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You look stunning. Hmm, you clean up pretty nicely yourself there. Well, it’s a big occasion. I know, I know. Happy new year. Yeah, oh, no, no, no, no. Not just new year, new beginnings with you, right here where it all started. Good evening and, uh, happy new year. Happy new year to both of you. Hi. Uh, before you get us seated, I was wondering, does mr. Valentin cassadine have a reservation here this evening? Why do you need to know about valentin? This seat taken? Hi. Oh. Is this when you ask me about the conversation I had with your purported father? I really couldn’t care less about anything victor cassadine says or does. Mm. Me either, but I thought maybe you’d be curious about what I said. Not really, no. Okay. Anna, you and I have been tiptoeing around each other for far too long. I think I’m over it. I think you are, too. So why don’t you let me take you out tonight? We can kick this wretched year to the curb, and we can start 2022 fresh. Best way I can think of starting it — with each other.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door unlocks ] Drew. Surprise. Look, I was really looking forward to having my dad’s house to ourselves. And you sure you can’t get away? Unfortunately, something major happened with my mom, and I’m sorry, but I cannot leave her. But I’m really going to miss being with you tonight. Yeah, me too. You have no idea. Oh, I think I do. I’ll call you at midnight. Dante just texted me. He found my dad. I hope he’s okay. Yeah, I just…

[ Sighs ] I think it’s better that he keeps his distance for a little while after the way he hurt my mom. Michael, I am so sorry. I can’t believe the mess I’ve made — hey, willow, willow. Look, you didn’t do anything wrong. All you did was tell the truth about nina and my father, which is something he should have done a long time ago. Hey, mom. Excuse me. Wait, wait, mom. Just — just — just talk to us. Carly, I am so sorry about what happened in court. When you testified that you knew for weeks about sonny and nina, did it ever occur to you, in all that time, to tell me my husband fell in love with someone else? Maxie: Nina, what is the matter with you? You get to ring in 2022 free as a bird. You should be celebrating. Yeah, I should be celebrating, but I’m not exactly in the mood, maxie. Yeah. So scott’s legal maneuverings kept me out of jail, but he blew up my life and possibly sonny and carly’S. Ah. Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Well, michael called me. Yeah? Yeah, he’s looking for you. Congratulations. You found me. I see that.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Uh… he also told me about the hearing. Yeah. That willow took the stand and testified that you and nina fell in love in nixon falls. I did not fall in love with nina. That was mike. I didn’t know who the hell I was, but I can’t get carly to see that, so she kicked me out. What if she never understands? What if I — what if I lose her forever, dante? I’m sorry

I just promised scout that I’d come by and give her something a little special for new year’s eve. Drew, it’s — it’s fine. Scout will be happy to see you. Yeah, well, here’s hoping.

[ Laughs ] Okay, stop. Enough with the false modesty. Our daughter adores you. Martin: Valentin is my most lucrative client. Oh, so the more the merrier, huh? No, no. Far from it. Matter of fact, as far as valentin is concerned, our…association is a bit of a conflict of interest. Oh, really, it is? Mm-hmm. So much so, he issued a ultimatum — either his business or you. Okay, so obviously, you chose me. Oh, I don’t see why I should have to make a choice at all. He’s not here. He’s not going to be here. So, the way I see it, we don’t make a scene, then we could have our hummingbird cake and eat it, too. How does that sound? Wait. So willow said sonny fell in love, in court, on the stand? Yep. Wow, that is so dramatic. How did she even know? Well, she overheard me and sonny talking, in private, and I convinced her to keep it a secret, but scott pried it out of her. How did scott find out? No idea. Guten abend und happy new year, meine schoenen engel. What? Uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get these to you guys by christmas. Got one for jake, too. Oh, he’s at a sleepover, but I’ll make sure he gets it. Okay. And little violet. I didn’t know you were gonna be here. Oh, it’s okay. Oh, now, who doesn’t need five bucks, huh? I ask you. Franco used to say that.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. Say thank you. There it is. Thank you. Yes, I bet he did. He was always grubbing five bucks from me. But what is this gift? Well, we know they’re old-school tapes of sorts. Well, um… it’s franco’s music, and I thought we could listen to it, and, you know, keep his memory alive till new year’S. You know, he always liked this really crazy, uh, music. So, you know… what do you — what do you guys think, huh? Willow came to apologize. I am so, so sorry. I never wanted to say what I had to at that hearing. Never, but I had no choice. You had a choice before. You chose to keep it to yourself. Was I supposed to tell you that I overheard nina and sonny talking about how they fell in love in nixon falls when he didn’t know who he was? It was over.

[ Sighs ] Carly, sonny is back, and you are the one he loves, not nina. I didn’t — I didn’t want to hurt your marriage. I didn’t want to hurt you. Is that why you didn’t tell me? Or did nina ask you not to? Thank you. You gotta give carly some time, okay? She’ll come around. She’s gotta remember that you’re you. You’re not this guy who fell for nina in nixon falls — mike. That — that guy’s gone. He doesn’t exist. I told her. It doesn’t matter. Well, eventually it will. Come on, what are you talking about right now? How many times have you guys broken up when it’s supposed to be forever, and you end up working your way back — too many to count. Right. So hopefully, sooner or later, hopefully sooner, she’ll come around and realize that there’s nothing left between you and nina. That’s correct, right? There’s nothing left, right?

It’s new year’s eve. Shouldn’t you be with sam? Yeah, I’m gonna see her in a little bit. I gotta get you squared away first. You don’t got — get me squared away. I’m, uh… I just wanna be with my wife, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Yeah, just like there’s nothing you can do with falling for nina when you thought you were someone else. That’s love, man. That’s, like, chemical stuff. Can’t control that.

[ Sighs ] Look, dad.

[ Sighs ] Nina’s the guilty party here. Okay, you didn’t do anything wrong, and carly’s gonna see that. That’s not the problem. That’s not — that’s not the whole problem, anyway. I should’ve told carly what happened in nixon falls

before it came out in that courtroom. Okay. Why didn’t you? Attacking willow is not gonna make this any better. Mom, michael’s right. Okay, the blame is not on willow, it’s on nina. She’s the one who let sonny keep thinking he was mike. Yeah, a-a-and when they fell in love, nina kept this whole sorry charade going. Willow… did nina ask you to keep her and sonny’s secret? Yes, she did. Did you know? No, not until the hearing. And you’re okay with that? That willow chose nina over you — over the family who welcomed her with open arms. It was you. You’re the one who told scott about me and sonny. Guilty. And it was you who figured out that willow knew something. Aunt liesl, how could you? You’re free, nina. That’s all that matters. At what cost? You and scott may have wrecked sonny and carly’s marriage. Pity. More champagne! Why aren’t you two drinking yet? And destroyed my life! All the more reason you should be drinking. And I didn’t destroy your life, mein schatz. On the contrary, I saved it. I’ve allowed this club and my father’s return to monopolize most of my attention when I should have been giving you my time and energy. Well, thank you. But all the time and energy that you’ve put into this club has been totally worth it. The savoy is a success,

[Laughs] And so are you. Well, thank you. I — I didn’t think I needed to hear that, but, um…

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. And listen, as far as your father goes — look, I — I — I — we’ll figure — I really don’t wanna talk about that man, not when I’m trying to have a special evening with my lady. Well, that’s always nice to hear. Yeah, in fact… I would like nothing more than for us to be closer. What a coincidence. ‘Cause I want that, too. So we’ve gotta remember all the times with franco. You know… we also gotta remember to live our lives, and he — he would want that. Oh, I’m sorry, elizabeth, did I stick my foot in my mouth again? No. No, no. Cameron just said something like that to me. That’s all. Ah. Um… and you — you gotta watch your step, ’cause this is my family. They’re my heart. I know. Mine, too. But don’t tell anybody that I have a heart. Who’d believe me? Nobody would. Bye.

[ Laughs ] Happy new year. Okay. You, too. You okay? I’m just glad you’re here to help me bring in a brand-new year.

Aiden! Take the cake out, and I’ll clean up in here. Okay. Okay. I’ll do it. I wash, you dry? Deal. Okay. Hi, scout! Well, look at you.

[ Laughs ] You look adorable. Do you remember I promised to bring you something special for new year’s eve? Yeah? Okay, well, I hope you like them. Here we go. Wow. Cool? They’re glasses! May I? Yes. Yes.

[ Laughter ] Okay, here we go. Put them on. Let’s see. Oh, yeah. Those look great. 2022 coming. And I also got a little noisemaker. You just kinda shake it like that. Give it a shot. Don’t make too much noise for mommy. There you go. There you go. All night. I want you to ring that all night. Now, sam, I also thought maybe you might look good in a pair of these, as well, so… oh. Oh, come on. …There you go. You know, I love a good pair of glasses. Right? I knew that. I knew that. Let me see. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Am I alright? Will you stay until midnight? I saw that you and sonny were happy together. Why change that? Because you knew he was in love with someone else! Okay, look. I’m not defending dad — far from it — but I know he doesn’t love nina. I mean, mike from nixon falls, he doesn’t even exist anymore. Doesn’t he?! Michael, I asked sonny last night, point blank, if he still had feelings for nina, and he couldn’t answer me. Wait, has sonny been cheating on you?

[ Sighs ] He says not. Okay? And do you — do you believe him? I don’t know! I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know. Sonny says he still loves me, but I don’t know how he could when a part of him is still in nixon falls with nina. I don’t know what the hell to believe.

[ Door slams ] When I got my memory back and I knew who I was, I remembered everything, I got so angry. I lashed out at nina… like she was a stranger, an enemy. Alright, but when it came to filing charges, that was michael’s call. Right? Not yours. Why? I-I wanted it to be over. I didn’t wanna relive it in the courtroom. I was going to tell c-carly privately, and then… jason died, we were grieving, and then sasha and — and brando’s baby… died, and I-I thought it would be cruel to tell carly then. I wanted some distance from, you know, all that loss. And I — I waited too long. Can I get another drink? Please? Thank you. So when it came to your testimony… y-you said that what nina did to you was not a crime, right? She lashed out. She was hurt. That’s what people do when they’re — they get hurt. Sure. Right. So, I-I don’t know. What are you saying? You felt sorry for her? I mean, after she kept you from the people who love you for so long? I didn’t say that. I didn’t say I felt sorry for her. Well, you felt something. Yeah. And you still feel something. Yeah. What might that something be? Here’s the problem. It’s, like, a — it’s, like, a, uh — a tug and a pull, like mike is still in me. Like I didn’t leave all of him behind in nixon falls. Like… …I still carry a small piece of his heart. And god help me… …that small piece of mike’s heart in some way belongs to nina. Jason. Where are you? Why aren’t you here?

[ Sighs ]

Violet: That cake was super delicious. Cam: Mm-hmm. I agree, violet. That was top notch, aiden. I can’t take all the credit. It was franco’s idea. You’re the one who baked it. Okay, fireworks are about to start. Let’s go get ready. Okay. Come on, guys. Go, go, go. I’m sorry if franco’s presence is… they just really miss him. It’s okay. It’s, uh — it’s nice they can share their memories. He obviously did a lot of good for the family and you. What’s the matter? My ring. It’s gone. It must fall fallen down the drain. I would absolutely love to stay, but something tells me that midnight might be a little past your bedtime. Remember, I told you that I wanted to wait until your brother got home to celebrate? Yeah, but that was before we had these glasses. Drew. [ Laughs ] I do, I have to get home. But how about this? How about… I give you an airplane ride all the way upstairs and I tuck you into bed? Oh, that sounds fun. Let me grab these. Yeah. Yeah? Okay, you take those.

[ Laughs ] 1, 2, takeoff! Here we go! Arms out, here we go! Whoo-hoo-hoo! All the way up! Here we go! Whoo! Nice. Look, I don’t entirely understand what it is that you went through, but you can’t just forget everything that happened while you were mike. I mean, those feelings, those experiences, those are real. That’s a real part of you. That doesn’t just vanish. It’s like a shadow, an echo. Mike is still… …in here. But you know what? Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like — like, you know, my feelings for nina had anything to do with the love that I have for carly. Nina is like an ex.

[ Laughs ] And she’s just gonna fade, fade away. Hmm. It — it might not happen while you’re drinking yourself into oblivion, though, you know? Well, it’s — it needs to start, you know, fading tomorrow, because it — tomorrow? Yeah, ’cause it’s — it’s new year’s day… oh. …And, uh, it’s a good time to hit the re–

[ Laughs ] Reset? Yeah. Alright. True enough.

[ Laughs ] Oh… and the last thing I want is, uh… to have you sitting with me at a bar when you could be ringing in the new year with sam. Okay. I’ll go. You just, uh, tell me where you’re staying, and I’ll drop you off on the way, okay?

[Laughing] I’m fine. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah. I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself. Okay. Alright. Alright. Uh, I mean, uh, listen. Happy new year. I just — thank you. I wanna thank you for, you know, just being you and being such a great son of mine. I just want you to know that everything you said to me, that stays between us, okay? Yeah. Thank you. You be good, alright? I’ll see you later. Alright.

[ Sighs ]

[ Crickets chirping ] I can’t believe sonny did this. I get that dad thought he was protecting mom by keeping it a secret, but… that doesn’t excuse it or make it right. What’s that saying? It’s — it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. Sometimes the worst things happen when we try to shield our loved ones from knowing the truth.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Um… I’m sorry. I, uh — I know you guys are here for me, and I love you for that. All of you.

[ Sighs ] Ah, where’s the champagne? Life’s a ball. We’ve got a lot of living to do here. I’m afraid nina doesn’t see it that way. Are you still upset, nina? Yeah, I’m upset, scott. The last thing I wanted is for sonny’s and my feelings for each other in nixon falls to be used as a weapon. Well, funny. I didn’t think you would wanna rot in a prison in pennsylvania, and if I blindsided willow, I had to. We might have lost. Well, I would have taken the risk, scott, because now carly and sonny, they’re hurt, their whole family is devastated. Well, I didn’t know the corinthos family morale was of such importance to you. Maybe you should have told them that sonny was alive a year ago instead of keeping it a little secret. Okay, that’s it. I can’t stay here. I am so sorry, maxie. Happy new year. I love you. I’m mad at you, but happy new year. Scott.

[ Scoffs ] Maxie: Unbelievable, scott. You’re as tactless as you are rumpled.

[ Scoffs ] What? What is this rumpled business? What? What did I do? You said too much. That was unnecessary. I got the charges dropped, didn’t I? Even so, you didn’t have to rub her nose in her mistake.

[ Scoffs ] Oh. Are we having a little love spat? You know, as much as I love showing you off for this crowd, how would you feel about coming back to my place? I kinda know exactly what you’re doing. Okay. It’s not a — this is not an exit. No, this is kind of like we’re hiding out. So, how are we gonna get out of here? Uh, it would be very simple if you just fired valentin as a client and picked me. So I’ve been thinking about… the first time we were together. It was so wrong, but so much of it was so right because it brought me here tonight, making memories with a — with a caring and kind, intelligent and beautiful woman.

[ Chuckles ] So you’re saying you’re feeling me? I’m feeling you. Dr. Robinson, I’m falling for you.

Thanks, n’neka. Oh, look, martin’s here. That means lucy coe can’t be far behind. And what does that matter? Well, if it isn’t my favorite client and my favorite operative. Happy new year to both. Happy new year. You look exquisite. As a matter of fact, you’re a matched set.

[ Laughs ] Come to think of it, it’s kind of sad, isn’t it? What’s sad? That I look just as good, and I got no one to dance with. On account of I’m alone, bereft of company on the busiest date night of the year. Uh, maxie! Shh! Come here. Come here. I need your help so desperately. Lucy? And I’ll tell you later. Okay, listen to me, if I don’t get out of here without valentin seeing me, then martin is going to lose his most lucrative client. Please, please, please, please. Thank you. Stick with me. I got your back. You sure you know what you’re doing in there? ‘Cause you don’t really strike me as the handy type. Really? Really. Huh. I’ll have you know, I put myself through 2 years of medical school working at a plumbing company. Really? Really. Hmm. [ Giggles ]

[ Clang, water rushes ]

[ Yells ] Oh, my god, finn. Uh, are you okay? Here. Oh, thanks.

[ Groans ]

[ Giggles ]

[ Gasps, sniffles ]

[ Groans ] Refreshing.

[ Laughs ]

[ Panting ]

[ Gasps ] Thank you. Elizabeth. Hey. Hey. Come on in. Oh, those are nice sunglasses.

[ Laughs ] Uh, drew got them for me and scout. It was a surprise gift. Yeah. Yeah.Drew: Thanks for letting me tuck scout in. I, uh — dante. Uh, drew. Yeah. Happy new year. Happy new year. Yeah, happy, uh, 2022 to you guys. Thanks. Uh… have a good night. I’ll, um — I’ll see you guys around. Okay. Hey, drew. Anytime, okay? He only stopped by to see scout. You don’t have to explain anything to me, okay? I get it. You do? I do. Okay. Okay. Yes. It’s all good. Okay. I’m good. Okay. Come on. Countdown is about to begin. Hey, hey. Where are you going? I, uh — you know, I just need to get out of the house and, um, think, that’s it. [ Laughs ] Are you okay to drive? I am. I am. It’s just, I — it’s a lot to take in, so I-I just need to go, um, deal with my thoughts. That’s all. Just be careful, alright? I will. I love you. She’s going to be okay, right?

[ Door closes ] You know mom. When things get tough, she — she puts her guard up, so… it’s how she deals. Alright, well, I’m going out for a bit. Uh, are you going to follow your mom? No, uh, the way she drives, she’s halfway to wherever it is she’s going right now. Um, but I’ll see you soon. Alright. It’s probably almost midnight. Yeah, pretty close. I’m sorry, I’m not really in the mood to celebrate. Yeah, yeah, me neither. Curtis: 10. All: 9, 8… 7, 6, 5… 4, 3, 2… 1! Happy new year!

[ Cheering, party horns blowing ]

[ Horns continue blowing ]

[ Horns continue blowing ]

should old acquaintance be forgot

and never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintance be forgot

and auld lang syne?

[ Fireworks exploding ]

For auld lang syne

[ Party horn blows ] Why don’t we do this more often?

[ Laughs ] What? Stop talking.

For auld lang syne I just stopped by to say hello to phyllis. She’s not here. I gotta go. Uh… sonny, I-I don’t think that you should drive. I’m fine, I’m fine.

[ Sighs ] Where are my keys? Um… hey, do you need a ride? I can — I can drive you home. I’m not welcome at home. Alright, well, I will drive you wherever you wanna go. Okay.

But we’ve wandered many a weary foot

since auld lang syne let’s go.

For auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

[ Sighs ] Jason.

We’ll take a cup… well… what took you so long? I was with my dad. You were? Is he okay? Yeah. He’s going through some things right now, but he’ll be fine. Actually got him to open up to me a little bit. If you feel like you need to be with him. I mean, not that I’m —

[ Laughs ] Not that I’m kicking you out or anything. That’s not it. No? Okay. No. I mean, I offered, but… okay. Is he drinking? Yeah. Right. I took his keys. He needed some space. Which evidently leaves us here alone together.

[ Laughs ]

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for days of auld lang syne

and there’s a hand, my trusty friend look at that one! Oh, wow!

[ Fireworks exploding ]

And we’ll take a light… hey. Hi. You’re here. Of course. I couldn’t let 2022 start without this.

Auld lang syne

for auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for auld lang syne

for auld lang syne

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