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Devil Allie tells Evan that it’s the second time she’s had to knock Jake out as he’s really becoming a pain in the ass. Evan asks what they are going to do with him. Allie says it wasn’t part of the plan but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Susan wonders if EJ was right about her psychic powers and decides she just needs some rest. Susan then lays down in the bed with Johnny’s coat and dreams about arguing with Johnny being the Devil where the Devil revealed himself to her and then made her lose her memory. Susan then wakes up in a panic, realizing that Johnny has been possessed by the Devil.

Belle asks EJ if Susan said why she thought Johnny was in danger. EJ explains that Susan kept insisting that Johnny didn’t write the letter left behind and that his brother Andre did, even though Andre has been dead for years.

Andre announces that since Ben decided to save Johnny’s life, he’s about to end Ben’s. Johnny warns that killing Ben would be a big mistake which Andre questions.

Ciara returns home and is shocked to find Evan inside. Evan claims he was just catching up with an old friend as he reveals The Devil has transformed Jake in to “Ben” now being on the floor. Evan says Ciara can scream but he won’t hear her. Ciara questions what he did to him. Evan asks what it looks like and claims that he killed her husband.

Belle says EJ obviously knows Susan better than she does, but asks what if she’s right. EJ explains that Susan was first convinced it was Tony but then latched onto the idea that it was Andre. EJ thinks all the talk of demonic possession has gotten to Susan, so hopefully a good night’s rest will get her together.

Susan doesn’t understand why she can’t remember any of this. Susan then prays to God to bring her memory back so maybe she can save Johnny from the Devil’s powers. Susan then has more flashbacks to her confrontation with Devil Johnny and how he used his powers to convince her to leave Salem. Susan realizes that the Devil touched her forehead, making her forget that he possessed Johnny.

Andre mocks Johnny making a friend in Ben but says that’s about to come to an end. Johnny asks why he would want to strangle Ben when he’s a stone cold killer and they could use him. Andre says he has his orders. Johnny argues that Ben is the Necktie Killer while Andre was the Salem Slasher so they could do damage to the world. Johnny asks if Andre is not allowed to think for himself anymore and if he’s just been turned in to the Devil’s little errand boy.

Tripp and Chanel eat together in the town square. Tripp and Chanel talk about being done letting things that remind them of Allie get to them. Chanel declares that Allie has caused them both enough misery, so it’s time for that to stop which Tripp agrees with.

Ciara checks on “Ben” and argues that it can’t be real and that Evan is supposed to be in prison. Evan complains about being locked up while Ben was playing house with Ciara. Ciara starts to cry as she tries to wake “Ben” up. Evan then grabs a knife from the kitchen and tells Ciara that she’s wasting her breath because he’s dead and she’s next. Devil Allie then appears to knock out Evan with a frying pan to pretend to Ciara that she’s just Allie and she asks who Evan was. Ciara explains that he’s Orpheus’ son and an escaped convict. Ciara says she’ll explain more later but now they have to help “Ben” because Evan tried to strangle him. Ciara cries that “Ben” is cold. Allie tells Ciara that she’s sorry but he doesn’t have a pulse. Devil Allie remarks that this is out of God’s hands now and that Ben is gone as Ciara breaks down crying.

Andre warns Johnny that he may have been Stefano’s favorite but Stefano is dead while he is undead. Johnny claims he meant no disrespect but talks about what a duo Andre and Ben could be. Andre tells Johnny that he’s sorry but he’s not interested. Andre then wraps the necktie around Ben’s neck.

Belle asks EJ when he last spoke to Johnny. EJ says it was before he was sent to prison. Belle asks if it’s unusual for them to be out of touch that long. Belle knows their relationship is complicated. EJ thinks she means that he’s a terrible father. Belle apologizes if she triggered him by asking if he talked to Johnny recently. EJ says it was his guilt as he often feels like his son is a stranger to him, maybe because he reminds him so much of Sami. EJ declares that he won’t give up and hopes to earn his son’s respect eventually. EJ adds that he’s contacted him numerous times to no response. Belle questions the only evidence that Johnny is okay being a letter that Susan is convinced he didn’t write. EJ talks about Susan’s premonition this time being so vague. Susan then rushes in, explaining that it wasn’t a premonition but a memory. Susan declares that Johnny is the Devil himself.

Ciara tells Allie that she’s wrong because Ben always comes back to her. Ciara tells Allie to call an ambulance but Allie says it won’t help. Ciara says she’ll do it herself. Allie warns that Evan is starting to wake up so Ciara needs to go now. Ciara cries that she can’t leave Ben. Allie tells Ciara to think about herself and the baby, so she needs to go. Ciara cries that she loves Ben as Allie hurries Ciara out the door with her.

EJ asks what Susan is saying. Susan apologizes to Belle and explains that the Devil set her up. Belle points out that Johnny was the only other person that was here that day. Susan explains that Johnny was at Marlena’s exorcism, so the Devil left her body to take over Johnny’s. EJ calls it ridiculous but Belle points out that it would explain why she doesn’t have the gaps in her memory like Marlena did. Susan confirms that Satan wasn’t using Belle to do his bidding, it was Johnny.

Johnny argues that Andre isn’t thinking this through. Andre yells at him to shut up and let him get on. Johnny talks about Andre living in Stefano’s shadow and now doing the Devil’s dirty work. Johnny urges Andre to think about how he will be remembered if he forced Ben to go on a killing spree with him instead. Johnny asks why Andre would strangle Ben when he could make him want to kill again.

Chanel tells Tripp that it’s interesting how they bonded over being hurt by the same person. Tripp admits it feels really good to vent to someone who totally gets it. Chanel agrees that it helps. Tripp decides he’s going to the gym before work. Tripp tells her that next time, lunch is on him. Tripp then gets a call from Rafe, asking if he could possibly come over to Nicole’s and watch Henry until she gets back. Tripp asks where Allie is. Rafe says that Nicole got a text that Allie had something important to deal with. Tripp questions it being more important than her kid. Rafe understands but says he has a case to handle. Tripp agrees to be right there and hangs up. Tripp tells Chanel so much for the gym as Rafe is alone with Henry and has to leave while Allie left a text that something came up. Chanel points out that Allie did the same thing the night before she broke up with her. Tripp questions Allie neglecting her son.

Devil Allie drives Ciara in her car while Ciara complains that this is a mistake and they should’ve stayed because Allie is not an expert in checking pulses so Ben could still be alive and in shock. Ciara wants Allie to turn around and go back but Allie says they can’t go back since Evan is on the loose, so Ben would want her to get her as far away from him as possible.

Evan regains consciousness and says the crazy bitch must have turned on him. Evan says he really wanted to kill Ben and Ciara himself, so he feels cheated. Evan decides he should get out of here before the cops show up, so he exits the apartment, leaving Jake unconscious on the floor. Jake then starts to move.

Belle goes over the Devil wiping Susan’s memory of realizing that he was in Johnny. EJ questions the Devil possessing Johnny and then convincing him to go to Italy. Susan argues that Johnny isn’t in Italy and didn’t write the letter, so she knows Johnny is still in Salem. Belle says they better find him then. EJ and Susan talk about how the letter didn’t sound like Johnny. Susan points out that it sounded more like Andre. EJ reminds her that Andre is dead. Susan asks who stays dead in this town. Belle asks where they should start looking. Susan informs them that the Devil has a favorite spot where he tormented her and John and it’s right out there in the family crypt. EJ questions her saying Johnny has been in the crypt this entire time which she confirms. Belle tells EJ that Susan is right since John told her all about the crypt, so he has to go check it out. Belle decides she will call Eric because if Johnny is possessed, there will have to be an exorcism. EJ can’t believe they are talking about this as he thought this whole Devil thing was mass hysteria. Susan insists that it’s real, so EJ agrees to go to the crypt. Susan declares that they will have to stop the Devil as she and EJ head outside.

Ciara asks Allie where they are going since they should be going to the police station, looking out for Christian/Evan, and calling for help for Ben. Devil Allie uses his powers to create a fake phone call with Rafe and puts it on speaker so Ciara hears “Rafe” saying that he’s already at Ciara’s and that it was too late for Ben. “Rafe” instructs Allie to send Ciara somewhere safe like the Horton Cabin which Allie then agrees to do. Allie tells Ciara that she has to think of her baby now and that she’s going to take good care of them.

Rafe breaks in to Ben and Ciara’s apartment to find Jake regaining consciousness on the floor and asks him what happened. Jake explains he answered a knock at the door and it was the guy who locked up Ciara, Christian Maddox. Rafe acknowledges that Christian escaped from prison tonight but Jake says it was somebody else. Rafe asks where Ben and Ciara are and if he has them. Jake complains of his head hurting while Rafe encourages him to stay with him.

Andre tells Johnny that he can see he’s learned the art of the pitch, so he’s agreed not to kill Ben, but he did promise the Devil a kill, so he’s afraid Johnny’s dreams are coming to an end. Andre starts to strangle Johnny. Ben yells for him to let him go. EJ then bursts in to the Crypt to save Johnny. EJ asks what’s happening. Ben says Andre was trying to kill him. Andre claims to be Tony and that he’s been possessed by the Devil. Susan then walks in and stabs Andre in the back, causing him to turn back in to dust. EJ questions what the hell she has done. Susan explains that it wasn’t Tony, it was Andre. EJ thanks Susan for saving Johnny’s life. Johnny and Ben ask to be un chained. EJ tells Johnny that he’s so sorry he didn’t figure this out earlier but he’s glad he’s still alive. Johnny admits it was scary. EJ gets Johnny freed from the chains and then hands the key to Susan. Johnny declares that he has to find Chanel. Susan doesn’t want Johnny going anywhere until they know he’s not possessed. Johnny points out that he’s been chained this whole time. Ben assures that Johnny is telling the truth and is not possessed anymore as the Devil has moved on. EJ asks who is possessed now.

Ciara argues that this doesn’t make sense since if Ben were dead, she would feel it inside as that’s how connected they are. Allie guesses she’s just in shock and encourages her to lie back and close her eyes since stress is not good for the baby. Ciara complains that if Ben is really gone, she’ll never feel good again.

Tripp and Chanel go to Nicole’s to watch Henry. Tripp finishes a work call while Chanel finishes putting Henry to sleep. Tripp thanks her for coming with him as Henry hadn’t seen him in awhile so he was worried that Henry would be scared of him. Chanel assures that Henry wasn’t scared and smiled big when he saw him. Chanel cannot believe that Allie said she was too busy to watch her own son. Tripp agrees it’s unlike her and asks if she has any idea what’s going on with her. Tripp worries that things have gotten to be too much for Allie like being raped, having Henry at such a young age, her parents leaving, and what happened between them. Chanel admits she and Johnny didn’t make things any easier. Tripp and Chanel complain about Johnny. Chanel adds that she’s thankful that Paulina stopped them from sleeping together as things would have gotten a lot messier. Tripp agrees that sex and drunk doesn’t work out. Chanel feels that would’ve ruined their chances of being friends. Tripp gets a text from Nicole that Holly’s dance class is over so they are heading home. Tripp offers to drop Chanel off on his way to the hospital but Chanel asks if she can go with him to visit Lani. Tripp says he’d like her company.

Johnny explains to EJ that the Devil went from him to Allie and locked him up in here. Johnny insists they need to get Allie help and he needs to see Chanel. EJ assures he will but he’s going to the hospital first. Susan gets Ben free from the chains. Ben talks about Allie knocking him out and they don’t know what she did to Ciara, so he has to find her before it’s too late. Ben then races out of the Crypt.

Devil Allie remarks that she knows Ciara doesn’t believe it, but she’s going to take such good care of her. Devil Allie’s eyes glow as she continues driving. Allie promises they will be safe at the cabin. Ciara demands that Allie turn around as she wants to go home.

Johnny insists that he’s fine and doesn’t need to go to the hospital. EJ questions how long it’s been since he’s eaten. Johnny almost collapses so EJ decides he’s going to the hospital and then they will deal with Allie and find Chanel. EJ instructs Susan to go back to the house to inform Belle as they then exit the Crypt.

Jake tells Rafe that he feels like he got hit with a sledgehammer but it wasn’t Christian since he was looking at him when he got nailed from behind. Rafe asks if he has any idea where Ben and Ciara are now. Jake says Ciara said she hadn’t seen Ben since waking up this morning and she was heading to the hospital to see if Marlena had seen Ben. Rafe worries that they now have no idea where either one of them are. Jake suggests maybe Ciara found Ben and they are together. Rafe hopes they are somewhere where Christian can’t track them down.

Susan returns to the living room and informs Belle that they found Johnny in the Crypt, so EJ had to take him to the hospital but she thinks he will be okay. Susan talks about how Johnny was chained up. Belle worries that he could have died. Susan says Johnny will be fine and then reveals that the Devil is now in Allie.

Allie questions Ciara wanting to turn the car around. Allie says she’s sorry but they can’t do that. Ciara orders her to stop the car now or she’s going to scream.

At the hospital, Chanel and Tripp catch up with each other. Chanel tells him that Lani is hungry so she’s going to get her something to eat while Tripp jokes that the hospital barely survived without him. Tripp tells Chanel that he’s really glad they are getting along so he’s really sorry if he ever hurt her feelings while Allie was deciding which one she wanted. Chanel admits she should’ve been upfront with him about how she felt about Allie since he didn’t deserve what happened. Chanel praises Tripp as a catch. Tripp points out that he hasn’t had luck with women. Chanel says that’s just because he hasn’t found the right woman but she predicts someday soon, he will meet the right woman who will be so lucky to have a guy like him. Tripp and Chanel embrace as EJ brings Johnny in to the hospital and sees them.

Belle complains that she wanted to believe the Devil was gone and asks Susan if she’s absolutely sure that he’s taken over Allie. Susan confirms that she is as Johnny and Ben told her the whole story. Susan wonders what the Devil has Allie doing now.

Evan/Christian shows up in the DiMera Crypt and notes that Allie said he could hang out here, but didn’t mention how creepy it was. He notes the chains and remarks that it looks like he missed all the fun.

Rafe thinks Jake should get looked at for a concussion. Jake says he’ll be fine but Rafe insists. Jake tries to stand but falls so he agrees that a trip to the hospital is not a bad idea. Rafe and Jake go to leave but Ben arrives, asking where Ciara is. Jake questions where Ben has been since Ciara is out looking for him. Ben announces that they have to find her because the Devil is back and still wants their baby.

Allie stops the car and tells Ciara that she’s upset but not thinking straight, so she’s here to keep her safe and insists on bringing her to the cabin. Ciara cries that she wants to go home and be with Ben, feeling that she abandoned him. Allie tells Ciara that Ben is gone but Ciara insists that she wants to go home right now. Ciara talks about Ben being the love of her life and she needs to be with him. Allie points out their wedding vows say til death do them part and now it’s done just that.

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