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Evan/Christian questions what Orpheus is talking about by saying he has another son with Jan Spears and argues that it doesn’t even make sense. Orpheus repeats that Jan Spears gave birth to Evan’s son. Evan says it can’t be. Orpheus asks if he’s saying he did not have sex with Jan, warning him that it’s a sin to tell a lie.

Jan complains to Shawn about not being able to see her baby and hold him. Shawn encourages her. Jan knows he won’t let them send her to prison without holding her baby first. Jan asks what she would ever do without him and then kisses Shawn.

EJ and Belle go to the bedroom and kiss on to the bed. EJ asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle tells EJ to make love to her as they continue kissing.

Chad sits alone at John and Marlena’s until there’s a knock at the door. Chad answers to see Abigail’s brother, JJ has returned. They embrace as JJ breaks down crying that he can’t believe Abigail is really gone. JJ says he just flew in this morning with Theo and he saw Jack and Jennifer, who are doing pretty bad. Chad feels he should go see them. JJ says they are at the funeral home, making arrangements. Jack and Jennifer then arrive at the door. Jennifer hugs Chad as he cries.

Orpheus asks Evan if he remembers whether or not he slept with Jan. Evan flashes back to meeting Jan in prison. She told him that she had just lost the love of her life. Evan asked if there was anything he could do. Jan responded that there was and kissed Evan. Evan then admits to Orpheus that he did have sex with Jan. Orpheus declares that a new life was then born.

Shawn questions Jan kissing him. Jan calls it an expression of how much she loves him. Shawn reminds her that they talked about this and she knows where they stand. Jan declares that he’s the father of her baby and they belong together. Jan grabs Shawn and kisses him again. Shawn pulls away as Brady and Chloe enter the room. Brady comments that it looks like Jan has made a full recovery.

Jennifer mentions the kids sleeping peacefully. Chad says he will check on them soon and brings up that they were the funeral home and feels he should’ve done that. Jack tells Chad to be there for his children and not worry about anything else. Jennifer informs Chad that Abigail’s funeral will be the day after tomorrow and the director wanted to know if there was something they wanted her to wear. Jennifer asks if Chad wanted to pick something out. Chad cries that he doesn’t think he could do that.

EJ and Belle lay in bed together after making love. EJ says it was wonderful. Belle says the last few months made her feel really alone but not when she’s with him. EJ thinks they both want to shut out the outside world, but there’s also a real pull that has nothing to do with running away. EJ tells Belle that he wants to be with her and get to know the real her. EJ states that Belle comes across as confident and straightforward but she’s actually quite complicated. EJ says Belle is here with him now but something she’s not telling him is going on. EJ jokes that he is getting to know her. EJ asks Belle to tell him what it is and how she feels right now. Belle responds that she feels happy but also very guilty.

Jan questions what the hell Brady and Chloe are doing here and says no one asked them to come. Brady asks to speak to Shawn in private, saying it’s important. Chloe says she’ll stay and keep Jan company as Shawn exits with Brady. Jan tells Chloe that she doesn’t need company, she needs peace and calm as she is breastfeeding. Chloe tells Jan to drop the Madonna act as she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Evan tells Orpheus that he and Jan only slept together once. Orpheus tells him that once is all it takes. Evan questions how the hell Orpheus would know if he got her pregnant. Orpheus reveals that he met Jan himself not long after they were together. Orpheus flashes back to meeting Jan while cleaning in the prison and Jan told him that she was waiting on her pregnancy test results. Orpheus asked Jan who the lucky father was. Evan asks if she told him that it was him. Orpheus reveals that Jan told him that it was Detective Shawn Brady.

EJ tells Belle that he knew it. Belle assures that it’s not what she didn’t want this to happen, but she made vows and promised Shawn that she would never break them again and she has. EJ asks what about Shawn sleeping with Jan Spears, knocking her up, moving her in to Belle’s house and becoming her full time caretaker. EJ argues that Shawn vowed to stand by Belle for better or worse.

Evan questions Orpheus about Jan saying Shawn was the father. Orpheus argues that it wouldn’t be the first time in Jan’s life that she lied. Orpheus flashes back to continuing his conversation with Jan. Jan got upset when Orpheus told her that she wasn’t going to live happily ever after with Shawn until Orpheus revealed who he was. Orpheus told Jan that he knew the truth that she was trying to pass off another man’s child as Shawn’s because he knows everything that goes on in the prison walls. Jan asked if he would rat her out but Orpheus said no and that he would help her. Evan questions if Orpheus is planning on passing off his baby as Shawn’s. Orpheus clarifies that he’s not planning to as the mission is already accomplished.

Chloe tells Jan that she’s never really had a high opinion of her, but using her own child to get her hooks in to Shawn is a new low. Jan says Chloe’s opinion means nothing to her but that she’s wrong as having a baby has changed her and Shawn senses that. Jan declares that she’s sorry but she gave Shawn a son and every man wants a son. Jan remarks that it’s not her fault that Belle wasn’t up to the task.

Chad cries about having to enter the bedroom with Rafe. Jack encourages him that he doesn’t have to talk about it. Jennifer assures that she and Jack will take care of the dress. Chad thanks her as they cry. JJ and Jack step aside. Jack asks if JJ is staying with Chad which he confirms. Jack asks if JJ is okay. JJ admits he’s not. Jack says he’s not either as they hug. Jennifer tries to encourage Chad to eat and take care of himself. Jennifer tells Jack they should get this over with. Jennifer asks JJ to make sure Chad eats. Jack and Jennifer then exit together. Chad tells JJ that it’s not right that they are taking care of him. JJ says they take care of him so he can take care of his kids and they will all do whatever they can to get through this. Chad questions who would do this to them. Chad argues that it shouldn’t be like this as he keeps thinking about the fact that the person who did this is out there walking around, knowing they got away with it. JJ assures they will find out who did it and they will pay. Chad talks about Rafe not having much to go on but some stuff being stolen which could’ve been just to make it look like a robbery. Chad worries that whoever did this set out to kill Abigail. JJ brings up Gwen but Chad says she was in prison so it couldn’t have been her. Chad thought it was over and they got through all of the crap. Chad tells JJ that Abigail was happy and they were finally happy.

Jack and Jennifer go to the DiMera Mansion and slowly enter Abigail and Chad’s bedroom. Jennifer looks around the room and sees Abigail’s things then says she now understands why Chad couldn’t come back in the room. Jennifer tells Jack that she doesn’t know if she can do this.

Evan tells Orpheus to stop playing games and tell him what’s going on. Orpheus responds that he already did. Orpheus explains that he gave his word to Jan that he would help her pass off Evan’s baby as Shawn’s and that’s what he did. Orpheus flashes back to telling Jan that she was going to need his help with the paternity test, so she asked what’s in it for him. Evan says that’s a good question and also asks Orpheus what’s in it for him. Orpheus claims he’s just a romantic at heart. Evan guesses he switched the tests for Jan and now Shawn thinks Jan is giving birth to his baby. Orpheus reveals to Evan that Jan has already given birth.

Chloe tells Jan that’s a stupid and offensive thing to say, even for her. Jan declares that she and Shawn have a son together which is an unbreakable bond as God has made them a family. Chloe laughs and says God has nothing to do with it. Chloe reminds Jan that she sold her soul to the Devil. Jan tells Chloe to leave and not come back. Jan threatens to tell Shawn the horrible things that she’s said to her and says it’s not good for the baby for her to be upset. Chloe says Jan can milk the situation for all it’s worth, but deep down it’s not going to turn out any differently than her other stunts over the years. Chloe adds that Shawn will never stop loving Belle. Jan argues that he might stop forgiving Belle. Jan says she’ll always be faithful, so he’ll never have to forgive her for an indiscretion but that’s always been an issue for Belle. Jan claims she worries about Belle getting so restless when Shawn is busy elsewhere. Jan hopes Belle found someone or something to occupy the empty hours while Shawn is with her at the hospital. Chloe flashes back to Belle telling her about staying with EJ. Jan remarks that maybe Belle could knit something for the baby.

Jan tells EJ that Shawn was tricked in to sleeping with Jan, so it wasn’t adultery but this is. EJ disagrees since she and Shawn are legally separated. Belle calls that a legal technicality while she’s talking about marriage and commitment. EJ questions what marriage and commitment since Shawn caved to Jan and basically told Belle that Jan is calling the shots and she had nothing to say about it. EJ calls it abandonment and points out that Shawn signed the separation papers willingly. Belle brings up that Shawn said she filed those papers so she could sleep with EJ and maybe he was right.

Evan can’t believe Jan already had the baby. Orpheus says that’s how he knew it was a boy. Evan counts in his head and says it’s too early. Orpheus confirms the baby was premature. Evan asks if he’s okay and wants to see him. Orpheus reveals that the baby is at the hospital and the whole point is that he needs Jan on the outside. Evan questions what he’s up to.

Shawn tells Brady that if he’s trying to save he and Belle’s marriage then he should be talking to Belle because she has shut him out at every corner. Shawn argues that he thought he was making love to Belle and thought he did nothing wrong, but that meant nothing to Belle. Shawn repeats that if Brady is trying to help them, he shouldn’t be talking to him, he should be talking to his sister. Shawn then walks away. Chloe comes out of the room and goes to Brady, guessing that didn’t go well. Brady declares that Shawn is right that he needs to talk to Belle now.

EJ tells Belle that they had a very honest talk and were both upfront that there was an element of sticking it to Shawn and Sami, but that was just an element. EJ declares he’s wanted Belle for a very long time and he knows she wants the same, which she admits. EJ suggests they stop talking about guilt which is basically talking about them. EJ wants this night to just be about them. EJ wants to spend the night with her by his side and to see her face when he wakes up in the morning.

Chad tells JJ that he keeps going back in his mind and trying to rewind so that they left for Boston the night before like Abigail wanted to, before he talked her out of it. JJ argues that there’s no way he could’ve known what would happen. Chad says he can picture them there being happy. Chad cries that he can hear Abigail’s laugh and see her smile.

Jack suggests Jennifer go downstairs while he picks something out and will be right down. Jennifer says she couldn’t do that to him, so they will do this together. Jennifer looks in the closet and tells a story about a dress Abigail bought when she was with her. Jack decides that’s the dress and suggests she tell Chad that story when he’s ready to hear it.

Orpheus informs Evan that he made a deal with Jan; he helps her dupe Shawn and she helps him with a little favor. Evan questions what he told her and how he convinced her that he was willing to screw over his own son to help her. Orpheus reveals that Jan has no idea that they are father and son, just like Shawn has no idea that he’s not the baby’s father.

Shawn returns to Jan’s hospital room. Jan complains that Chloe was horrible to her and says Shawn needs to tell Brady to keep Chloe away from her. Shawn agrees to tell Brady to have Chloe back off but says Jan needs to listen to him and hear what he has to say. Jan questions if he’s mad at her. Shawn explains that he’s frustrated because she shouldn’t have kissed him as she cannot turn this in to something that it isn’t. Jan claims she’s not trying to and says that when she kissed him, she found out that it’s not just her imagination and he felt something too. Jan states that she knows that now.

JJ admits he feels a little weird being here instead of Chad’s brothers since he wasn’t always Chad’s biggest fan. Chad understands he never thought he was good enough for Abigail. JJ tells him that he’s sorry. Chad says he was probably right but JJ insists that he wasn’t. Chad says his brothers would probably just try to say the right thing while JJ knew Abigail better than anyone and loved her. Chad says his brothers couldn’t understand how much he loved Abigail while JJ does. JJ wants Chad to know that he changed his mind after awhile and seeing them together, so he thought maybe Chad was good enough for her. JJ declares that anyone good enough for Abigail is pretty damn good in his book. JJ states that his parents only had one son, but he has a brother as he and Chad embrace.

Jennifer seals up the dress for Abigail to be buried in. Jack tells her that they did it. Jennifer thanks him and says now they just have to get through the funeral. Jack encourages that they will do that just like they did this; together. Jack and Jennifer then exit together.

Belle tells EJ that she can’t stay here because she’s not ready for spending the night and waking up with him yet. EJ tells her that he will hold on to the yet. Belle kisses EJ and then gets out of his bed. Belle adds that it was wonderful as they say goodnight to each other and Belle then exits the room.

Chloe doesn’t think Brady should go see Belle right now. Brady insists that he needs to talk to Belle now. Chloe encourages him to wait until the morning. Brady questions if she’s trying to tell him something. Chloe says she’s not telling him anything other than that he shouldn’t go over there tonight.

Jan insists that she knows Shawn felt the same way she did when they kissed. Shawn refuses to listen to this. Jan shouts that they are going to be a family and he’s going to come around as Shawn storms out of the room.

Evan questions Orpheus not telling him that he knew he had sex with Jan Spears, that she got pregnant, and that he switched the paternity tests and now won’t tell him what he’s getting in return. Orpheus says he knows it might seem like he doesn’t trust him, but he’s in the middle of a high stakes game and needs to keep his cards close to the vest.

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