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Recap written by Christine

Nikki stopped by Newman Media to invite Victor to lunch, but he said he couldn’t get away. She noticed he was holding an envelope like it was gold, or a bomb. He said these were the papers sent by Michael about Ashland. She said it was definitely a bomb, then. He thought Victoria deserved to see them. Nikki wanted Victor to tread carefully, so he didn’t alienate their daughter further. He didn’t want to do this, but Ashland forced his hand. He said Victoria needed to know what kind of man she married.

Victor went to Victoria’s office and told her they needed to talk. Unless Victor was here to apologize and take back the disgusting allegations he made about Ashland, Victoria had nothing to say to him. Victor wished he was wrong. He refused to leave until Victoria looked through the folder. She’d seen all she needed to see. She said he was so controlling that he’d even destroy her marriage all because another man had a say in the family business. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he was insistent that Ashland had been lying about his illness. She asked if he really thought he could blackmail Ashland with these outrageous lies and get him to leave her. Victor thought Victoria would rather be angry with him than enraged at Ashland. Victoria couldn’t stand being patronized this way. She told him to leave her office. Victor couldn’t stand by and watch Victoria be deceived any longer.

Victoria was so sick of all the men in her life saying they loved her, then hurting her. Victor wasn’t trying to cause Victoria more pain. He was trying to prevent her from suffering. It broke his heart to tell her what he’d learned about Ashland. She said he’d learned lies. He said there was an overwhelming amount of evidence. She challenged him to show her the evidence. She even reached out to Michael, and he never called her back. Victor held up the envelope and said it was here. She asked why he was going through these lengths. He said he was trying to protect her and the company. Victoria revealed that Ashland was the co-CEO now. “We signed the contracts, so it looks like you’ve lost the game,” she said.

Victor had proof of large payments that the doctor received before he disappeared. Victoria said whoever was setting Ashland up paid the doctor to make those statements. Victor had hoped he was wrong about Ashland, and that was why he sent Michael down to investigate. Victor said that Michael found that the payments were made by a shell company owned by Locke Communications. He said Michael sent the papers from Peru before he disappeared. Victoria was startled and asked more about the disappearance.

Victor said Michael fell off the face of the earth. He and Michael used to talk two or three times a day, and now – nothing. Victor said he should’ve been able to find Michael by now. Lauren was worried too. Victor implied that Ashland got to Michael. Victoria thought it was insane to suggest that Ashland harmed Michael. Victor didn’t know Michael had been harmed. Maybe Ashland had Michael locked away, to buy time. Victoria wouldn’t hear of it. She was adamant that her husband was innocent. Victor told Victoria to read the papers, and he said he had copies. He was deeply sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. He loved and adored her, and he only wanted what was best for her. He left.

Nikki ran into Ashland at Society. He got up, and she turned around and started toward the door. He asked her to stay and hear him out. Nikki said she didn’t have time. Ashland knew how this must look. He was sure Victor filled Nikki’s head with all kinds of accusations. She said no one planted ideas in her head that she didn’t think deserved to be there. He just wanted to tell her his side of the story, so she could decide for herself. He sensed she wasn’t convinced as Victor by the word of one unscrupulous doctor. She was willing to hear him out. He said they’d been working together for awhile, and she’d seen how profound his love was for Victoria. He thought she must realize he’d never ever mastermind the plot Victor was accusing him of, and he’d never hurt Victoria that way.

Nikki didn’t want to believe Ashland was capable of coming up with this plot. However, Victor said there was too much evidence that couldn’t have been fabricated. “And yet he’s willing to believe that I fabricated mountains of evidence to somehow fake an illness I don’t have? Do you not see the contradiction?,” he asked. Nikki said someone was lying, and she hoped it was a doctor at the clinic, but it was becoming harder not to think it was Ashland. He asked if she was saying Victor found more of this so-called evidence.

Nikki asked what kind of evidence Ashland thought Victor could’ve come up with. Ashland said it didn’t matter. He didn’t want to guess what was going on in Victor’s mind. He just wanted to find a way to get past this. Nikki asked what Ashland expected of her. He said he needed Nikki to be on his side. He said Victor wouldn’t stop until he poisoned Victoria against Ashland. Nikki wanted to know what Ashland thought Victor’s motives were. He didn’t know. He suggested Victor felt threatened by Ashland’s recovery. Nikki said that was baseless – Victor wasn’t easily threatened, especially by Ashland. She said Victor’s only agenda was protecting Victoria. Ashland said that he only cared about protecting Victoria and their marriage. He asked if she’d ever seen her daughter happier.

Nikki said Ashland knew how supportive she and Victor had been of the wedding and the couple’s happiness. She pointed out that they had a beautiful wedding at the Tuscan villa that became a wedding gift. She reminded him of the lengths Victor and his sons went through to protect Ashland’s reputation and company. He was grateful for all of that, so the turnaround seemed so much more puzzling. Nikki said for Ashland to betray them after all that made it more devastating and unforgivable. He said the unforgivable thing for him was the precious time he was losing with Victoria. He said that no one promised him that this treatment was a magical cure. Nikki wanted to know what the doctors said, since Ashland had been vague about his condition. Ashland said he’d only been told his cancer was in remission for the moment, so it was horrible that instead of being able to spend the extra time he had with Victoria working side by side, he was having to fight for the love of his life.

Nikki said that if Ashland was being honest, he had to prove it. Ashland said he was working on it. Nikki said that he couldn’t be expected to be taken at his word – he’d need evidence, and if he could deliver, Victor would apologize.

Nikki and Victor met back up at Newman Media. Nikki was concerned Victor and Victoria’s relationship wouldn’t recover. Victor didn’t take the stuff Victoria said personally, because he knew she wasn’t actually angry with him. Victor said that Victoria might not immediately believe the documents, but he was sure she’d come around to his side. He knew it would be traumatic for Victoria to learn the depth of Ashland’s deceit.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office. She closed the door and told him about Victor, the envelope, and Victor’s theories on Michael. She said Victor had records of payments being sent to the Peruvian doctor. They were sent from a very small and obscure radio division, owned by Locke Communications – one you’d have to look really hard to find. “Tell me something, Ashland. Why would a small company that we own, that’s barely on anyone’s radar be sending a steady stream of money to a doctor who is connected with your treatment,” Victoria asked.

In LA, Jack told Allie that he wanted to talk to her about Hao Nguyen – his son Keemo. Allie said Hao Nguyen was a common name, and Jack must have the wrong guy. Jack said he was certain he had the right person. She asked what they wanted – Hao was dead. He said he came here for answers about his son. “Look, Hao couldn’t possibly be your son. He’s my dad, and he never mentioned you,” Allie replied.

Allie said her dad never knew his father – he was the result of an affair her grandmother had in Vietnam. Jack said her name was Luan. Allie asked if Jack was claiming he was here to track down his son after his death. He gently told her that her father didn’t tell her the whole truth. He explained that he and Luan were Hao’s parents, and Keemo was his given name. Allie said her dad told her that he didn’t know anything about his father growing up. Jack said that was true – he didn’t know anything about Keemo until his son was a young adult. Allie didn’t believe it, and she wanted proof. Jack pulled out the picture of him and Luan on their wedding day. Allie was stunned. Luan died before Allie was born, but she’d seen other pictures of her grandmother, and she recognized Luan and the younger Jack. “Your father was our best man,” Jack said.

This doesn’t prove anything. If my dad knew who his father was, why didn’t he tell me? Why would he lie to me and my mother like that?,” Allie challenged. She said that the picture just showed Jack married her grandmother, it didn’t mean he was her… “You’re grandfather,” Jack said. Allie looked shaken up, and she needed to sit down. Jack showed Allie the paperwork he gave Keemo on the wedding day. It legally and personally acknowledged Jack was Keemo’s father. Allie didn’t understand why her dad hid all this. Jack repeated the whole story about accidentally finding out Luan was sick, and hiding it from Keemo, out of respect for Luan’s wishes. Keemo didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his mom, and he was devastated and furious with Jack. Jack tried hard to fix it, and he thought he had, but then he started getting bitter emails from Keemo. Keemo cut Jack off and changed his name.

Allie said if this was all true, it was clear that her father wanted nothing to do with Jack, so why was he here? He told her about the mysterious texts. She was upset to hear that Jack had been going through her father’s house and searching through his things. Jack understood how Allie felt, and he’d felt conflicted about that as well. He said he was seeking closure – his son died, and he wanted to know what kind of man he became. He showed her the letters written by Keemo. Allie snatched them away and asked what gave Jack the right to read those. He told her they were addressed to him. He encouraged her to read them. She unfolded one and burst into tears. She couldn’t bear to read it, so she asked Jack what they said. He said that the letters revealed that Keemo was thinking of reconnecting with him. Jack said Keemo never got the chance, because he died. Allie looked at a letter and sobbed because that was her father’s handwriting, and these were snippets of his thoughts. She was struggling with accepting that her dad was gone. Now she was seeing a side of her dad that she never knew about. Jack asked if Allie had anyone to lean on. Allie’s parents divorced a few years ago, and her mom moved to the east coast, and she hadn’t seen her mom much sense. Her mom did fly out for the funeral, but she left soon after. With a hint of bitterness in her voice, Allie stated her mother said that she’d needed to get back to work. Jack realized he was probably the last person Allie would seek comfort in, but it just killed him that she was all alone. She said she’d be fine.

Phyllis asked if Allie’s mother could know the truth and be the one sending the texts. Allie doubted it. Phyllis implied that Allie might be the texter. Allie was adamant that she’d never even heard of Jack Abbott was before today. Jack believed Allie, but he said someone thought they should meet. Allie had no idea who that person should be. Allie said whoever sent the texts wasted their time. She had grad school and a life to live, and if her father couldn’t bring himself to reconcile with Jack, she had no reason to either. “I think you and your friend should go back to where you came from,” she said. She told them to forget this encounter happened, and she rushed toward the door. Jack called Allie and said he couldn’t do that.

Jack was sorry, but he couldn’t pretend he never met Allie. He knew this was hard for her. What he’d learned was hard for him too. Someone wanted him to come here, and as painful as it had been to find out about all he lost, he was glad he came because he got to meet her. No one knew more than him how hard it was not to be able to go to your father and ask for answers. He hoped, in time, he and Allie could find answers in each other. He knew he was a stranger now, but he hoped they could be more to each other, in time. Allie was sorry, but she wasn’t interested. Jack said Allie had his number, so she could call. She didn’t want to. He asked if he could keep the contents of the box. She took a quick look and said she didn’t want any of it. He picked up the necklace he’d given Luan and tried to give it to Allie. She seemed moved by it, but then she steeled herself and coolly said “no thanks.” Allie was sorry everyone wasted their time. She left. Jack looked devastated, and Phyllis comforted him.

Jack hoped that Allie would come back after she processed things. Phyllis said enough about Allie – she wanted to talk about Jack. She knew he must be stunned. He said it was quite the surprise, finding a granddaughter. He couldn’t expect Allie to embrace him – she didn’t know he existed. Phyllis told Jack not to suppress his emotions with her. He didn’t want to dump everything on her. She said that was why she came. He said he was overwhelmed. She suggested that Allie would come around. She said it seemed like Keemo passed his bitter feelings to the next generation. Jack thought Allie was just honoring his father’s wishes. Jack respected that. It seemed like Allie and Keemo were close, and Jack was glad that Keemo had love in his life. Phyllis said that was nice, but she wanted to know how Jack really felt. He said yesterday, he learned his son was thinking about repairing their relationship, today he learned that Keemo had a daughter he never wanted Jack to know. It broke Jack’s heart.

Jack had to focus on the here and now – and that was Allie, the sweet young woman dealing with the loss of her father on her own. Jack had picked up on the tension Allie showed when she talked about her mother.

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