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Recap written by Christine

Nikki went to Adam’s office so she could be there for Victoria’s homecoming. She asked if Adam had any idea when Victor would be driving Victoria here from the airport. Adam thought it was telling that the homecoming would be in the CEO’s office and that he wasn’t informed. Nikki said no one was intentionally excluding him. He asked if she had an idea on what his future at Newman might be.

Nikki had no idea what Victoria’s plans were, since Victoria hadn’t been in contact since she left. She wasn’t even sure Victoria was staying for good. Adam said he talked to the pilot, and Victoria was the only person on board and there were no plans to have a return flight. Nikki wouldn’t get her hopes up until she heard from Victoria herself. She said Victoria could just be coming to chew Victor out for blocking her business venture with Ashland. Adam was startled to hear Victor did that. “Is there anything that Dad didn’t do to pave the way for Victoria’s glorious return?,” he asked.

Nikki contended that Victor didn’t pave the way for anyone, and he wasn’t making a calculated move against Adam; Victor was simply trying to protect his daughter. Adam thought that Victoria left town to get away from that famous Victor Newman protection. Nikki didn’t want to get into this with Adam right now. He shifted gears and asked a work question, which she answered. Nikki got a text from Victor saying that the plane landed early and Victoria wasn’t at the airport anymore.

Billy called Victoria to check in, but she didn’t answer. He said it was clear her family was keeping a secret.

Nick met Victoria at a suite in the Grand Phoenix. She greeted her brother with a hug. Victoria had a hotel room because she was having her house deep cleaned to symbolically remove any remnants of Ashland. Nick wanted to know what was going on and why Victoria didn’t want him to tell their parents she was here. He said Nikki and Victor knew Victoria was coming home, and Victor had even planned to surprise Victoria at the airport. She said her flight got in early. She wanted to have a minute alone with Nick before seeing everyone else. He assumed she was upset he betrayed her confidence. She said she actually wanted to thank him.

Victoria said Nick was the only relative who came to her after she announced she was leaving, with no reprimands or judgment, just love. He said he was sincere. He didn’t like what she was doing, but it was her choice to make. He said it was very hard for Victor to accept, since it contradicted what he wanted. Nick asked what happened in NY. Victoria didn’t want to say anything until everyone was at the office. She asked Nick to gather the family. He asked if she was back for good. She said she was, but things would have to change.

Victoria went to the bathroom to freshen up. While there, she had a flashback to her final confrontation with Ashland. She remembered telling him that she didn’t want to see or hear from him again. She called Billy and he asked if she was alright. She said she was better than she’d been in a long time. She’d taken a huge step forward in her life, and there was no looking back now. She said she was back in town, and she’d give him the details after she talked to her family. He asked if Ashland was still in the picture, and she said he was out of her life for good.

Ashland was still in NY brooding over Victoria tricking him. He had a flashback of their last moment together, when she revealed her plot to take back the 250 million dollars he got from Victor. In the present, Ashland called the bank and asked them to reverse the money transfer, but they said no. He ended the call, then he threw his phone across the room. Later, while Victoria was telling Billy that Ashland was out of her life, Ashland chartered a plane to Chicago.

Victoria met Nikki, Nick and Adam at the office. Nikki hugged Victoria and said she wasn’t sure she’d ever see her again. Nikki said that Victoria had seemingly been willing to walk away from the family forever. Victoria was sorry she put them through that, but she had to make the break seem plausible to Ashland. “So it was all a scam? A trick? What have you done, Victoria?,” Adam asked.

Elena was about to leave home for the airport. Nate came home early with a red rose to see her off and say aloha. He wanted to have a meaningful goodbye. He took her hand and lead her upstairs to their bedroom, and a love scene followed. They incorporated the rose, with him running it over her body. Later, they came downstairs and agreed it would be difficult to say goodbye. She wished he could come. He was tempted, but he couldn’t leave work. He said he loved her and would miss her every second. She said she’d send him updates and bring him home some sand from Hawaii. He promised the next trip they took would be work-free. He wanted to drive her to the airport, but she’d already called a car.

Devon was at the park on a run, and he bumped into Chance. They decided to jog together. Chance won the race, and he and Devon joked around, then Devon asked how Chance was doing. Chance channeled his grief over Rey into a something positive. He closed 80% of Rey’s open cases. Devon was sure Rey was smiling down on Chance. He was impressed that Chance seemed to be in a better headspace. Chance said Devon’s support had a positive impact. Devon also knew he’d made things messier than they needed to be when it came to Dominic. Chance knew Devon wanted the best for their baby, and all that mattered was that things worked out well.

Lily met Amanda and Imani at Society and asked about their mom. Imani had just come back from seeing Naya, who was still struggling with her speech and mobility. Amanda said they were worried about Naya’s psychological state, since she was stuck in the hospital bed. Imani said that it seemed to lift Naya’s spirits when they visited. Lily told the sisters that they could take time off whenever they wanted to go visit. Abby stopped by and talked about the launch party. She’d missed running events. Lily asked what happened to Abby’s plans to build a hotel across the street from The Grand Phoenix. Abby sighed that it was a long story.

Abby said Phyllis fought her tooth and nail from the beginning, so Abby gave up. Amanda said Phyllis just didn’t like the idea of a competing hotel across the street. Lily wanted to revisit the idea of having another hotel in town. Devon sold the Athletic Club, and Lily was thinking Chancellor Winters needed a place to have visiting talent stay and conferences, events and concerts. “Maybe I could build an even grander phoenix in Genoa City,” Lily said. Lily said dealing with Phyllis was a potential headache, and using the Grand Phoenix would cut into profits, so she wanted to open a Chancellor Winters hotel. Abby hated giving up The Grand Phoenix to Phyllis. Lily wondered if they could get Phyllis to sell. Amanda didn’t think Phyllis would let the hotel go after all she poured into it. Lily had no problem opening a different hotel and going head to head with Phyllis.

Devon and Amanda met up at home and kissed. She started crying about her mom. Amanda was worried for Imani too. She said she and Imani were both putting on a brave face, but sooner or later, Imani’s walls would have to come down. Amanda was really frustrated because, as a lawyer, if you were prepared, things would usually go as expected, but in your personal life, there were things you couldn’t control. Devon knew what Amanda was going through. He lost a lot of people – Dru, Neil, Hilary and their child. Amanda was sorry, but he said she didn’t have to be. He said sometimes all you could do was your best. He told her that it was fine if Imani wanted to act like what was happening with their mom didn’t bother her, but Amanda didn’t have to do that because she had him. She said he’d given her an emotional security she never had before. It was comforting and empowering, but it was also scary because it felt so fragile. She was scared it would go away and she’d be alone. He put her hand on his chest and told her as long as his heart was beating, she’d never be alone again. They kissed.

Nate ran into Imani at Crimson Lights. He asked about her mom. Unfortunately, Naya wasn’t great. Nate asked if Imani had anything she wanted to talk about. She did. She said she looked into getting Elena out of the AskMDNow contract so she could start a Chancellor Winters podcast. Unfortunately, Elena’s contract with Newman Media was airtight, and it wouldn’t be easy to break it. Imani knew that Nate wanted to get this done before Elena was back from Hawaii. Nate said Elena was boarding the flight now. Imani said she and Nate would have to work together to figure this out. He said thanks. He wanted Elena to work with them, so he was counting on Imani to make that happen. He also had to do everything he could to fulfill the promise he made at the launch party. They didn’t currently have 50 podcasts to deliver yet. She was glad he confided in her. She felt a little responsible since she was the one who encouraged him to go big during his speech. He thought they should meet with Sally Spectra, the new head of Newman Media. Imani said she’d set up a meeting. Nate stepped away, and Imani quietly made a dinner reservation for two. When Nate returned, Imani lied and said she’d gotten a meeting with Sally and made dinner reservations for the three of them.

Chance went to Society and talked with Abby and Lily. Chance had some time off after all the overtime, so he spent time with Dominic, then he went on a run and now he hoped to spend time with Abby. Lily left them alone. Chance felt he’d been neglecting Abby since he’d been so busy at work. Chance and Abby had a picnic in the park. He showed her a picture of Dom that he took this morning. Abby assured Chance that she didn’t feel neglected. She was proud of the way he was honoring Rey’s memory. His dedication to his partner made her love him even more. They kissed. Chance got a tip on one of Rey’s cases that had to be dealt with right away. He was going to let someone else deal with it, but she encouraged him to go and see his personal mission through. He wanted to spend uninterrupted time with him. She said it meant so much that he put this together for her, and they had the rest of their lives to go on picnics together. They exchanged I love yous and he left.

Lily and Billy met at work. She wanted to tell him about an interesting conversation with Abby. He interrupted to say that Victoria was back. He had no idea how much this was weighing on him until now. He’d been dreading telling the kis that their mom left town. He felt inspired to lighten up his podcast and have a little fun. He said he could talk about how they had to trust the people they surrounded themselves with. Lily didn’t think the disastrous end to a dramatic relationship was cause for celebration. He said he’d turn it around and say a dramatic end to a disastrous relationship was inspiring. “Victoria is back where she belongs,” he said.

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