give Diane a second chance. He said that Diane was good with Harrison today, the way she’d been with Kyle when he was young. Kyle said Diane had been a warm, loving mother, and he’d locked those memories away because he was dealing with the grief of her “death” and because he’d heard the stories about the terrible things she did. Summer said that Diane confirmed the stories were true. Kyle knew that, but the good stories of his life with Diane were true too. Summer didn’t think they could count on Diane not to cross a line with Harrison and tell him she was his grandmother. Kyle thought Diane would follow his lead and take things slow with Harrison. Summer told Kyle that he didn’t have to make a decision now, and if he did, he could always change his mind.

Kyle said that unless he cut off his mom right now, Harrison would eventually find out who she was, and once that happened, they couldn’t just remove her from Harrison’s life. Summer understood that, but she said that if Kyle let Diane back into his life, he should do it for himself, not for Diane or Harrison or anyone else. Summer knew that letting Diane in might seem like a way to heal from the abandonment, but she wasn’t so sure. She thought Kyle needed to do what was best for himself. Kyle appreciated Summer saying what he needed to hear. He could tell she didn’t want him to let Diane back in. she admitted it scared her. He acknowledged that she wasn’t forcing her opinion on him. She said she’d respect his decision, but if Diane hurt him or Harrison in any way, she’d make Diane regret it.

Chloe and Esther were at Crimson Lights. Esther had just matched with a guy named Dwight on a dating app, and she thought he was handsome. Chloe agreed that the picture showed a handsome guy, but she wasn’t sure it was really the man messaging Esther right now. Dwight wanted to meet Esther immediately, and she started to put on lipstick for the encounter. Chloe thought Dwight was a walking red flag.

Chloe thought it was weird that Dwight responded right after Esther put the profile up. She said he was either trying to scam Esther or sleep with her. Esther said she could take care of herself. Chloe noted that, as they discussed earlier, Esther made some poor choices in the past. Chloe thought Esther and Dwight should talk online for awhile. Esther wanted to live until she died, as Katherine used to say, not text until she died. Chloe relented and took Esther to Fenmore’s to get ready for her walk in the park with Dwight.

Dwight met Esther at the park, and she thanked him for the lovely flowers. Esther mentioned that the park was named for her friend, Katherine. Dwight asked how she knew Katherine, and Esther explained that she used to be Katherine’s maid. Dwight saw someone watching them. He warned Esther and then confronted the person. It was Chloe. Esther glared at her daughter. Chloe apologized and said she just wanted to make sure her mom was safe. Through gritted teeth, Esther said Chloe did a good job, and she could go now. Chloe told Dwight it was nice meeting him, and he said he hoped to see her again. Chloe left. Esther apologized, but Dwight thought it was nice that Chloe cared. Esther explained that Chloe had been suspicious because Dwight responded so quickly. Dwight said he did so because their jobs had an overlap – he was in marketing for Countess Green cleaning products. Esther smiled – those were her favorite. They recited the slogan together and laughed. Chloe was still watching from a distance, and they smiled.

Esther and Chloe met up after the date with Dwight. Esther had a lovely time. Chloe urged her mom to take this slow. Esther said she wasn’t going to pin all her hopes on this one man. Chloe was happy and supportive, but she didn’t want Esther to get married any time soon. Esther was content with her life, and she considered it a blessing to be there for Miles and Bella. She was ready to go bake cookies for the grandchildren. Dwight messaged asking for another date.

Victoria was in her office with her parents. She’d just booked a trip for her and Nikki to a Swiss spa. Nikki was so glad Victoria changed her mind about this trip. Victor thought it would be good for Victoria and Nikki to get away from this mess for awhile. He said things would look different when they returned, and Victoria asked what that meant. She asked if he had something planned for Ashland. He denied it, but she didn’t believe him. She thought they had to accept that Ashland was staying in town. She’d ran into Ashland a few times, and she had no desire to lock herself into Newman Tower to avoid him. Victor thought Ashland was trying to win Victoria back. She said he was only here because of Harrison. Victor didn’t buy it, since Harrison was only in town temporarily. Victor refused to tolerate Ashland staying in town. Victoria said Ashland was out of the company, and the annulment was almost final, so he couldn’t do any more harm. Victor said that if Victoria still had feelings for Ashland, he could do a lot of harm. Victoria asked Nikki what she told Victor.

Nikki assured Victoria that she didn’t betray her confidence. She said Victor knew Victoria well enough to know what she was going through. Victor had suspected Victoria still had feelings for Ashland, and her reaction just confirmed it. Victoria admitted Ashland still had a place in her heart, and she was finding it hard to let it go, but her anger far outweighed any affection she had for him. She didn’t want to waste emotions on Ashland. She thought a little time away would help her exorcise him from her brain and from her heart.

Michael ran into Ashland at Society. Michael alluded to his time in a Peruvian prison. Ashland didn’t admit to having a hand in that. Michael told Ashland to leave Victoria alone and leave town. Or else, Michael would be forced to take legal action against Ashland on Victor’s behalf. Ashland said he wouldn’t be scared into leaving town. His son was here, and no one would keep him from the boy. Ashland suggested Michael tell Victor to live and let live. Michael said Victor wasn’t that kind of person. Ashland had no plans to interfere with Victor or any of the Newmans. Michael asked what about Victoria. Ashland regretted the pain he caused Victoria, and he didn’t want to cause her any more hardship. He was finished trying to change her mind. Michael wished he could believe that. “He’s too smart to believe a son of a bitch like you,” Lauren said when she arrived.

Michael introduced Lauren and Ashland. Lauren confronted Ashland about imprisoning Michael. Ashland maintained his innocence and spoke politely to Lauren, but she was not won over by his attempts to charm her. Ashland regretted that his actions hurt Victoria and others, and he was willing to make amends to anyone who’d listen, including Michael and Lauren. Lauren didn’t buy it, and she was sure Victoria didn’t either. Ashland apologized to Michael for what he went through and to Lauren for having to worry about Michael. Lauren told Ashland to save it unless he was going to make a written confession. He said it wasn’t going to happen. She stated that she helped send his ex wife, Tara, to prison, and she was going to try and do the same to Ashland. Ashland left. Michael was delighted by how fired up Lauren was. She demanded to know why he was even talking to Ashland. He said he’d had something to say to Ashland.

Lauren reminded Michael that he swore he wouldn’t get involved in Victor’s nefarious plots and that he was going to work on his relationship with Lauren. Michael clarified that he never said he was going to walk away from Victor. He went to Victor to explain that he needed to step back, but he realized the Newmans needed his legal skills more now than ever. Lauren didn’t believe that, since the Newmans could afford an army of lawyers. She thought this was about Ashland. She recalled him saying he wanted to hold Ashland accountable. She believed Victor was using that as bait to keep Michael around. He said it wasn’t that simple. She wanted to know how he was going to get Ashland. He planned to bury Ashland in legal procedure – it wouldn’t be more dangerous than filing a motion. He assured her that he’d walk away if there was any hint that it’d cross a line. He was ready to eat, but she’d lost her appetite, so she left.

Michael went to Newman Enterprises to talk to Victor. Victoria was sure this was about Ashland, and she didn’t want to hear about him. She mentioned the trip to Switzerland. Michael said he and Lauren just went to France, and it helped him put some recent unpleasant activities behind him. Victoria was hoping for a similar reset. Victoria and Nikki left. Michael thought he found a solution for getting Ashland out of town.

Michael wanted to hit Ashland with a barrage of legal actions – civil suits exposing his fraud. Victor said that would reflect badly on Victoria and make the company look weak. Michael said it wouldn’t go public, because Ashland would be too terrified of what they’d find in the discovery phase, and he’d leave town. Michael thought they should begin the process immediately and make Ashland spend a good chunk of the money Victor gave him on lawyers. Victor thought Michael’s plan was too safe. Victor knew Michael promised Lauren he’d have more free time and that he wouldn’t do any more dangerous assignments. Victor said Michael’s plan wouldn’t work because Ashland had faced hundreds of lawsuits, and he had the resources to fight them off. Victor didn’t think Harrison was the reason Ashland was staying in town, since he would soon be going back to Milan with Kyle and Summer. Michael heard that Summer and Kyle might be sticking around for awhile. “Hmm, in that case, maybe the boy is Ashland Locke’s Achilles heel,” Victor mused.

Ashland was brooding in the park and looking at photos of Victoria and Harrison. Diane came up and asked if he was okay. He said he was fine and wondered why she asked. “You look how I feel,” she admitted. He invited her to sit, and after she did, they introduced themselves. She recognized the name and said he was Harrison’s other father. He said there was a time he was Harrison’s only father. She asked if that was why he was so down. He said there were too many reasons to get into, but being pushed out of Harrison’s life was one of them. He asked how she knew about Harrison. She revealed that she was Harrison’s grandmother. Ashland was startled to meet Kyle’s mother. “I thought…” he began. She laughed, knowing what he was about to say, and she said there were too many things to get into. She said she met Harrison for the first time today, and he was adorable. Ashland suggested he and Diane had more in common than just having a bad day.
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