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Nicole goes to the Bistro and sees Jake having a drink. She comments on him taking advantage of happy hour. Jake invites her to join him but Nicole says she is meeting Rafe in a few minutes. Jake says to give his best to her new boyfriend while Nicole tells him not to give her best to his new roommate.

Gabi calls Rafe and says he won’t be sorry that his lawyer gave her a copy of his case file. Rafe asks if she got a lead. Gabi reveals that she tracked down one of the guys who lied about him and she’s going to get the truth out of him. Gabi says she’s outside the man’s apartment now. Rafe does not like this since she’s alone and this is not safe. Gabi assures that she’ll be careful. Rafe warns her that she does not want Ava finding out what she’s up to because she’s dangerous, unpredictable, and you never know when she might pop up. Ava then approaches Rafe.

Nancy says goodbye to Craig and wishes him luck because if everything she heard about Leo is true, he’s going to need it. Nancy goes to leave but Craig stops her and asks if she would consider staying for one last drink with him for old times sake. Craig then says nevermind and that he shouldn’t have asked as he doesn’t know why she would want to after everything that has happened. Nancy then sits back down and says what the hell.

Gwen and Leo run in to each other in the town square and recognize each other. Gwen calls him “Matty” and says she hasn’t seen him since Philly. Leo responds that he’s thought about her constantly since they lost touch but he never imagined he’d run in to her in Salem. Gwen asks how long he’s been in town. Leo says not long but he’s planning on sticking around this time and he goes by Leo Stark now. Gwen thinks they have a lot to catch up on. Leo suggests they get drinks so they walk off together.

Xander talks on the phone to Jack and asks him how Boston is treating him and Jennifer. Jack says the paper is going great so he and Jennifer are very happy with it. Jack asks why Xander is calling. Xander informs him that he has some news as he’s finally ready to marry his daughter, so he once again needs a best man. Jack says he’s very happy for him and Gwen, but asks what about Sarah.

Craig gets a drink for he and Nancy. Nancy is surprised that he remembered her drink. They recall when they first got together and their first kiss.

Rafe tells Gabi that he has to go and hangs up. Ava calls it an unpleasant surprise to see him. Rafe starts to walk away so Ava asks if she hurt his feelings. Rafe warns Ava to be careful because being an accessory to kidnapping, subordination to perjury, and incrimination on false evidence are the crimes that she’s going down for. Ava says Rafe tried that before and failed miserably. Rafe responds that he’s not done by a long shot. Rafe tells Ava to enjoy her freedom while it lasts. Ava asks him how Nicole is doing and remarks on her having hundreds of previous lovers and husbands then mocks the idea of Rafe being the only one who could make her happy.

Jake guesses Nicole heard that he and Ava are living together. Nicole calls it kind of hard to keep a secret in Salem. Jake says it’s not a secret. Nicole brings up how Ava was hiding out in a motel because she was wanted by the police. Jake says not anymore. Nicole asks why Ava is crashing with him if she could afford a motel. Jake explains that he invited her because money is tight and he’s unemployed. Nicole guesses Ava is cooking in exchange for staying there. Jake suggests they change the subject. Nicole agrees, but advises Jake that Ava has been her friend for a long time and she knows she seems fun and chill but she’s dangerous. Nicole warns Jake to watch his back since Ava framed Rafe for a crime he didn’t commit.

Gabi knocks on the door of the man she tracked down and claims to be assistant district attorney Lola Montez and asks if she can come in.

Gwen and Leo sit together in the town square with drinks. Gwen tries to remember the last time they saw each other and realizes it was at a club. Leo asks if Gwen is still dancing on tables. Gwen responds that she’s hung up her dancing shoes since she lost her dancing partner. Leo jokes that they did define Philly night life. Gwen says they put bars and clubs on the map as they really had some wild nights. Leo talks about them having the time since Jake was working nights as a mechanic. Gwen informs Leo that she and Jake are not together anymore. Gwen reveals that Jake is also living in Salem and they’ve managed to peacefully co-exist for awhile. Gwen assures she’s not interested in a reconciliation and that Jake is with someone else now anyways.

Jake asks Nicole why Ava hasn’t been arrested if she did frame Rafe. Nicole admits there’s no proof so Jake suggests maybe Ava didn’t do it. Nicole questions Jake believing Ava. Jake feels he has no reason not to. Jake brings up that Rafe went behind Ava’s back first and cheated on her with Nicole.

Rafe warns Ava to leave Nicole alone. Ava points out that Nicole slapped her after she had hers coming. Rafe warns that if Ava goes near Nicole, he will add assault to her long list of crimes that she’s already facing soon. Ava is not worried about that. Rafe says she should be as this time he doesn’t need to use department time or resources to find her. Ava says she didn’t recall giving him her forwarding address. Rafe says she didn’t need to as he knows exactly where she lives.

Xander informs Jack that unfortunately, Sarah’s condition has gotten much worse. Jack asks if she still thinks she’s Renee DuMonde. Xander explains that she knows she’s Sarah Horton but now she thinks she’s a little girl as the antidote caused her to regress back to her childhood and the doctors saw no sign of her getting better. Xander adds that he went to see her and she had absolutely no clue who he was and he couldn’t spark her memory. Xander guesses the doctors are right that there’s nothing more they could do for her, so he’s moving on with Gwen. Xander talks about Gwen being patient and kind about him sorting through his feelings about this and he promised to marry her, so that’s what he’s going to do. Jack wonders if Xander is really marrying Gwen for the right reasons.

The man questions Gabi being an assistant D.A. Gabi responds that she works with Melinda Trask, so he says he has nothing to say to her and tries to shut the door but Gabi says he’s going to want to hear what she has to say. He tells her to make it quick. Gabi claims that Ava Vitali is about to be arrested as they believe she orchestrated the plan to frame Rafe and he accused Rafe of planting evidence. He says he hasn’t heard anything about Ava being arrested. Gabi says they are keeping it quiet but they feel like they have a good case against her and it’d be stronger if he testified. He says he’s not interested. Gabi asks if he’s sure because if he testifies, they can make the charges against him go away.

Ava guesses Gabi told Rafe that she moved in with Jake which he confirms. Ava jokes that it’s eating Gabi alive that she’s living with Jake. Rafe says he wouldn’t go that far. Ava talks about Gabi finding her in Jake’s bed and laughs about it. Rafe is sure Gabi’s over it by now. Ava mocks that she went straight to her big brother. Ava is sure Gabi can’t stop thinking about what they are up to. Rafe says Gabi is sure it’s nothing. Ava remarks that things can change and claims that she did find Jake very intriguing. Rafe asks if she’s trying to make him jealous. Ava asks what would be the point since he’s with Nicole now and she’s on her way home to Jake. Ava warns that he can tell Gabi that the changes she was talking about might becoming a lot sooner than she thought. Ava then walks away.

Nicole acknowledges that Rafe cheated on Ava with her but they don’t send people to jail for that. Nicole feels Ava took matters in to her own hands. Jake says she’s innocent until proven guilty and reminds Nicole that she said there is no proof. Nicole responds that Ava is many things but not innocent. Jake points out that Nicole isn’t innocent either as she went behind her friend’s back and lied about it for months. Nicole tells Jake that he can trust Ava if he wants but she’s trying to give him advice. Jake thanks her but says he’s a big boy who can look after himself. Nicole understands Jake worked really hard to put his life of crime behind him, so she warns him not to let Ava suck him back in because she guarantees that if Ava goes down, she will take him with her.

Craig knows Nancy is hurting but encourages her to focus on the good memories as they had some wonderful times together. They reminisce about entering the talent show in high school which Craig calls one of the best nights of his life. Craig states that their life and love together was real. Craig knows the future looks completely different from how they imagined, but the memories and moments are just as meaningful as ever. Nancy agrees but cries that she wanted them to last forever.

Leo tells Gwen that it’s too bad she and Jake broke up because he was really hot. Gwen argues that he never even met him. Leo says he saw him a few times from afar. Gwen says it doesn’t matter since they are ancient history and she has a new man now. Leo reveals that he does too and he was so crazy about him that he left his wife. Gwen questions why he’s always after straight men. Leo says he can’t help that he appreciates a beautiful body. Leo informs Gwen that he is getting married. Gwen calls it wonderful and congratulates him as they toast their drinks. Leo then notices Gwen’s ring and questions what that is. Gwen confirms she is also getting married.

Xander asks what Jack means by asking he’s marrying Gwen for the right reasons. Jack says he hears the sadness in his voice. Xander admits he is sad because he just watched a remarkable woman that meant a great deal to him, turn in to a child before his eyes. Jack says he just wants to understand what he promised Gwen. Xander explains that he promised Gwen to marry her if the antidote didn’t work, so that’s what he’s going to do. Jack asks if it’s because he’s in love with Gwen or because he feels obligated. Jack says he’s not trying to cause him more pain but Gwen has suffered a great deal in her life as well. Xander knows he’s trying to protect his daughter but he assures that he didn’t make the promise just to hedge his bets, but an attempt to honor what he and Sarah had while also being fair to Gwen. Xander assures Jack that he is marrying Gwen for all the right reasons and he will dedicate the rest of his life to making her as happy as she makes him.

The man asks Gabi how she can make the charges against him go away. Gabi explains how there is nothing Melinda hates more than looking like a fool, so she’s on the war path to take down every criminal she can. He brings up his court date getting moved up and asks why Melinda would drop the charges against him. Gabi says she’s after all the little fish because she couldn’t land the big one, but he could change that by giving her Ava Vitali because Melinda has no doubt that Ava was behind the plan to take Rafe down. Gabi insists that if he gets on the stand and backs that up, she could find a way to make his case go away. Gabi asks if he will testify and assures they can protect him. He hesitates but says he’s sorry and he can’t. He then offers her a device that he calls a little insurance policy that he took out.

Rafe goes to the Bistro and joins Nicole. Rafe drinks a beer and says he needed it as his day was fine until he ran in to Ava.

Jake goes home where Ava offers him food but Jake says he just had a big plate of wings at the bar downtown. Jake mentions running in to Nicole and she knows they are living together. Ava asks how many seconds until she started trashing her. Jake admits that Nicole warned her that Ava will pull him in to his old life and that when she gets taken down, she’ll take him down with her. Jake adds that Nicole would not let up on the notion that Ava set Rafe up. Ava asks what Jake says. Jake says he told Nicole that Ava didn’t do anything to Rafe and that she needs to curb her judgment because she’s no saint herself. Jake is not a fan of hypocrites. Ava says it seems like Nicole thinks she’s a threat, so she asks Jake if he still wants her to stay with him. Jake says he told Nicole that he’s a big boy who can look out for himself.

Nancy questions Craig going through with marrying Leo. Craig confirms that it will probably be next week. Craig knows it’s sudden and that everyone is skeptical of Leo, but people change. Nancy questions if he really loves him. Craig responds that they love each other. Nancy says if that’s true, she’s happy for him which surprises Craig. Nancy says she’s trying. Craig then asks if Nancy would consider coming to the wedding which Nancy questions. Craig points out that Nancy has been with him at all the most important moments of his life, so he doesn’t want to take this step without her. Nancy is unsure. Craig asks her to at least think about it which she agrees to do.

Leo asks when Gwen is getting married. Gwen informs him it’s next week. Leo responds that he is too but he hasn’t planned a thing. Gwen says they haven’t either as things got a bit complicated and they were in a holding pattern for awhile, but now it’s full steam ahead. Leo points out how he hasn’t seen her in forever, runs in to her here, and now they are getting married at the same time. Gwen calls it incredible. Leo calls her his cosmic bridal twin. Leo brings up Gwen saying things got complicated and asks if that means she’s pregnant. Gwen says no but admits that she was a long time ago and it didn’t work out. Leo says he’s so sorry. Gwen calls it a whole big mess and it wasn’t with the right person, but she is with the right person now, and she cannot wait to make him her husband. Leo asks about her dress. Gwen responds that she can’t afford a dress because everything is so expensive. Leo remarks that the only thing more expensive than a wedding is a divorce. Gwen says they are broke and she’s been telling herself that she’s fine with a small ceremony since getting married is all that matters. Gwen then admits that she wanted a big, beautiful wedding with flowers everywhere, music, food, and champagne. Leo says he wants the same. Gwen doesn’t know where it came from since she didn’t grow up watching princess movies. Leo relates the same but says he did find his prince, a doctor who is brilliant, handsome, and loaded. Gwen guesses his wedding will be a five star affair then while hers will be a picnic by the river somewhere. Gwen says Leo better invite her to the wedding so she can live vicariously through him. Leo responds that he might have a better idea…

Jack tells Xander that he appreciates everything he said about his daughter and he does believe that Xander wants to make her happy. Xander asks if Jack can make it to Salem to stand up for him at the wedding. Jack says of course since it’s his daughter and his best mate’s wedding.

Gabi thanks Mr. Hutchins and says her office will be in touch. He warns that they better be because he doesn’t even want to think about what would happen if Ava found out what he gave her. Gabi then quickly exits and listens to the device that he gave her, which is a recording of Ava telling him that once he says Rafe planted the evidence on him, there’s no coming back from it and that Rafe is going down and that she had two other guys to go along with it so no one would ever know that she put them up to this. Gabi then declares that no one would know except her.

Rafe tells Nicole about running in to Ava outside the Pub and it was about as unpleasant as you would imagine. Rafe says the good news is they might not have to worry about running in to Ava much longer as Gabi is trying to find evidence that proves Ava set him up and she’s working on a lead right now. Nicole questions Gabi doing that. Rafe assures that Gabi is not breaking any rules and is being careful. Nicole hopes Gabi is successful. Rafe adds that he’s been thinking even when you’re careful with Ava, she finds a way to surprise you. Nicole mentions saying the same thing to Jake, who was there earlier. Nicole tells Rafe that she warned Jake not to get sucked in because if Ava goes down, she will take him down with her.

Ava mentions inflating the air mattress that Jake got and buying some new pillows and sheets. Ava adds that she can’t keep asking Jake to give up his bed, especially with his bad back, so she will sleep on the air mattress. Jake insists on taking the mattress. Ava says he doesn’t have to but Jake says he wants to.

Gwen returns home to Xander, who tells her that he just talked to Jack, who is very excited about their big day and is booking flights as they speak. Gwen calls that wonderful as she wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it on such short notice. Xander tells her that Jack said he wouldn’t miss his daughter’s wedding. Xander asks if Gwen ordered the cake. Gwen confirms that she did and admits it was a tad expensive. Xander notes that tuxedos aren’t cheap either so he wonders how far they will get. Gwen then reveals that she has a proposition for him.

Nancy remains at the Pub and removes her wedding ring. She places it on the table with tears in her eyes.

Craig joins Leo in the town square and says it went as good as could be expected. Craig confirms Nancy signed the divorce papers and Justin will file them in the morning so they can move forward with the wedding. Leo then tells Craig that he has a proposition for him.

Xander questions Gwen suggesting a double wedding and asks with who.

Leo tells Craig that he and Gwen go back years and she can’t afford a nice wedding, so he suggested that they share theirs.

Gwen tells Xander that her friend has plenty of money and said they would be more than happy to include them in their wedding. Xander calls that awfully generous of him.

Craig comments that was awfully generous of Leo. Leo knows he should’ve talked to him about it first but Gwen is such a dear friend, so he asks what Craig thinks. Craig responds that this is one of the many things he loves about Leo, as he has such a kind and giving heart.

Gwen asks what Xander thinks. Xander thinks they should slow down as he doesn’t even know this friend of hers. Gwen tells him that his name is Matty and that he will absolutely love him..


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