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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Kyle sent Harrison into the kitchen for some of Mrs. Martinez’s cookies. He wondered why Jack had him come to town.

“What the hell makes you think you can show your face in Genoa City after the devastation you have caused,” Nikki asked Diane. Jack and Phyllis were also in Diane’s suite, watching the confrontation. Nikki said she’d been charged with murder, which she was sure thrilled Diane. Diane said she didn’t enjoy any part of this. Diane had assumed Jack had explained her intentions for returning. Jack said he had no interest in making excuses for Diane. Diane said she’d been desperate, and she knew she had to run. Nikki asked why Diane didn’t just go without faking her death. Diane said she’d crossed some very powerful people, and she was afraid they wouldn’t leave her alone. Diane wasn’t thinking rationally, and she’d boxed herself into a corner. “If you had to play dead, you could’ve had the courtesy to stay that way,” Nikki spat.

Diane understood how Nikki felt. Nikki didn’t believe that. Nikki said Diane’s “death” set off a chain of events that wreaked havoc in the Newman family. Nikki and Victor had faced legal charges. Diane noted that the charges were dropped. Nikki assumed Diane was disappointed Nikki and Victor didn’t get life sentences. Nikki said she and Victor suffered – it had been agonizing. Nikki added that Diane’s partner in crime, Deacon, took full advantage of that. Phyllis asked if it was Diane’s idea for Deacon to blackmail Nikki for a murder she didn’t commit. Diane said she’d been a wreck, and she had no control over what was happening in Genoa City. Nikki argued that Diane could’ve come forward and revealed she was alive.

Jack got a text and told Phyllis that he had a meeting. She realized he was alluding to Kyle’s arrival. Jack wanted to take Nikki out of the room, but she insisted on staying. “It’s not like Nikki can be charged with the same murder twice,” Phyllis said. Phyllis grabbed a lamp on her way out of the room, to prevent Nikki from using it to bludgeon Diane. Jack and Phyllis left. Diane was relieved to have a chance to explain what she did and try to make amends. Diane was sure Nikki could relate. Nikki didn’t want to be compared to Diane. Diane said Nikki had changed – back then, she was drinking and violent. Nikki said when she attacked Diane, she was acting in self defense. “So was I, and that’s what you need to understand. I was scared and I was trying to protect myself,” Diane said. Deacon offered Diane an escape route, and she took it. Diane figured Deacon had his own reasons for what he did, probably involving his twisted relationship with Nikki. Nikki said she and Deacon did not have a relationship. She hadn’t thought of him in years. Diane said Deacon gave her a way out, and she was going to repay him by making the most of her life and not making the same mistakes. Nikki didn’t believe a word of that. She said Diane was still the same conniving little bitch she always was, and an apology wasn’t going to cut it, because everyone in town saw through her.

Nikki supposed she understood Jack allowing Diane to reach out to Kyle. She noted that Diane was Kyle’s mother, unfortunately for him. Nikki didn’t want Diane anywhere near her loved ones – she told Diane to stay away from Victor, Victoria and especially Nicholas. Diane said to relax – she had no designs on Nikki’s husband and son. Nikki thought Diane should stay away from Adam too. Nikki was sure people would hate Diane even more now. Diane didn’t think everyone was as unforgiving as Nikki. Nikki said that Diane would find no redemption here. “As much trouble as your murder caused me and my family, we were so relieved to finally have you out of our lives. No one has ever wanted you here, and no one ever will,” Nikki stated. She left. Diane called Jack and left a message asking him to let her know when Kyle was in town.

Jack and Phyllis went to his place and talked with Kyle. Kyle said Summer wished she could’ve come, but she’d asked him to give Phyllis a hug for her. Phyllis accepted the gesture, but she grumbled that it wasn’t the same. Jack asked about Harrison, and Kyle said he was playing upstairs. Kyle heard Rey died. Lola posted about it on social media. Jack said it was heartbreaking. Kyle was going to call Celeste and Lola. Jack thought that would be appreciated. In the few conversations he had with Celeste, she seemed close to her son. Phyllis said things like this made you count your blessings. Kyle agreed and said family was everything. Phyllis excused herself and left. Kyle knew it wasn’t like Phyllis to excuse herself. He sensed that she knew something he didn’t. He also knew Jack wouldn’t have called him here if it wasn’t something major.

Jack said this was about what happened in LA. He thanked Kyle for stepping up at Jabot and giving him the time and space to deal with his son’s passing. Kyle said of course – Keemo had been on his mind ever since he heard he died. Kyle knew it must’ve been painful that Jack missed the chance to reconcile with Keemo. Jack said that he was grateful he got to know Allie.

Jack said he didn’t even realize Keemo was back in the States. He’d received a cryptic anonymous text, and Phyllis responded to it. He’d received hints that lead him to Allie. Jack said that the person was sending him the texts because of Kyle. Kyle didn’t understand. Jack said the texter was someone they used to know. Someone who wanted their forgiveness. Jack wanted Kyle to know that opening or closing this door was completely up to him. Jack would support whatever decision Kyle made. Kyle wanted Jack to just tell him what was happening. “The person reaching out to me was your mother, Diane. She is alive. She is here, and she wants to see you,” Jack said.

At Society, Sally asked Adam how long Sharon and Rey were married. A little over a year, Adam said. Sally didn’t know Sharon that well, but from their encounters at the coffeehouse, she could tell Sharon looked content, like she was where she was supposed to be, and that she and Rey adored each other. She asked if he’d reached out to Sharon. He thought about it, but he didn’t think it’d go over well with her family, given the history. He didn’t want to do anything that would add to Sharon’s emotional burden. Sally didn’t think Adam should worry about Sharon’s family’s perception. Sally thought that What was important was if his visit made Sharon feel better. She said it was never wrong to tell your loved ones you were there for them. Adam was a little surprised Sally was encouraging this. Sally didn’t have an issue with Adam still caring about his ex. He said everyone else seemed to. She told him she wasn’t like everyone else. He knew. She’d be a lot more concerned if he didn’t give a damn about what Sharon was going through. She asked if he really thought his family would have an issue with him reaching out after what he did to save Victoria and the company from Ashland. Adam was wondering if Ashland caused the crash.

Adam spotted Ashland at the bar, and went over and loudly confronted him, despite Sally trying to keep him at their table. “You were supposed to leave town. You were paid a half a billion dollars to do it,” Adam snapped. Ashland said he only agreed to surrender control of Newman Locke and annul his marriage, not leave town. Adam said there was nothing left for Ashland here. Adam theorized that Ashland was sticking around to punish Victoria. Ashland thought Adam wouldn’t mind if that were true. “You have no affection for your sister. You just want to see her brought down a peg,” Ashland stated. Adam said that was rich coming from Ashland. Adam noted that he’d helped Victoria by removing the parasite that was Ashland from her life. Adam asked why Ashland had a bandaged hand and a boot on his foot – was he trying to garner more sympathy? Ashland said he was injured saving Victoria from the car. “You’re probably just faking your injuries like you did your cancer,” a skeptical Adam replied. Adam said that even if Ashland did rescue Victoria, it wouldn’t be enough to win her back, because no one held a grudge longer than her. Ashland said Adam would know. Adam wanted Ashland to do them all a favor and get the hell out of town.

Sally and Adam went back to his office. He wondered why Ashland was still around. Sally said that Ashland probably didn’t have much experience losing, so he might be trying to find a way to be the victor. She didn’t think he should let it get to him. He said it was hard not to when Ashland was sitting on 500 million dollars of Newman money. Victor walked in, and Adam revealed that Ashland was still in town, and he’d looked quite smug. Adam got the sense Ashland was cooking something up. Victor wasn’t going to allow Ashland to take that kind of money from him and mock him. Sally asked after Victoria, and Victor said she was okay. He thought Rey’s death added another layer of trauma to Victoria. He wondered if she knew Ashland was in town. He said they had to do everything they could to keep Ashland away from Victoria.

Adam mentioned that he was thinking of visiting Sharon and offering his condolences. Victor didn’t think that was a good idea. Sally didn’t see why not. Victor said if Adam approached Sharon now, a lot of people would think he was being opportunistic. Adam hoped Victor wasn’t one of those people. Victor said he was not. He appreciated that Adam went his own way and allowed Sharon to do the same. Adam didn’t want it to come off like he didn’t care about Sharon. Victor said Sharon knew the depth of Adam’s feelings, and she didn’t need any added conflict and stress – she had Nick and her children to comfort her.

Ashland went to The Grand Phoenix. He told Phyllis that Kyle texted him saying he was bringing Harrison to town. Now Kyle wasn’t returning his texts. Phyllis asked what Ashland wanted her to do about it. Ashland was wondering if Phyllis heard from Kyle and Jack. Phyllis pretended that when she was at the house earlier, Harrison had been sleeping. She suggested that Ashland just wait to hear from Kyle. Phyllis then changed her mind and said that she and Jack would bring Harrison over to Ashland and Victoria’s later. Ashland said thanks. He didn’t let on that he didn’t live there anymore. Phyllis asked if Ashland was okay after the accident. He lifted his hand and said he had minor burns.

Later, Nikki was exiting the elevator when she saw Ashland in the hotel lobby. She rushed to him and demanded to know what he was doing in town. He said he was here because he loved her daughter. She didn’t care about his feelings. Her concern was about helping Victoria heal. She didn’t want him to see Victoria again. He said she didn’t mind him seeing Victoria last night, when he rescued her. She appreciated him saving Victoria, but it didn’t erase the lies and deceit. Nikki would never forgive Ashland. Nikki thought that if Ashland loved Victoria, he shouldn’t insist on staying and making things worse for her. Ashland just wanted to make sure Victoria fully recovered from the accident, physically and emotionally. Nikki said that wasn’t Ashland’s place. He didn’t agree. She said Victoria’s family would help her recover. He said Victoria had free will and a beautiful fiery independent spirit, and she would decide how she wanted to deal with him. He was fed up with Nikki’s family’s constant complaints. “You’re not gonna be able to get rid of me, short of murder. So I would suggest you get used to seeing my face around here,” he stated. “We’ll see about that,” Nikki replied.

Sharon and Nick were at her place. She thanked him for insisting that she eat so she could keep her strength up. She knew Rey would’ve said the same thing. Nick told Sharon that she didn’t have to go to the morgue if she didn’t feel up to it. Sniffling, she said she needed to see Rey one more time. She didn’t think she could do it without Nick’s support. They hugged. Victoria came in, using her cane for support. Victoria said she was there if Sharon needed her. Victoria said that she was fine – the kids were there for her, and Nick had been wonderful. Victoria offered to bring meals or hang out with Faith. Nick said that was kind, but they had this handled. He said they were about to take off. Sharon excused herself and went upstairs, where she quietly shook and cried.

Victoria wished she’d been able to stay with Rey after the crash, so she could’ve told Sharon he wasn’t alone. Nick said that was beyond Victoria’s control, since she’d been unconscious and lucky to survive. Nick asked if Ashland chased Victoria and forced her off the road. She said he’d been following her, and he said he’d been worried about her driving in the fog while she was upset. Nick wanted to know what Ashland said at the office. Victoria said the details weren’t important now – she made it clear to Ashland that they were done. She admitted Ashland was right – she shouldn’t have been out driving in that state. She felt guilty. He said it wasn’t her fault, it was Ashland’s. Sharon returned. She’d overheard. She wasn’t looking for anyone to blame – it was an accident. Victoria appreciated that. She didn’t come here looking for absolution. Sharon knew why Victoria came.

Victoria went to Crimson Lights. Chelsea saw the cane and offered to get Victoria’s order, so the could have a seat. Victoria said it looked worse than it was. Chelsea said Victoria got lucky. Victoria agreed. Chelsea admitted that came out wrong. Chelsea said she’d been a little off – Rey’s death was so shocking and horrible. Victoria thought Rey’s death must be strange for Chelsea because she tried to kill him a year ago. “What happened last night is something that you tried to make happen before,” Victoria stated. Chelsea said she wasn’t in her right mind then, and she never wanted Rey to die. This was hitting her hard because Rey was a good friend.

Chelsea said Rey had every reason not to trust her, but he treated her with compassion and forgiveness. He was a sweet man who was good with Connor. He was on the road last night because he was taking her and Connor to hockey game. He left the tickets at home, went back to get them, and he never returned. Chelsea knew something was wrong, because Rey would never disappoint Connor like that. Victoria had no idea. She was sorry for Chelsea’s loss. Chelsea said Rey was one of the greatest men she’d ever known.

Nick and Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights after Victoria left. Chelsea approached and said Rey was a wonderful man, and she was truly sorry. Nick wanted to take Sharon home. Sharon had some things to do here, and she wanted to talk to Mariah about the wedding. Chelsea thought that Sharon could put that aside for now while she mourned. “I shouldn’t be mourning at all,” Sharon snapped.

When Victoria got to her office, Victor was there. He announced that Ashland was in town. She knew. Ashland had called her. Victor was angry about that, but Victoria said Ashland was just checking on her. She said that Ashland was out of the company, and the marriage was being annulled so he had no power over them. Victor thought things might be more complex than that. Victoria said she’d told Victor yesterday that she couldn’t just make her feelings for Ashland disappear, and that was even before he saved her life. It wasn’t an issue though because she was moving on.

Victoria learned her lesson, and she wasn’t tempted to trust Ashland again. She wished she’d caught on sooner. She knew Victor tried to warn her. He wasn’t there to scold her. He said that the hour between Victoria’s call to Nikki being cut off and finding Victoria in the cabin was arguably the most difficult moment of his life. He was so glad she was okay. She was sorry she scared him and her mom. She was sorry for so many things. They were sitting on the couch together. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. He didn’t want her to be sorry about anything. He promised everything would be okay.
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