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Leo sits in the town square, writing down a list of his enemies which includes Chad, Abigail, Brady, Chloe, and Sonny.

Sonny joins Victor in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny asks if there’s any news on Ciara and the baby. Victor says not yet but with Rafe and Shawn, he might hear something soon. Sonny asks about Maggie bringing Sarah home last night and if she’s doing any better. Victor declares there will be no answers until he gets his.

Maggie has Sarah set up in a hospital bed and points out that she isn’t touching her breakfast. Sarah continues to act like a child. Xander enters the room and tries to talk to Sarah. Sarah complains about being back in boring old Salem. Xander says it’s important that she is back. Sarah hopes he doesn’t still think she is going to marry him someday. Xander states that he’s not marrying anyone. Sarah declares that one day she will marry Eric.

Abigail arrives at the hospital and greets Kayla, congratulating her on being reinstated. Kayla admits she was surprised but thrilled. Abigail is sure the rest of the staff is as well. Kayla asks what brings Abigail to the hospital. Abigail tells her that she can’t stop worrying about Sarah and she knows Maggie brought her back, so she asks if there’s any change. Kayla says she is the same as when she left but she’s waiting on scan results to know what they are up against. Abigail is grateful that Kayla is back and Seth Burns came to his senses. Kayla thanks her but notes that she doesn’t like being in debt to some unpleasant person. Abigail relates because she is in debt to Ava Vitali.

Ava has a nightmare about Gwen showing up and injecting her with the syringe used on Sarah. Ava wakes up in a panic next to Jake in bed. Jake wakes up, questioning what’s going on. Ava is relieved that she is not there. Jake assures her that no one is there and she was just having a nightmare. Ava tells him that it was about Gwen coming after her for what she did to her with a giant syringe. Jake tells Ava that it’s okay and she’s safe as he comforts her.

Leo goes to the interrogation room at the police station to visit Gwen. Gwen is thrilled to see him, calling him the only person she’d be happy to see. Leo apologizes for not coming sooner as he was busy dealing with the wedding interruption. Gwen can’t imagine how horrible it was for him and says it breaks her heart knowing how they treated him. Leo says it’s nothing he’s not used to, but they are resilient. Leo adds that it took him awhile to figure out that Abigail blew up Gwen’s marriage too but he was just as heartbroken for her as he was for himself. Leo tells Gwen that he came to cheer her up. Gwen says he already has just by being there. Leo assures he will cheer her up in a more substantial way. Leo complains about Abigail and Chad doing a number on them and blew up their lives. Leo then declares that they are going to make those bitches pay.

Victor reminds Sonny that last month he asked if he was interested in taking over Titan and he still hasn’t gotten an answer. Sonny apologizes and says there’s been a lot going on. Victor doesn’t want excuses, just an answer. Sonny calls it a big decision to make. Victor argues that it needs to be dealt with because Titan is sinking and they need a CEO. Sonny says he told him he had to talk it over with Will. Victor assumes that Will demanded Sonny come home because he needs his husband and he doesn’t know why he expected anything different. Victor remarks that Will has always been clingy but Sonny then reveals that Will is actually the one who said he should take the job, surprising Victor.

Jake and Ava lean in to kiss but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jake gets up to answer and it’s Gabi. Jake suggests she come back later. Gabi asks to speak privately with Jake. Ava tells Gabi that it was Jake’s idea for them to share the bed as Ava goes to get dressed.

Abigail tells Kayla that it was only thanks to Ava that they finally have proof of what Gwen did to her and Sarah. Abigail says as happy as she is, it makes her a little queasy that a former mafia princess is the one who helped her. Kayla says she’s smart to be wary because no matter how many times Ava says she’s changed, she is dangerous and maybe even more so if she’s giving you something you want. Abigail agrees and says she will remain on her guard as far as Ava Vitali goes. Kayla says at least Gwen is paying for her crimes. Abigail says not all of them.

Leo tells Gwen that Abigail screwed her and Chad screwed him, so either they sit around feeling sorry for themselves or they get back at them in similar ruthless fashion. Leo knows if they put their minds together, they will make Chad and Abigail regret going after them. Gwen says she loves the idea of revenge but there’s one tiny problem. Leo tries to guess what the problem is. Gwen then points out that she is handcuffed to the table so Leo remembers that she is going to prison.

Xander tells Maggie that he talked to a lab tech on the way in and he said they were running tests on the antidote and haven’t found anything in it to harm Sarah. Maggie says that may be true but no matter how many tests, it’s part of a complete picture as a full panel of tests to guarantee the drug is safe could take months or years. Xander asks what if Sarah doesn’t have that kind of time. Maggie argues that they are talking about a serum from a mad scientist and her daughter is not a lab rat. Maggie says spending all this time with Sarah has been strange but she’s cherished raising a little girl again. Xander asks if Maggie is saying she doesn’t care if Sarah stays a child for the rest of her life. Maggie assures that she cares but she doesn’t want to tempt fate since this antidote is a complete unknown. Maggie says maybe it will help Sarah or maybe it won’t but right now, she has her daughter, healthy and happy. Maggie turns back to Sarah, who has stopped responding to her, causing Maggie to worry.

Gabi tells Jake that she knows whatever Ava wants her to believe is not true. Ava says she has an errand to run. Ava tells Jake that she will see him later, kisses him on the cheek, and thanks him for being so kind earlier as she then exits the apartment. Gabi mocks them. Jake asks what Gabi wants. Gabi complains about Jake getting right to it and not even asking how she is. Gabi then brings up reading in The Intruder that Jake was attacked by The Devil in Ben and Ciara’s apartment. Jake assures it was accurate and not the first time. Gabi questions him saying it’s true that Johnny was possessed when they fought at DiMera which Jake confirms. Jake tells Gabi that she can go. Gabi says she actually came to talk to him about DiMera as she is here to un-oust him. Gabi tells Jake that she wants him back.

Victor questions Will telling Sonny to take the job at Titan. Sonny confirms that he did. Sonny explains that he, Will, and Arianna miss Salem so when he brought up the idea of being CEO, Will didn’t think splitting their time between Arizona and Salem would be a problem. Victor thought Will loved his job there. Sonny says he does but he can do a lot of work from home and Arianna is almost out of school, so they could just bring her here for the summer. Victor asks if that means Sonny will take the job. Sonny declares that he’s in which makes Victor happy.

Maggie tries to talk to Sarah. Xander asks if Sarah can hear them. Maggie starts to panic and says they need Kayla so Xander rushes out to go get her.

Abigail reveals to Kayla that Gwen told her that she killed her grandmother but she thinks Gwen just wanted to hurt her as deeply as she could because at the police station, Gwen said Laura’s death was an accident. Abigail says that she doesn’t know what to believe which is what Gwen wants as never knowing the truth is the worst form of torture. Kayla calls that diabolical. Abigail knows she could never rely on Gwen for the truth but hates the idea of her getting away with murdering her grandmother. Abigail adds that Gwen has hurt so many other people but at least she’s behind bars where she belongs. Abigail comments that the one good thing that came out of it is that Gwen gave them the antidote for Sarah. Xander then rushes up to them and tells Kayla that she has to help Sarah now.

Leo acknowledges that Gwen going to prison could be an impediment to their plan but he’s sure she will think of a clever way out. Gwen notes that she doesn’t even have money for a lawyer. Gwen brings up all her other charges. Leo asks if Gwen really assaulted Abigail and then looked the other way as she was shipped off to a desert island. Gwen remarks that it was really nice island. Leo argues that they are still family, so he asks if she can’t get Jack to convince Abigail to drop the charges. Gwen asks if he’s joking since he just said how mean Abigail is. Gwen then admits that once she got arrested, she might have whispered something to Abigail that might be quite hard to forgive. Leo wants to know what that was. Gwen then reveals that she told Abigail that she killed her grandmother on purpose. Leo is surprised and asks if she did.

Victor tells Sonny that it’s about time he returned to his rightful place at Titan. Sonny admits he’s excited and that he’s missed Titan. Victor reminds Sonny that Chad and the DiMeras aren’t going to stop looking for ways to take them down. Sonny points out that Chad isn’t CEO anymore. Victor says that Gabi is even worse. Sonny sarcastically promises to be cut throat but assures he won’t let his personal feelings for Gabi interfere with business. Victor hopes Titan will come back stronger and better than ever. Sonny adds that there is also something else he should bring to his attention. Sonny then informs Victor that Leo Stark has sworn revenge against him.

Leo asks if Gwen really killed Laura on purpose. Before Gwen can respond, a cop brings Ava in to the room. Gwen questions what the hell Ava is doing here. Ava tells Leo that if he doesn’t mind, she came to see Gwen. Leo says he does mind and tells Ava that when a friend shares a secret with you, you don’t use it to ruin your friend’s life. Ava asks Gwen if they can talk alone. Leo refuses to go anywhere and says Ava could be wearing a wire so he tells her to get the hell out. Gwen agrees. Ava assures that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important. Ava asks Gwen to let her say her piece and then she will go. Leo tells her to go, so Ava starts to leave but Gwen stops her and tells her to go on and say her piece which confuses Leo.

Jake questions Gabi saying she wants him back. Gabi clarifies that she means as her employee. Jake asks if this is a joke or if Johnny is going to pop out with a camera. Gabi assures it’s no joke. Jake tells her that the answer is no. Gabi asks him to at least hear her out. Jake gives her five minutes. Gabi explains that she was only trying to get rid of Jake at DiMera because she thought that he was trying to screw her over, but now that she knows it was the Devil, she wants him back at DiMera. Jake asks what her angle is. Gabi claims there is no angle and that Jake was great with the clients and Mr. Shin has a soft spot for him. Gabi points out that Jake clearly hasn’t found any other employment. Jake questions just going back to work for her and insists that there has to be an angle.

Xander complains about Kayla taking so long. Abigail encourages that she might just be taking more tests. Xander argues that they still haven’t got the results of the last tests yet. Abigail knows it’s frustrating but it’s the only way to find out what’s wrong. Xander worries about waiting to give Sarah the antidote and if she gets worse or dies. Abigail assures that whatever is wrong is not life threatening. Xander questions how she could know. Xander points out that Sarah was fine and then suddenly completely out of it. Abigail suggests it could be temporary or a side effect of the drug. Xander asks if it was like that for her when she was drugged. Abigail knows Xander blames her for what happened to Sarah. Xander says of course he does since if Abigail wasn’t so determined to get revenge on Gwen with that syringe, none of this would be happening. Abigail says he has no idea how sorry she is. Xander asks what good that does but then apologizes and says at least Abigail came forward with the truth that Gwen was more than happy to send Sarah to Hell with a second dose. Xander adds that at least Sarah has a fighting chance now, so as angry as he is, he owes Abigail his thanks.

Gabi insists to Jake that there is no angle and it’s just a smart business move. Jake argues that Gabi doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for her and that helped her get her where she is, but if she wants him to join her, she has to at least be honest. Gabi admits that EJ is making noise about wanting his job back. Gabi claims she’s not scared but needs to be prepared, so she needs what only Jake can offer. Gabi says no matter how qualified she is, she’s not a DiMera by blood which is what counts. Gabi says she will need a DiMera on her side to go against EJ and then when the board sees what a great team they are, they won’t pick EJ over them. Gabi states that this could be the power they talked about. Jake reminds her that a lot has changed. Gabi asks if he has something better going. Jake points out that they just broke up. Gabi says they are both adults so she swears to keep their arrangement platonic, similar to what he has going with Ava. Gabi asks what Jake says.

Gwen tells Leo that it’s alright and he can go, thanking him for stopping by. Leo asks if she’s sure she wants him to leave her alone with Ava. Gwen assures that it’s fine. Leo says he’s there for her if she needs anything because that’s the kind of friend he is, unlike some people. Leo then exits the room. Gwen tells Ava that the sight of her makes her sick. Gwen tells Ava to say what she has to say quickly and get the hell out.

Maggie informs Xander that Kayla just finished examining Sarah and is on her way to rush the test results. Kayla comes over and announces that she just read the test results. Kayla says she’s sorry but according to the latest scans, Sarah’s condition is deteriorating. Kayla knows how frustrating it is for both of them as they hoped the effects of the drug would diminish over time like they did with Abigail. Abigail points out that she got a smaller dose and only once. Kayla says that’s the key difference as the increased dose had more of an effect on Sarah. Xander asks if the antidote would reverse the process. Kayla says she can’t say for sure but that’s what they hope. Kayla declares at this point, it’s their only hope. Maggie argues that it hasn’t been fully vetted. Kayla understands but based on the scans and deterioration, if they don’t intervene, Sarah could end up in a permanently vegetative state. Xander says they can’t let that happen. Kayla knows Maggie doesn’t want to expose Sarah to any more drugs, so it’s her call, but if they don’t try this, she’s afraid it will get worse. Maggie then tearfully instructs Kayla to give Sarah the drug.

Victor tells Sonny that Leo Stark is just the kind of trouble they don’t need. Sonny argues that it could just be an empty threat but since last time, Leo almost torched Titan, he thought he should let him know, especially since Leo already went after Chad. Victor mentions seeing the article in The Intruder and asks when Chad started playing for Sonny’s team. Sonny clarifies that he doesn’t. Victor asks if he’s sure about that. Sonny assures him but says if he’s coming back to Titan, Victor has to promise not to believe everything he reads.

Ava tells Gwen that she came to apologize. Gwen mocks her. Ava says she’s really sorry and she has to believe her. Ava complains that she never meant to sell her out to the cops but they had her dead to rights and she needed a life preserver which was unfortunately Gwen. Gwen asks if she actually thought she could make nice and that all would be forgiven. Gwen complains that Xander and her family hate her and she’s going to prison, so Ava has completely destroyed her life. Gwen yells at Ava to get out. Ava says not quite yet as she didn’t come to beg for her forgiveness, but to help her.

Maggie and Xander return to Sarah’s room. Maggie says it won’t be long. Kayla comes in with the antidote. Maggie confirms she is ready. Kayla then injects Sarah with the antidote.

Sonny walks through the town square and comes across Leo. Sonny questions him still being in town. Leo reminds him that he told him he wasn’t going anywhere. Sonny hoped he wasn’t serious. Leo says there is still so much more to accomplish. Leo congratulates Sonny on being named CEO of Titan and guesses that means Sonny will be sticking around Salem too. Sonny confirms that he will be which Leo calls such good news because he has him right where he wants him. Leo then walks away.

Gabi asks Jake for an answer and then she will go. Jake agrees to come back to work for her. Gabi says that’s great and offers her hand. Jake fist bumps her as Gabi welcomes him back to DiMera. Gabi then exits.

Gwen questions what Ava could do to help her unless she’s a lawyer. Ava says she can do her one better and declares that she’s going to bust Gwen out.

Kayla informs Abigail that she gave Sarah the antidote, so now they wait.

Maggie calls Victor and says there’s no news yet. Victor encourages that Sarah will pull through this. Maggie hopes he’s right. Victor thinks God is on their side. Maggie agrees to keep him posted. They say I love you and hang up. Xander tells Maggie there has been no change yet. Maggie asks if something should be happening by now. Xander says he’s every bit as impatient but they need to give the drug a chance. Sarah starts blinking. Maggie calls out to her. Sarah then looks at Xander and recognizes him, thrilling Maggie and Xander.

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