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At Basic Black, Brady finishes his call with Steve and thanks him for the update. Chloe asks what Steve said. Brady informs her that Steve and Kayla are in Italy, undercover as a nun and priest to get inside of a convent that Kristen hid out in a couple years ago. Chloe asks if that’s where she is now. Brady explains that they’re not sure but Kayla came up with a story to stay there so they can start looking around. Chloe concludes that they don’t know if Philip is alive or dead.

Lucas returns to Salem and enters the Brady Pub. Kate questions what the hell he’s doing back in town. Lucas explains that he got a subpoena to testify and thought it would be a bad idea to blow it off. Kate says not if he wants EJ to go down for kidnapping Sami. Lucas talks about how what EJ did was unforgivable so they need to throw the book at him. Kate says that may work with Sami, but not her, because she knows for a fact that Lucas is the one who had Sami kidnapped.

Devil Johnny stands in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. The Devil tells the portrait of Stefano that it was genius to take possession of Johnny and says they are going to work EJ like it’s nobody’s business while EJ is convinced that nothing is more important than family and he’s so desperate for his son’s love that he will sign his shares over to him, no questions asked. The Devil declares that he will take over DiMera while EJ rots in prison.

Melinda presents Chad with an expense report and questions why he printed it. Chad says he was doing a quarterly audit and saw some payments he didn’t recognize. Melinda goes over how those payments were to Jason Smith at a cabin where Sami was held captive for months. Melinda asks if these reports would have implicated EJ in the kidnapping of his wife. Chad says he had some questions about those transactions. Melinda responds that she does too, so she’d appreciate if he answered them.

Brady tells Chloe that he knows how hard this is but they have to hang in there a little longer. Chloe worries about Kristen. Brady assures that no matter how angry Kristen is, he can’t see her going as far as to take Philip’s life just to get back at them. Chloe wonders where Philip is then if he’s not dead. Brady insists that they will find him and get answers. Chloe gets a call from her mother but ignores it. Chloe says she just wants an update on Philip so she doesn’t want to talk to her. Brady says they will get one. Chloe complains that she doesn’t want to talk about Philip anymore because there’s no sightings or updates and it’s like he just disappeared off the face of the earth.

Lucas asks Kate if EJ’s trying to pin this kidnapping on him. Kate informs him that she knows that Lucas put evidence against EJ on the DiMera computer to make it look like EJ was making payments to whoever kidnapped Sami. Kate adds that Lucas used her password but Lucas continues to deny it. Kate then reveals to Lucas that Chad told her. Lucas says he’s such a DiMera it makes him sick and he knew Chad was going to say something. Lucas argues that it doesn’t matter as he knows it’s bad but he was desperate and desperately in love with Sami. Lucas complains that Sami was going to go back to EJ after the way he mistreated her. Lucas declares that he’s not going to do it anymore as Sami was alone and in pain when she came to him because he makes her happy. Lucas goes over EJ kicking Sami out of the house so he couldn’t let her go back to him again, he had to do something. Lucas states that Sami must never find out what he did. Kate says she’s trying to help him and informs him that Chad is at the court house now and will testify to make sure that EJ is not convicted which Lucas questions. Devil Johnny is sitting at the table nearby with a hood on and overhears their conversation.

Melinda asks Chad about the money laundered through company accounts. Chad says yes but tries to explain but Melinda cuts him off and says she’s moving on. Melinda asks if the audit revealed that EJ signed off on the payments linking him directly to Jason Smith. Chad says there’s more to the story but Melinda asks for a yes or no. Judge Barnes orders Chad to answer the question or he will hold him in contempt.

Gabi and Jake go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie enters and brings them some tea. Jake explains they are here to meet with Victor but Maggie says he isn’t available right now. Jake decides they will come back when he is. Maggie notes that if they are here about their grand plans to run Titan and DiMera, she knows all about them because Victor keeps her informed so she is well aware that they approached him about running Titan. Maggie then reveals that’s the reason that she is taking this meeting.

Brady knows Chloe cares about Philip and says he cares about her too, so he wants her to know if there’s anything she doesn’t want to talk to her mom about, she can talk to him because he’s her friend. Chloe thanks him and says she appreciates that. Chloe tells him the same. Brady suggests they get something to eat which Chloe agrees to.

Devil Johnny continues listening in as Kate informs Lucas that Chad had to do the right thing because he couldn’t let his brother go down for something he’s innocent of. Lucas complains that EJ being innocent makes him sick as maybe he didn’t do this particular crime but he’s done so many illegal things in the past that this was the perfect time to bust him. Kate tells him that Chad sees it differently. Lucas argues that Chad agreed with him and knew it was time that EJ got what he had coming and that it was the perfect time to frame him. Kate explains that Chad was okay with EJ losing his job, but having his brother go to prison for a decade was a bridge too far. Lucas questions just throwing him under the bus. Kate says it’s not about him, it’s about Chad’s conscience. Lucas complains that all DiMeras are ruthless animals. Kate says that’s only in business but unlike EJ, Chad does have a line he won’t cross and he has a good heart. Kate states that Chad couldn’t live with himself if he hurt a member of his family. The Devil whispers that he’ll have to do something about that as he gets up and leaves the Pub.

Chad argues that he knows he’s under oath and he’s doing his best to answer the questions but he can’t answer with a simple yes or no because it’s more complex than that. Belle tells EJ that she thinks Chad is trying to help them. EJ asks how. Belle says she doesn’t know but she thinks there’s more Chad wants to say about those payments that Melinda doesn’t want them to hear. Melinda decides she has no further questions at this time. Belle then takes over and asks Chad about the expense reports and the fund transfers he did not recognize. Belle wants to hear the more to the story that Chad said there was. Melinda complains that she wants to hear an actual question. Belle asks if Chad has additional information about the payments made to Jason Smith. Chad responds that he does, but what he wanted everybody to know is how those records got in to the computer system in the first place. Devil Johnny hides outside the door and uses his power to choke Chad, who begins coughing and unable to speak further. Abigail rushes to the stand to help Chad and calls for some water. Belle brings a glass but the Devil makes it drop to the ground and break. Judge Barnes orders a recess as Abigail rushes Chad out of the room while Devil Johnny watches on with a smile.

Lucas tells Kate that he has to get to the courthouse because if the truth comes out, he’s going to prison or Sami’s going to kill him so either way he’s screwed. Kate tells him that Chad won’t let anyone know that he was behind the kidnapping and he will say that he planted the evidence himself. Lucas is shocked as Kate clarifies that Chad is going to testify that he was the one who set up EJ, so Lucas will not be implicated and no one will ever know that he’s guilty. Brady and Chloe then arrive so Brady questions what he’d be guilty of.

Maggie talks to Gabi and Jake about how they dangled the carrot of a seat on the DiMera board to him and that in return, they would be put in charge of Titan and ultimately, Titan would take over DiMera. Jake says that in time the three of them would run both companies, claiming it’s a team effort all the way. Maggie questions Victor being the old guy of the team that they can put something over on. Gabi says they don’t think that at all. Maggie warns that Victor is as sharp and savvy as he’s ever been and there’s no way she’s going to let anyone take advantage of him. Gabi says that was never their intention. Jake adds that they have the utmost respect for Victor which is why they wanted this partnership in the first place. Jake says it would be a shame and a mistake for Maggie to shut them down without letting them talk to Victor first. Maggie asks who said anything about shutting them down as she thinks it’s a perfectly fine idea but she wanted to make sure they could deliver on their promise.

Melinda complains that there’s never a shortage of drama when the DiMeras are involved as she walks out of the court house. EJ asks if Belle is okay. Belle doesn’t know how the glass slipped out of her hand. Johnny then enters. EJ hugs him and says she’s so glad he’s there. Johnny reminds him that he promised he would be and apologizes for being late. Johnny asks how it’s going. Belle says they don’t know yet as EJ explains that Chad was on the stand when he started choking and couldn’t speak. Johnny asks if that’s a good thing. Belle calls it scary and hopes Chad is okay. Johnny thinks Chad got exactly what he deserved for turning on his own brother. Johnny brings up Cain and Abel in the bible.

Brady asks what Lucas is guilty of. Lucas claims that he just didn’t figure things out sooner that EJ kidnapped Sami. Chloe points out that Sami is safe now. Lucas says if he figured it out sooner, he could’ve avoided the whole trauma of the situation. Brady agrees that Sami is safe now because of him. Brady assumes Lucas is back in town to testify against EJ and to give him exactly what he deserves which Lucas confirms. Brady asks to speak to Kate in private so they step away. Chloe asks if Lucas is okay. Lucas says he’s fine. Chloe notes that he seems a little tense and worked up, so she asks what’s going on with him.

Abigail brings Chad to the witness room and encourages him to take it easy. Abigail asks if she should call a doctor but Chad says he’s okay. Abigail asks what happened in there. Chad says he has no idea as one minute he was fine and the next he couldn’t breathe. Abigali wonders if it was stress from Melinda pressuring him. Abigail could tell Chad wanted to say something but Melinda wasn’t letting him, so she asks what he was trying to say.

Jake asks if Maggie is on board with their plan. Maggie thinks it’s a fine idea. Jake says that’s great. Gabi adds that they are surprised. Maggie talks about Victor’s ambition rubbing off on her and says she’s deeply invested in Titan’s future. Jake asks if she sees them as part of that future. Maggie says that Victor’s dream has always been to hand over the reins of his company to a family member, but he has come to believe that it’s time to broaden that pool of potential executives. Jake thinks Victor seemed to accept the notion that the next CEO of Titan will be an outsider because Xander is out of the picture, Brady is working for the competition, while Justin and Sonny are not interested. Maggie says most of all it’s that Philip’s disappearance really upset Victor, so he needs something else to focus on and a win. Maggie states that the idea of bringing his biggest rival to it’s knees is a big one. Jake declares that he’d love to see nothing more than his backstabbing brothers get exactly what’s coming to them. Maggie points out that now that EJ may be going to prison, they are vulnerable and distracted so it might be a good time to strike. Gabi assures they are ready. Jake assumes Victor is too. Maggie tells them that Victor is certainly enthusiastic about the prospect of crushing DiMera, but before moving ahead he wanted to make sure she was in favor of teaming up with them. Gabi asks if she is.

EJ questions Johnny saying last night that he hadn’t got religion but now he’s quoting the bible. Johnny says it’s appropriate because Chad is a Judas that came here to stab EJ in the back. Belle is not sure as Chad was trying to say something that would help them but Melinda kept cutting him off. Belle vows to give him another chance when she gets him up there. Johnny doesn’t trust Chad at all and hopes that EJ could sign the document they discussed as he had a company lawyer draw it up. Belle asks what this is about. EJ informs her that Johnny has realized his rightful place is at DiMera. Belle thought his passion was making movies. Johnny says after what happened with Marlena, he’s not moving ahead with the film and it made him get serious about a real career. EJ explains that since he’s sidelined, Johnny offered to be his eyes and ears at the company to protect his interests. Johnny notes that he can’t do that without power, so in case EJ goes to prison, he needs the ability to vote on his behalf. Johnny reveals to Belle that EJ has agreed to transfer ownership of his shares to him, temporarily. Belle questions if EJ is sure he wants to do that.

Abigail reminds Chad that he said there was something she needed to know before he took the stand. Chad confirms it was about his testimony. Abigail knows he started thinking EJ was innocent but he told her that he would not lie under oath to help him. Abigail asks if he changed his mind. Chad assures he didn’t, so Abigail asks what he thinks she needs to know. Abigail insists that whatever it is, he can tell her, as she doesn’t want any secrets. Chad doesn’t want any secrets either but in this case, he thinks it’s best if she doesn’t know as she will find out in court with everybody else so she’s not complicit. Abigail says he’s scaring her. Chad promises everything will turn out fine. Abigail asks if she can help in any way. Chad says she’s helping by being there as that will give him the strength to do what he has to do. Abigail asks if he’s sure about this. Chad says that he is and that he loves her. Chad tells Abigail that he has to find Belle and apologize. Abigail adds that she owes the Spectator an update so she will do that here and promises to be back in the court room before he takes the stand. Chad says that sounds good as they kiss. Abigail gives Chad a water bottle just in case as he exits the room.

Brady tells Kate that he just wants her to know that he’s trying to find Philip and he thinks Kristen might have something to do with his disappearance to get back at him, so he hired Steve to look for her. Kate acknowledges that Steve mentioned that on New Year’s Eve. Brady states that once Kristen is found, they’ll be able to determine if she’s part of this thing. Kate reminds Brady that he’s no longer under suspicion so there’s no need for that. Brady explains that he’s not doing this to clear his name, but he feels responsible for what Kristen did. Kate points out that he doesn’t know what Kristen did. Brady wants to find out and won’t rest until he finds answers. Brady asks if that’s what Kate wants as well. Kate responds that she wants him to call off this search.

Chloe asks Lucas why he’s so on edge and what’s going on. Lucas says he’s worried about leaving Sami alone as the outcome of this case is very important to her. Chloe asks about Sami coming back to Salem but Lucas reveals that she won’t be appearing in court as he didn’t think it was a good idea for her to be in the same room as the guy who kidnapped her. Chloe is surprised he convinced Sami to stay away. Lucas explains that she gave a deposition to Melinda and that combined with his testimony has them hoping that it’s enough to put EJ behind bars for a very long time.

Belle thinks the whole stock transfer is premature since EJ could be acquitted and this would all be completely unnecessary. Johnny says he already talked to EJ and they all hope he gets off, but they need to be prepared if he doesn’t. Belle wants to cross that bridge when they come to it. Johnny argues that they can’t since if this thing doesn’t go their way, Chad could act quickly to consolidate power so EJ would be completely shut out at DiMera and they need to act now to make sure that doesn’t happen. EJ reminds that this agreement is only temporary. Belle asks to at least review the contract. Johnny grabs the paper away and says he knows Belle is EJ’s attorney, but he is his son and he trusts him so it’s between them. Johnny asks Belle to leave them alone for a minute. Belle says fine and goes to check on when the court will return. Johnny tells EJ that he knows Belle is trying to protect him, but he doesn’t need to be protected from him as he does from Chad. Johnny says he’s doing all of this to make sure EJ doesn’t get hurt. EJ appreciates that he’s looking out for him. Johnny tells EJ that he loves him and knows he’s always been on his side, so he will always be on his. EJ then takes the documents and signs them.

Maggie tells Jake and Gabi that she is all in on this plan, if they are successful in getting Victor a seat on the DiMera Board. Jake assures they will be. Maggie asks if they have the votes. Gabi says they believe so. Maggie questions believing so and says that’s not good enough as they need an ironclad guarantee. Maggie declares that’s the only way Victor will sign off on this deal. Maggie says it was a pleasure doing business with them and exits the room. Jake calls that unexpected and says they are playing on a whole new level now. Gabi wants to go lock down those votes now.

Brady questions Kate not wanting to know what really happened to her son. Kate thinks back to telling Lucas that no one can know that Philip is alive. Kate informs Brady that she doesn’t want to be told that her son is dead, so she can hold onto hope for as long as she can. Brady understands that but says if Steve can find Kristen and Kristen can lead them to Philip, then he could be alive and well somewhere. Kate tells him that Victor has people searching so Steve will just get in the way. Brady feels the more people searching, the better. Kate declares that she’s made her wishes known. Brady informs her that he promised Chloe that he will find answers as she’s been in agony about this and will continue to be until she finds the truth, so he’s sorry but he’s not going to tell Steve to back off.

Belle tells Chad that the judge wants them back in five minutes. Chad says he feels fine now and apologizes about that as he has no idea what happened. Belle blames Melinda. Chad agrees that she’s aggressive. Belle says it seemed like Chad was trying to get something out but Melinda wouldn’t let him, so she will give him a chance on the stand to say whatever it was. Chad thinks she and EJ will be pleased. Chad realizes he forgot his phone in the witness room so he has to go back to get it.

The Devil transforms in to EJ. Devil EJ enters the witness room where Abigail is typing up her story for the paper. Abigail tells him that he shouldn’t be in there. He says he’s glad he caught her alone as he needs to talk to her about something. Abigail knows he’s upset that Chad is testifying but he has an obligation to tell the truth. He says he understands better than she thinks as he also feels compelled to be honest about something that’s been on his mind a very long time. He says he’s tried hard to suppress his feelings but he can’t do that any longer. He then tells Abigail that he wants her.

Lucas says he’s late and has to get to the courthouse. Kate decides to go with him. Chloe wishes him luck as they exit. Chloe and Brady sit together. Chloe talks about what to eat but notices Brady is distracted. Brady informs her that Kate wants him to stop Steve from looking for Kristen because she’s not optimistic and says fewer people looking for Philip means the less she has to worry about bad news. Chloe asks what if it’s good news. Brady says that’s what he said and you’d think Philip’s mother of all people would want to get to the bottom of this and find answers as soon as possible. Chloe talks about Kate always being an odd enigma. Chloe jokes that her mother is the opposite, an open book with her heart on her sleeve. Chloe’s mom then enters the Pub and questions why Chloe hasn’t been returning her calls when she needed to talk to her. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t feel like talking about Philip because there’s no news and it just upsets her. Chloe’s mom reveals that this is not about Philip but about her father, as she thinks he’s having an affair.

Jake and Gabi sit in the town square together. Jake finishes a call and says to keep them posted. Gabi counts the votes and says without one more DiMera on their side, they will come up short. Jake informs her that Mr. Shin seems to think EJ’s shares might be in play after all as apparently EJ is considering signing his shares over to his son Johnny.

Abigail questions what the hell “EJ” is talking about. He says he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he came back to Salem. Abigail tells him that’s insane and to get away from her. He knows she’s married to his brother and he’s tried hard to push his feelings aside but it’s impossible. Abigail asks if this is a sick joke since he has a wife that he’s obsessed with and was dating Nicole. He claims he’s been using them to get Abigail out of his head but it didn’t work. Abigail tells him to go get help. He claims he’s desperate to get close to her which is why he wanted to do Johnny’s movie. He says he’s longed to ravage her and now they are alone, so there’s no time like the present. Devil EJ then approaches Abigail.

Belle returns to the courtroom where EJ reveals to her that he signed the agreement. EJ knows she advised against it but he believes Johnny has his best interest at heart. Belle complains that he’s operating on emotion and not logic which is not smart when making big decisions. EJ argues that Johnny is trying to protect his family and his legacy, so he wants to support him in that. Belle questoins EJ not finding Johnny’s sudden change of heart a bit puzzling. Belle warns EJ that he just handed over a hell of a lot of shares. EJ says he never would’ve done it if he thought there was the slighest chance that Johnny would undermine him. Belle informs him that she just spoke to Chad and she gets the impression that Chad is on EJ’s side, so he may just go free. EJ hopes so and notes that Chad is a wildcard but Johnny is not. EJ declares that he trusts Johnny will do what’s best for him and the company…

The Devil as “EJ” grabs Abigail and kisses her right as Chad walks in to the room and sees them.

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